Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The crevice wasn’t wide, making it difficult for Qin Yu to get out . If it were any other day it would have been a breeze, but now, each step is incredibly difficult, gasping as if he was working the bellows with the fiery pain from his chest causing his vision to darken .

Ning Ling sticking to him, seems to realize that he might collapse at any moment, while watching him with a peaceful and content expression . Before death, her heartstrings appear to be even more taut, but now she suddenly relaxed showing her true feelings buried deep in her heart .

Qin Yu finally managed to crawl out of the crevice, collapsing on the floor . This place appears to be a cave, with a round hole at the top bathing the two of them in sunlight .

Gasping for breath, Qin Yu untied the cloths, and struggled to sits cross-legged, taking out another batch of pills . Along this chase, he always relied on pills to survive until today . But the effect of the pill he just took, don’t have any effect on his tired and beaten body .

He simply isn’t ready to resign himself to fate, thus this final struggle .

The person behind him hesitated a bit, then leaned lightly on his back, “The was no Grandmaster in Dongliu Town, was there?”

Qin Yu was silent .

“Even without telling me I know, that that so called Grandmaster is yourself, or how could you have eaten so many pills along the way . Did they drop from the Heavens? Don’t try to say that Grandmaster bestowed them upon you, that’s something not even you believe . ” Ning Ling laughed lightly, then shook her head, “Who would’ve thought, Dongliu Town’s everything, is all because of your lie, acting in such a big play, with even the demonic cultivator playing right into your hands . Truly hard to believe it . ”

Her voice stopped for a while, and then embarrassed, “I am truly sorry, with your talent in alchemy and just at Foundation Establishment stage, your future would have been limitless . Yet I dragged you into this mess ending up in this wretched state . Qin Yu, tell me honestly . When I entered Dongliu Town that day, did you see anything? We will die after all, so let’s not have any regrets . If you admit it I will forgive you, and even make it up to you . ”

Qin Yu’s body froze, smiling bitterly, “That was an accident . ”

Ning Ling’s beautiful eyes became big, muttering, “So you saw it!” She was angry from embarrassment, so she bit his back .

“You said you’ll forgive me!”

Ning Ling’s slightly red face relaxed her mouth, “Before forgiveness, you should also receive some punishment, pervert!” Not giving Qin Yu a chance to defend, she let out a charming laugh, “I suddenly feel my heart strangely relieved, although, the price you payed for your perverted act was a bit steep . Qin Yu, the way I see it, this kind of ending isn’t so bad…”

Her voice gradually grew fainter until it couldn’t be heard, and fell into a deep sleep after seeing the sunlight one last time .

Ning Ling is what others are calling a Heaven’s child, but hiding inside her, is a pain that cannot be so easily revealed . And at this moment, her final muttering made Qin Yu’s heart tremble . He suddenly feels like he should do something, and not stand around waiting for death to come .

After a few breaths time, Qin Yu turned around laying Ning Ling on the floor, giving her one more look, and sighing, “Rather than have two people dying, it is better for one of us to survive . Just take it as me owing you my life . ” His palm shined lightly, taking out the black robe, draping it over her body .

The black robe hides auras, him doing this is entrusting his life to the Heavens, to see if he will come out of this alive . Turning around, Qin Yu leaves the cave, with the sunlight gradually drowning his body, as if he enters another world .

Inhaling the fresh mountain air, Qin Yu finds his direction, dragging his body with each step, and charging into the mountain forest . Very quickly, cries of hawks could be heard, their eyes already locked on Qin Yu .

Qin Yu, being immersed in his run, doesn’t notice this . His only thought is to delay Black Devil as much as possible so that Ning Ling could have a chance at life . He doesn’t know if this is foolish, but what youngster isn’t reckless? For a bit of happiness, dying for his lover, perhaps it’s thoughtless, but there will be no regrets left behind!

“Junior!” Black Devil thundering howl of rage could be heard . In these three days, his condition recovered by a lot, his eyes flashing from anger, soon turned mockingly .

“You actually came to face me alone . Is it for that lass of the Ning clan? Never thought you of being such lovebirds . But you, what right do you have? I will first kill you and then dig her out to accompany you on the Underworld River!”


Without a word, Qin Yu, in a burst of energy, sped forward .

Black Devil’s face darkened, angered from being ignored, his rage once again reaching the heavens, “Where do you think you’re going!”

The Golden Core cultivation’s power, like a tiger came chasing after him .

With wind lashing at his face, and the inner bitter pain, made Qin Yu almost instantly know that death is near, and yet instead of fear, he was incomparably calm . Precisely because of this calm, did Qin Yu was able to sense, a chill straight to the bone, coming in front of him .


But his thoughts were churning, he still had no intention of stopping, and used his last trace of power to forge ahead through the danger . He took a jump from the cliff in front, while soaring his consciousness growing vague, and could only faintly feel the bottomless pool beneath him .

“Die!” Black Devil laughed wickedly, his terrifying aura surging forward, but the next instant a sound of amazement could be heard from behind, “What is this place!”

The water soared as Qin Yu entered, turning his vision black and losing consciousness .

As if entering in an endless dream, he could still feel the pressure on his chest like a majestic mountain, unable to gasp for breath, making him go crazy from the lack of air . But no matter what struggle, it was all in vain as he still couldn’t break free .

Just as Qin Yu was feeling that he would die in this dream, a breath of precious air suddenly came from outside, just like a withered seedling bathed under a sun recovered its life, it aloud him to keep on living .


Gasps could be heard in the darkness, with Qin Yu sitting down and wiping de blood stains from his face, to free his breathing . Thinking of the blood-filled nose that almost got him suffocated to death, his newfound life was suddenly assaulted by fear .

‘How come I’m still alive?’ Qin Yu was suddenly thinking, quickly taking in his surroundings, but as he was about to move, all his body began hurting, making him let out a stifled groan and collapse on the ground capable of only breathing . This place seems to be without danger, or else he wouldn’t have been alive until now .

Exerting himself to take out some pills, and some leaves from his storage bag putting them in his mouth, Qin Yu thought about the still recent decision of not letting himself lose consciousness and be defenseless, then forced a smile as he sunk into a heavy sleep .

After an unknown amount of time, the Qin Yu in the darkness once again woke up, with each movement of his body letting cracking sounds, although still painful but a lot better than before especially the burning sensation of his inner organs subsiding a good deal . It should be because of eating Snake Orchid, truly worthy of a spiritual plant needing hundreds of years to grow .

This is what it feels to survive!

Qin Yu’s mind relaxed slightly and opened his eyes, but his body immediately froze . Even in complete darkness, with his outstanding eyesight, he could still barely see his surroundings . More than ten meters from him, a big strange fish stood on the ground with its bloodshot eyes as big as a palm, and between his smashed fangs, a dangling leg .

This odd fish should be around fifty meters long, comparing the small demonic fish from before, this one seems to be its ancestor . The question is, who did him in? Was it the one who’s leg belongs to?

Qin Yu’s eyes shined, Black Devil’s bone deep hatred isn’t that easily removed, and the fact that he is amazed of his own survival, is not because he let him off, but because he didn’t have the chance to finish him!

His heart was shocked, not knowing where the strength came from, he managed to get up and carefully stepping towards the weird fish . But very soon, he was overcautious, because the abnormal fish’s mouth was slightly parted, and allowing him to see through its shattered teeth, the hedgehog like Black Devil from all the teeth fragments stuck inside him . But this old devil really is fierce, before his death he managed to break the top of the freaky fish mouth, with his hand still lodged in there .

Killing each other!

Qin Yu was laughing hard, the sound echoing throughout the cave, seeing it a few more times to make sure it happened like this . Before he fainted, the danger he felt must have belonged to the uncanny fish . Black Devil following close behind, for some reason fought against it and ended up with only Qin Yu coming out alive .

If any of them would have lived he, without a doubt, would be the one to die .

Along this whole process, Qin Yu was amazed of his luck . Could he really be one of those legendary people under Heaven’s divine protection? This thought was quickly suppressed . If he truly had such amazing luck, then just by walking around he should be picking up treasures left and right, meeting a famous master, advance unhindered, and proudly do what he liked .

This is a far cry compared to his journey, and doesn’t need all the attention, or the lucky events . For him is enough to stay alive! Moreover, with Black Devil dying here, his Beast Manipulation Art should be cancelled, saving Ning Ling .

Thinking of this, Qin Yu was happy, letting out a nasty laugh . Although through unexplained means, he became a fisherman(1) . It even brought unexpected profit, Black Devil capable of killing the creepy fish in one blow should be more generous than Li Yunmo’s storage bag .

Taking out a dagger, glinting coldly in the darkness, the one gifted to him in Dongliu Town by a young talent to become friends with him . Although of common material, but its sharpness should be enough .

The dagger followed along the split mouth of the peculiar fish, making a long incision, exposing the teeth inside . Qin Yu ignores the blood and begins dismantling the body .

Of course, he isn’t a deviant, leaving Black Devils skewered body in one piece . Thinking of the profits, he first tried to remove him from the fish’s mouth to no avail, and had no choice but to pull the teeth out! Besides, this bizarre fish should be a Golden Core equivalent demon fish, his teeth must have some value, maybe even used to refine treasures . They definitely can’t be left alone .

As the final fang landed on the ground, working on the queer fish’s dead body still tired Qin Yu out, leaving him gasping for breath and whole body reeking of blood, but still sporting a bright smile .

The teeth’s hardness and sharpness went beyond his expectations, counting 108 in total . Thinking of using them to make a flying sword controlling it to float around him, left him drooling!

Good things can’t be wasted . Although, only Golden Core cultivators can control items with a thought, but his consciousness has surpassed Foundation Establishment cultivators by far, it might even allow him to do it .

Taking a breather to relax for a bit, Qin Yu then put his hand inside the soft and tender mouth of the unnatural fish and took out Black Devil’s corpse . This famous and powerful demonic cultivator, at this moment looked completely miserable .

Qin Yu not in the mood to ponder this, left him on the ground, and put his own hand inside the hole made by Black Devil’s arm in the fish’s mouth . Groped around, and then his expression brighten, took his hand back, shaking off all the brain matter while smiling at the bead that he is holding .

The bead is the size of a pebble, with a similar atypical fish inside moving about and roaring at Qin Yu . As if to question why did he desecrate his corpse!

(1) Chinese idiom about two people fighting only for the third one to come out on top .

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