Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

An Inner Core! As expected from the Golden Core stage freaky fish . This precious item can be refined to become the core of a great formation, or could be turned into pills that are of great benefit to demon beasts .

As for the mini peculiar fish’s death stare, Qin Yu pays it no heed . If he doesn’t try refining the Inner Core, the soul of the freaky fish won’t be able to affect him . And once it comes out of the Inner Core, will vanish like smoke in thin air even without Qin Yu’s help .

After the being pleased with the haul from the fish, Qin Yu turns to Black Devil’s body, ‘With such an outstanding reputation of a Golden Core demonic cultivator, not even this wretched state can lower your value!’

He took the storage bag from the body and send a probing thought inside . Then sighed in amazement, ‘What a good fellow! The huge difference in contents compared to Li Yunmo’s bag, is enough to make anyone shed tears . It seems that even when looting the dead, it’s all up to luck!’

Inside Black Devil’s storage bag, with a space bigger than ten zhang in size, there are more than two thousand spirit stones, piled up into a small mountain . There is no need to mention what Qin Yu can do with these and that is because of his pill-based cultivation . So, he cannot do the same as the average cultivator that uses them to absorb the spiritual energy in the stones . They are also a currency in the cultivator world and there is never enough amount when someone is on the verge of breaking through .

And there’s also the Black Devil’s Beast Manipulating Art!

Yet after flipping the manual, made from an unknown beast’s leather, Qin Yu was certain of Black Devil’s rise to fame . Just from skimming through it, he discovered that this text contains a plethora of information .

What he was certain, though, is that even thought it is an ancient manual with many of the demon beasts inside already extinct, it still allowed Black Devil to bring glory to this Beast Manipulating Art .

Leaving these things aside, there is also a palm sized black flag . Without a doubt, it is the magical weapon Soul Seizing Flag that capture the souls of powerful enemies and when using it in battle can make them release 30% of their power . Even with it being limited in seizing Golden Core souls before they could scatter, this amount of power is still enough to astonish many cultivators .

Unfortunately, Black Devil already died, and his soul vanished before it could be sealed, or he would already been able to test its power . When he was binding it with blood, Qin Yu was sighing in amazement of how great are demonic cultivator’s magic weapons and something occurred to him .

He suddenly smacked his head, cursing under his breath, ‘black bastard’, and quickly urged the Soul Seizing Flag to release a black mist to envelop Black Devil’s corpse . Moments later, just when Qin Yu started to feel disappointment, the black mist was roiling, with a thorough black and stiff Black Devil appearing before him .

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred, trying to control the Black Devil and with a raised hand, it sent dark energy that caused a booming sound to spread inside the stone cave . Qin Yu was puzzled; Black Devil appears to be at the initial stage of Golden Core realm and not the original 6th layer of Golden Core realm . Was it because he’s been dead for a long time and the heavy wounds before this?

What Qin Yu didn’t know was that apart from these two reasons, the most essential one is his cultivation of 4th layer of Foundation Establishment . If it weren’t for the Soul Seizing Flag removing the remaining traces of energies from inside itself, not only he wouldn’t have been able to call out Black Devil’s soul, but be devoured instead!

After a while, Qin Yu recalled about Black Devil, noticing that his methods of staying alive improved thanks to the his’s gifts . Not only the treasured storage bag, but even his soul was taken . If it were known, then the Black Devil’s reputation of more than ten years would completely collapse!

Two thousand spirit stones, Beast Manipulating Art and the Soul Seizing Flag are laid before him . The rest of the items he doesn’t pay to much attention, but a Golden Core expert’s storage bag sure has some interesting things . Like the bamboo dragonfly, that each time you put energy inside it, for a month, it can keep watch of the surroundings . Also, there is a small bag with more then a dozen seeds preserved inside that seem to be covered in dots shining like golden stars .

The last items that appeared before him, are several black jade slips, and after inspecting them, they all contain sinister demonic cultivation methods . These are manuals that even a powerful demonic cultivator would covet . With all of the riches lined up, Qin Yu thinks that he is somewhat connected to the demonic path of cultivation, but he has no desire to turn towards it .

A demonic cultivator’s start is fast, but later will slow down sharply, and with methods that goes against the will of heavens will guarantee that one won’t have a good end . Before they could reach Golden Core or Nascent Soul realm, they will have to endure heavenly tribulation, these calamities are also known as gates of hell .

The final jade slip feels different to the touch . Qin Yu, leaving no stone unturned, swept it with his though thinking it would have no use to him, but soon his expression became solemn .

Releasing the jade slip after some time, Qin Yu scratched his head mumbling, “Why does it feel like what the content mentions is familiar?” He took out the other two storage bags and from the golden string one he fished out the 36 jade boxes he has gotten from Li Yunmo .

“36 types . The same amount . ”

“Spiritual Demonic Feeler, soft to the touch and with a weird smell . ”

“Demonic Jade Bone, a Nascent Soul demonic cultivator’s bone, that has all of the cultivator’s demonic energy converged inside after many years of stabilizing . ”

“Ancient Oyster, from the pitch-black abyss of the ocean, not seeing the light of the sun throughout its life, and amassing cold and dark energy . ”

While muttering in a faint voice, Qin Yu’s eyes became more and more alive . He was so moved that even traces of red appeared on his face . As he was comparing, he was increasingly certain, that the method inside the jade slip, the Demon Body, needs some special items to cultivate . It just so happens that the ingredients are the ones in Li Yunmo’s 36 boxes .

Qin Yu finally understood why, at the time he received the storage bag, Li Yunmo showed regret and hesitation . It was definitely because this method, Demon Body, that required one to spend a long amount of time to gather these 36 different ingredients, especially for some of them that are extremely rare . Only to finally land in Qin Yu’s hand and make Li Yunmo’s heart pained .

Truth be told, his pain is certain, as to collect all of the 36 boxes it took more than several hundred years for his clan to gather, with only a drop of demonic blood missing . But compared to searching for them, the search for the drop of blood is insignificant .

When Li Yunmo reached Golden Core stage, he inherited these boxes, but even after searching for more than three hundred years, he still haven encounter any information related to the demonic blood . That pure and strong drop of blood essence hardly seems capable of appearing in the mortal world and perhaps could only exist in the far lands of cultivators . But with his strength, he will have no chance of reaching it .

Therefore, Li Yunmo was hesitating when handing them over, yet still did it since he was certain that whoever obtains these boxes, could only leave them in a corner somewhere . Of course, his grudge towards Qin Yu hasn’t lessened one bit even from this .

Qin Yu didn’t know these things and only thought he received a great harvest filling him with excitement .

Demon Body, the best demonic path body cultivation method . After achieving it, one’s body would be as hard as iron, with a strength of countless demons, and when it reaches its peak, he would never grow old and die! But the most important thing, is that this method doesn’t need demonic energy to cultivate it, therefore, when using it others will have a hard time recognizing it .

Qin Yu feels as if it was made especially for him! He already tasted the benefit of a strong body, and decided to continue on the path of body cultivation . Encountering this method and not using it would be a sin and should be struck down by heavenly lightning .

Not to mention that the only thing standing between him and Demon Body is a drop of demonic blood! Seemingly, just by stretching his hand he pressed the jade slip to his head and it began shining a golden light .

‘Sorry to blame you, brother Li Yunmo, you’re such a great friend’ Qin Yu inwardly admonished himself, that he would never wrongly blame someone again!

Besides, demonic cultivators are such awesome people, not only gifting him such treasures, but even matching his tastes, with all of the gifts tailored to him, as if becoming the new era’s cultivator role model .

Carefully putting all of the jade boxes back in the bag and wearing it close, Qin Yu calmed down slightly, and seeing the Black Devil’s corpse dry and shriveled as a dead tree along with the odd fish dripping in blood, decided to bury them . But first and foremost, he must find where he is exactly .

With the death of Black Devil, Ning Ling’s safety is assured, and he is afraid of worrying her if he returns late . As he was thinking this, he unconsciously picked up his pace . Following the tunnel of the cave, the darkness seems to be endless, and after around eighty meters it ended .

Blocking his way is an unknown layer of light . Qin Yu waved his sleeve to clear the rocks away, revealing the light that went between those rocks and hearing some vague booming sound .

This is the only entrance of the cave, that laid before him . It was clearly the light that passed the stones from before and poses no danger . Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu stepped inside, and once he lifted his foot, he suddenly froze in place, with cold sweat soaking his back .

What this scene looks like from an outside view, is this:

In the middle of the huge and dark tunnel, there appears to be a certain confining power, that flows around and charging towards the underground submerged in darkness . Inside the wall of the dark tunnel, a zhang big rock was shimmering . Half of Qin Yu’s body came out from this shimmering and stepped into nothing .

If he wasn’t cautious, and not walking slowly, his empty step would cause him to fall in the tunnel . Seeing the roaring vortex of water below, made his scalp numb .

Suddenly retreating, Qin Yu gasped for breath, recalling the imminent feeling of death from before . Forcing himself to calm down, he started to ponder clearly after a moment of panic . Thinking of the time when he jumped down and saw the abyss, as well as the dead unnatural fish, his expression became ugly .

If there were no problems, he would be below this abyss, but god knows why, the scene below him is incredibly frightening! As for why this cave turned out to gather the eerie fish and Black Devil, didn’t seem to occur to him . The only thing on his mind, is how to leave this place .

On a certain point, it is very simple, if he were to swim against the current, he will be able to get out, in the end . But the key point is that the tunnel below him containing the vortex of water is letting out sounds that are making him shiver . Even though he doesn’t know why there are those sounds, he is certain that falling inside will crush him to pieces!

Qin Yu very quickly chilled his mind . After experiencing the Pill Disposing Facility’s restriction, his tenacity improved . He and Black Devil are intruding in this place, and only the bizarre fish as the native . A fish needs water, even a Golden Core fish is no exception, but the only water is inside the frightening vortex below .

The strange fish can live in these waters!

Qin Yu’s eyes slightly brightened, he vaguely caught on the crucial point, but doesn’t seem to grasp the whole idea . After a while, he clenched his teeth and hardened his face . If he doesn’t try, then the only two options are to train to Golden Core stage slowly, or wait for death here . No matter how he looks at it, the later seems more probable .

No choice!

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