Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 28

Chapter 28


Ning Ling slightly relaxed, lowered her head while looking down with a guilty and grateful expression . For her, today is simply dangerous, but for Qin Yu is a complete disaster and yet he still didn’t ran away, rather stayed to help facing Black Devil . If it weren’t for him, she would’ve already fallen under Black Devil’s assault .

Moreover, Qin Yu was willing to expose some of his secrets, making her even more astonished, so much so that she couldn’t help but wonder how many secrets does he hold exactly . Recalling the time when, in Sacred Mountain Sect, he was hiding under the mockery and ridicule of others, made her smile . ‘Junior brother Qin Yu must be very proud for deceiving so many people . ’

‘Wonder what face will they make when they find out the truth? It’s too bad I won’t be able to see it . ’

Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes, their eyes met by sheer coincidence, making Ning Ling’s heart slightly panicked and quickly averting her gaze .

Qin Yu lightly coughed, “Senior sister Ning, how is it?”

“We are slowly drifting apart from Black Devil, just that his spiritual sense is still fixed on us . Maybe he’ll quit after a while . ” Pausing, her pupils brighten earnestly saying, “Thank you, junior brother Qin Yu!”

Qin Yu waved his hand, brows wrinkled in deep thought, and then in a deep voice, “Senior sister Ning, something isn’t right . A Golden Core cultivator has many hidden methods that are beyond our expectations . Since you recognized him, Black Devil definitely isn’t unknown, and won’t be this easy to shake him off . ”

Ning Ling’s elegant eyebrows slightly knit, “Black Devil is indeed a famous demonic cultivator, and now that you mention it, I also found this to be too easy . ” She lifted her head, inspecting the quiet surroundings . Although both sides are releasing their auras, the forest creatures already fled, making this silence give birth to a certain pressure .

Suddenly, a deep shout was heard spreading everywhere, creatures rushing towards the locked-on Ning Ling and Qin Yu with cold, ruthless and deadly intentions . Above them, bird cries could be heard, belonging to some relatively huge sized hawks circling the air, with their ten meters wings leaving wide shadows on the ground .

These beasts aren’t at all ordinary, and have awareness by taking in the essence of the sun and moon that contained spiritual energy that made them smarter . And at this time, their eyes are all completely black, as if dipped in ink, with no trace of any other color .

“Black Devil’s Beast Manipulating Art!” Ning Ling said in a low shout .

A black panther turned its head as it ran . The black eyes reflecting its intelligence, opening its mouth and spoke, “Junior Ning Ling is truly knowledgeable, to actually recognize this old man’s Beast Manipulating Art from ancient times . Then you should know these demon beasts are now my puppets, with no fear of death . Can you escape from them?”

Pausing, the black panther’s eyes land on Qin Yu, with a gloomy laugh, “Of course, if you kill yourself, I promise not to kill him . This is what I, Black Devil, guarantee . ”

Ning Ling’s heart tighten, her determination shaking a hit, she lowered her head and exchange glances with Qin Yu . He still had the same calm look with no fluctuations what so ever, amazing her .

Qin Yu laughed coldly, “Demonic cultivator breaking out of their deal is common knowledge . If I were to truly believe you, it would be better to kill myself right now and avoid your endless torment when falling into your hands . ” He then straightened himself, “Senior sister Ning, he is buying time to bring more and more demon beasts . We must break through them as quickly as possible . ”

Qin Yu embraced her, “Senior sister Ning, pardon my rudeness . ” He stomped the ground repeatedly and with his energy exploding forth, they shot off like arrows from a bow .

Ning Ling’s charming face turned slightly red, suppressing her chaotic thoughts, and lifted her hand to send out rays of golden light, bathing the mountain forest into a sea of golden fire .

The golden light, containing a hard to describe exalted trait, that even the puppet demon beasts felt an instinctual veneration, their black eyes showing signs of vying for control .

Behind, Black Devil spat a mouthful of blood, roaring towards the heavens, “Punk, I will crush your bones to dust!” Qin Yu moved directly . After foiling his plan, making his demon beasts even more fierce in escaping his control and giving him backlashes, anyone would hate his guts .

“Junior brother Qin Yu, the flying demon beasts are ascending and can’t deal with them . With the hawk’s sharp hearing we won’t be able to escape!” Ning Ling shows her worry . The beasts on the ground, thanks to the golden light, don’t dare to approach, but once it is spent, they will be in the same difficult situation .

Qin Yu was silent, each time his feet land on the ground they leave a deep mark, pushing them forward at extreme speeds . His sharp eyes sweep the surroundings, searching for a way out . Even in this dangerous state, he still keeps his wits about him .

Panic doesn’t help .

Suddenly, sounds of a water flowing could be heard, a river of imposing and unyielding presence appears in front of him .

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten slightly, taking in a deep breath as his leg muscles contract, then like shooting from a bow, he rushed towards the river!

“Ahh!” Ning Ling cried out, holding him closer inadvertently, their two bodies sticking to each other . Allowing Qin Yu to feel a certain softness that stunned him, but soon he ignored this, eyes landing on one of the river banks finding the right place to jump in .

The two quickly moved, with fog rapidly appearing and making it even harder to see, but Qin Yu still keeps his calm even in this thrilling situation . His uncommon eyesight displays its advantage, finding the right way and rushing towards it .


The ice-cold stream water made a splash, and then engulfed the two .


The beasts surrounded the place where they entered, and roaring nonstop, while the hawks above let out angry cries from losing their target . The could only stare, as the young embracing couple entered the waters and were pulled by the current .

Black Devil stood on a rock, even with the wind blowing at his robe, his black eyes still roamed the river, while roaring in anger, “You think you can escape me? I will find you, I will definitely find you!”

The hawks shrieked as they each went in a different direction making sure to lock down the area . When Qin Yu and Ning Ling show up, they will have nowhere to hide from their sharp eyes! The demon beast ran along the river, and where the flow of water was slower, they jumped in .

This chase, is far from over!

Qin Yu just discovered that Ning Ling is afraid of water . Since they jumped in, she held him in a tight embrace, to the point it impaired his movement . He could only do his best, in her hug, to avoid the dangerous water currents .

The water of this river doesn’t flow outside the forest, but inside the mountain . This went beyond his expectation, only hoping to borrow the river’s current to facilitate their escape outside the forest . And if they were in luck, might even find a powerful sect, scaring Black Devil in retreating . But now, he could only resign himself to fate, and keep themselves safe .

Very soon, Qin Yu felt something isn’t right . Ning Ling became increasingly hotter, to the extent that it felt she was burning him in this ice-cold water .

Not daring to stay any longer in the water, Qin Yu risked popping his head outside, avoiding on multiple occasions the dangerous rocks, and finally found an empty area . He carried Ning Ling closely, taking themselves out of the water and on a protruding rock .

Looking around, this place should be a cave that the water carved over the years that turned empty after it changed its course . Not discovering any danger, Qin Yu lays Ning Ling on the ground, her eyes closed tightly, delicate face devoid of blood, and unconscious .

“Senior sister Ning!” Qin Yu shouted repeatedly to no avail . His heart sank slightly as he took a pill and carefully put it in her mouth .

But immediately she vomited, along with the pill, gasping for breath and slowly opening her eyes, “I suffered a backlash for overdrawing my blood’s power . Can only recover through cultivation and no external sources would be of anyhelp . ” These words were filled with feebleness, as it could be seen from her weak state .

Qin Yu was about to say something but his face changed, lifted Ning Ling on his back and tying her with cloth from his robe, “Senior sister Ning, hang on tightly!”

The demon beast’s roars could be heard from the water .

Ning Ling bit her lip, “Qin Yu, leave! You won’t escape if you carry me . ”

Qin Yu straighten his body, took a few deep breaths, “I thought about it . ” As he said this, he entered the water .

The two were quickly submerged, Ning Ling could feel his wide and warm back, with a strong pulse inside, inadvertently holding him closer .

Those words he said, how could Ning Ling not know what he meant? Making the deepest part of her heart surge wildly .

The still immobile Black Devil, is using the Beast Manipulating Art at its peak, making even more demon beasts entering the waters to find Qin Yu and Ning Ling’s whereabouts . If it weren’t for the many caves eroded by the water and complex water flow, they would have already been found .

But even with this advantage, after three days, Qin Yu is like an arrow at the end of its flight . The big wound on his chest opened and making the surrounding waters dyed in blood, picturing a frightening scene .

This was left by a demonic fish that caught him off guard, and along with it, a profound memory to Qin Yu . If he hadn’t reacted fast, his whole chest would have been torn open by its sharp fangs . In the end the fish was killed, but its goal of making Qin Yu’s smell of blood leak out was accomplished .

With a bit of time, and some help from a pill or two, it would be healed, but without a chance to do just that, his only choice is to run and tire himself to save his life .

Ning Ling still tied to his back, hearing his difficult breathing, her tears stared falling down like rain, “Qin Yu, leave, leave!”

Qin Yu paused, sighing, “Three days ago it might have helped, but now it is too late . And since it came to this, might as well persevere . If I were to give up now, it would make all my effort meaningless . ”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Ning Ling said .

Qin Yu took some pills, and while chewing, “I am . All those countless heroes in this world that says otherwise are liars . Of course, even someone unknown like me is scared . But even dying, it has to have value . Making a Golden Core demonic cultivator chasing my ass for three days will make anyone gasp in amazement . ”

This joke had no humor, so Ning Ling didn’t laugh, only faintly said, “Do you regret it?”

Qin Yu shook his head, intending to get up, “Senior sister Ning, there is no point in talking about this . Save your energy for recovering, maybe the chance to live lies with you . ”

This was rather blunt, but Ning Ling doesn’t mind, “Qin Yu, I don’t want to run . ” She fixed her gaze on him, “So, there is no need to suppress your injury and since we can’t escape, we might as well die together . ”

Qin Yu sat down, and began spitting out mouth after mouth of blood mixed with clots, to the extent that it made people think his insides are full of them .

Luckily, he stops in the end, although with an even worse expression, but gasping for breath in content and sighing, “So spitting blood can also be an enjoyable activity!”

The two of them are less than a foot apart, vaguely sensing each other’s warmth, becoming the only solace in this dark cave—even if they die, they can at least accompany each other on the journey through the Underworld River .

Ning Ling patted Qin Yu, “Can you still move? I don’t want to die here, remember that crack? Let’s take that crevice to the surface and bask in the sun . ”

Qin Yu nodded, standing with difficulty, tying her once again to his back, “Let’s go, and die beneath the sunlight!”

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