Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 27

Chapter 27


At the small town .

Ten li is apparently not enough to dissipate a Golden Core realm collision . A sudden wind blew, taking the rooftops’ tiles everywhere, with the unlucky people even heavily hurt . They didn’t even have time to curse when an earthshattering sound followed, throwing them to the ground .

Children cry, holding on to their terrified mothers, who are looking towards the outside of the town . Those black and gold lights intertwining, closely resembled the scenes in the legends . Countless people stared lifeless at this event, feeling a big stone pressing on their chests, pale and gasping for breath .

Zhang Hua’s expression of admiration couldn’t hide his anxiety, with the charming pale and fascinated face of Zhang Zhang standing beside him, murmuring, “Zhang Huo, is this a cultivator’s power?”

“Zhang Zhang, they aren’t ordinary cultivators, but just like Master, powerful Golden Core experts . ” Zhang Huo pursed his lips, turning silent . ‘Any of the two is stronger than Master by a huge margin . ’

They must be stronger than 6th layer of Golden Core realm, able to enter the late stage of the Golden Core realm, and even capable to condense their Nascent Soul!

Zhang Zhang’s eyes were incomparable bright, “Truly hope there will come a day when I will have the power to join such a fight… How vast their world must be!”

Zhang Huo nodded smiling, “That day will surely come!” yet inside his heart felt a slight bitterness . Even with his uncommon talent, it is still uncertain if he will have the chance to join such a battle in the future .

Golden Core!

Yet, they do not know, that not long before in front of them, the Qin Yu fated to be stuck in the mud, is actually at this moment the closest to this fight, and laying in wait for an opportunity to strike .

Right, Qin Yu didn’t run away, he resisted the crushing pressure, and retreated to a place further away to avoid the shockwaves . Even battered and exhausted, his eyes still roam the battlefield for the one chance that could turn the tide .

Ning Ling bursts forth, with such a Golden Core’s explosive power, exceeding Qin Yu’s imagination, but it comes at a great price . If not for killing Zhu Hai, she wouldn’t need to hold so bitterly, moreover, she would be able to last for a while longer . Her pale face, the dim golden light surrounding her, are all proof of this .

Once Ning Ling is defeated, to avoid any future retaliation, Black Devil will definitely kill him . As for running away from a Golden Core, Qin Yu has no confidence .

Of course, this is a very important reason, but not the only one . Qin Yu cannot help but admit that he doesn’t have the heart to watch Ning Ling be ruined .

Then, only option is to fight!

He is convinced that Ning Ling still has some cards left, and when the moment is right, he will strike .

4th layer of Foundation Establishment and 6th layer of Golden Core, what kind of gulf is between them? It is enough for Black Devil to not pay any attention to him and focus on their fight with Ning Ling . But what he doesn’t know, is that this ignored bug lays in wait for him to reveal a weak spot . To use his young and small fangs to tear him apart!

Black Devil was calm, and with all the precautions, an unhurried demeanor . Even with that old and ancient clan’s direct descendant, the gap in strength isn’t so easily overcome . ‘Wasn’t the power activated from her blood a bit depleted? It is good, or else if he were to wait and the power would have continued to accumulate, killing her would have been even more of a challenge!’

Seeing the unblemished beauty before him, Black Devil’s heart was filled with admiration and regret . Admiration for her power and remarkable ability, and regret for having no choice but to eliminate her . Just like a rising star, showing its brilliance and lighting up the sky, will also disappear in an instant .

There is only a thin layer left of the golden radiance surrounding Ning Ling, close to her body, and hard pressed to resist the onslaught .

Black Devil smiled, “Break!” he brushed his sleeve, releasing an even colder and concentrated demonic energy .

Originally, he always held back his strength to use it on such occasions and finish things in one blow!

Ning Ling’s dim pupils suddenly brightened, the black demonic energy reflecting a magnificent arc in her eyes, showing a blinding radiance . She lifted her hands, all of her ten fingers dancing like butterflies and drawing a profound art, causing the temperature between heaven and earth to increase sharply!

Black Devil stared wide eye from understanding, with only enough time to let out an angry howl . The golden blaze engulfed him, tongues of flame crazily lashing out at him . But in the end, he still burst out with his demonic cultivator ruthlessness, with no way to protect himself and instead to circulate his demonic energy, exhibiting and even more imposing and ferocious power .

Ning Ling waved her hand weakly, as if to hide the fact she used all her power in that attack, with the final golden light surrounding her shattering when struck . She vomited a mouth of blood, traces of golden mixed within, her figure floating backwards, face pale .


The golden blaze seems to be torn apart by an invisible hand, with Black Devil’s whole body covered in many burning wounds, his amazing power reaching an extremely low point . His ruthless eyes hiding a hint of fear in them and roared with power, “Die!”

He raised his hand, the demonic energy quickly condensing, but just as he was about to release it, a sudden coldness rose in his heart making him feel as if he was encased in ice . With no time to think, following his instinct he let out a crazy howl and circulated his demonic energy behind him .

The next moment, the black Corpse Sealing Nail, in a fast and ruthless manner, directly tore through the demonic energy and struck his back .

“Aargh!” Back Devil thundered in agony, his weak aura falling quickly, almost reaching the 1st layer of Golden Core realm .

Demonic item Corpse Sealing Nail, for a demonic cultivator, it possesses the strongest and terrifying killing power, making it ironic .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment, yet not halting his movement . Within a step he reached Ning Ling, taking her and rushing to flee, leaving a trail of dust behind . Not caring about the precious Corpse Sealing Nail even a bit .

Behind, Black Devil’s resenting roar could be heard, “Junior, I will split your corpse into a thousand pieces!”

Demonic energy soared towards the sky . Golden Core is Golden Core after all . Even extremely weakened, his speed is still astonishing . Black Devil’s face twisted, never imagining that this mission would result in him being reduced to such a wretched state, and from a couple of juniors at that .

Especially that damned punk . He must die without fail!

Right at this moment, the fleeing Qin Yu suddenly halted, Mind Stab came forth full force, while his hand released a Blade Edge . Caught off guard, not seeing it coming, Black Devil took the full brunt of Mind Stab’s might . Although he is at the Golden Core stage, his mind was still affected and aching, causing his demonic energy to feel sluggish .


The Blade Edge went through and through his demonic energy . Landing between Black Devil’s eyes tearing at the flesh, exposing the white bone beneath .


Black Devil went insane, entire head and face covered in blood, watching him with eyes that seem to want to swallow him whole!

Yet Qin Yu already turned around, directly picking where he left of in his escape . In a few breaths time passing over a hundred zhang and entering the mountain forest .


Demonic energy exploded, bursting open the ground, following Black Devil’s pursuit, with all the trees that he passes crash on the ground and then pulverized as if they went through a grinder!

Qin Yu felt bitter inside . A Golden Core cultivator truly isn’t easy to kill, the fact that he did it to Dark Slave was all because of using the right way at the right time in the right place . While here, the distance is too wide .

He sticked close to the ground and continuously fleeing, while using the Wind Walk to the maximum . Yet with his meager 4th layer of Foundation Establishment and also caring the powerless Ning Ling, it could only be expected for the loud sounds behind him to approach him .

He can’t pay attention to everything and in a low voice, “Open your mouth!”

Ning Ling hadn’t got the time to react as he roughly shoved some pills in her mouth, making her slightly angry, but then stumped . An incredible strong medicinal effect travel through her body . As it ran through her flesh it was transformed into spiritual energy, quickly restoring her depleted energy reserves .

This type of pill effect, even based on her identity, she could only have it once . A few years back, Elder gave her a precious and very important Marrow Cleansing Pill . Although it had an entirely different effect, but the diffusing feeling is the same .

Ning Ling’s heart shook, giving Qin Yu a deep look, then closed her eyes and give all her attention to absorbing the spiritual energy .

At this time, Qin Yu basically didn’t care, not paying attention to her expressions, and ate a few pills himself .


The powerful medicine effect erupted, causing his insides to rumble, suddenly increasing his speed ten-fold, making him leave a series of afterimages, rushing through the difficult terrain inside the mountain forest .

This explosion of energy, increasing the strain on his energy by ten times, is a forbidden way of using Wind Walk . Not only this act is short lived, what is truly important is that it exceeds the limit of his physical body . Once or twice might not cause harm, but constant use will bring about terrifying repercussions .

Qin Yu is clear on this, but at this time, he shows no remorse when using it . He needs to give Ning Ling the time to recover her fighting strength . And also, more then a year of tempering, with the effects of countless pills wearing his body, made his flesh strong and give him some confidence .

Black Devil had a cruel look, when Qin Yu used the forbidden method to temporarily increase the distance, he wasn’t worried at all . This action is the same as drinking poison, very soon he will spit blood and collapse, despite his furious rush .

But as time passes, Black Devil’s face turns weird, with anger mixed in it and unable to mask his shock . As far as he knows, the punk in front of him should have already collapsed in suffering, yet he is still running just the same without a sign of slowing down .

‘Bastard! Where the hell did he get that energy from? And how does he have such a powerful body?’ Black Devil cursed in his heart .

Ning Ling opened her eyes and stared blankly at Qin Yu’s incredibly pale, but still calm face . Not letting her speak, he once again took many pills and all of them shoved them in her mouth, making it hard for her to even swallow .

“Senior sister Ning, I can’t hold for much longer . Focus on recovering your strength, or we will surely die!”

The downcast tone startled Ning Ling, just finding out his bloodshot eyes heavily contrasting with his pale face, with each of their veins on the verge of bursting . Thinking of his calm demeanor, yet the excruciating pain inside of him, Ning Ling was shocked and pained, then turned to chewing the pills and eating them to continue recovering with her eyes closed .

After an hour, she once again opened her eyes, with a flash passing through them, while Qin Yu who is carrying her, has his robe soaked in blood . Seeing her awakened, with great difficulty smiled at her, but suddenly spat a mouthful of blood, his vision turning dark .

Ning Ling hold him, in a worried tone, “Junior brother, are you alright?”

Qin Yu forced himself to stay awake, took a pill and swallowed it, “Run quickly!”

Ning Ling formed the white cloud beneath her, holding both of them and taking them away . But this treasure was already blown apart and even with its restoring property, using it so soon will have limited effect, unable to escape the ruthless aura behind them .

One in front and the other in the back, both sides doing their best to outrun the other, while moving swiftly into the heart of the mountain forest!

Heavy and loud sounds could be heard nonstop, scaring all the birds and beast inside the mountain forest running whichever way to escape danger . As it continues, Black Devil’s aura slowly drew further, although still locked on them, but it seems to be a good sign, that it won’t be long before they escape .

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