Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 213

Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – The Mysterious Spirity

Junior Granduncle Qin may have returned, but the chaos that the Eclipse Clan cultivators expected to come actually didn’t appear . Qin Yu entered the Pill Disposal Department where no one knew what he was doing, and he didn’t emerge for a long time . The valley remained as tranquil as it was in the past . No, it should be said that it was even more tranquil, because the Valley Master was in seclusion – true seclusion – not like in the past where he said he was in seclusion so he could laze around .

But, in the end there were some changes . For instance, inside Little Bamboo Grove, there were now a number of beautiful young ladies who came from the Rainbow Sect . They were all beautiful girls that attracted many heated gazes . While there were some secret admirers and some pursuers, there was actually no one that dared to look at Miss Gu Ling’er .

She was Junior Granduncle’s little sister; just that identity alone was enough to cause people to withdraw in fear . If they somehow managed to provoke Junior Granduncle, the consequences would be unimaginable . And even if they successfully pursued and obtained her and Junior Granduncle Qin didn’t stop them, what would they do afterwards? Marriage?

Did anyone even dare to consider this seriously? This wasn’t even some wonderful dual cultivating couple at all, it was simply marrying an empress and bringing her back home . No matter which aspect it was considered from, it was best to remain a respectful distance away .

Gu Ling’er was happy and glad with her current situation . She watched her several senior-apprentice sisters not tire of the endless pursuers, and she often smiled . She invested all of her efforts into cultivation . It was just that she would think of her Big Brother Qin Yu every day . She thought about how long he had been in seclusion for already and a notion crossed her heart . She finally understood just why her Big Brother Qin Yu had such a formidable cultivation .

Disregarding talent and not mentioning lucky chances, his diligent efforts should be an extremely important reason . Big Brother Qin Yu was so fierce because he devoted his heart and mind to cultivation . Accordingly, she also had to be just as earnest . Otherwise if she was introduced to others in the future, they might look down on her because of her low cultivation and also mock her big brother .

She couldn’t be a burden on Big Brother Qin Yu .

The girl carried this naïve and silly idea with her as she put forth all her effort into cultivating . Though her talent wasn’t naturally good, because of Qin Yu she possessed a special supply of pills . Her cultivation rose 10,000 miles in a day, and she would soon reach Foundation Establishment .

On this day, as she clenched her teeth, she swallowed two Foundation Establishment Pills . Magic power fiercely fluctuated within her and her aura changed . She opened her eyes and a smile appeared on her pale face .

She had reached Foundation Establishment!

The door was pushed open from outside . Xuanxuan and the other anxious senior-apprentice sisters all crashed into the room . “Ling’er, are you alright?”

Gu Ling’er weakly smiled . “I’m fine . I feel very good right now . ”

“Humph! No matter how I look at it, you don’t seem fine at all!” Qin Yu appeared with a cold face . As he saw Gu Ling’er’s pale complexion, he couldn’t help but warm up . He quickly walked over to her bedside and sat down, “What are you trying to show off for? If you can’t break through, then prepare some more before you try again . Why do you want to suffer like this?”

He had also experienced forcibly breaking through to Foundation Establishment and knew just how painful it was . At that time, he found it hard to hold himself up, much less Gu Ling’er .

Gu Ling’er was happily surprised . “You came, Big Brother Qin!” Then, after realizing that he seemed angry, she stuck out her tongue and smiled . “I’m alright, I feel very good right now . Don’t waste your worry on me . ”

Qin Yu held her hand and probed her condition . After determining that she had only suffered a slight impact from magic power and her meridians were fine, he was finally able to relax .

“It’s only this time . Don’t do this in the future . ”

“Mm, I will listen to Big Brother Qin Yu . ”

Xuanxuan and her senior-apprentice sisters all looked at each other and saw envy in their eyes . They had already learned from Gu Ling’er what her true relationship with Qin Yu was . Although they weren’t true blood sister and brother, their feelings far surpassed that . To have this sort of big brother was really too lucky! The girls drew back, allowing them space to be alone .

Qin Yu spent some time with Gu Ling’er, but as he spoke to her he could see her weariness as she strained to stay upright . He asked for her to close her eyes and rest, but she shook her head . After guaranteeing that he wouldn’t leave, only then did Gu Ling’er close her eyes and soon fall asleep .

In her dreams, she was holding Qin Yu’s hand the entire time . Her small and pale face didn’t have its normal smile, and her expression aroused one’s pity .

Qin Yu sighed . He slowly poured warm water-attribute magic power into Gu Ling’er’s body, helping her restore her injuries .

Six hours later, Gu Ling’er opened her eyes . In her drowsiness, she was startled to discover that her injuries had recovered and her cultivation also seemed to have stabilized .

“Thank you, Big Brother Qin Yu!”

Qin Yu waved his hand dismissively . “Is there a need to say thanks between us?” He opened his hand, revealing a storage shell in his palm . “This thing is something I brought back from the sea region . I placed some pills inside that I especially prepared for you . When you cultivate in the future, you can use them freely . There will be more later . ”

After a brief pause, he added, “Continue to accept the pills from Immortal Eclipse Valley and don’t tell anyone else about me giving you pills . Also, it would be best to not give any away too . Do you understand?”

Gu Ling’er appeared to understand but also not understand . But, since her Big Brother Qin Yu was intentionally reminding her of this, she nodded . “I understand, Big Brother Qin Yu . ”

Qin Yu smiled and held her hand . “Alright, I’m leaving . The road of cultivation is like a boat sailing against the current: you can only move forwards without retreat . Otherwise, you will inevitably be left behind . This is my advice to you that you must remember later . ”

“Big Brother Qin Yu…” Gu Ling’er revealed an unwilling expression but she soon nodded . “I will remember . Go on and leave, you don’t need to come back and see me . Since I know that Big Brother Qin Yu is in Immortal Eclipse Valley, my heart will be stable . ”

Qin Yu revealed a bit of hesitation . He smiled, not saying anything, and then stood up to leave .

Gu Ling’er whispered to herself . “Big Brother Qin Yu, even if you don’t tell me, I also know that you are destined to soar into the highest heavens . How would you ever stay here?”

After making a trip to the Eighth Furnace Station, Zeng Zhongxiu hurried out to greet him . Pill Crucible was still in seclusion, and this left Qin Yu feeling that something wasn’t right . Could something have happened that he didn’t know about? Otherwise with Pill Crucible’s lazy personality, how could he have suddenly become so hard-working?

Had he been stirred up by the Demon Monarch?

He thought about it and then denied this thought . The Demon Monarch had wanted to kill Pill Crucible for a long time already . If he was really stimulated by him, then he would have worked himself to the bone these past years .

As he bid his farewells, the 10,000 foot mountain of the Eighth Furnace station began to light up . A giant alligator phantom rushed over, roaring angrily at Qin Yu and revealing its fierce teeth!

Zeng Zhongxiu was surprised . Just what was the Eighth Furnace doing? As a furnace spirit, it had an extremely sharp sensing ability . Could it have noticed Qin Yu’s current cultivation?

Qin Yu laughed and turned around . “There’s nothing to be surprised about . When hormones rush to your brain, sometimes it causes you to make decisions without caring for the consequences that happen afterwards . But, soon after making these decisions, you will feel incomparable regret . ” He looked up at the flaming fire alligator, “Don’t you agree?”

The fire alligator shrank its head and continued to roar . The anger in its voice had been reduced by more than half, and now it seemed more aggrieved than anything .

As if it were saying that Qin Yu didn’t keep his word, that Qin Yu didn’t fulfill his promise!

Qin Yu lightly coughed . He lifted his hand and the Fleeting Furnace appeared . The fire alligator’s eyes immediately lit up . It howled out loud and rushed over but was immediately slapped away .

But looking at its expression, it was clearly even more excited, not a trace of its sadness left . It turned back and rushed forwards again .

Zeng Zhongxiu forced a smile . He finally realized that his Eighth Furnace had an extremely lascivious furnace spirit . In the past when Qin Yu had forced it to obey, he had used this move, so how had he forgotten about it? But, as he looked at it right now, he couldn’t help but feel it was just too…shameful!

The Fleeting Flame Furnace held an arrogant and tender stance . The fire alligator swung its tail about, diving up and down, with a very ‘thirsty’ expression .

Qin Yu rubbed his nose . A very dirty thought rose up in his mind . These were two hard and solid furnaces, so what could they do even if they were together? This was a truly difficult and complex puzzle .

“Brother Qin, what should we do?” Zeng Zhongxiu asked . He was currently refining pills so he needed the cooperation of the Eighth Furnace . But looking at how it was now, it clearly couldn’t be depended upon .

Qin Yu smiled . “I will leave the Fleeting Flame Furnace behind, since I promised you that in the past . ” He ignored the grumbling bitterness that seemed to instantly rise in the Fleeting Flame Furnace, then turned and walked away, “After some time I will come and bring you away . ”

Even though you seem to be grumbling about this, you just aren’t believable at all . If you didn’t like punishing the fire alligator, would you have been so light with your actions? You are clearly happy here .

I will just consider this as helping to push the boat along .

Qin Yu returned to the Pill Disposal Department . Cao Han had already prepared a table and tea set . His cultivation had broken through to the sixth level of the Golden Core realm, and he could step into the late Golden Core realm at any moment .

“I won’t drink any tea today . Next time . ”

Cao Han was a bit disappointed, but he respectfully bowed . “Of course . ”

After stepping into the Pill Disposal Department, he looked up at the boundless curtain of swords . A voice sounded out in his ears, “You’ve returned . ”

It was a cold and light voice . Though it was gentle, one couldn’t help but be moved by it .

Qin Yu’s eyebrows lifted up . He turned around, “Hello, Miss Spirity . ”

Spirity nodded . “The Soul Mushroom has already reached a hundred years of age . How did you accomplish this?”

Qin Yu had some understanding of her personality . To be kind, she was honest, but to be truthful, she was naïve . If you knew this secret then you should have kept that to yourself . Disregarding the fact that you mentioned it, but you also wanted to know the reason why?

Why should I tell you?

However, the origin of the Five Element Sword Diagram came because Spirity had mentioned it, so from this aspect, it could be said that he owed her a great sentiment . Thinking about it, he said, “Some time ago I went to the sea region and obtained a sort of soul bead there . It was bred from a powerful specter, and once the Soul Mushroom absorbed it, a transformation occurred . ”

“Sea region…” Spirity mumbled to herself . After several breaths of time she looked up, her gaze earnest . “You will go back to the sea region, right?”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows and nodded .

“Then you will certainly try to find a way to obtain even more soul beads . In other words, there is a high chance that the Soul Mushroom will transform into a thousand years of age . ” Spirit had a deep expression . “I will give you some advice . When the Soul Mushroom transforms into a thousand years of age, it will need to absorb a massive amount of spiritual strength, a quantity that far surpasses your imagination . So, I hope that you will be prepared for that . ”

Qin Yu’s gaze deepened . “Who are you and how do you know of these things?” Even Pill Crucible didn’t know much about the Soul Mushroom . This little girl was far too mysterious .

Spirity said, “When the Soul Mushroom matures, you will know . ”

She turned and left . After several steps, she vanished from sight .

These words were somewhat familiar-sounding .

Looking at the direction she left towards, Qin Yu’s thoughts raced . After a moment, his mind shook as he thought of a possibility . After hesitating for a long time, he suppressed his thoughts . Making any baseless guesses was useless . Once a chance arrived in the future, he would naturally understand .

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