Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Chapter 212 – Reentering the Pill Disposal Department

Qin Yu hacked out a cough .

Pill Crucible frowned unhappily . “What do you mean?”

Qin Yu continued to violently cough . He waved his hand with some difficulty, but if one glanced at his face, one could see several points of a guilty conscience .

Pill Crucible’s lips twitched . He lifted a shaking finger and pointed towards Qin Yu . “You…are you telling me that you are responsible for this?”

Qin Yu smiled awkwardly . “Ah…first of all, I would like to say that there was a reason for it . Then again, I never expected so much trouble to follow . ”

Pill Crucible’s complexion paled and he looked as if he could eat Qin Yu alive . He gnashed his teeth, “Qin Yu, you’re incredible, truly incredible!” He was originally cursing the demonic path for indiscriminately targeting Immortal Eclipse Valley without any proof, but now it seems that they weren’t wrong at all . No matter how he viewed things, everything led to Immortal Eclipse Valley .

This…just what sort of evil was this!?

Qin Yu dryly laughed . “Senior-apprentice brother, don’t be angry, don’t be angry…oh, well, I think I’m going to visit Ling’er and the others and see how they are doing . They just arrived at Immortal Eclipse Valley so they don’t know the rules . ”

He turned and scurried away .

Concerning the matter about the Pill Disposal Department, he would hold off on mentioning that until later . Otherwise, he was really worried that Pill Crucible would storm away or even catch him and beat him up for a time .

After Qin Yu left, the anger on Pill Crucible’s face slowly abated . He frowned, as if worried about something . Then, he sighed for a long time . “I originally thought that I miscalculated, but after confirming everything one at a time, it seems that the final result is unable to be changed . ”

He shook his head to rid himself of these depressing thoughts . Since he had determined the result, then he had to make arrangements as soon as possible .

To Immortal Eclipse Valley, Qin Yu’s appearance was a danger as well as a lucky chance . But as for what the result would be, he didn’t know .

Hah, just thinking about it, he was truly not resigned!

Gu Ling’er and the others were placed in a place called the Little Bamboo Grove . The environment was gorgeous and quiet, and the surroundings were cultivated medicinal fields .

As the fragrance of medicine floated in on the wind, taking a breath of it inspired the spirit .

When Qin Yu arrived, several girls were gathered together, excitedly discussing everything they saw and experienced after entering Immortal Eclipse Valley . Their gestures and motions were full of joy and anticipation .

“Greetings, Senior Qin!” Several girls hurried onto their feet .

Qin Yu waved his hand . “There is no need to be so courteous . ” He sat down . He had wanted to waste some time here, but just as he spoke two words he was interrupted by someone .

Zeng Zhongxiu rushed over, his face full of smiles . “Brother Qin, I just learned that you returned . You should stay a bit longer this time; we can drink to our heart’s content!”

When Qin Yu left in the past, he had forced the Eighth Furnace to approve of him . For the next several years, Zeng Zhongxiu worked diligently, putting in all his effort . When combined with Pill Crucible’s careful guidance, he had officially obtained the status of being the master of the Eighth Furnace . Now, his actions were a bit more dignified and regal than before . With his flowing black and white hair and his delicate and beautiful face, he instantly caused the eyes of the Rainbow Sect girls to haze over and their cheeks to blush .

Qin Yu looked around, thinking that being so attractive was actually quite useful . However, he didn’t feel any envy at all . He smiled and sat up, “Hello, Brother Zeng . ”

Only now did Zeng Zhongxiu discover the flower-pretty girls in the room . A blank look crossed his face . “Brother Qin, this is…” It was obvious that he had just obtained the news of Qin Yu’s arrival before he rushed over, and hadn’t fully inquired into the situation .

Qin Yu’s heart stirred . He smiled and introduced both sides to each other . When the girls heard that this enchantingly handsome uncle was a Furnace Master of Immortal Eclipse Valley, their faces heated up even more . The only thing that Qin Yu was happy about was that Gu Ling’er’s gaze was calm and serene, not changing the entire time .

As if sensing Qin Yu’s gaze sweeping across her senior-apprentice sisters, Gu Ling’er looked up and winked at Qin Yu, as if saying, ‘Big Brother Qin Yu, I’ll support you!’

Zeng Zhongxiu had an awkward expression . “Brother Qin’s little sister is my Zeng Zhongxiu’s little sister . Unfortunately, I hurried over here today so I wasn’t able to prepare a gift . It is truly disrespectful of me . ”

Gu Ling’er shook her head . She thought that her Big Brother Qin Yu really was good at connecting with others; whenever she went somewhere and met someone new, they would always give her a first meeting gift . She knew that this wasn’t because everyone liked her, but because they highly valued Qin Yu . But even so, she felt nothing but joy for Qin Yu from the depths of her heart . This was because he had already become a genuinely great person .

Zeng Zhongxiu stayed behind . Several girls fought against each other to serve him food . Looking at their earnest expressions, it was clear that they were bringing out every trick in the book to attract his attention .

Qin Yu followed him to a pavilion in Little Bamboo Grove and sat down . He teasingly smiled, “Brother Zeng is so popular that I really feel envious . You must have been pursued many times these past years . ”

Zeng Zhongxiu revealed an embarrassed look . “That is…right now I am devoting all my attention to my studies . After agreeing to learn under teacher, it was only then that I realized how vast and proud the dao of alchemy was . Even if I spend my entire lifetime studying it, it will be difficult for me to grasp, so how could I have any thoughts of dividing my attention for these things?” As he spoke, his face was full of deep veneration and his voice was pious . When Qin Yu heard this, his lips twitched . Just how was Pill Crucible teaching his student? He had turned the handsome, elegant, and stunning Zeng Zhongxiu into the current block of wood he was .

Qin Yu coughed . “This is actually a human problem and should be put under careful consideration . After all, the road is long and if there is no one to accompany you, it will be very lonely . ”

“Is it?”

Qin Yu put on an authoritative look and slowly nodded . “It is . ”

Zeng Zhongxiu hesitated, not saying much . In his mind, Qin Yu was an idol-like existence . Not only because of his cultivation and status, but more so because of his amazing alchemy skill . A fifth rank alchemist was enough to dominate the world . His teacher sometimes talked about this, though there was disdain on his face as he did . It was more along the lines of how a little brat could never understand the meanings of a great teacher, but still, he could feel some envy in his words .

So he couldn’t help but consider Qin Yu’s words . He thought and asked, “Brother Qin, in the future will you also look for someone to accompany you in life?”

Qin Yu was stunned . He laughed and said, “Stop trying to switch the topic; why are we speaking about me? You need to consider this earnestly . To spend the rest of your years being lonely is really absurd!”

Would he find such a person?

Ning Ling’s figure appeared in his mind . A feeling of remembrance and helplessness appeared in Qin Yu’s heart . Sure enough, he was an indecisive person . It had already been such a long time and yet he wasn’t able to forget about her . In Homehold City when he destroyed the demonic path’s branch division and exterminated Bloodthirsty Devil, when he thought about it, part of the reason he did so was because of her .

Food and wine were brought to the table . The flavor was good; it was clear that the girls were putting forth their utmost capabilities . Xuanxuan was the boldest . She poured a cup of wine and started her offensive against Zeng Zhongxiu . Unfortunately, her attacks didn’t seem to have much effect .

After experiencing the trials of youth, the fall and rise of the Zeng Family, and reaching his current status, Zeng Zhongxiu’s mentality had been tempered repeatedly and he could no longer be easily moved by things like this .

They drank for a long time . Neither of them used their cultivation to cleanse their body . Qin Yu’s vision turned blurry . He leaned against one of the pavilion pillars and fell asleep .

Gu Ling’er took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead for him . She listened as he mumbled in his sleep, “Ning Ling…Ning Ling…”

Her heart was pained . She had already learned what happened to Ning Ling from Qin Yu . She thought about how calm Qin Yu tried to keep himself, and how he only revealed his true thoughts when he was drunk, and her eyes started to turn red and teary . She held his hand, “Big Brother Qin Yu, don’t worry . No matter what happens, Ling’er will accompany you . As long as you need me, I will never allow you to be alone . ”

Qin Yu slept for two days and two nights . When he opened his eyes, he could see Gu Ling’er’s smiling face . “Big Brother Qin Yu, you’ve awoken . Did you want to wash up?”

“How long was I asleep for?”

“Two days . My senior-apprentice sisters were very surprised . They said that Big Brother Qin Yu really knows how to sleep!”

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred . “So you’ve been waiting here for two whole days?”

Gu Ling’er blushed . “I didn’t . I just came over to look because I have nothing else to do . ”

Qin Yu’s heart warmed . He patted her hand, “Thank you, Ling’er . ”

Gu Ling’er smiled happily . “Big Brother Qin Yu, you should wash your face . I will prepare something for you to eat . ”

Eating didn’t matter . With his current cultivation, he would be fine if he didn’t have food or water for ten years .

The key was in his mind .

So he ate as he wished until he was full . After drinking the last of his soup, he praised, “Our Ling’er is truly skilled! I wonder just who will have the good fortune of marrying you . ”

Gu Ling’er was embarrassed . She stamped her feet, “Big Brother Qin Yu is bullying me!”

Qin Yu laughed in return .

After staying for a while longer, he said some words to her and left .

He decided he couldn’t wait any longer . He would go straight to Pill Crucible and lay down his cards . After all, if he really wanted to go to the Pill Disposal Department he needed his approval .

Because of what happened to the little blue lamp, his cultivation had been delayed for a long time already . Time was like sand drifting in the wind; it was the thing in the world that shouldn’t be wasted the most .

It was only when he reached Pill Crucible’s dwelling that he discovered he was in seclusion . Qin Yu was stunned . Could his performance have stimulated that cheap senior-apprentice brother of his? Since when was he so diligent? And, the crux of the issue was that if Pill Crucible was in seclusion, what would he do about the Pill Disposal Department?

“Junior Granduncle, please wait a moment . The Valley Master has made arrangements with Elder Zeng – he will soon be over . ”

And Zeng Zhongxiu did come over quickly . He took out a token and said, “This is what teacher asked me to give to Brother Qin before he went into seclusion . He said that whatever you want, you can decide yourself . ”

There was the seal of a furnace cut atop the token; it symbolized the supreme authority of Immortal Eclipse Valley and was Pill Crucible’s own status token . If Pill Crucible wasn’t here, then someone could rely on this token to control the entirety of Immortal Eclipse Valley .

This cheap senior-apprentice brother of his didn’t speak kindly often, but he was actually quite reliable . This amount of trust left Qin Yu a bit moved . Of course, he would never express this publicly . He complained a bit to Zeng Zhongxiu about how troublesome it was and then received the token .

With this token in hand, entering the Pill Disposal Department would be no problem at all .

Not long after, under Cao Han’s grateful and respectful look, he took several steps forwards . Then, several years later, he once again stepped into Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Pill Disposal Department .

If things went as expected, he would be cultivating here for a long time .

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