Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 211

Chapter 211

Chapter 211 – You’re Jealous

The group soon left Snowfall City . Led by Jiang Li and Daoist Wang, they walked into a hidden mountain crevice . They opened a sealed cave to reveal a transmission array prepared within . Although it was covered in a thick layer of dust, after a bit of cleaning and inserting spirit stones, it began to emit light .

Qin Yu’s eyebrows rose up, revealing a surprised look .

Daoist Wang lifted an eyebrow . “Immortal Eclipse Valley is incredulously rich . Throughout their existence, they have laid down countless secret arrangements . This isn’t considered anything at all . ” He looked at Qin Yu as if mocking him for being an inexperienced little boy .

Jiang Li made some final corrections . After making sure that there was no problem, he said, “Alright, you may all come in . ”

Gu Ling’er and the others were somewhat worried . To a cultivator, a long-distance transmission array represented a considerable amount of pressure . If their cultivation was low they might even be injured during the process .

Qin Yu smiled . “Don’t worry, it will be fine . ”

Hum –

The transmission array erupted with a blinding light . Space started to twist and then everyone vanished from sight .

Kacha –

Kacha –

There was a loud cracking sound . When the light scattered, the transmission array was already broken, no longer able to be used .

Immortal Eclipse Valley .

An array formation suddenly lit up . A fierce light bloomed as multiple figures appeared within it .

“Greetings Elder Jiang Li, Elder Wang!” The guarding disciples hurriedly bowed . They were stunned as they saw who had arrived, and then quickly bowed once more . “Greetings Junior Granduncle!”

The Eclipse Clan juniors began to complain in their hearts . The valley had finally managed to calm down for a period of time, and then this great ancestor decided to return from nowhere . They feared that the valley would become lively once more . Of course, they only thought this in their heart . They remained as respectful as possible, not showing any of their grievances .

What nonsense . Their Junior Granduncle Qin was a fifth-grade alchemist . Just this point enough was to earn their worship . Of course, they also didn’t want to go nosing about for trouble . The facts proved that as long as one became enemies with their Junior Granduncle, their fate was bound to be horrible!

Gu Ling’er and her several senior-apprentice sisters were completely bewildered as they heard this . Their eyes widened…this person was Big Brother Qin Yu, the one they called Senior Qin? Although they knew that there was an extremely close relationship between him and Immortal Eclipse Valley, this completely surpassed their expectations .

Junior Granduncle?

Just thinking about that rank gave them a headache .

Qin Yu smiled . “It’s just a title . There’s not much to say about it . It’s enough to know that I have a cheap senior-apprentice brother . ”

“Cheap senior-apprentice brother? Humph! It seems that this old man should not have allowed Old Jiang and Old Wang to go out and back you up!” Pill Crucible’s baleful face appeared, his expression fierce .

Qin Yu grinned, not thinking that this old fellow would arrive so quickly . He smiled in greeting . “Senior-apprentice brother, it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other . This little brother of yours has really missed you!”

Pill Crucible’s complexion changed . “What do you plan on doing?”

Qin Yu: “…”

“I already know the type of person you are . Since you speak so kindly, you definitely aren’t up to anything good . So, I am just going to tell you now . If you have any sort of scheme running around in your head, you had better hurry up and put it away!” Pill Crucible sneered . Then, he turned to Gu Ling’er and the others and his expression instantly changed into one of kind benevolence . “These several girls are quite good, what beautiful young ladies . You are just the type of people that our Immortal Eclipse Valley is lacking . I welcome your arrival here . ”

Concerning Gu Ling’er and the others joining Immortal Eclipse Valley, Jiang Li and Daoist Wang had already reported this to Pill Crucible . In the end, he was the master of Immortal Eclipse Valley and although this matter couldn’t be considered much, they had to at least report this to him and obtain his agreement .

Qin Yu was left speechless . He thought that with this old man’s status, didn’t he fear losing face by revealing an expression like that of an old matchmaker? Moreover, Pill Crucible had always put forth a ‘virtuous and heroic’ façade, and paid great attention to his image . After not seeing him for some years, how could he have been reduced to such a state?

Could it be that he had suffered some sort of psychological attack and decided to give up?

He coughed . “Let me introduce you . This is Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Valley Master, Senior Pill Crucible!”

These words gave Gu Ling’er and the others another fright . They knew of Immortal Eclipse Valley’s status and strength, and as they realized that this common-looking old man was the one who possessed the greatest authority here, they all quickly bowed .

Pill Crucible smiled . “That’s enough, there is no need to be overly courteous . I have already finished making arrangements . Soon, some people will come and lead you to your new residence . ” He slapped his forehead and walked over to Gu Ling’er . “You are Ling’er, right? This is the first time we’ve met, and as the elder, I naturally must give you something . Here, take this token . If anyone dares to bully you in the future, just take it out and smash them in the forehead with it . I guarantee that no one will dare strike back . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes twitched, thinking that this was truly ridiculous . If you gave this token that indicated an Elder’s status to Gu Ling’er and she decided to use it to hit someone, of course they would be too scared to fight back . But, this was a decision that Pill Crucible had made only after careful consideration . He knew that Qin Yu valued his little sister and was worried that some people in Immortal Eclipse Valley would try to take advantage of her and stir up trouble . So, he decided to take out this token and just get it over with .

Gu Ling’er blushed red . She waved her hand, wanting to explain that she would never hit anyone . But, as she nervously tried to speak and found herself unable to, sweat began to drip down her forehead .

Qin Yu patted her head . “Since my senior-apprentice brother gave this to you, just accept it, it’s alright . ”

Gu Ling’er then received the token and earnestly bowed to express her gratitude .

Pill Crucible smiled and said some words of praise, saying that Ling’er was indeed polite . Then, he curled his lips and said, “It’s just that your big brother here is a bit too unreliable! Don’t just stand over there, I have some things to ask you so hurry on over . ”

Qin Yu was a bit puzzled . What was Pill Crucible being so resentful about? Could it be that he didn’t like being called his cheap senior-apprentice brother, so that was why he was taunting him so much? That didn’t seem right at all .

But when standing beneath the roof of another person’s house, he could only pinch his nose and endure it . He spoke some final words to Gu Ling’er and then cupped his hands together . “Senior-apprentice brother, please!”

Pill Crucible coldly snorted and walked away .

Xuanxuan and the others were a bit worried . Senior Qin Yu didn’t seem to be very welcomed here . Since they came to Immortal Eclipse Valley, would they have a good time here? Could it be that as soon as they arrived, they would be taken by others to be concubines or something like that?

The racing imaginations of these girls left them scared .

Daoist Wang glanced at them, correctly guessing their thoughts . He smiled and said, “Don't worry, the Valley Master and Qin Yu have a very good relationship . It’s just that today he is a little…mm, his mindset isn’t too balanced . ”

Beside him, Jiang Li lightly said, “It’s just like how you were . ”

Daoist Wang’s face stiffened . He clenched his teeth, “Old Jiang, are we even friends?”

Jiang Li walked away . His voice came floating back from afar . “Sometimes, the boat of friendship is one that I can row alone . ”

Pill Crucible lived in his original place . His face was frosty the entire time they walked . Qin Yu rubbed his nose, deciding not to speak at all . With Pill Crucible’s temper, even if he didn’t ask anything he would eventually spill it all out .


“Humph humph!

“Humph humph humph!”

When Pill Crucible used so much effort that even his breathing became labored, Qin Yu finally asked helplessly, “Senior-apprentice brother, just what do you want to say?”

At this time, the two of them had already entered the hall and sat across from each other .

Pill Crucible sneered . “How fierce . Your wings have grown, right? You don’t even show a minimum level of respect towards this senior-apprentice brother of yours! Cheap senior-apprentice brother? Just thinking about how you referred to me leaves me cold! In the past, who was the one that saved you from the Demon Monarch? Who was it that helped you become the master of the Eighth Furnace, and also obtain the furnace’s inheritance? And who was it that let you learn the Five Element Sword Diagram and obtain your current cultivation?”

The more he spoke, the faster he spoke and the more frantic he became . His wrinkles began to shake and tremble as he shouted out, “You brat, you are simply an ingrate without any virtues! You are heartless and cruel, without any sense of gratitude!”

Qin Yu’s eyes widened, thinking how were these things connected to each other? His senior-apprentice brother had indeed rescued him from the Demon Monarch so he couldn’t argue about this, but becoming the master of the Eighth Furnace all depended on the Fleeting Flame Furnace . As for the Five Element Sword Diagram, who was the one who had been so strongly opposed at the start and even presented all sorts of facts to try and scare him away? It was only after he persisted that he was able to obtain the Five Element Sword Diagram from Jiang Li’s hand .

However, as Qin Yu slowly savored these words, he inevitably felt a little sourness to it . And then, thinking more carefully, he realized that he was indeed right .

His eyebrow arched up . Qin Yu said, “Senior-apprentice brother, you are jealous . ”

Pill Crucible’s enthusiastic face stiffened and he sneered three times at once . “What ridiculousness . With my cultivation and status, do you really think I need to be jealous of you? Keep on dreaming!”

“You are jealous . ”

Pill Crucible stormed up to his feet . “I am jealous of you? Qin Yu, you little brat, if you say that again then believe me I will enforce sect rules on behalf of our teacher and ruthlessly punish you!”

Qin Yu switched his stance and comfortably leaned back on his chair . “First, neither you nor I have seen teacher, so if you mention anything like enforcing sect rules, those don’t exist to begin with . Of course, if you try to establish new rules right now, then I will have to refuse . Since we are the only two left then the votes will be one to one, and thus invalid . Moreover, senior-apprentice brother you really are jealous, and this isn’t good at all . You are quite old now so it’s best if you calm down, or else you’ll just be searching for trouble for yourself . ”

Pill Crucible coldly snorted, his complexion extremely smelly . Yes, the reason he had such a great temper was because he wasn’t feeling too happy at all .

For what reason? When anyone became a Nascent Soul, they spent a great deal of effort and suffered even more . It wasn’t an exaggeration to say they had to journey through mountains and seas of fire . But, what about Qin Yu? In a quick several years of time, he had risen from a Golden Core to a Nascent Soul; this was completely illogical . Moreover, and most importantly, he didn’t seem to fear heavenly tribulation at all…that wasn’t right; that wasn’t the full truth . Not only was he not scared, but he even chased after heavenly tribulation .

The mainland monster races had been suppressed by humanity for numerous years, preventing them from having a Nascent Soul realm monster king being born amongst them . But now, with just a wave of his hand, he had completely overturned this precedent . Not just that, but this brat seemed to have already gone to the sea region and it appeared he also stirred up a considerable amount of trouble there so he couldn’t even return anytime soon .

Just think about it, how reckless could one be; how much trouble could one person possibly create? Pill Crucible thought that as a senior-apprentice brother, he had to make Qin Yu realize his own mistakes . Qin Yu might be strong, but just because he was strong didn’t mean he could do whatever he wanted without any scruples at all . Sooner or later he would provoke some great trouble that no one could deal with .

And what, Qin Yu said that he was jealous? He, Pill Crucible, was the solemn ruler of Immortal Eclipse Valley, a super master at the peak of Nascent Soul! With just a stamp of his feet he could shake the heavens, so why would he need to envy him? He didn’t believe him? Why didn’t he believe him? He wasn’t jealous at all, he wasn’t!

Qin Yu revealed a happy smile, thinking that the current Pill Crucible was like an old child . But, the feeling he gave off now was much better than how he was initially . But then, as he thought about how he still needed to ask for help, he coughed and straightened himself . “It was I who spoke wrongly . Just what sort of character is senior-apprentice brother? Of course you wouldn’t be envious of me . But, I also ask that senior-apprentice brother be broad-minded and not lower yourself to my level . ”

Pill Crucible’s face turned red . He coughed and humphed, “I’m glad you know!”

This ridiculous matter ended like that .

Qin Yu decided to change the topic . “Senior-apprentice brother, I heard that things have been particularly tense with the demonic path lately; just what happened?” When Jiang Li and Daoist Wang activated the transmission array to return to Immortal Eclipse Valley, it was obvious that they did so not just because they wanted to save time . If even they were so cautious, it could be imagined how critical things were with the demonic path right now .

Pill Crucible’s complexion darkened . He coldly coughed . “Not too long ago, some bastard ruined the demonic path’s branch division at Homehold City . Bloodthirsty Demon died a miserable death and all this was blamed on Immortal Eclipse Valley . That bastard Demon Monarch seemed to have gone crazy and wildly attacked Immortal Eclipse Valley . During the initial attack, we lost a great number of people and we’re still being affected in various areas even now .

“Although it could be said that if there was any force within the entirety of the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty that would dare to kill off a branch division of the demonic path, it would be my Immortal Eclipse Valley, the truth is that we really didn’t do this!” Pill Crucible clenched his jaws . “I want to know just which bastard framed us! If I find him, I want to skin him alive!”

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