Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Chapter 214 – Holding Back for a Great Uproar

Time could not be disappointed, time could not be controlled, and although it was everywhere, there was no being that could touch it . When the trees outside began to turn yellow and their leaves fell, and once sprouts rose up from the ground, a year had passed .

Immortal Eclipse Valley was still the number one sect within the Southern Empire . Though it was still in conflict with the demonic path, this didn’t affect its status at all . Every day, a massive amount of alchemy materials was sent into Immortal Eclipse Valley . A majority of these materials were successfully refined into pills and then resold via special connections . However, there were still many failures, and these failures were sent to the Pill Disposal Department .

Everyone knew just how horrid waste pills were . Only by passing through specialized decomposition methods could they be thoroughly destroyed to avoid harming the world .

However, there was something that confused the cultivators of Immortal Eclipse Valley . In an environment that was littered all over with waste pills, how did Junior Granduncle Qin survive? Although this wasn’t the first time, they still watched from the side of their eyes and remained surprised . Many people wanted to know just what Junior Granduncle Qin was doing inside . But as soon as they thought of this and asked about it, they would soon fall silent and say nothing, no matter who asked .

Slowly, even though no one clearly stated it, everyone knew that Junior Granduncle Qin and the Pill Disposal Department was a new taboo topic in the valley .

Only by doing this could the cultivators of Immortal Eclipse Valley be suppressed and prevent them from inquiring into it . But, this was unable to eliminate their curiosity, and as more and more time passed, this curiosity only became increasingly intense .

Some people said that Junior Granduncle Qin was practicing some sort of supernatural power and needed to draw support from pill toxins to do so . But, because it was extremely dangerous, any disturbance was forbidden and thus no one was allowed to investigate .

There were also some people that said Junior Granduncle Qin was tempering his body and using pill toxins to give himself a Ten Thousand Poison Body, making him immune to all poisons beneath the heavens . This was a very funny rumor and only a small number of people believed it, but in actuality it was the one that was slightly close to the truth . After all, the little blue lamp could chase out pill toxins and concentrate them into a finger . This could barely count as cultivating a poison body .

Of course, if others learnt that Qin Yu was taking the materials from waste pills to refine into new pills, their mouths would have dropped open!

Ever since the Fleeting Flame Furnace was left at the Eighth Furnace station, he hadn’t taken it back . The one he used now was one of the furnaces from his cheap senior-apprentice brother’s collection, and it was passable in quality .

Qin Yu always paid great attention to raising his alchemy skills . So while he wasn’t some mighty alchemy figure, his strength wasn’t too bad . Moreover, all he needed to do was guarantee that the pills successfully formed . There was no requirement concerning the quality, so the efficiency and success rate was quite good . There was enough for both his cultivation needs and helping Gu Ling’er .

Star Pills to make one stronger, Cloudrain Pills that increased one’s magic powers, and Blood Energy Pills that nourished the body – these three types of pills comprised the majority of those that Qin Yu refined . He lifted a hand and slapped down, and the furnace popped open . 13 Star Pills flew out . He flicked his sleeves, gathering them in a jade bottle .

After a brief rest, he gathered more materials and continued to refine .

He continued refining pills for five days . A massive amount of pills was placed in jade bottles scattered on the ground . This was because following this, Qin Yu was preparing to attack the Nascent Soul realm . And he would inevitably use up a tremendous amount of pills . He needed to make full preparations to avoid any sort of embarrassing situation where he ran out of pills .

Of course, Qin Yu was well aware that it would be impossible to successfully make a breakthrough . First, he knew how high his talent was, and second, there was the Demon Body . You Qi had once informed him that the Demon Body had an incredibly tyrannical characteristic; it didn’t allow a person’s magic power to surpass its strength . Thus, if he wished to become a Nascent Soul, he needed to find demon blood to enhance his Demon Body .

This would not be an easy task . Perhaps You Qi could help him, but ever since that day when they parted at the Land of Sealed Demons, she had disappeared without a trace and he had no idea where she was .

He temporarily didn’t need to worry about that . At the very least, there were benefits to failing a Nascent Soul breakthrough . This was what Qin Yu had learned after failing to reach Golden Core multiple times in the past – the purification of magic power .

Every time he failed a breakthrough, it would cause an increase in the quality of his magic power . Although the range wasn’t too high, small amounts eventually stacked up . One didn’t need to be a genius to understand that if he continually failed 10 or 20 times, the overall quality of his magic power would rise to an astonishingly pure degree .

This could be called good fortune within misfortune, prosperity within tragedy . However, for the time being, Qin Yu was the only one capable of obtaining this good fortune .

Another five days passed . Qin Yu opened his eyes and lifted a bottle of pills, swallowing them down . There were Star Pills, Cloudrain Pills, and Blood Energy Pills contained within . In any case, if there was no chance for a successful breakthrough then he might as well take them all .

The life of someone with unlimited pills was like this . Bold, valiant, there was no need to try and explain their actions .

And Qin Yu wouldn’t acknowledge that there was a bit of anticipation deep in his heart . From the aspects of his soul, magic power, and mortal body, would he be able to break into Nascent Soul from all three?

Even if the hopes of doing so were so small to be negligible, he should still try at least .

Within his dantian sea, atop that great dao platform, the five white, black, blue, red, and yellow Golden Cores suddenly erupted with a blinding light . Five beams of colors crazily surged out, merging together into a rainbow kaleidoscope of dazzling lights .

Bang –

A powerful aura broke out from Qin Yu’s body and his robes flapped around him . The five element magic powers within his body tumbled like the sea in a storm . Every time it rose and fell there were loud earthshaking rumbles from his body, as if several tsunamis were crashing into the land within him .

Cao Han was silent and still . Like this, he had calmly and steadily guarded the Pill Disposal Department for all these years . But, those that were familiar with him would be able to tell that there was a trace of absent-mindedness clouding his face . This was an extremely rare event coming from Cao Han . With his formidable willpower, he was normally able to easily control his mood .

It was just that Junior Uncle Qin hadn’t come out for a long time . In truth, compared to the past, it was only a week longer . Still, his Junior Uncle was an extremely orderly and timely person, and he would come out every month on the dot to drink some tea and quietly visit Little Bamboo Grove for a day before returning .

Suddenly, he could hear some noise in the distance . Cao Han looked up, a bit of icy coldness in his eyes . Someone had clearly come . Could it be that they didn’t know that the Pill Disposal Department had become a restricted zone right now? Or were some people unable to suppress their curiosity any longer and wanted to come here to snoop?

However, what happened was unexpected; the one who came was a little girl with a worried face . “I know that I shouldn’t have come, but I was worried . Big Brother Qin Yu hasn’t come out for the last week, so could you tell me where he is right now?”

Cao Han was startled for a moment before determining the identity of this visitor . He walked forwards and said in a low voice, “How dissolute, do not be impolite to Miss Gu Ling’er!” He squeezed out a smile, “Miss Ling’er, how do you do, I am Cao Han, the one responsible for guarding the Pill Disposal Department . ”

Gu Ling’er bowed respectfully . “Greetings Senior Cao, I have heard Big Brother Qin Yu mention you before . May I ask you where Big Brother Qin Yu has gone?”

Cao Han said, “Junior Uncle has yet to emerge . He should have been delayed due to some reason . Miss Ling’er should know that for us cultivators, there are always times where unexpected events occur . Please rest assured . ”

Gu Ling’er nodded, but her eyes clearly revealed more worry . She actually hoped that her Big Brother Qin Yu had already come out but just hadn’t come to look for her…after all, this was the Pill Disposal Department, and since she knew that he was going into seclusion here, she had asked around and found out just how deadly and dangerous it was .

If her Big Brother Qin Yu didn’t come out, could it be that some accident had occurred? As soon as this thought appeared, it was like an invisible great hand that took hold of her heart, causing her face to pale . She wavered for a moment and then bowed once more, “Senior Cao, I know that it might be rude to ask this, but I really hope you will agree to let me go in and have a look . I…I’m worried that something has happened to Big Brother Qin Yu . ”

Cao Han’s heart warmed . He thought that it was no wonder that Junior Uncle held this little sister of his in such high regards . Their feelings for each other were truly deep . He revealed an awkward expression . “Miss Ling’er, although I know that Junior Uncle would not refuse you entering, the Pill Disposal Department is not like other areas . It is too risky, so I cannot allow you to enter . ”

Gu Ling’er clenched her fists . “But I…but I…” After several breaths of time, she lowered her head and took out a token .

Cao Han’s complexion changed . He respectfully bowed, “Cao Han greets the Elder!” Within Immortal Eclipse Valley, Elders were Golden Cores, but Golden Cores weren’t necessarily Elders . Although their cultivation was at the same realm, the differences in status were actually enormous .

Gu Ling’er was a bit anxious . “I apologize to Senior Cao, but I order you to open the entrance to the Pill Disposal Department . ”

Cao Hao furrowed his eyebrows . With her status as an Elder, she did possess the qualifications to enter the Pill Disposal Department . But, if something were to happen to her, then Junior Uncle might not listen to his explanation . Just as he was caught in a dilemma, his complexion changed and he reared back his head to look up high .

At the same time, all Golden Core and above cultivators within Immortal Eclipse Valley revealed looks of surprise . They looked into the skies together . There, in the skies, faint traces of black clouds began to appear from nothingness, weaving together into one . This caused the bright and clear weather to suddenly darken .

This was…heavenly tribulation?

Any cultivator that had reached Golden Core had once experienced a baptism of core tribulation, so they were more sensitive to its aura . The black clouds forming high above emitted an oppressive aura; this was clearly heavenly tribulation, but why wasn’t there any lightning? Not only was there not any lightning, there were no sounds either . If it weren’t for the pressure that was falling down, they would have thought this was nothing but an illusion .

The invisible pressure filled the air, becoming increasingly strong, so heavy that it was like a stone pressing down on one’s chest . Many people slowly began to have difficulty breathing . Then, the gazes of the watching Golden Core cultivators began to fill with envy and awe . If there was something that could make them feel like this, it could only be Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation . Someone in the valley was breaking into Nascent Soul!

But who was the person breaking through? How come they had never heard news about this? Could it be that someone didn’t make any preparations before their breakthrough? Did they want to commit suicide?

Not worrying about it, many people started hurrying over to take a look . It was a rare experience to witness Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation and this would surely be a great advantage to them in crossing their own tribulation in the future .

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Figures shot up into the skies, soaring towards the heavenly tribulation .

As soon as the Golden Cores arrived, they discovered that the great figures of the valley had arrived a step ahead of them . Jiang Li, Daoist Wang, Eclipse Lenqing, Eclipse Wuji – four Nascent Souls had gathered together . Everyone bowed at once and carefully stood to the side .

Someone looked up and could clearly see where the tribulation clouds’ aura had locked onto . They were left stunned with a bizarre light in their eyes .

This…this is…the Pill Disposal Department…

Cao Han was there, but with his cultivation it was impossible to animate heavenly tribulation .

Then, who was it?

Within the hearts of countless people, a name suddenly appeared: Junior Uncle Qin!

Everyone knew that Junior Uncle was in seclusion within the Pill Disposal Department . Who else could it be but him?

Some people actually believed that Junior Uncle had changed his ways; how naïve and silly of them . One could easily see that when it came to a person who always stirred up such a mess wherever he went, after returning to Immortal Eclipse Valley, how could things possibly remain quiet?

So it was because he was holding himself back for a great uproar!

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