Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Kill

Zhu Hai’s expression was suddenly fervent, “But I never thought, that this trap would catch such prey . ” His eyes falling on Ning Ling’s body, filled with desire, “You won’t die tonight, because I am going to make you my woman . Only after you will bear my child, I will kill you . ”

Ning Ling’s eyes were ice-cold, never before feeling such strong hatred and desire to kill, “Zhu Hai, you killed a pregnant woman and harming her unborn child, causing her to be filled with resentment and hatred to use for your blood essence cultivation . Even turning their souls into malignant spirits, you will die a gruesome death for these atrocities!”

Zhu Hai nodded, “Yes, what you said is true . I won’t die, but they will . ” The golden pendant in his hand rocks more violently, and the ghostly figure in the fog shrieked increasingly mournful, while the dark, cold energy franticly rushed over .

The ring-shape magic weapon was about to crumble!

“What do we do, senior brother Xu Wei? I don’t wanna die!” Lin Lin cried in terror .

Xu Wei clenched his jaw, using all of his power to resist, while looking towards Ning Ling . As Huang Daiguai’s favored disciple, he knows some things about Ning Ling .

The only chance now lays with her .

Suddenly, Ning Ling took a step leaving the golden radiating ring’s protected area, causing the concealed spirit inside the fog to charge at her .

Under the brilliant golden light, all of them were shocked . The woman has disheveled hair abdomen ready to burst, with constant black small hands and feet kicking inside, as if to vent from the wound it received, making the woman’s suffering even crueler .

The malignant spirit is filled with desire to destroy all living creatures . But before she could approach, with a mournful cry her body let out a black smoke, cowering in fear .

At this moment, Ning Ling pointed her finger and a dazzling golden light flew out of it . This move took its toll on her, as it can be seen from her dim eyes .

Zhu Hai’s face changed greatly . He brushed his sleeve sending a dark energy, but the golden light went through it popping it like a bubble, then entered his chest!

In a low shout, Zhu Hai’s body started twisting . Instead of having his chest exploded to pieces, he somehow managed to divert the blast to his right hand .


His right-hand shatters, but not before he threw the altar he was holding, rolling in the mist . The woman malignant spirit stopped going after the hurt Ning Ling and ignoring everything, suddenly rushed at the altar . The ashen light of the altar, like a sharp arrow, it pierces her body, as she then retreated while wailing in fear .

Zhu Hai’s face was pale, yet still smiling, “Is this your final card? Since you can’t kill me, accept your fate!”

Next instant, his smile froze .

The malignant spirit because of being repelled by the light, staggered unable to stop her charge .

“Senior sister Ning Ling, save me!” Qin Yu panicked, wailing as he ran . Whether by chance or mischance, he actually stepped on the altar .


A clear shattering sound was heard, and then Qin Yu’s sound of falling .

Zhu Hai was instantly full of fear, “No!”

He waved the golden pendant franticly, but it was no escape being drowned by the thick fog . All of the malignant spirits peered at him with fixed eyes coming from all around him . From their cut bellies a fist sized head came out, cackling, faintly crying out, “Daddy… daddy…”


A grieving howl came from inside the fog, along with mind numbing gnawing sounds . Anyone could imagine what is occurring .

Ning Ling looked at the blank-faced Qin Yu, “Let’s go!”

Without hesitating, they left the Zhu clan at their fastest . Only after they left this place immersed in darkness they relaxed slightly, then all eyes fell on Qin Yu .

In their hearts, they couldn’t help sigh for him being a lucky bastard . But they had to admit, they are alive all thanks to him . Some of them had complicated looks, especially Xu Wei, who’s resent is now washed away .

“What about Lu Feng?” an urgent voice broke the silence . With all eyes on him, Qin Yu started to feel uncomfortable .

Qin Yu was flustered, “We were pursued, and had no choice but to hide senior brother Lu Feng on a roof . ”

Xu Wei squinted his eyes, “Deserting your fellow disciple and running for your life? You sure have guts, Qin Yu!”

Lin Lin, Zhang Ze and Fan Ping stared blankly, once again starting to despise him . Even if this lucky bastard saved them, he actually abandoned his fellow disciple .

Ning Ling frowned slightly, “Don’t talk, lets first find Lu Feng . ”

Qin Yu nodded over and over again, turned around and dashed into the night . Returning soon after, with Lu Feng on his back and a pleased expression .

Xu Wei cries out, “What about his poison?”

Qin Yu showed pride, “I killed a Zhu clan cultivator, and just so happens he had an antidote . Senior brother Lu Feng is now fine . ”

Killing a Zhu clan member and finding an antidote, while they charged the Zhu manor and almost gotten killed…

This punk’s luck is outrageous!

Ning Ling’s eyes had a deep look, ‘Is it all chance?’ The figure of Qin Yu in front of her is once again vague, as if enveloped in a haze, unrecognizable .

As the sun rose in the sky, the residents of Xiguan City were all alarmed to discover that the whole Zhu clan has completely disappeared . With only a few darkened bloodstains in a southeast courtyard . Following them, they discovered an ancient well, with seventeen corpses of women, all of which had in their abdomen a small body . What was even more shocking, was the flesh inside their mouths, still dripping with blood .

The residents scattered in fear, not long after a fire broke out, torching the two hundred-year-old Zhu manor .

On the way back, the group of seven from Sacred Mountain Sect, are no longer as exited as they were when they came, keeping silent .

Qin Yu has already seen what happened to Zhu manor, causing to feel cold in his heart, even a bit dazed . Just to improve his cultivation, Zhu Hai killed his pregnant wives . Is this what Cang Mang once mentioned, the vile blood cultivation?

Even plotted to draw in Sacred Mountain Sect disciples . Besides Zhu Hai along with his son and daughter, all others were killed in order to force the malignant spirit to devour flesh and blood . Such cruelty!

On the path of becoming an immortal, if a person were to change into this, all for his goals regardless of cost or sacrifice, even killing everything, then this kind of person was no longer cultivating immortality and should be put down!

Qin Yu, who barely begun to walk the path of cultivation, swore in his heart never to turn into such a person .

Ning Ling sweeping Qin Yu with her eyes, would sometimes frown, and sometimes relax, unknowingly staring in space, deep in thought .

All of a sudden, Qin Yu let out a deep breath, as if to release all the worries in his heart, later raising his head eyes flashing . After this experience at Zhu manor, his heart started to become more determined, willpower more resolute . His entire bearing subtly transformed .

His eyes met Ning Ling’s by chance . Caught unaware, he was unable to react as she then turned her head . Sun ray shining down on her slightly red, beautiful ears .

Ning Ling forced herself to stay calm, but her heart was beating furiously, a faint aching and numbing feeling rippled through her, causing her to be slight flustered .

Traveling in silence, and only on the next day when they saw Sacred Mountain Sect did they relaxed .

Nearing death and then escaping it, Lu Feng even knowing that day’s event, he still felt grateful towards the abandoning Qin Yu . Without him, he would have died .

“Junior brother Qin Yu, if you have any request, I will help you without question . ” Towards Lu Feng’s straightforward and sincere intentions, Qin Yu just nodded, feeling his gratitude .

Just as they were about to arrive, a cry for help was heard .

Profound Mountain Mystifying Spring, as its name implies, all the creatures on the mountain and below the spring, in confusion have developed awareness and absorbing spiritual energy, became monsters . (1)

The one fleeing in fear in the forest, is a mountain dweller, with an axe in her left hand hacking toward her right against the rushing roots behind her . Following after her is an ent, it’s outer appearance just like a dried tree, constantly roaring .

Suddenly, the woman was ecstatic, repeatedly calling out, “Immortals, save me!” she lifted her head, eyes clear, wearing a crude hemp skirt, a captivating image . Especially when a trace of soft skin is showing beneath her split skirt as she was running .

Xu Wei roared with fury, “Monster, you dare to attack mortals? Stop right now!”

With a brush of his sleeve he released an attack, causing the ent to groan and roar in pain from the deep scar suddenly appearing on his body . Yet at the same time, as the woman was relaxing, the branches caught her unaware, dragging her while screaming .

The ancient ent turned around, intending to flee .

Xu Wei raged, “Block him!”



Led by Xu Wei, five figures surrounded the ancient ent .

Ning Ling was slightly amazed, seeing Qin Yu from the corner of her eyes frowning and with no intention to join them .

At this time, the battle between the five figures and the ancient ent has already erupted .

The ancient ent roared, the ground seemed to boil and then burst, with countless thick roots coming out covering the sky . What is even more frightening, is that all trees in five hundred meters pulled themselves out of the ground, their roots turning into legs, starting their march towards the battle .

Xu Wei was shocked and angry at the same time, not expecting a minor wood spirit to be so strong . He clenched his teeth, taking out a black sphere that made a loud sound when it hit the ancient ent, bursting in flame soon after . The others’ morale skyrocketed, wanting to go finish him, yet the ent’s body turned green in an instant, quickly dowsing the flames .

The injured ent became even wilder, with more and more roots breaking the earth, like a torrential flood crashing towards them! The trees’ pace grew quicker, earth quaking an mountains shaking, wanting to surround Xu Wei and the rest!

“Senior sister Ning!” Xu Wei cried for help, forgoing his pride .

As Ning Ling body moved, she heard Qin Yu’s voice, “Be careful!” From the corner of her eye, he has his head lowered slightly, as if to say it wasn’t him who said it .

Lightly nodding, Ning Ling raised her hand and from her sleeve a cloth flew out . It rose to more than ten zhang entangling countless of roots, tightening until they broke . Xu Wei and the others relaxed, exclaiming in happiness . Eyes occasionally targeting Qin Yu, each and every one of them containing contempt, ‘Even with some luck, he is still just a coward, how can he amount to anything!’

With Ning Ling joining and the help of the magic weapon, the crisis was averted . Xu Wei and co from the receiving end they turned things around letting the ancient ent also experience some pain . If they keep this up, soon the ent will be finished . But it then suddenly roared, tossing the grabbed woman .

With a thought, Ning Ling sent the cloth to catch her, but then an unexpected ripping sound was heard . Ning Ling stifled a groan, her face pale, making the cloth return to her sleeve, in tatters!

“Roar!” the ent faced the sky and bellowed, green mysterious light exploding from his body, enveloping all and turning the roots green, that started intertwining into a cage, trapping Ning Ling and the rest .

The woman turned and landed on the ground, letting out a delicate laughter, “Such good darlings, aren’t you grieved from all this destruction?” The black dagger’s blade in her hand, seemed to devour all light .

“Ahh!” with a yell, Qin Yu ran away .

The woman’s smile broadened, “How unexpected, there is actually such a feisty one among you, disciples . But don’t worry, elder sister treats everyone fairly . He won’t get away . ”

With a tap of her foot, the woman turned into a gray image, leaving behind a tender smile, “Woody, don’t let even one escape . ”

One in front, one in the back, in just a few breaths time, Qin Yu and the woman’s figures disappeared .

Xu Wei cursed at Qin Yu from running away so shamelessly .

The other four filled with fear also expressed their loathing .

Ning Ling stayed silent and lowered her head, not letting them see her current expression . Delight, gratefulness and anxiousness flashing in the depths of her eyes .

(1) 山精-水怪顾如其名,乃是山上水下生灵,懵懂中开启灵智吐纳天地灵气,所修成的精怪。 Not sure about this part .

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