Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Fluke

With the wind lashing about, as he used Wind Walk to the utmost, Qin Yu’s expression was grave, countless thought running through his head . Running unceasingly, he rolled to the side, avoiding the black ice spear now stabbing the ground, freezing everything around it!

With a tender laughter, the woman’s figure appears in front, eyes sparkling, “You really know how to run boy . I have underestimated you . ”

Qin Yu smiled faintly, “You’re too kind . ”

Her smile was even brighter, “Come on, say it! How did you figure it out?”

Qin Yu lifted his hand and pointed, “The calluses on older sister’s hand, they don’t match a woman’s who has worked all her life . And the back of your hand is devoid of scars . ”

Pausing, his eyes turn fervent, “Of course, elder sister’s chest also stands out . The exquisite snow like white skin, there is no mountain woman who can contest you . ”

The woman was impressed, “Little brother is so smart, making me unwilling to kill you, but for the mission, I have to regretfully attack . Be at ease little brother, after taking my poison, there will be no pain, just close your eyes and rest peacefully . ”

Unknowingly, the ice spear already melted by more than half, threads of black energy, as if alive, twisted around Qin Yu’s calf . His face changed, showing shock and anger, and with a muffled groan his aura started to weaken quickly .

The woman glided towards him, “Remember, I am called You Ji . ” The black dagger slashing towards Qin Yu’s throat .

Suddenly, the woman cried in surprise, the dagger cutting forward let out a ding sound, several cold sparks were released, leaving a long wound between her brows and smearing her perfect skin in red . Her face was actually fake, a disguise .

The woman attacked instead of retreating, her cold eyes were devoid of warmth, with the dagger chopping towards Qin Yu . Suddenly her body stiffened, face painted in anguish .


The ground caved in, spreading dust and dirt everywhere . Qin Yu, like a ferocious beast launched himself forward, with no trace of remorse, each fist repeatedly landing on her soft abdomen .

You Ji floated in retreat, puking a mouthful of blood on the ground, surprisingly purple in color . Her killing intent spiked, but right then, from behind her a Heaven shaking loud sound could be heard, the surging heat rose towards Heaven making the whole sky turn red!

With a slightly ugly expression, You Ji without the slightest hesitation turned around and left, “Black Ice Poison can’t be cured . Since you’re poisoned, you will suffer a gruesome death!”


A cloud of black smoke rose, and she disappeared without a trace .

Qin Yu looked in the direction of Ning Ling and co . , judging she is already surrounded . He dashed deeper into the forest, there is no way he can return right now, or he will be force to reveal Little Blue Lamp and face death!

Very soon, the pale looking Ning Ling, is the first to arrive here, the traces of energy in this place haven’t yet dissipated . Yet neither Qin Yu nor You Ji were in sight .

Xu Wei landed on the ground, his face changing when he inhaled the air, “Black Ice Poison!”

Her heart shrank, “What did you say?”

Being locked on by Ning Ling’s eyes, Xu Wei stiffened, hurriedly replying, “I have seen it at master’s, it is indeed Black Ice Poison . ” Stopping, then swallowed nervously, “Senior sister Ning Ling, we need to go, the poison hasn’t dissipated yet . Once poisoned… there is no escape!”

Ning Ling became even more pale, taking a deep breath, “Leave first . ”

Xu Wei hesitated, but the deep fear in his heart made him nod and leave quickly .

Ning Ling’s heart was in turmoil, carefully looking around, her face changed suddenly . Hurrying over, she lifted the few drops of blood suspended on the grass .

Slight purple, and with the green grass, it is hard to notice .

‘This… How could Qin Yu have escaped?’

Ning Ling felt pained, enveloped by a cold feeling as if she was devastated . Losing something very important to her .

As Qin Yu was dashing ahead, his body let out a series of cracking sound . The constant fall of black colored ice emitted a frightening chill .

Black Ice Poison has triggered!

If it weren’t for his body, with strong resistance to poison, he would already been turned into a block of ice .



Two powerful noises exploded from behind, even after a dozen li the sound could be heard clearly . Patriarch and Huang Daiguai already started to act, dispersing the danger in the surroundings .

Qin Yu clenched his jaw, resisting the piercing coldness, looking around until he found a natural crevice in a cliff .

His body was inside in a flash, seating cross-legged then taking out several Poison Dispelling Pill, swallowing one .

Poison Dispelling Pill’s effect, is actually of no help to him . The poison gathered the pill’s effect in one place sot that it could no longer be of use . As the cold gradually increased, his body slowly loses its perceptions . Qin Yu holds on tenaciously, knowing that if his consciousness sinks into darkness, there will be no coming back from it .

But Qin Yu gave too much credit to his willpower, with even contempt towards this Black Ice Poison, causing him to sink into a haze in the end . He could only take out Little Blue Lamp and soon after became unconscious .

The night was like water, a faint blue serene light breaking the surface, melting the stone hardened ice block at a quick pace .

Qin Yu’s body was slowly revealed, pale to the extreme . The only sign of life being the faint movement of his chest .

Then, he opened his eyes and started to cough his lungs out, with blood being released each time mixed in with black clots .

Little Blue Lamp might have cured him of Black Ice Poison, but it still left its mark, seriously damaging his internal organs .

Only after a long time did he stopped coughing, faced upwards and sucked in long breaths repeatedly, filled with exultation . A bit more and he would have met his end . If the night came just an hour later, then even with Little Blue Lamp, the only thing left of him would be a corpse!

Gathering himself, he took some pills, putting the Little Blue Lamp back into his storage bag and closed his eyes letting a deep sleep take him .

Several verdant lights, looked below . These seem to be some injured and hungry wolves that were defeated and chased away by another pack while prey hunting . The painful hunger and the wounds on their bodies, all are driving them to search for food . Or with their weakened bodies, they will end up as someone else’s meal .

Their acute sense of smell helped them in finding traces of blood, leading to this crevice in the cliff . Even with a height difference they could still take the jump .

Yet some wolves hesitated, not daring to attack . The traces of cold air coming out from inside, not many though, but enough to feel an instinctual fear of them . Luckily, it constantly dissipated, making the food starved wolf leader, draw his waist, tense his powerful hind legs, opening some of his wounds making his eyes filled with ruthlessness .


The hind legs suddenly snapped, and the vicious wolf leader’s slender body, draw a beautiful arc, shooting towards the crevice . Inside, he let out an exited howl, seemingly finding a delicious meal, but came to an abrupt stop followed immediately by a snapping sound .

With the mournful cries of the starved wolves outside, they stated fleeing with their tails between their legs .

In the crevice, Qin Yu relax his grip, letting go of the still warm wolf carcass, hitting the ground softly, saying between gasps of breaths, “Black Ice Poison couldn’t kill me, so how could I end under your attack?” Yet fear still lingered in his heart .

If the Black Ice Poison didn’t scare the wolves from entering, if he didn’t wake up earlier, if he didn’t recover some of his strength… right now, he would have been the wolf leader’s meal .

In this world, many unexpected events happen, and to live a longer life, the crux is for one to have a careful and cautious nature . In the future, no matter what circumstances, he must not let himself sink into darkness and be defenseless ever again!

Qin Yu released a breath as he struggled to get up . The incurable Black Ice Poison, many of the ones attacked by it died, so even fewer could say its frightening effect of damaging the inner organs . Right now, his body looks like a waterskin filled with holes, wounds everywhere .

Thanks to Foundation Establishment’s Body Molding Pill holding a restorative effect, or he would have to waste a long time to make a full recovery .

Fishing out his storage bag, with a flashing light, dazzling fruits appear in his hand, their fragrance assaulting the nose . These are the fruits he harvested from the underground area, Jade Cloud Fruits, with a miraculous recovering effect of the body .

In a few bites he finished a fruit, a warm current roaming throughout his body, causing a faint moan to slip from Qin Yu . After two hours he stretched himself, bones creaking, his body ready to explode with power .

He threw a fist, the loud sound echoing around the entire mountain . Qin Yu’s whole body was in top shape, except for his now red fist .

Recovering through Jade Cloud Fruit from the broken state left by Black Ice Poison, allowed his body’s power to advance to a new level . His fist is now comparable to a Foundation Establishment’s attack technique!

Fighting with that witch You Ji and experiencing the Black Ice Poison, made Qin Yu aware of the advantage of a powerful body, determined to practice body cultivation when he had some time . His cultivation is based on pills anyway, so there is no fear of stagnating it .

“Ought to return . ” Qin Yu brushed his sleeve causing a fierce wind, erasing all his traces, then flew in the distance .

The news about the ambushed disciples, in just a hundred li distance of the sect, made everyone furious . All the disciples went everywhere, turning everything upside down . They exterminated Profound Mountain Mystifying Spring’s monsters, even slaughtering the wild animals, not leaving anything behind .

Most believed this was because of the ambushed disciples, but only few of high placed people knew the real reason, that it was all because of Ning Ling .

Patriarch and Huang Daiguai, two Golden Core experts, finding about Ning Ling’s predicament, were struck with cold sweat . Thankfully, she was alright, not daring to think of the consequences if she were not .

And as for the still unaccounted Qin Yu, the two although sent a search order, but didn’t really cared . How could a disciple of somewhat lucky, potential less and deplorable character be of any importance?

The key right now, is Ning Ling’s view on this . If she would complain to her clan, it would cause endless troubles to the sect!

After her request, Ning Ling expression was dark and silent, but looking at the two Golden Core experts, she holds no ill will and rose up to tactfully leave .

“Ning Ling, take some rest, I will make a thorough investigation in this matter . ” The Patriarch vowed .

Ning Ling nodded then suddenly said, “Patriarch, do you know junior brother Qin Yu’s whereabouts?”

Patriarch shook his head, “Still searching, but after listening to your words, it should be demonic cultivators who moved against you . If Qin Yu was captured, I’m afraid…”

Ning Ling bit her lip, face pale .

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