Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Trap

“Senior sister Ning . ” Qin Yu greeted while panting .

Ning Ling’s eyes hold a complicated look .

Originally, this period of time to avoid any problems, her best choice would have been to stay at the sect . But she knew that Xu Wei and Qin Yu have bad blood between them, and after a long time hesitating, it came to her choosing to lead the Foundation Establishment Trial .

If she asks something, Sacred Mountain Sect definitely won’t deny her .

Seeing Qin Yu at this time, she couldn’t help remember him in Dongliu City; his caution, calm, and aura . The two Qin Yu, constantly overlapped in her mind, and in the end released a sigh .

“Here are some pills, take them . ”

Qin Yu felt helpless, especially with Xu Wei furious glare, then shook his head inside . Yet seeing the bottle in her jade hand, he still expressed his surprise, repeatedly giving his tanks .

Ning Ling then left, not turning her head .

Qin Yu ‘impatiently’ took a pill and lowered his head, eyes filled with admiration .

‘It’s just a misunderstanding . We don’t belong in the same world anyway . ’

As the sun was setting, the group of seven people arrived at Xiguan City, the most miserable looking of them all, of course, is Qin Yu .

Xu Wei, although wasn’t satisfied, but Ning Ling gave the pills from her own volition . He has no choice, so without showing his disagreement, said with a smile, “Senior sister, how about we rest a little and continue tonight?”

Ning Ling nodded .

Without alarming anyone, they jumped over the wall and entered an inn .

Ning Ling seemed to be knowledgeable, since when she entered the city, she took out a veil to cover her face . Even though it couldn’t hide her beauty it was enough to avoid some troubles .

But when Xu Wei waved his hand, letting his energy lash out, no one dared to look at them .

With a public display of power, they directly went to the third floor’s best rooms, exceedingly arrogant .

Cultivators are aloof and proud, above the other mortals . When walking outside, it is no surprise they behaved like this .

But at least do it when not on a mission .

Qin Yu swept with his eyes, just like Ning Ling, and after not finding any problems, relaxed .

Zhu clan, an evil cultivator clan, has settled in Xiguan City for more than two hundred years, possessing great strength, as testament to its wide reputation . Moreover, how could it not receive retribution, like this mission . Perhaps very soon, Zhu clan will know a strong group arrived in Xiguan City and retaliate .

But of course, maybe Ning Ling, Xu Wei and the others already took this into account, and don’t seem to take it to heart, after all even the Zhu clan can’t resist when confronted with absolute power .

The night descends, with Xiguan City lighting up from the numerous lamps, quite a flourishing city compared to an ordinary city in the Southern Nation . The always stay at home disciples, once they leave, as youngsters, this will have a great allure to them .

Lin Lin was the first to knock on Xu Wei’s door, wanting to go for a walk . Maybe because of Ning Ling’s coldness, or perhaps from not seeing Qin Yu suffer enough, Xu Wei hesitated a bit, but still agreed .

Greeting Ning Ling, along with Lin Lin, Zheng Ze, Fan Ping and Lu Feng, they went outside, becoming the center of everyone’s attention once again, pleasing Xu Wei to no end .

Of course, Qin Yu didn’t care, just expressed his unwillingness at Lu Feng’s taunt .

Yet after not even an hour, the arrogant group, came back enraged, Lin Lin and the others’ faces filled with shock . Lu Feng was carried by Fan Ping, his face black, completely unconscious . They seem to have encountered trouble .

“It’s poison!” Xu Wei coldly said, as Huang Danguai’s disciple, he must have had some contact with them, “Xiguan City has only one cultivator clan . It seems we were found out and the Zhu clan took advantage to strike first!”

He was fuming, never thought that even with their posing they would be so easily discovered by the clan .

Ning Ling was feeling slightly regretful . It was their intention to attack first, but that ship is sailed, and coldly stated, “Leave one to take care of junior brother Lu Feng, the rests will follow me and charge into the Zhu clan to find an antidote!”

Pausing, then turned around, “Junior brother Qin Yu, you stay . ”

Xu Wei wanted to retort, but Ning Ling didn’t give him the chance and flew outside .

“Stop looking distracted and follow senior sister Ning to trample the Zhu clan!”

Seeing the disappearing of their figures, Qin Yu’s eyes had a sliver of worry . For Zhu clan to attack first, they must have made preparations, hopefully Ning Ling and the others can prevail, while not falling in any traps .

He gave a few looks towards Lu Feng lying on the bet, as if he was hesitating . Receiving the pill poison, and staying in the Pill Disposing Facility for a year, he now has a deep knowledge about poison, figuring out at a glance that this poison was ruthless .

Even with Foundation Establishment strength, once poisoned it is hard to resist it, and if it enters the marrow, there would be no hope for him left .

‘Should I save him?’

At night, he doesn’t doubt the power of the blue serene light .

When Qin Yu was hesitating, a sudden sound reached his ears, causing his face to change constantly . Very soon, a fine mist entered through the mirror, floating inside, and Qin Yu with a groan, collapsed on the floor .

After moments, four figures entered through the window, with a male and female as the lead, pulling the curtain, amazement on their faces .

“What’s so great about sect disciples? We already got rid of two of them!” The youngster looks on proudly .

The female was frowning, “Don’t waste time and finish the job . ”

“Yes, young miss . ”

The two servants let out cruel laughs, walking with a sharp blade towards Qin Yu and Lu Feng .

The next second, the silence was broken by a sudden sound, the two servant’s head flew in the air, blood gushing everywhere .

The youngster’s face had a trace of fear in it, while that young miss wanted to dash outside . But just as she was about to move, her vision saw a streak of darkness, went limp and fell down, the head of the terrified youngster was next seen soaring in the air .

Qin Yu stood up, looking on coldly .

The Zhu clan young miss shrieked, “Don’t kill me!”

Qin Yu calmly said, “What is Zhu clan doing? Talk, and you won’t die, or don’t and end up like them . ”

Zhu clan young miss hesitated, “Promise not to kill me?” she straightened her back doing wonders to her developed chest, “As long as you don’t kill me, this young girl is willing to accompany you to your room . ”

Qin Yu expressed a slightly moved look, and in a low voice, “Talk!”

The young miss started, “Father set up a Parturient Soul Carving Formation …” then stopped with a grunt, her head rolled, with a shocked look painted on her face, the needle in her mouth falling powerless on the ground .

Qin Yu was worried . It seems he was right about Lu Feng’s poison . The Zhu clan didn’t kill him on purpose, to split up the Sacred Mountain Sect disciples .

Aware that the others aren’t faring too well . Instead of retreating they pressed on . Zhu clan must have something they are relying on, maybe that Parturient Soul Carving Formation . Ning Ling and the others although strong, but might not necessarily be at an advantage . He has to go take a look, if something happens he will not have a good ending .

Qin Yu hesitated slightly, then brushed his sleeve closing the window, and let the blue serene light from his hand shine on the bed . Lu Feng’s poison, a red-black streak, quickly entered his finger, changing the color of his fingernail into bright red .

‘Can’t let him die anyway, just say I found an antidote on their bodies . ’

Not delaying any longer, caries Lu Feng on his back, then open the window, and disappears into the night .

Zhu manor!

A standard villa with a big courtyard, filled with two hundred years of imposing aura, with sixteen big lamps outside the gate lighting around as if it was day, with only the gate covered in complete darkness resembling a monster’s jaw ready to swallow you whole . But what is strange, is that all the Zhu manor is deathly silent, causing one’s hair to stand on end .

Qin Yu carefully laid Lu Feng on a roof of a house, then started to look inside the Zhu manor, a thought struck him . Something happened!

Logic dictates that his best choice right now is to leave, but he can’t return like this to the sect . Moreover, in the depth of his heart, he is unwilling to see something happening to Ning Ling and not do anything .

With a bitter smile, Qin Yu took a deep breath, activating the Concealing Art, and with a stomp he wordlessly flew inside the Zhu manor .

Crouching slightly to break his fall, almost soundless, Qin Yu then looked around, frowning immediately . The entire manor seems to have sank into deep ink, and even with Qin Yu amazing eyesight he still could barely make out his surroundings .

Threads of chilling energy are traveling everywhere, piercing every part of his body and raising all of Qin Yu’s hair . He is quite afraid of this energy, but it doesn’t seem to do anything else .

After thinking for a brief moment, Qin Yu moved, the source of the cold must be in some place, yet it doesn’t seem to go after him .

It’s Ning Ling and the others!

Zhu clan doesn’t seem to have it easy either .

With a thought, Qin Yu sent some energy into his eyes improving his vision, then moving forward while sticking to the ground .

The manor is very big, and in the pitch-black darkness, if he wants to find the others it won’t be easy, but Qin Yu keeps advancing towards the southeast corner . Since the closer he gets the colder it becomes, the fight must be that way!

Rushing along the way and not seeing anyone, this huge Zhu manor resembles a ghost house . Qin Yu feels increasingly restless, and just then minute sounds enter his ears . He instantly increases his pace .

Before his eyes is a courtyard, with a well, a pagoda tree, and three houses, with neither doors nor windows .

A ring-shaped magic weapon flew above flashing in streaks of golden light, with Ning Ling in the middle pouring all her energy into it to resist the surrounding fog . A mournful cry constantly comes out of the fog, with the chill coming like a tide, enveloping everything!

Between the ancient well and the pagoda tree, stands a cultivator, tall and sturdy with a determined expression and a dignified look in his eyes . Zhu clan Patriarch Zhu Hai, the one the Sacred Mountain Sect sent them to kill .

His left hand holding a golden pendant, while his right a round altar, with the golden pendant shaking endlessly . Despite not saying a word he is still controlling the ghostly image to attack . Single handedly restraining five Sacred Mountain Sect disciples, with even Ning Ling and Xu Wei among them, speaks volume of his power!

Among the golden light, Xu Wei was filled with rage, roaring, “Zhu Hai, if you dare hurt us, the sect’s Golden Core expert will come after you, with nowhere to escape!”

Zhu Hai was calm, “Since I already did, there is no going back . You think it just amounts to this?”

Xu Wei’s eyes opened wide, “What do you mean?”

Zhu Hai smiled, “Simple really, the Sacred Mountain Sect knowledge of my evil intention, was on purpose, or how else would they have sent you . ”

Xu Wei’s face lost all color .

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