Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Foundation Establishment Trial

‘Encountering dogshit luck, only to be smacked on by Heaven’s pie . The unlucky Qin Yu!’ This news traveled very fast reaching everywhere and astonishing everyone .

Many jealous hearts were filled with delight, thinking, ‘even summer has a cold wind’ . Of course, this has no benefit to any of them, and no influence on it, yet still hope Qin Yu’s luck turns for the worst .

‘Hehe, offending senior brother Xu Wei, you will definitely not end well!’

All were looking forward to it, the day the Foundation Establishment Trial begins, the 15th of the next month .

But Qin Yu doesn’t even care about it . With no one watching him, and in his storage bag the items he needed, he closed the door, throwing himself whole heartily into cultivation .

But before that, he needs to study the Concealing Art from Ning Ling so that with it and the pendant, even Huang Danguai won’t discover his cultivation . ‘Have to careful and make no mistakes!’

Yet, each day his cultivation had to be put on hold, to carefully dissect and practice the three techniques . At the Foundation Establishment Trial very few of them encounters serious trouble, but with Xu Wei, Qin Yu needs to be extra vigilant .

In the courtyard a formation was activated, despite its low level, it can still hide the energy and sound inside .

Qin Yu stood straight, eyes slightly closed, then he suddenly opened them, a sharp glint exploding from within . Raising his hand, energy surging, along his meridians, converging in his arm, and rushed out through his fingertips .

A crescent moon shaped blade invisible to the eye, cut the air, traveling several meters towards a rock, piercing it and leaving a deep scar!

At almost the same time, Mind Stab was silently cast, formed into a sharp needle, attacking anything in ten meters radius in an instant .

Qin Yu then stomped his foot, and like a fierce tiger, his energy exploding, let out a fist!


The rock was turned to rubble!

Figuring out the fist’s power, he smiled . Even though it’s just practice, with no real experience based on it, he still believes, his Three Axe Fist, will overcome common Foundation Establishment cultivators .

He finally has some means to defend himself .

After this move there is another one hidden of course, like Corpse Sealing Nail . It was supposed to be his poisonous finger instead, but after killing Dark Slave in Dongliu City, its toxicity is almost exhausted .

Then, a sudden nock on the door .

Qin Yu brushed his sleeve, putting all the stones in a corner, then released the formation .

Outside was a terrified outer sect disciple, “Senior brother Qin Yu, I was told to inform you that the Foundation Establishment Trial is tomorrow . Gathering is at the Main Gate, please prepare yourself . ”

Qin Yu nodded .

As if he received a great pardon, the disciple bowed and left .

Seeing him act this way, Qin Yu frowned slightly but didn’t dwell on it, just closed the door and restart the formation, entering his cultivation room . ‘Need some rest for tomorrow’s journey, to be at my best, as this period of training was straining . ’

After making sure his storage bag has enough pills, he closed his eyes .

After a quiet night, Qin Yu walked outside early morning, walking towards the Main Gate .

Along the way, all of the people had strange faces, with may looking on with pity .

Qin Yu pondered slightly, ‘must have something to do with Xu Wei’ yet he shows no change, eyes filled with coldness .

This Xu Wei, must not be ignored!

The morning light reflecting in the crystal-clear dew, revealing a splendor of colors, gives the fog covered Sacred Mountain Sect and air of mystery . The Main Gate is huge, from a type of blue jade arching from the earth, with ‘Sacred Mountain’ words written in a dignified manner, that still seems to hold some power, making anyone gazing upon them have their hearts filled with reverence .

Headed by Xu Wei, three males and two females stand below the arch . Elegant and filled with smiles, in this place, they give off an imposing and aloof air .

As Huang Danguai’s disciple he receives junior sisters’ heartfelt flattery, especially from the delicate looking junior sister Lin, causing one’s heart itch . Upon seeing Qin Yu, as if looking at a waste, Xu Wei smile dimmed, “Junior brother Qin Yu, you’re the only one left . ”

A simple phrase, declaring his position, giving the people around them the feeling as if they are gazing upon a rotten seed . Two males and two females, sized them up, with only the simple youth is somewhat better, while the rest all give him cold looks .

Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Everyone, forgive me for my tardiness . ” Calm, yet revealing a hint of repressed anger .

This anger, made Xu Wei grin, “It’s good you’re here . Since it is already late, let’s go . ” He turned around, with a cold glint in his eyes, ‘Since you’ve shown me no respect, then don’t blame me!’

Flying on a white cloud then descending towards the Main Gate, in front of everyone, is the indifferent Ning Ling .

Xu Wei stared blankly, then with a burning hot gaze and filled with smiles greeted, “Senior sister Ning, how come you’re here?”

Ning Ling simply said, “Patriarch’s orders, this test will be led by me . ”

Xu Wei’s face froze .

Ning Ling saw this, “If there are objections, go talk to Patriarch, while I wait here . ”

Xu Wei hastily, “Senior sister Ning misunderstands, with you as the leader, it couldn’t be better . ” Then turned and in a low shout, “Quickly greet senior sister Ning . ”

“Hello senior sister Ning!” the others greeted in a rush .

Xu Wei was smiling from ear to ear, “Let me introduce them senior sister, this is junior sister Lin Lin, junior sister Zhang He, junior brother Fan Ping and junior brother Lu Feng . ” After a pause he pointed at Qin Yu, “Finally, this one, is the widely reputed junior brother Qin Yu . Oh, right! Senior sister Ning has personally experienced Dongliu City’s misfortune, so you should recognize junior brother Qin Yu . ”

Lin Lin acting sweet and charming, became even more delicate . Considered a top beauty, yet in the presence of Ning Ling she doesn’t match up . Upon seeing Ning Ling, her eyes roaming senior brother Xu Wei, she instantly averted her gaze, a feeling of resentment growing in her heart . But she still has a sense of propriety and doesn’t let it come to the surface . After hearing what was said, she used this as a pretext to vent .

She covert her delicate laugh and said, “Junior brother Qin Yu’s fame, is well known . Too bad your luck isn’t as good, unworthy of Grandmaster’s grace . ”

Xu Wei’s smile grew, throwing her a look of appreciation .

Zhang Ze’s figure is thin, what should be there isn’t, just like a beanpole . Cursed inside, ‘damn fox’, but doesn’t hesitate to kick people when they’re down, “Who says it isn’t? Countless disciples sighed with envy, when they heard this heavenly opportunity was wasted . ”

‘I can also fawn over senior brother Xu Wei!’

Fan Ping rolled his eyes, “Many say, that Grandmaster would have accepted any one of them if they met instead . ”

Only Lu Feng lowered his head, keeping silent .

Xu Wei laughed, “Junior brother Qin Yu, seems like many resent you . ”

Qin Yu was ashamed!

Ning Ling stepped in, “Alright, let’s go . ”

The white cloud appeared, caring Ning Ling forward .

Xu Wei started, stopped mocking Qin Yu and catch up, “Senior sister Ning, this test’s mission…”

“New mission, just follow me . ” Ning Ling replied without turning her head .

Xu Wei’s face changed slightly, a hint of disappointment in his eyes, then threw a look at Qin Yu, restraining himself . The original plan was to do a dangerous mission, making preparations so that Qin Yu would suffer an accident .

Now, he can only wait for such a chance to come .

Looking at Ning Ling’s back, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, tapped the ground and started using the Wind Walk, following behind them .

Not long after leaving the Main Gate, Ning Ling explained the mission in simple terms . In Xiguan City, there is an evil 5th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator, and they are assigned to kill him to prevent any more harm .

At 5th layer of Foundation Establishment, and also a rogue cultivator, even with some help, how did he reach this level? Maybe, with Ning Ling’s support, the mission will be completed without a hitch .

This made Xu Wei even more disappointed .

Fan Ping tried to find more from their expressions, analyzed for a bit, then smiled, “This mission will be very easy now that we have senior sister Ning and senior brother Xu Wei, we would just be following, with no chance to test ourselves . This little brother knows that Xiguan City is 700 li away . How about we don’t make any stops and consider this journey our trial . ”

Lin Lin’s eyes roamed around, “Brother Fan Ping made a great suggestion, but this will deplete our energy when we arrive . Could senior brother Xu Wei help us?”

Xu Wei grinned slightly, “This is a great idea, how about this . Junior brothers and sisters, let us use our energy, and if we can persevere, it will help our cultivation . Of course, as your brother, I will give you some pills if needed . ” He then cupped his hands, “Senior sister Ning Ling, what do you think?”

Ning Ling indifferently said, “Do as you wish . ”

“Good!” Xu Wei clapped his hands, “Then let’s start . If anyone can’t handle it, please ask for some pills . Let’s reach Xiguan City before sundown!”

Eyes sweeping Qin Yu over, he sneered, ‘Who doesn’t know your storage bag gifted by Grandmaster is empty . Now what will you do? Even if you beg me, I still won’t help you!’

Outright refusing is out of the question, but excuses are feasible, like letting him temper himself, sharpen his will, or consolidate his cultivation . They all know Qin Yu’s cultivation is based on pills, which comes along with an unstable foundation .

If things go right, and junior brother Qin Yu isn’t careful, under extreme strain his cultivation might collapse, with no one to take the blame .

The group sped up, and apart from Ning Ling only Xu Wei is calm, yet the rest are doing their best to move forward . It’s clear that senior brother Xu Wei’s target is Qin Yu, and as long as they are with him on this, of course they will receive their pills!

But those are spiritual pills!

Besides recovering one’s energy, it would also give minor benefit, but when many are used this benefit can’t be ignored . No one in Sacred Mountain Sect of this generation can match senior brother Xu Wei spending .

Qin Yu?

Just from a bit of luck, and dares to set himself against senior brother Xu Wei, simply naïve, reckless!

Truth be told, when it comes to pills, never mind Xu Wei, even his master, Huang Daiguai, doesn’t have as many as Qin Yu .

Ning Ling floated around like a fairy, standing on the white cloud in front of everyone .

Xu Wei follows close behind, eyes sometimes showing his desire, talking from time to time, yet only receiving some nods and shakes of the head .

Lin Lin, Zhang Ze, Fan Ping and Lu Feng, are a bit behind, all dripping with sweat, not caring about the strain it puts on their energy, they continue forward .

Just now, that little hussy Lin Lin opened her delicate mouth, asking Xu Wei for a Spirit Increasing Pill . A round, glossy, fragrant, Spirit Increasing Pill!

The others’ eys turn red at this, ‘this is not joke . ’

Qin Yu is last . His Foundation Establishment cultivation is based on pills, with unstable energy and filled with impurities, it’s only obvious he is dead last .

Of course, he is also sweating like a pig . What is hard isn’t keep this appearance, but to make it believable, not to let them find any clues .

Wiping his forehead of sweat, he then drank from his waterskin, his finger inconspicuously, took a Spirit Increasing Pill and put it in his mouth, instantly turning into surging energy . He moaned comfortably, among countless pills refined, a perfect pill still brings the most pleasing sensation .

Xu Wei turned his head, and saw Qin Yu’s expression, exposing a satisfied smile . ‘Even if I can’t attack you secretly, there are still other ways to deal with you!’

Qin Yu rushed forward, with a pale face, gasping continuously for breath, smiling coldly in his heart . Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, the leader Ning Ling, is standing close to him for who knows how long!

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