Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Almost caught

Qin Yu soon opened the creaking door of no . 29 courtyard . Outside was a bustling crowd of people letting out an awful lot of noise .

“Junior brother Qin Yu? I have come to congratulate you!” A group of people suddenly barged inside the courtyard, causing it to feel cramped .

Qin Yu happily greeted, “Welcome fellow brothers, quickly come in!”

A fan holding male began, “Junior brother Qin Yu, what honor has befallen upon you! This one is senior brother Xu Weixu, as someone under Grand Elder Huang, the most outstanding person in the whole sect, today, has come to personally congratulate you, something unprecedent . ”

“Right, right, it is junior brother honor . Senior brother Xu Wei came to give his best wishes in person, and junior brother Qin Yu, you, are the first ever to receive him . ”

“Senior brother Xu Wei has come to befriend you, and junior brother Qin Yu, you must show your sincerity . Must solidify this friendship and not disappoint us!”

Sounds of approval were heard, meaning that if Qin Yu won’t pay his respects, as Xu Wei’s little brother, it will be completely deplorable .

Qin Yu’s face turned red, the crowd pointed out he should make a vow to Heaven, to be whole heartily devoted to senior brother Xu Wei and admire him for this act .

Xu Wei coughed lightly, and smiling, “Junior brother Qin Yu, this brother has come in haste, and haven’t prepare a good gift, please accept this hundred-year-old ginseng . ” He took out a wooden box and opened it, showing the old ginseng inside, covered in roots, and a vague human shape .

The masses burst into admiration, exclaiming senior brother Xu Wei knows how to pick a gift!

Unable to refuse, in the end, Qin Yu was forced to accept it .

Xu Wei swept his eyes, and the man holding the fan let out a knowing smile, then said, “Heard that junior brother Qin Yu has chanced upon a storage bag . Today, senior brother Xu Wei presented you with a hundred-year-old ginseng, why not junior brother returns this kindness by gifting him this item, so that everyone will hear about your honorable character . ”

“It is only proper, very suitable gift . ”

“News of junior brother Qin Yu will travel far and wide, entering deep in the hearts of many of our fellow sisters!”

“What are you waiting for junior brother Qin Yu? Take out the storage bag, and present it to senior brother Xu Wei . ”

Xu Wei’s smile was ever bigger, but didn’t say anything,

Qin Yu mentally cursed, ‘A bunch of shameless things . What dog fart of a ginseng? Compared to Li Mu, this guy is even more of a bastard!’ His expression suddenly became completely red as he took out the ginseng box, “Senior brother Xu Wei’s gift is to great, junior brother doesn’t dare accept it . ”

Xu Wei’s look was heavy, and raised his eyelids, “What do you mean junior brother?”

Qin Yu stammered, “Please… please take it back senior brother…”

Xu Wei turned and left, “There is no need to return it . Junior brother can keep, one day it might help you . ”

With a whoosh, in a blink he flew a great distance .

The fan holding man showed a pitying look, “Junior brother Qin Yu, do you know the best use of this ginseng? When you are seriously hurt, take a bite then keep it in your mouth, and it will save your life . Since senior brother Xu Wei gifted it to you, just keep it . ”

He turned, wanting to leave, but stopped and said with a smirk, “I will tell you this, not far from now there will be a Foundation Establishment Trial . All the new inner sect disciple are required to participate, and senior brother Xu Wei is the team leader . Better prepare yourself . ”

The rest, all sneered, turned around and walked away . The courtyard was finally quiet and Qin Yu closed the door while smiling, then slightly frowned .

Foundation Establishment Trial? He seems to have heard of it . Sacred Mountain Sect, to increase its disciples’ experience, occurs each year, considered to be a test .

Xu Wei is Xu Jian’s cousin . Because of this he has such an arrogant attitude among inner disciples . Best not to provoke, to avoid any unnecessary grudges .

After a cold light flashed in his eyes, Qin Yu calmed down, then entered the house . With the Dongliu City experience under his belt, his heart is a lot more hardened . He already killed a Golden Core expert; how can a tiny Foundation Establishment be his match?

The days passed continuously as Qin Yu stood still and cultivated arduously . He knows that his talent is lacking, just like in alchemy, not able to advance a single step . But he doesn’t look nervous at all and instead patiently treaded forward, so that any problem that occurs, is remedied as soon as it was found .

Qin Yu can still endure it, that is because, no one can enter the Pill Disposing Facility easily, and Pheasant King is very good at hiding, with a very low chance of being found . If it weren’t for this, he would ignore everything and get his storage bag, since the Little Blue Lamp was left inside!

His cultivation might not advance, but Qin Yu still didn’t waste these few days . With the new cultivation manual also came three techniques .

As for the cultivation method, it might be above the one he has, but to change it, will take time . And for Qin Yu’s cultivation that is built on pills, has little to do with cultivation method, so he doesn’t waste time on this . Thinking that when he will have a higher cultivation, he will search for a more advance method and change it then .

But for now, he won’t .

The three techniques are: Wind Walk, Blade Edge and Mind Stab .

Wind Walk is a martial art, training it will allow one to move as graceful as a swallow, to travel a thousand li in a single day . That is, as long as your energy can support it .

Blade Edge is crude at most, hardly considered an attacking technique . The energy is forced outside the body and turned into a sharp edge capable of crushing stones and pierce iron .

Thinking about it, in the night that Qin Yu obtained Little Blue Lamp, Han Dong must have used the Blade Edge to try and behead him . If he didn’t duck in time, he wouldn’t have been here .

The las one, Mind Stab, unexpectedly is a type of attack that targets the consciousness . Foundation Establishment’s consciousness is very feeble, weak as a chicken . Yet what surprised Qin Yu the most is actually this technique!

What he doesn’t lack is pills, and now that he is at Foundation Establishment realm, he can use these countless consciousness increasing pills, Mind Enhancing Pills, to the extent of which he won’t fear anyone when it’s about consciousness in the Foundation Establishment realm . Better make good use of it, and wield this Mind Stab in critical moments!

All of the techniques are simple, and with Qin Yu’s strong consciousness, it won’t be hard to learn them, and just today finished grasping them .

Qin Yu walked outside, did his habitual exercises around his house, while carelessly looking around to make sure the surroundings are clear . After an hour, he was smiling . His tail finally left .

Cautiously and unrushed, he continued like this, ‘Already waited several days, two more won’t hurt . ’ And then went inside to practice techniques, the two days passing by in a flash .

The third day, Qin Yu hastily walked outside, undisguised, straight at the Pill Disposing Facility . He already said that Grandmaster gave him the task to take care of Cang Mang’s grave, so he doesn’t need to hide .

After a smooth journey, he entered the Pill Disposing Facility, and after a careful look, not seeing Yu Er, without delay he went to the underground area .

As he was about to call for Pheasant King to come out, Qin Yu’s eyes flared up, and directly went to the hut, respectfully saying, “Senior Cang Mang, junior received Grandmaster’s kindness, and today I have come to pay my respect . Since you’ve been lonely, I will accompany you this night . ”

His voice was neither high or low, just enough to travel across the whole area, the area then turn quiet and no Pheasant King in sight . Qin Yu’s heart was cold, but didn’t lose his head, if Pheasant King was discovered, he wouldn’t have any freedom left .

He sat down, and from the storage bag removed an incense burner and paper money, to begin the offering ritual to his elder .

Since he’s faking, do it all the way . Expecting it to be like this, he came prepared to give a good show .

In a remote corner of this underground area, is an unremarkable shadow . But under this shadow, lays hidden a male youngster with an ugly expression . With some hesitation, seeing that Qin Yu doesn’t plan on leaving, he walks out resigned .

“Who’s there!” the alert Qin Yu said in a low shout .

The youngster was embarrassed, “Don’t misunderstand junior brother, I was only tasked with exploring the area…” meaning there are things he couldn’t say .

Qin Yu greeted, “Oh, senior brother looks familiar, have we met before?”

“Cough, cough… perhaps . Since I finished my task, I will be leaving, goodbye . ” And just left .

He has the Poison Dispelling Pill from Huang Danguai, but Tao Jie won’t stay here for an entire day . If he’s affected with pill poison he doesn’t have anywhere to go and solve it, ‘Might as well return and report everything is in order . This should satisfy Grand Elder Huang . ’

“Senior brother, wait a bit!” Qin Yu yelled . He then turned around calmly, yet his forehead was cold with sweat, ‘That was close, if I had called for Pheasant King, he might not show up but it would’ve given me away . ’

Treading carefully without mistakes, is something he will definitely remember in the future .

With a deep breath he sat cross-legged, and started doing what he was set on to do, stay here all night .

Night .

Before the first glimmer of dawn, in the darkest hour of the night, Qin Yu had sharp eyes .

“No one’s here, come out!”

Pheasant King rushed to meet him . Only now Qin Yu found where it was hiding, in a crevice that extends upward . Of course he was hard to discover .

It throws itself at Qin Yu, let go of the bag and with a wobble collapsed . The poison invaded deep and thorough, and was afraid it couldn’t hold on, so it endured until now but it still showed this panicked sight .

‘Oh, please! Do it more professionally, why did you covered your face when you collapsed? Afraid of ruining your beautiful ‘face’?’

Qin Yu threw a fake kick, “Stop pretending! You’ve done great, of course you’ll get rewarded . ”

Pheasant King stood straight as an arrow, full of vigor, its eyes saying, ‘You finally know how to be grateful . ’

“There’s no time, so hurry over . ” Qin Yu took out Little Blue Lamp with a thought, which bloomed into its customary blue serene light .

Pheasant King shot forward, eyes squinting, with a high expression, making noises toward the lamp .

Qin Yu cursed, “Don’t get weird ideas, or I’ll really cook you!” working as he talked . He took all the remaining items from the bag and put them in Li Yunmo’s .

They all know he only has one storage bag . So for now, he will have to leave the golden string bag inside . After an afterthought, he took some pills, then took back his storage bag and dug a hole in a corner .

“Little bird, I can’t take you with me, and I will leave these pills for you, so keep on hiding for a while longer . Rest assured that at the first chance, I will take you out of here . ”

Pheasant King was discontent .

Qin Yu waved his hand, “Once you’re out, I will grab a hundred hens to help you start your harem!”

Pheasant King arrogantly raised his head .

Qin Yu smiled, “You can pick any beauty you want . ”

Pheasant King’s tail blossomed .

He spent some time at Lang Tu’s grave, and he walked out among the morning sun’s rays, returning to his home after a quiet walk, but only now he recovered from his sorrow .

“Grand Elder Huang, junior brother Qin Yu returned, all is normal . ” Tao Jie, respectfully said .

Huang Danguai waved his hand, and when he left, started mumbling, “Maybe, I was overthinking things . He is just a lucky brat, that’s all . ”

Then returned to the facility to repair the broken formation .

‘The refining furnace is about to finish, don’t want to lower my guard now, at such a crucial time!’

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