Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Inner Disciple

Patriarch raised his hand, “You may dispense the formalities . Ning Ling, you have first-hand knowledge about the happening in Dongliu City . Was Qin Yu truly the one who followed Grandmaster?”

Shed nodded, “Disciple can attest to this . ”

Patriarch and Huang Danguai exchanged a look . The situation is odd, but with Ning Ling’s confirmation, it is very likely true .

Huang Danguai abruptly said, “Qin Yu, tell me, how did you reach Foundation Establishment realm in such a short time? And where did you get the art to hide yourself?” He found out about this when he captured him .

Qin Yu respectfully said, “Repplying to Grand Elder, disciple’s cultivation is thanks to Grandmaster ‘s kindness . He said I had no talent in cultivation and gave me a Foundation Establishment Pill, and that he was sowing karma . ” He paused, then looked at Ning Ling, “The Concealing Art…”

She opened her mouth, “I asked a pill from Grandmaster and in return I gave him a Concealing Pendant that he left it for Qin Yu . This, I have personally seen it . ”

Patriarch abruptly spoke, “Qin Yu, following Grandmaster for so long, you must know who he is… Oh, and what is his relation to Cang Mang?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “Disciple didn’t see Grandmaster true appearance . He is always wearing a black hood, but I heard him mumbling to himself ‘what karma was sown, now is reaped, there is no need to blame anyone anymore’ . What it means, disciple doesn’t know . ”

Patriarch looked at Huang Danguai . They are certain, after hearing about Dongliu City’s Grandmaster, the reputation he had for alchemy and the Half Step Nascent Soul shooking anyone . He and Cang Mang definitely had a connection, and if he were to have a grievance with Sacred Mountain Sect, it would be very troublesome . But luckily, they heard his deeper meaning, that he won’t pursue it .

Patriarch had a faint smile, “Qin Yu, what did Grandmaster taught you?”

Qin Yu was embarrassed, “Grandmaster gave me a cultivation method, but disciple didn’t understand it and he tried to teach me alchemy, with the same result . After that, Grandmaster gave me pills to help me reach Foundation Establishment, and then let me go . ”

Patriarch’s face stiffened .

Huang Danguai couldn’t help himself from cursing, “Wasting suck a heavenly opportunity, what dogshit talent!” Then threw the storage bag, “I will return what Grandmaster gave you . Take it and get lost, don’t dirty my sight!”

He already found that the storage bag has a faint demonic energy, proving Qin Yu’s testimony . As for the things it had, they must have been taken by Grandmaster . If it were him, this would already be wasting treasure on a rotten wood .

Qin Yu repeatedly bowed in happiness, and picked up the storage bag . Then hesitatingly said, “Before leaving Grandmaster, he said for disciple to look after Cang Mang grave…”

Patriarch waved his hand, “Since Grandmaster told you too, then you must do so . ”

Exiting the Main Hall, Qin Yu walked briskly, as if a huge weight was lifted from his heart . Especially when he met the outer sect disciples who now bow to his Foundation Establishment power, feeling proud and confident .

“Qin Yu!” a floating figure, dropped elegantly as a fairy .

Qin Yu hurriedly bowed, “Greetings senior sister . ”

Ning Ling’s pupils flashed, “You recognize me?”

He praised, “Who in this sect doesn’t know, the most remarkable, most outstanding senior sister . If I have offended you before, I ask senior sister for leniency . ”

Ning Ling watched him with her boundless eyes, “Tell me, Qin Yu, did Grandmaster abandoned you because of Zeng clan?”

Qin Yu sook his head startled, “No, it is me that is lacking . Not able to meet Grandmaster’s expectations, but I am grateful for the opportunity to reach Foundation Establishment . ” He then cupped his hands, “Now that I am at this realm I can become an inner sect disciple, and there are many things to do, farewell . ”

Looking at his retreating back, Ning Ling brows furrowed slightly .

“Patriarch, Grand Elder, disciple followed junior brother Qin Yu . He looks proud and relaxed, nothing out of the ordinary . Afterwards, senior sister arrived, thus disciple couldn’t follow anymore and had to return . ” In the Main Hall, a disciple respectfully reported .

Patriarch waved his hand, “Withdraw . ” Waiting for him to leave, and then turned to say, “Martial brother, this seems to be the case . ”

Huang Danguai muttered, “let’s keep an eye on him a little longer . Ning Ling confirmed, making his story fit, yet I still thing something is off . ” Calmly, with no trace of the ruthlessness he showed before .

Good guy and bad guy are but two simple methods .

Patriarch nodded, “Alright . But the restriction on the facility is already broken, and must not let other discover this . ” Then sighed with feeling, “Fortunately, that mysterious Grandmaster, wasn’t set against us, or it wouldn’t have left the underground furnace alone . ”

Huang Daiguai stood up, “I will handle it . ”

In just one day, junior brother Qin Yu’s encounter spreads throughout the sect . Known to catch the eye of a Grandmaster, yet to fall from his grace, then to easily reach Foundation Establishment, caused many eyes to redden .

Qin Yu returned at the outer sect disciple’s dwelling area, with a crowd of disciples, with some familiar faces among them, as they fawned over him . Then under the jealous and envious stares walked towards the inner disciple’s area .

The inside and outer sect disciple areas don’t have a clear boundary . Exept the outer sect disciples that have dealings here, others can’t stay for long in the inner section for fear of being punished .

Reaching Foundation Establishment, he is eligible to become an inner sect disciple . Qin Yu’s current destination, is the Merit Hall where the rewards are given .

The one in charge is actually an acquaintance, the one who forcefully searched his house the day after Han Dong was killed, Elder Li Mu . It is said he was a scholar in his youth, while reading an ancient book he stumbled upon a cultivation method allowing him to enter the cultivation world and into Sacred Mountain Sect .

But he entered too late, missing the best period to cultivate, and even with his good talent, he only managed to reach the 8th layer of Foundation Establishment realm, with no further progress . Speaking of cultivation, besides the two Golden Core experts, he is considered an important person, receiving the same respect as the Patriarch .

“Qin Yu come, sit . ” Li Mu beamed, in a familiar tone, and waving at a disciple to bring a pot of precious spiritual tea, “Here, try, it’s from the herb garden . Patriarch saw me getting on in years and gave some to me . ”

Clearly, he already forgotten him, an outer sect disciple .

Qin Yu with a pleased look, “Paying respects to Senior Uncle!”

“Please, there is no need to be so courteous . ” Li Mu waved his hand, “We are both at the Foundation Establishment realm, in private we can talk freely, and can call me Older Brother Li . ”

Qin Yu was shy, extremely moved, “This… it isn’t proper, in the sect I must address you as Senior Uncle . ” The hidden meaning being, ‘we brothers can talk freely outside’ .

Li Mu’s smile widened, clapped his hands and a disciple brought a wooden tray placing it on the table, “Qin Yu, you already are an inner disciple . Here are the items, the insignia, robe, and also the inner disciple’s cultivation manual . ”

Qin Yu thanked repeatedly, then picked up the insignia . This item represents an inner sect disciple’s proof of identity . When he encounters trouble outside the sect, it might save his live .

Seeing him looking at it fondly, Li Mu’s eyes flashed, and lightly coughed .

Qin Yu raised his head, “Senior Uncle, is there something else?”

He has been waiting for this, and said, “You know, I am already old, managing Merit Hall’s affairs and the Patriarch’s requests, needs a storage bag so that I can place all the items inside it, but neverd manage to find one, giving me endless headaches . ”

Qin Yu’s face changed, lowering his head staying silent .

Seeing him not replying, Li Mu wrinkled his brows, coughed once and directly said, “Little brother Qin, older brother knows you have a storage bag . I don’t have any intention, just that I believe you have no use for it, and it would be put to greater use by me . Little brother Qin be at ease, older brother will treat you fairly and exchange for it . The tens of spirit stones and the pills I have gathered over the years will be given to you . ”

Then took out a scroll from his clothes, spreading it on the table, all smiles saying, “Little brother Qin, look, these are all of our sect’s living houses, and if you have any preference please tell me . If it is taken, I will help you handle it in a very short time . ” Finishing, he was beaming at Qin Yu, expecting a reply .

Qin Yu had a slightly troubled look, “Senior Uncle…”

Li Mu interrupted, “Little brother Qin if you think it’s not enough, we can discuss this . Older brother is the manager of Merit Hall, after this we will be brothers, and will definitely help you in the future . ”

Qin Yu said, “Senior Uncle, this is something Grandmaster gave me . I can’t decide on my own . ”

Li Mu shook his head smiling, “For such a person like Grandmaster, since he gave it to you, then of course it’s yours to keep and what to do with it . Spirit stones and pills will help you increase your cultivation . Once you reach Golden Core realm, you will definitely find a storage bag . ”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth, “Senior Uncle, I won’t exchange it . ”

Li Mu’s face sank, “Little brother Qin is serious?”

“En, I will be taking my leave . ”

Li Mu snorted coldly, got up and left .

The submissive tea carrying disciple at the side, took a badge from his chest and threw it over, coldly saying, “Third area no . 29 . ”

Qin Yu awkwardly left Merit Hall, and turned his head, with a mocking look flashing through his eyes . The insignia, clothes, manual, are all given by the sect, the same for the housing . Just for a few tens of spirit stone and some pills, wants to exchange for a storage bag . Might as well be robbed! Truly a fool who hasn’t been around much!

On the surface, he shows a humiliated and angry look instead . ‘Better keep up the act, there’s still the tail to think about’ Qin Yu glanced with the corner of his eyes, making sure it’s there .

It seems, Patriarch and Huang Danguai aren’t completely convinced . Since they reached such a position, they couldn’t trust others so easily, or they would have died many times already . ‘Let’s keep pretending, and just relax for a while’ . Qin Yu then walked with big steps towards his house .

Third area no . 29, just from listening to it, anyone would know it is not a good place, and after turning left, moving right, he finally found it . Even prepared, Qin Yu still frowned, and cursed Lin Mu’s whole clan .

The three areas are used by inner disciple, with the third being at the end, and number 29, at the bottom . In front lays a deserted place filled with rocks and a waterfall in the back, that with its loud noise, would become an inconvenience . If you would ignore the somewhat rich spiritual energy’s density, this place would be a barren wasteland .

Never mind it, he doesn’t need to meditate to cultivate . If the chance will come, he will have to teach that old bastard a lesson .

But this world doesn’t have just one bastard . After one retreats, a herd arrives .

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