Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Seeing Ning Ling, again

In the forest, Qin Yu took off his black robe and swiftly moved, not at least bothered by the poisonous miasma around him . After several tens of li he searched for a hidden cave, not killing the wolves inside for fear of attracting any attention with the smell of blood .

He carefully covered his tracks and sealed the entrance with a rock . He waited for two hours, and when he was sure no one followed him, Qin Yu couldn’t bear it any longer, and was taken by a heavy sleep on the dried repugnant grass . Put it didn’t go on for long and soon woke up, vigilant of his surroundings, then sat cross-legged and started swallowing pills .

Only now is he aware, that over the course of the event in Dongliu City, his clothes were all soaked in sweat .

Liang Taizu’s true target from the beginning, was the Grandmaster . Even without Zeng Mo’er’s instigation, he would have still caused him trouble . Takings the stone fragments from his chest, Qin Yu felt bitter . Poisonous finger, Cang Mang’s Golden Core, Pill Disposing Facility’s Corpse Sealing Nail… even lying, he used all the means at his disposal to stay alive .

Next time, will he be this fortunate? ‘Strength is everything, must become an even stronger cultivator!’

But now, there’s still one urgent problem . Li Yunmo’s storage bag!

Ah, Golden Core expert! Even if he is a demonic cultivator, he should still have some riches . Taking it out from his chest and opened it . As Qin Yu sent his thought inside, his features slightly changed in the rush to search it .

The small hill of items appearing in front of him when he took everything out of the bag, consists of only jade boxes . The jade appears black, with some bloody streaks, releasing a cold aura, and cooling the surroundings by several degrees .

Qin Yu eyes flickered, after a careful inspection he didn’t find anything fishy, and opened a jade box . Inside there is a bone coming from an unknown creature, its surface shining akin to a jade .

What is it used for? Closed it, then took another box to look inside .

What entered his eyes seemed to be a soft feeler-shaped thing, slowly squirming, with a hint of foulness coming from it .

Opening the third one in a rush, a palm sized shellfish appears, with intricate patterns, but why does it have a hole?

A mighty Golden Core demonic cultivator’s storage bag, hardly only have these, right? Browsing through all boxes, Qin Yu’s expression was gloomy . 36 boxes, filled with miraculous oddities, yet not one he can use!

He shook his head letting out a bitter laugh, put them all back, afraid that if he were to look again, then he will suffer internal injury from anger .

The bigger the hope the bigger the disappointment!

Half a month later .

Inside the cave, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a flash of energy crossing them, soon after looking somewhat happy . Although he was provoked in Dongliu City, forced to reveal all his cards, but in this short period his cultivation reached the 3rd layer of Foundation Establishment .

He might have a lot of pills, and even more ingredients for refining, but still stopped his cultivation to think of the future .

Should he return to Sacred Mountain Sect or not?

This thought kept coming back to him for many days, having its own advantages and disadvantages .

Don’t return, and he will be free and unrestrained . But he will not have a sect’s protection when going out .

After a long time, Qin Yu released a breath, still deciding to return to the sect!

All for safety .

He is still too weak, even a strong wind could topple him, and end up suffering a tragic end . With Little Blue Lamp on him, even if it is of supreme importance to get stronger, the first priority is still safety . Only living longer can he get stronger . Die, and it’s all in vain .

After an hour, Qin Yu left the cave he spent the last half a month in, washing the bad smell in a nearby stream, then pressed onward to Sacred Mountain Sect .

The sky was filled with stars yet no moon in sight, unable to see even your fingers . But starlight is enough for Qin Yu to find his course .

He entered the mountain of the sect safely, and as he reached Pill Disposing Facility’s formation, he relaxed, going down the stone steps, with a smile on his face .

It’s been close to two months, since he left Pheasant King in the pill poison . This chicken followed him for a long time, and learned how to steal pills, becoming smarter . This punishment is good for him, as to learn some self-control .

Descending, Qin Yu looked around, and his smile froze .

Someone was here!

With footsteps echoing behind him, Qin Yu suddenly turned his head, meeting the eyes of a shocked pale man, but soon became ecstatic .


A slight sound, in this underground place, is incredibly loud .

Qin Yu’s heart sank, moving in an instant, he hit the male with his hand, who is now collapsing on the ground . Stuck his finger in his mouth, feeling around, and then pulled a broken tooth, causing the male to twitch .

Seeing the bloody tooth, flashing with a weak light, Qin Yu’s face immediately turned ugly .

“Keep calm!”

Qin Yu sucked in a breath and suppressing his panic . He then carefully looked at the male, and he appears familiar, finally remembering .

Yu Er, a Sacred Mountain Sect’s outer sect disciple!

Qin Yu was gloomy .

Pill Disposing Facility’s formation is a one-way entrance, yet Sacred Mountain Sect have others methods of gaining access, since he didn’t find this poor fellow when he entered this time . For Yu Er to appear here, Sacred Mountain Sect must have already discovered his absence .


This thought was suppressed as soon as it struck him . Yu Er must have already sent news to the sect, it is far too late to run now . If he thinks about it, once he runs, he’ll definitely get caught, and involve other people that he cares about, even if they aren’t blood related .

Can’t run, and can only face it head on . Qin Yu rushed inside the bedroom, and sees the now stone blocked hole, proof that the area below was discovered .

With a low cry, using all his energy and body’s power, lifted the rock, and yelled, “It’s me, if you don’t want to die get over here!”

A fluttering sound was heard, the miserable Pheasant King rushing over, acting cute and pitiful, but was stopped by Qin Yu’s hand .

Pulling out the two storage bags, on the point of emptying them, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, and with a flick of his sleeve dumped all the jade boxes on the ground, then put all them in the golden thread storage box, afterwards throwing it in the hole!

“Hide this storage bag . Don’t let anyone find it!”

Pheasant King picked it up with his beak, turned around and flew away .

Qin Yu felt a little better, put the stone back on the entrance, and the now empty storage bag in his chest .

Suddenly, the restriction on the door heated slightly . Someone came in!

Qin Yu turned his head and rushed out in a panic, while a shadow was flying down the stairs . Whit a head full of messy grizzled hair, sunk in cheeks, and with brown eyes that cause fright to anyone who gazes in them, waved his sleeve and Qin Yu felt as if a he fell in a swamp, rooted on the spot .

The old man’s felt around with his hand, grabbed the storage bag, sneered, and then his face immediately turned cold .

“Brat, where’s the stuff?”

Qin Yu was scared stiff .

Old man frowned, and lifted his hand, removing the lock on him .

Qin Yu yelled, “Grand Elder, spare my life!”

This old man, is actually one of the Sacred Mountain Sect’s Golden Core experts, and Patriarch’s martial brother, Huang Danguai .

“You recognize me?” Huang Danguai eerily smiled, “Then tell the truth, since you already know this old man’s methods . ”

Qin Yu shuddered, “Empty, the storage bag was already empty!”

Huang Danguai spoke, “Since you tried, then I will also try . ”

He slapped Qin Yu on the body, burrowing a thread of black energy in him, making him scream and roll around on the ground in a craze .

Huang Danguai sneered, “Had enough?”

“Grand Elder, disciple didn’t lie . Just kill me… kill me!” Qin Yu let out a miserable yelled again and again, but it was all a ruse . His body saved up a lot of poison for more than a year, and has a great deal of resistance towards it . Huang Danguai’s poison is terrifying, but not to such extent as to make him collapse in pain .

In the next instant, a voice echoed around them, “Martial brother, he is still the sect’s disciple in the end . We must first understand the situation, then will give judgement . ”

Gentle and upright, with an imposing air . Talking like this is proof enough that the owner is the Sacred Mountain Sect’s Patriarch .

Huang Danguai’s brows furrowed, but still slightly nodded, “Fine . ” With flick of his hand, the black energy came out of Qin Yu, grabbed him and flew outside .

A Golden Core’s speed is astonishing, very soon they arrived at the sect’s Main Hall . Dropping Qin Yu with a thud, Huang Daiguai turned and took a seat .

The Patriarch is a middle-aged man, the long beard giving him a carefree air . He then cupped his hands and smiled, “Thank you, martial brother from bringing him . ”

Huang Danguai humphed, and closed his eyes, not showing any respect .

Patriarch didn’t seem to mind, and turned his eyes to Qin Yu and firmly demanded, “Qin Yu, tell me, how did you leave the Pill Disposing Faciliy?”

Huang Daiguai within his half-closed eyes, a sharp glint could be seen, showing his interest in the matter .

With a trembling voice Qin Yu said, “Reporting to Patriarch, two months ago, someone suddenly charged in, and took disciple away . ”

“Bullshit!” Huang Daiguai exploded, “If you lie again, I will make you bleed to death from your seven apertures!”

Qin Yu was now completely scared, “Disciple tells the truth!”

Patriarch turned, “Martial brother, let him explain . ” Then at Qin Yu, “This is a serious matter, Qin Yu . You must be certain, or I won’t be able to help you . ”

“Yes, disciple knows what to do!” Qin Yu expresses his gratitude, recalling the event, then hurriedly said, “Disciple remembers clearly . On that day I was cultivating, and this person suddenly appeared in front of me . Disciple couldn’t resist at all and was captured . He originally wanted to kill me, but after discovering the secret tunnel in the bedroom that disciple opened, took me with him underground . ”

“What secret tunnel?” Patriarch asked calmly .

Qin Yu’s face was shocked, “Patriarch, below the Disposing Facility is an underground area, that I discovered by chance . Inside is a medicine field, and a skeleton of a man named Cang Mang . ”

Huang Daiguai abruptly opened his eyes, and with a fierce glint in them, “Cang Mang! Are you certain it’s Cang Mang?”

Qin Yu nodded repeatedly, “Disciple found a jade slip, containing this name, and that… that he was trapped underground…”

Patriarch’s features were grave, “Continue . ”

“After disciple discovered this place, as kindness for the storage bag next to his skeleton, decided to give him a proper burial . The mysterious person, once he left the underground area, he was struck with grief, and after knocked me unconscious took me out of the facility . ”

“Then, he said we were bound by fate, and wanted to test me if I qualify to be his disciple . ” Qin Yu showed an embarrassed face, “Because of disciple’s inability, had no choice but to return . ”

Huang Daiguai let out a cruel laugh, “You said you buried Cang Mang? Then what about that other grave?”

Qin Yu was stunned, “What other grave? There is only one . Disciple personally buried him in the hut . ”

Huang Daiguai’s eyes went cold, “Brat, dare to hide things . Are you asking for death?”

Qin Yu scared, “Disciple doesn’t know, truly don’t know . When he came out of the area, that person knocked me out!”

Patriarch said, “Cang Mang’s storage bag, is the one in martial brother’s hand?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “No, Cang Mang’s storage bag, was taken by Grandmaster . Grand Elder has the Seven Murdering Demonic Sect Li Yunmo’s storage bag, that Grandmaster gave it to me when before I returned . ”

Patriarch’s eyes immediately brighten, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect? Are you talking about Dongliu City?”

“How does Patriarch know?” Qin Yu slightly jumped, and soon understood, “Oh, it’s been almost half a month . Dongliu City’s encounter must have traveled far . What luck, disciple can prove his innocence . The one who took me is exactly that Grandmaster . ”

In a deep voice, Patriarch said, “Qin Yu, think carefully . Many people know about this, and it is easy for me to find someone to contest your sayings . If you dare lie, no one will be able to help you!”

“Patriarch, disciple can prove that Qin Yu is speaking the truth . ” A cold voice came from outside the hall and an image of a beautiful woman appeared .

As she walks towards the light, the dark still couldn’t hide her features, that of a breathtaking and mesmerizing beauty .

Qin Yu’s mind shook, ‘Ning Ling . It’s actually Ning Ling!’

They made eye contact, then she retracted her eyes and made a bow, “Greetings Patriarch, Master Huang . ”

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