Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Venerable

Zeng Mo’er felt conflicted but soon turned cold . Zeng clan, along with her is finished, and no one could understand what she went through, what changes occurred in her heart .

Ning Ling lowered her voice, “Mo’er, attacking one’s benefactor, you’ve gone too far!”

Zeng Mo’er bit her lip, “He deserves it! Since he won’t save us, might as well suffer for it!”

Ning Ling eyes were now cold, “Fellow Daoist Qin and Zeng clan aren’t that close, helping out of friendship not duty, besides the fact that this situation is out of his control . And you actually brought this calamity on his head! Mo’er, I hope you won’t come to regret it . ”

Zeng Mo’er lip started bleeding, her eyes letting out a trace of anguish, with complexion growing ever paler .


With a light sound, the courtyard’s door opened, a person dressed in black walking out, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect dares to covet my items . It seems that, over the years, your courage has grown . ” A low and deep voice, almost hoarse, with no energy leaking out, yet filled with strength and confidence!

Liang Taizu breath slightly tensed, the eyes’ gaze from underneath the hood landing on him, arrogant and fill with indifference, yet containing a certain overbearing aura .

Retreating out of instinct, Dark Slave turned around and protecting the back, yet a cold gaze stared him down .


Black hood moved, an in a calm voice, “Offending this old man, even if you are of high status, will still be punished . Taking in account your elder’s feelings, I will give you a chance . Whether you or your people, as long as you can receive one of my fingers, I won’t pursue this any further, and will even give you a perfect Spirit Protecting Pill . ”

Liang Taizu’s eyes lit up, “Grandmaster speaks the truth?”

“My word is as heavy as a mountain, not even the world can change it . ”

Liang Taizu laughed, “Good, then please Grandmaster, point at this servant . ”


Dark Slave’s energy boiled, demonic patters appearing on his skin, displaying the full extent of his cultivation, roaring said, “We are both Golden Core and would like to know how do I fare against one of Grandmasters fingers . ”

Li Yunmo was confident, Dark Slave’s cultivation is great, even a Nascent Soul couldn’t kill him in one blow .

Grandmaster indifferently said, “Come . ”

Dark Slave’s heart shivered, a Grandmaster in alchemy shouldn’t be offended, this everyone knows, but that ship is sailed . He took a deep breath and circulating his energy at 120% , each step so heavy that it causes earthquakes with cracks spreading from each footprint .

Grandmaster lifted his hand, exposing his fingers, with fair and white skin, not at all wrinkly and aged . Yet an alchemist, is a weird person, and no one is fazed by this oddity, instead they are all focusing on his hand, waiting for the devastating strike .

Grandmaster curled four fingers .

Grandmaster pointed .

Grandmaster’s index finger fell .

Grandmaster retracted his hand .

No pressure released, no soaring aura, just pointing his finger and taking it back .

Is this a joke!?

Countless pair of eyes stared wide, ‘what is this move? And Grandmaster’s previous awe-inspiring aura is totally lacking . Is it because you are clear that you can’t refuse them, so you use this method, to get some respect back?’

But this is so disgraceful!

Grandmaster’s dazzling image, took a huge dive in countless hearts .

Liang Taizu burst into a loud laugh, “Junior thanks Grandmaster for the help!”

“No need . ” Grandmaster said lightly, “I thought of just giving a light warning, but this servant, I truly do not like, and had to send him on his way . ”

Liang Taizu face went rigid, and let out a low cry, “Dark Slave return!”

This time, his words were useless .

Grandmaster brushed away his sleeve, “Bury him . ”

Dark Slave splattered on the ground . The Liang Taizu before him saw the shocked, terrified and twisted face, with no hint of life inside .

Li Yunmo looking at these bloodshot eyes with traces of black, yelled in fury, “Poison! You dare to use poison! I will kill you . ”


Grandmaster’s robe moved, aura like a volcano, reaching the Heavens . The light coming from him like a huge sun, descending upon the world, with a frightening energy as vast as an ocean, submerged everything . But what scared Li Yunmo even more, is that the faint image inside the golden light, as if overlooking the whole world .

“Half step Nascent Soul!”

Li Yunmo shrieked, under this Golden Core aura, he feels an endless overbearing arrogance, a ruthlessness capable of sweeping everything and giving him a horrible death!

Grandmaster’s voice, echoed all around, roaring like thunder, “You want to kill me?”

Li Yunmo paled, he is only at 5th layer of Golden Core, how can he be a half step Nascent Soul’s match? Besides the fact that his energy is boundless, the difference in strength is more than five layers… killing him, no, it’s more accurate to say that he’s killing himself!

Whole Dongliu City turned deathly silent .

They were all embarrassed . As expected of Grandmaster, not only is he immensely skilled in alchemy, but even his cultivation is earth-shaking . Half step Nascent Soul, one more effort and can enter Nascent Soul stage, becoming an exalted figure of this nation .

A man of this status, how can he be insulted? The demonic cultivator’s luck turned rotten!

Ning Ling watched Grandmaster with full reverence, yet she hesitated slightly . The person underneath the robe seems somewhat familiar .

Zeng Mo’er paled, lowered her head, her lovely body trembling .

“Grandmaster is magnanimous, youngster admits defeat!” Liang Taizu smiled, crushing something in his hand, and a blood falcon soared, moving with lightning speed, towards the boundless sky .

“Junior will be sending a report about meeting Grandmaster to the sect . In the future, some sect elders will come and thank Grandmaster for this kindness . ”

Grandmaster raised his head, “Are you threatening me?”

Liang Taizu bowed, “Junior doesn’t dare . ” Looking out of the corner of his eyes at the falcon becoming a black spot in the distance, he relaxed slightly .

As a man of his status, someone of great importance, of course he can’t hand over complete control to others even in life or death situations . Sending a message to the sect, Liang Taizu believes, that no one would dare to kill him once someone knows of his background .

Grandmaster smiled coldly, a black light flashed, passing countless li in an instant, and then a mournful eagle cry could be heard . Liang Taizu stifled a groan, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth .


The black light returned, hovering around Grandmaster’s finger . It seems to be a finger sized black round nail, sending evil ripples of cold energy .

“Corpse Sealing Nail!” Liang Taizu let out a low cry, bowing in respect, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect Liang Taizu, pays respect to Venerable!”

Li Yunmo sighed relieved, quickly coming forward to greet .

Grandmaster stops for a moment, his tone thick and deep, “Killing your blood falcon, shall be an example, that no one can escape from me . ”

Liang Taizu respectfully said, “Junior offended Venerable, we will take any punishment you deem worthy . ”

Grandmaster humph coldly, “Grandmaster won’t accept this title, but I do have some connections among demonic cultivators, so I won’t use the Corpse Sealing Nail to kill you . Leave Kong clan’s Golden Core and a storage bag, then go . ”

Liang Taizu took out the Golden Core presenting it with reverence .

Li Yunmo felt his heart bleed, but didn’t dare delay, and removed the storage bag from his waist .

“We shall take our leave!”

Liang Taizu soared, Li Yunmo grabbed Dark Slave’s corpse, then followed behind . The twelve rays of black energy sealing the city very quickly dissipating, as they left .

In a blink, the demonic cultivators vanished among the mountains .

Grandmaster sneered, sensing the fine trembling of the Corpse Sealing Nail, “Still want to play, then since you’re here, you must be prepared to die . ”

In the forest, a flying demonic cultivator, kneeled on the ground in respect, then slapped his forehead, bleeding from his seven apertures and died .

In another part, the swift Liang Taizu stopped his footsteps, coldly said, “Tail is dead . ”

Li Yunmo’s eyes had a deep look, “Young master, are these people dead set against us?”

“Fool, since Tail is dead, shows that they won’t pursue it any further . ” Liang Taizu’s face was icy, “I wasn’t careful enough, should have never include this Grandmaster into my plan, and I wouldn’t have failed with Dark Slave still alive . ”

Li Yunmo was raging, “Information was leaked!”

Liang Taizu narrowed his eyes, “Wanted to kill me with a borrowed dagger . It seems that when we return to the sect, before going out again we’ll have to do some cleaning first . ”

Li Yunmo laughed evilly, “They’ll regret it!”

After the demonic cultivators left, Dongliu City was enveloped in silence, then suddenly burst into cheers .

“Many thanks Grandmaster for saving us, we will remember your kindness!”

“Grandmaster saving Dongliu City, will be engraved in our hearts!”

“Junior is here to congratulate early for Grandmaster’s success in entering Nascent Soul!”

Flattery rolled in in waves .

Grandmaster retrieved Corpse Sealing Nail, and took the storage bag, then said, “The Kong clan’s Golden Core, I will return it . ”

Several people rushed forward, kowtowing repeatedly, receiving the Patriarch’s Golden Core .

The leading middle-aged man, offered with both hands a black metal piece, “With this badge, if there is anything Grandmaster needs, we will do all in our power to fulfill your request!” kowtowed once, and left with the others in a hurry .

Grandmaster’s gaze then landed on Zeng Mo’er, stopped slightly then his figure floated past her, in a flash vanishing from everyone’s sight .

“Grandmaster is such a righteous character, saving us and not asking anything in return . ”

“Yeah, we should follow his example . ”

“Only regret is that I couldn’t see Grandmaster’s visage!”

Sighing repeatedly, yet no people left, all gazing in the same direction .

Ning Ling took back her look, and indifferently said, “Senior Zeng was hurt saving us, junior will help you . ”

Zeng Chenming opened his eyes, swept by a sudden light, and smiled, “Sorry to bother young miss Ning . ”

Zeng Mo’er seemed to have woken from a dream, quickly lending a hand .

Everyone was a bit ashamed, then left after seeing Ning Ling one more time .

Zeng clan residence was destroyed, luckily they have other houses they can use to settle in for the time being . Telling the clansmen to each go his own way, they left, then Zeng Chenming was struck by a violent cough, blood dripping from his mouth .

“Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er panicked .

Zeng Chenming waved his arm, “I’m alright . ” With a bitter smile, cupped his hands, “Many thanks for young miss’ help, without you, we would have been doomed . ”

Ning Ling got up, “These years, senior Zeng help me many times, junior only does what she should . But senior should soon come with a decision about this situation . Then, junior will be leaving . ” Turned around and left .

Zeng Mo’er lip trembled, face pale .

Zeng Chenming sighed, “Mo’er, you must have suffered to help me, to help our clan!”

Immediately tears started flowing . She tried to wipe them, but wasn’t able . In her mind, Qin Yu’s cold back keeps coming back, like a dagger, cutting away at her heart each time .

No matter the troubles, betraying is still betraying, big brother Qin Yu must hate her . But he definitely forgave her, since Grandmaster didn’t punish her . Thinking about it, Zeng Mo’er felt even more regret, her eyes growing hazy .

Ning Ling left Zeng clan and sighed inwardly, she could guess Zeng Mo’er’s thoughts . From her point of view, it might have been correct what she did, but she still doesn’t like it, and can only drift apart . It won’t be long when she will return anyway .

Suddenly feeling her interest waning, with a thought, Ning Ling, supported by the white cloud, flew in the distance .

“First, let’s return to the sect . ”

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