Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – Earth Python Beads

Gu Ling’er and the others revealed a worried look . They could feel the obvious tension coming from the Yun Family . Could it be something was wrong? Wasn’t the situation already solved?

Qin Yu’s eyes revealed a trace of helplessness . He thought that if his soul wasn’t strong enough, then he really might have been tricked before . To come here and ask this question, did they just want him to lose face? Of course, he also understood the thoughts of the Yun Family . This event concerned the safety of their family, so it was normal for them to be anxious about it . So, Qin Yu smiled and said, “Patriarch Yun, rest assured that Liu Zhi and the other two won’t be able to stir up any storm today . ”

As his voice fell, the auras of three Nascent Souls began to approach the city . Heaven and earth spiritual energy was stirred up, causing an earth-shaking rumble to spread outwards . Strong winds whipped into existence within Snowfall City . The rustling of dirt and stones filled the air, and the weather seemed to suddenly darken .

The Yun Family cultivators’ lips twitched . This was just too embarrassing . Qin Yu had just said that they wouldn’t be able to stir up any storm, but now a massive storm was rising into the heavens . But this thought was only for an instant . Right now, the Yun Family was tied up together with Qin Yu, and they shared both glory and loss . If he experienced trouble, then the Yun Family wouldn’t be any better off .

Yun Fan took a deep breath, “Fellow daoist Qin, let us meet our enemies!”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled . Did those three people really have to choose the perfect time to ruin his honorable image as much as possible? It was just unbearable .

Liu Zhi and the other two weren’t fast, but as they came forward their aura was like a tide, seeming as if it were capable of destroying everything . Snowfall City had long since fallen silent . Everyone looked at the three of them, their eyes filled with fear and awe .

Nascent Soul! These were Nascent Souls! They were considered the peak existences between the heavens and earth, and now three of them had appeared all of a sudden . Looking at their current momentum, they had enough to brag for a lifetime!

Strong winds roared forth, stirring up his black robes . Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, thinking that these three fellows were truly incredible at showing off .

“Qin Yu, three days have passed . Have you reconsidered?” Liu Zhi’s cold voice echoed from all directions .

Qin Yu’s lips curled upwards . “Fellow daoist Liu, just because your voice is loud doesn’t mean it's effective . My treasure is with me . If you want it, then come and take it yourself . ”

“Good . If this is the way it is, I will take it myself . ” Liu Zhi had no expression as he raised his hands and thrust them forwards . The phantom of two towering mountains appeared in the void, rapidly condensing into reality . Beneath these mountains, the air seemed to become thick and viscous, as if it couldn’t withstand this amazing strength .


The mountain phantoms fell from the sky . Before they landed, the Yun Family people had already paled, endless fear gushing from their bodies . At this moment, they felt as if they were like tiny little insects, about to be grinded down to powder!

Within Snowfall City, all of the cultivators who came to celebrate felt their pupils shrank . They sighed inwardly . This person was truly worthy of being called Skylifting Peak Liu Zhi . His strength was ridiculously high .

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened . He looked up at the suppressing mountains and then with a tap of his foot he shot into the skies .

A fist came punching out!

Bang –

There was an earth-shaking bang . The two mountains were sent tumbling back and cracks appeared in them . Two round beads were faintly visible within .

Of course, Qin Yu also paid a price . He was sent flying back and heavily landed on the ground . A corner of the Yun Family’s residence was shattered by the spreading shockwaves of strength, and a giant hole appeared there . Cracks spread out from the hole, making the land look like a spider web .

Yun Fan had a nervous expression . If Qin Yu were severely injured in just a single exchange, then there was no need to continue today’s battle .

Gu Ling’er’s eyes widened as they filled with concern . If it weren’t for Xuanxuan pulling her back, she would have long since rushed over .

There was a fierce cough from within the swirl of smoke . “Those two mountains are quite good . I want them . ”

Qin Yu stepped out of the dust cloud . He was inevitably dirtied, but looking at his face, one could see that at most his blood energy had tumbled a bit and he hadn’t suffered any wounds at all .

Throughout the Yun Family, everyone could feel their hearts relax a little .

The struggling Gu Ling’er covered her mouth, tears nearly flowing out .

Xuanxuan said in a quiet comforting voice, “Let me tell you, Senior Qin Yu is definitely fine . You are seeing things wrong…” Her still pale face revealed just how scared she had been just now .

Liu Zhi’s eyes darkened . He had placed his full strength into that attack just now . He originally wanted to quickly suppress Qin Yu and settle today’s matter, but now it seemed that there would be trouble .

Old Freak Cheng and Poison God frowned . Liu Zhi was the strongest amongst the three of them and they never imagined that Qin Yu would actually be so fierce . However, this was only a minor frown . If they joined hands, they could even contend with a late Nascent Soul realm cultivator . To suppress just Qin Yu and Yun Fan, it would at most take a bit more effort than they originally thought .

The only reason that Liu Zhi put forth a deadline of three days was because they wanted to investigate Qin Yu’s origins and avoid provoking people that shouldn’t be provoked . But, now that three days had passed and nobody interfered, it was proof that this person didn’t have any foundation . If so, there were a lot fewer things they needed to take into consideration before they attacked .

With a cold sneer, Old Freak Cheng stepped forwards . “The enmity of destroying my divine sense, let us settle it today!”

Poison God slapped his rolling belly . With a loud buzzing noise, a massive number of poisonous black bees appeared, all of them emitting a fierce and bloodthirsty intent .

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

The auras of three great Nascent Souls startled the heavens and shook the earth!

Yun Fan took a deep breath . Just as he was about to step forwards and fight, Qin Yu stopped him with his hand . Then, he humorlessly said, “You’ve already had enough fun watching, are you still not ready to come out? Do you really want to see me beaten black and blue before you two old fogies are satisfied?”

Liu Zhi’s complexion changed .

Everything remained quiet!

Old Freak Cheng smirked . “Qin Yu, you don’t need to bluff . If there are other Nascent Souls here, do you think they could hide from me?”

“Hoho, Cheng Yuandu, where does your confidence come from? I am here, but have you sensed me?” There was a cold sneer as the door of a nearby house was pushed open from within . Daoist Wang stepped out . His bearing and presence far surpassed how it had been in the past . His every action and movement exuded dignity . It was obvious that with the Heaven Mending Pill helping him, he had managed to smoothly make a breakthrough . Although it was unknown what his exact cultivation was, he had been mired in a pit for many years without advancing and had also solidified his formidable background . After being so well prepared, his present boundary shouldn’t be low .

“And there’s me as well . ” A tall and regal white-haired old man appeared . His straight figure was like an unsheathed divined sword, and the aura he emitted left one gasping with fear .

Immortal Eclipse Valley, Jiang Li!

The sudden change in events left everyone dumbfounded . Then, after silently counting, they confirmed that seven Nascent Souls had appeared and that this wasn’t a dream .

Heavens, seven Nascent Souls…

Countless people trembled and groaned .

Qin Yu looked over with dissatisfaction . “Daoist Wang, Senior Jiang Li, you really are comical people . If I didn’t reveal you two, were you prepared to stay hidden and watch on?”

Daoist Wang coldly humphed . “You little brat, you have no idea how to tell good from bad! Did you think we rushed all the way over here to listen to your complaints? If you aren’t happy with us then we don’t need to help, we’ll just leave immediately!”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth . “If you dare leave, then I will drink all the good wine you have hidden!”

Daoist Wang was aghast . “You brat, you are far too vindictive; you even want to obtain my goods! Wait, that isn’t right, how did you know I have good wine hidden away? I’ve never mentioned this to anyone before!”

Qin Yu revealed a satisfied smile . “I naturally know . Are you scared?”

Daoist Wang coldly coughed . “Well I suppose you are fierce enough!”

Jiang Li faintly smiled . “You two are really a handful . If you want to argue, then please do so in a different location . There are many people here and you are wasting everyone’s time . ” He paused for a moment and then lifted a finger . “Qin Yu, this was all Old Wang’s idea . If you are unhappy, just bothering him is enough . ”

Daoist Wang’s eyes widened and he looked at Jiang Li as if he had completely misread him . He coughed and said, “Proper business, proper business!”

Qin Yu stared at Daoist Wang, giving him a glare that said he would settle this in the future . Then, he turned and sneered, “I said that you aren’t the only ones capable of finding helpers . ”

Liu Zhi, Old Freak Cheng, and Poison God turned pale white .

In particular, they had already recognized the identities of these newcomers; it couldn’t be any clearer!

Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Daoist Wang and Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Jiang Li! The former was their newly ascended Nascent Soul, but he was rumored to be incredibly powerful . As for the latter, he was a Nascent Soul powerhouse with extremely potent skills . He had thoroughly comprehended the dao of swords and his combat strength had reached a horrifyingly high level .

But most importantly, this allowed them to know just what Qin Yu’s background was .

Immortal Eclipse Valley…

Moreover, there was bound to be an incredibly close connection between them!

What nonsense, if there wasn’t a close connection, could they speak like this? If they weren’t close, did everyone think that Nascent Souls were some common cabbage that would come scurrying over whenever someone asked for help? Although they didn’t want to acknowledge it, the fact was that they had kicked a sheet of iron, and this was an extra heavy extra dense sheet of iron!

Liu Zhi was relatively famous, and Old Freak Cheng and Poison God were also Nascent Soul powerhouses . If the three joined forces, they were incomparably fierce . But, if placed alongside Immortal Eclipse Valley, they could be completely overlooked .

In particular, that old freak Pill Crucible . Although it was said that he was frightened by the Demon Monarch so he hadn’t dared to step out of Immortal Eclipse Valley these past years, if one really were to provoke him, it would be simple for him to sneak away for a short while and kill someone .

The Yun Family cultivators were completely bewildered . They never imagined that there would be such a drastic turn of events . As they looked at the pale complexions of Liu Zhi and his allies, their hearts turned from panic to excitement . And as they looked at Qin Yu, their faces filled with awe and worship .

No wonder Senior Qin Yu had been so confident and hadn’t placed Liu Zhi and the others in his eyes . It was because he had such strong support!

Hehe, they had quietly entered Snowfall City without anyone noticing them, so was there any need to discuss their strength? They could beat these people in a minute!

Poison God rubbed his head . The poison bees soon vanished without a trace . He laughed and said, “So it is Immortal Eclipse Valley’s fellow daoists Jiang and Wang . This is a misunderstanding, everything today was a misunderstanding . ”

Old Freak Cheng fell silent, his face cold . Although he didn’t want to, he restrained his aura . Not everyone had the courage to become enemies with Immortal Eclipse Valley!

The most embarrassed was Liu Zhi, but he was also the calmest one . There was even a light smile on his face . “If I knew earlier that fellow daoist Qin was old friends with Immortal Eclipse Valley, then we would have long since become friends . If I affronted you in any way before this, I ask that fellow daoist Qin please forgive me . ” Disregarding all else, the thickness of his skin alone couldn’t be underestimated .

Qin Yu sneered . “I don’t think so . It’s easy for me to bear grudges, so I don’t plan on forgiving you . ”

Liu Zhi’s smile stiffened . “Then what does fellow daoist Qin want?”

Qin Yu said, “I said before this that fellow daoist Liu’s two mountains were quite good . If you give them to me as compensation, then I can write this matter off . ”

Liu Zhi’s complexion changed . His expression darkened . “Fellow daoist Qin, you are going too far!”

Daoist Wang coughed . He pulled Qin Yu over and said in a low remanding voice . “Hey brat, that’s about enough . For better or worse they have three Nascent Souls on their side, so they aren’t much weaker than we are . Moreover, those two mountains you mentioned are the magic tools that made Liu Zhi famous . Why do you think he was given the silly nickname of Skylifting Peak? If you don’t let him retain a little bit of face, you’ll just stir up an ever worse problem!”

Jiang Li nodded, his expression indifferent . “Old Wang is correct . A battle between Nascent Souls is not to be taken lightly . It's best for both sides to calmly step back and make peace with each other . ”

Qin Yu revealed a helpless look . He lowered his voice and spoke some words . Then, Daoist Wang’s complexion instantly turned strange, as if he was looking at some unknown being .

Jiang Li’s eyes brightened, his gaze so brilliant that it was like a burning sun . After several deep breaths, his robes began to swirl about as a dreadful sword intent wildly erupted from all around him . He turned and stubbornly eyed Liu Zhi, killing intent soaring around him . “Hand over your Earth Python Beads . Now, immediately!

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