Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 207

Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – Real Act? Fake Act?

He walked forwards and knocked on the front door . The store quickly opened from within and a man with a moon-wide smile appeared, saying, “So it was senior Qin Yu . Please, enter . ” The store wasn’t large and there was a faint scent of medicinal herbs in the air . Looking at the layout, it shouldn’t have changed in years . There was a forced and depressed feeling; business shouldn’t have been any better .

After sitting in a seat of honor, a young servant came forward to offer tea . The shopkeeper laughed and said, “I wonder why senior Qin Yu came to our small shop . Is there any way we can be of help?”

Qin Yu frowned . He took out a token and placed it on the table . “You should be able to tell for yourself if it's real or fake . ”

The shopkeeper cautiously picked it up . After carefully examining it, he suddenly fell to his knees . “Immortal Eclipse Valley outer court disciple Zhang Daqian greets Junior Granduncle!”

Qin Yu put away the token and waved his hand . “Stand up . You should have already recognized me, so why be so careful?”

Zhang Daqian forced out a smile . “Junior Granduncle, recently relations between the demonic path and our valley have become particularly tense, and a number of hidden footholds have been destroyed by them . This is the only reason why this disciple didn’t dare to rashly recognize Junior Granduncle . I ask that you do not blame me for this . ”

Qin Yu nodded . Immortal Eclipse Valley had a longstanding grudge with the demonic path . He already knew that the Demon Monarch had fought with his cheap senior apprentice-brother in the past . But, since Immortal Eclipse Valley was able to stand tall for so many years, even if there was a problem with the demonic path right now, there still shouldn’t be any issues . He nodded and didn’t ask further . “Help me deliver a message to Immortal Eclipse Valley . Tell them that I am being bullied and I need others to come and support me . ”

Zhang Daqian was stunned . Although this was a fact, with Junior Granduncle’s status, was it really good to be so straightforward about it?

Qin Yu chuckled and patted his shoulder . “You only have three days, so it's best if you are a bit faster in sending the message . Otherwise I can only fly . ”

As he spoke, he pushed open the door and left .

Somewhere else, Gu Ling’er was finishing speaking . As she stammered out the words ‘Immortal Eclipse Valley’, the room suddenly fell silent and everyone’s eyes widened with shock .

Gu Ling’er flushed red, thinking that they didn’t want to come with her . She quickly waved her hand . “Teacher, senior-apprentice sisters, this is what Big Brother Qin Yu wanted me to say . If you don’t want to then I will tell him to consider it over . ”

“Don’t!” Xuanxuan was the most urgent . As she cried out all of a sudden, she immediately thought that it wasn’t too good for her to speak out right now, so she lowered her head in embarrassment .

Rivermoon took a deep breath, calming her shaking heart . No wonder Qin Yu had been so calm even when facing three Nascent Souls, with Liu Zhi himself included amongst them . So it was because he had Immortal Eclipse Valley, the number one great cultivating sect of the Southern Empire, standing behind him . He was surely close with Immortal Eclipse Valley, and maybe he even had an extremely high status within . Otherwise, how could he dare to make such a guarantee that he could bring Gu Ling’er and all her apprentice-sisters to cultivate in Immortal Eclipse Valley .

Rivermoon looked at the excited eyes of her disciples and she lightly sighed . Although she indeed wasn’t too willing to give up all her disciples, for them, entering Immortal Eclipse Valley would ensure a higher and stronger starting point and inevitably help them accomplish greater things in the future .

Such a chance was hard to find even once in a thousand years . If she were to refuse, then while her disciples might not say anything, they would surely hold resentment in their hearts .

So be it . This was a wonderful opportunity . No matter which aspect she considered it from, she should help them along the way .

Rivermoon looked around the room . She said in a deep voice, “From this day on, none of you are disciples of the Rainbow Sect any longer!”


“There’s no need to say any more . Teacher doesn’t wish for any of you to regret this in the future . It’s already been decided!” Rivermoon looked over, “Ling’er, teacher only has one last request for you . Please ask your big brother to look after your apprentice-sisters, and don’t let anyone in Immortal Eclipse Valley bully them . ”

Gu Ling’er had never seen such a warm and soft expression from her teacher . She quickly nodded . “Teacher, rest assured that Big Brother Qin Yu will certainly make good arrangements . I will cultivate together with my senior apprentice-sisters!”

Rivermoon dismissively waved her hand . “You may all leave now . Wait for Senior Qin Yu to finish his plans . ”

The elder senior sister’s gentle face revealed a bit of hesitation . “Teacher, allow me to stay behind and accompany you . ”

Rivermoon’s heart was gratified but she maintained a cold expression . “I am not so old yet that I need someone to take care of me . Hurry up and go!”

She turned and left towards the back courtyard .

Gu Ling’er and the others knelt down, bidding their farewells to their teacher .

As they started packing their belongings, there was a short period of silence before several girls started to liven up with looks of yearning on their faces .

“Immortal Eclipse Valley! I never thought that we would have a chance to become a part of it . ” Xuanxuan crossed her hands together . “If he can bring us all together, Ling’er, your brother must be very fierce . Can you tell me just who he actually is? What is his relationship with Immortal Eclipse Valley?”

Gu Ling’er shook her head in confusion . “I don’t know . Big Brother Qin Yu has never explained so I never asked…but, what sort of place is Immortal Eclipse Valley and why would teacher agree? Senior-apprentice sister, why do you all seem so happy?”

Xuanxuan was stunned . The other girls beside her also had strange complexions, as if they didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry .

“Ling’er, do you not know anything about Immortal Eclipse Valley? Heavens! Do you never care about anything happening outside?”

Gu Ling’er honestly said, “My talent is far lower than my senior-apprentice sisters’ so I have to work much harder . Because of that I’ve never cared for what happens outside . ” After she spoke, she blushed a bit, revealing some embarrassment .

The senior-apprentice sisters were speechless .

There was a lot to say . Just how fierce was Immortal Eclipse Valley? Just how strong were they? Just how many powerhouses did they have? As the girls saw Gu Ling’er’s innocent and ignorant expression, they all moaned inwardly, but at the same time they also envied her . Indeed, the lucky had no idea they were lucky . Ling’er didn’t know anything at all, yet someone had already paved the path for her to enter Immortal Eclipse Valley and was also willing to bring them along with her .

This was life!

They finished gathering their things . Knowing their teacher’s personality, they didn’t say their farewells again . Under the complex gaze of Clearheart and the other disciples, they left the dwelling .

Zhang Zhang didn’t show up .

Qin Yu was already waiting on the other side of the door . As he saw them emerge, he smiled . “It looks like you have all made your decision . Then, follow me . ”

Xuanxuan and the other senior-apprentice sisters quickly bowed .

They smoothly returned to the Yun Family . However, the Yun Family cultivators had no idea what Qin Yu had done . They only saw him take a trip outside and return with a group of girls that were as beautiful as flowers . Suddenly many of their eyes were filled with envy and worship .

Qin Yu sensed this but he simply shook his head, not explaining anything . He looked for Yun Xueqing’s help and asked her to temporarily house Gu Ling’er and her senior-apprentice sisters . Luckily, the Yun Family residence was extremely large so there wasn’t a problem .

After busying herself for a while, Yun Xueqing finally said goodbye to the girls and came out . She saw Qin Yu standing not too far away and rolled her eyes at him . She groaned and said, “Great Senior Qin has such a great appetite . Aren’t you afraid that you support too many? Or maybe you’ll sprain your waist?”

Qin Yu shook his head . “How come you’re joining the rest in spouting this nonsense?”

“How is this nonsense? Isn’t the evidence right here for everyone to see? It’s not like everyone is blind . ”

Qin Yu shook his head helplessly, as if he had been deeply wronged .

Seeing that he was still in the mood to joke, Yun Xueqing calmed down a little . Still, she hesitated and said, “Three days from now…”

Qin Yu raised up a hand to stop her . “How come none of you seem to have any confidence in me? Can’t you trust me as a friend? Don’t worry, I’ve already handled things . ”

He cupped his hands together, bowed, and left .

Yun Xueqing’s eyes widened . She thought, ‘you just left for a short period of time, and all you did was to return with a bevy of beauties, and yet you say that you’ve handled things already?’

How come it felt like he was just boasting to her?

But even though this was what she thought, when Yun Fan came to ask her, she honestly replied to him . Of course, she clearly didn’t seem to have much faith in him .

Yun Fan furrowed his eyebrows . “That’s fine . Fellow daoist Qin is unfathomable . Since he’s said he has resolved the situation, then there shouldn’t be any problems . We will wait for him . ”

One day .

Two days .

Three days .

In the blink of an eye, the last day of the deadline arrived . Outside of Snowfall City, the auras of three Nascent Souls began to rise . They wove together, making it seem like an invisible mountain was descending on one’s heart, causing an instinctual awe to appear in one’s mind .

The Yun Family began to panic a little .

Liu Zhi and the others were about to come to their door, but where were Senior Qin’s helpers? They hadn’t heard anything at all!

Could it be that they couldn’t make it…?

As this thought appeared, it grew larger and larger . They couldn’t help but feel even more panicked .

“Patriarch, what should we do?” Yun Yi and the others asked with a pained expression .

If there wasn’t any backup, Qin Yu might pat his butt and flee . While he could leave, could their Yun Family in Snowfall City grow wings and fly away with him? He feared that their end would be quite miserable!

Yun Fan took a deep breath . “That’s enough . I am well aware of what you are all thinking . But, since my Yun Family has chosen to stand by fellow daoist Qin, then we can only continue walking down that road . Although I am only at the initial level, that is still the Nascent Soul realm . If I join forces with fellow daoist Qin, while we might not be able to fight on even ground, Liu Zhi and the others shouldn’t dare to push us too far . You don’t need to worry . ”

He stood up . The auras outside the city had begun to move and it would only be a short time before they arrived . He needed to find Qin Yu and discuss what to do next . Of course, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of disappointment . Qin Yu’s originally unfathomable image had become extremely frail in his mind .

Yun Yi and the Yun Family elders followed close behind, their expressions dignified . While it wasn’t necessarily true that something would happen to their Yun Family, if some accident were to occur, they would all be beyond redemption!

Yun Xueqing had a worried look, and this caused Fang Huohuo to become deeply jealous . However, he knew that this wasn’t the time to be showing attitude, so he mercilessly suppressed his temper and patiently endured it . Still, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself in a low voice . After Yun Xueqing ruthlessly glared at him, he shrunk back his head, finally straightened his back, and put on a brave front .

The group arrived at Qin Yu’s dwelling . As they saw what was happening within, even the calm Yun Fan couldn’t help but twitch his eyes .

Smoke and fire swirled in the wind, and the fragrance of meat filled the air . Beneath the shade, a group of girls were laughing and chatting . They were actually…barbecuing!

Yun Fan coughed . He smiled, “Fellow daoist Qin must be in a good mood . ”

Qin Yu patted Gu Ling’er . He passed the barbecue stick in his hand to her . “Fellow daoist Yun, have you had this before? Would you like to try it? The flavor is quite good . ”

Yun Yi and the others groaned inwardly . Senior Qin, if you are trying to look awesome right now, are you putting on a real act? Or is this a fake act? If it’s real, then where are your helpers? How come they still haven’t appeared after all this time? If this is all fake, then you have truly harmed our Yun Family!

Yun Fan smiled . “Fellow daoist Qin, today is the third day and the auras of Liu Zhi and the others have already started moving outside the city . They will soon begin . You can continue barbecuing whenever you’d like . Right now, we should discuss our current predicament and how to deal with it . ”

He didn’t raise the matter of Qin Yu looking for helpers, because he was trying to save a bit of face for him . But, there was a trace of discontent in Yun Fan’s heart . He wanted to believe that Qin Yu’s current performance was because he was full of confidence, but, the key problem was that he didn’t see any reason for him to be confident .

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