Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – Gathering All Five Element Magic Swords

When Liu Zhi saw Daoist Wang call Qin Yu over, he knew that today’s matter was almost resolved . Daoist Wang was a wise veteran, so he should know how grave the situation was . This young brat actually wanted his Earth Python Beads? What a joke!

But, what followed caused his eyes to pop open as he was caught completely off guard .

Jiang Li had a violent reaction, and his stance made him seem as if he would immediately start a fight . Liu Zhi cursed inwardly and muttered ‘shit’ beneath his breath . He glared at Qin Yu . He didn’t know just what was said between them that the normally calm and composed Jiang Li would actually turn berserk .

Old Freak Cheng and Poison God were also left bewildered .

Yes, that was right, Immoral Eclipse Valley was extremely fierce . Whether it was in overall strength or their higher level combat strength, they weren’t able to compare at all . But for better or worse, they were still Nascent Souls and there were also three of them . If they weren’t given any face at all, wasn’t that just pushing things too far?

Daoist Wang covered his face with his hand and sighed helplessly . He could only feel sorry for Liu Zhi’s bad luck, that he would meet this brat Qin Yu who would definitely take revenge for the slightest grudge as well as that sword-obsessed crazy, Jiang Li . Hehe, even a trap like that Five Element Sword Diagram had been successfully cultivated by him . He was definitely a freak amongst freaks, there was just no limit to him!

Qin Yu said that the Earth Python Beads were the final materials he needed to refine the last of the Five Element Magic Swords . With his understanding of Jiang Li, that old boy would definitely recklessly risk everything to help Qin Yu . However, as he thought of the Five Element Sword Diagram combined with the Five Element Magic Swords and just what sort of formidable strength they could wield, he also couldn’t help but feel deep anticipation .

With a light cough, Daoist Wang said, “Liu Zhi, you have already played with those two Earth Python Beads for enough years . People say that poverty demands change, and change will lead to solutions . Your cultivation hasn’t advanced at all in these past years and it is because you haven’t changed at all . This is the prime opportunity for you to discard those Earth Python Beads and reinvent yourself . So, hurry up and take them out . I’ll be good, you’ll be good, we’ll all be good, and then we can go home . ”

Liu Zhi nearly laughed with anger . He had seen people not care about face before, but never to such an extent! This old man could even spit out such words!

The surrounding cultivators all had strange complexions . They thought that this lord from Immortal Eclipse Valley was a truly incredible actor . He could actually speak such nonsense with his eyes wide open, and even seem righteous while doing so . However, Jiang Li and Daoist Wang had spoken up one after another, so it was clear that they would take those Earth Python Beads no matter what . In other words, if Liu Zhi didn’t agree, what followed would be a struggle between lions and dragons .

Right now, it was four against three . On the surface the disparity in strength wasn’t too great . If they really fought, it would be hard to determine victory or defeat in a short period of time, and the battle would definitely be earth-shaking with all sides involved! In fact, perhaps the majority of Snowfall City would be razed in the battle . Everyone looked at each other, not saying anything . They all wanted to hurry up and leave, otherwise if the battle began while they were still here, it would be too late to run .

A good number of people started to flee into the distance . Still, they kept their eyes locked towards the Yun Family residence . While it was the right choice to get back as far as possible, this was still a battle between seven great Nascent Souls . This would be an event they could brag about for the rest of their lives . They absolutely needed to make sure they watched it through!

And there was no need to mention the pained expressions of the Yun Family’s people; just the owners of the surrounding courtyards all had ugly complexions . But even if they were threatened with punishment, no one had the courage to jump out and say such death-worthy words like ‘seniors, could you please take this fight somewhere else and not trouble us?’

Jiang Li stepped forwards . A sharp sword cry echoed through the void, becoming stronger and stronger as he approached, like a tsunami gathering power as it crashed towards the shore . “Liu Zhi, I will ask you once more, are you going to hand them over or not?”

For the first time ever this Nascent Soul sword cultivator, who hid himself away in Immortal Eclipse Valley and rarely emerged, revealed the entirety of his strength . His entire being seemed to become a great sword that lifted up the skies . No one doubted that if he wanted to, even if rivers and mountains blocked his path, he could still cut through them with a single slash!

Liu Zhi’s breath caught in his throat and his heart began to shiver . Although he knew that Jiang Li wasn’t weak, he didn’t think that the difference between them was too great . It was only now that he realized Jiang Li was already a super powerhouse at the late Nascent Soul realm . While he was only at the seventh level, everyone knew just how mind-bogglingly powerful the offensive capabilities of a sword cultivator were . In terms of combat strength alone, he was absolutely an outstanding person amongst all late Nascent Soul cultivators!

If that sword came slashing down, while Liu Zhi might not die, it would be easy to severely wound him .

Poison God sucked in a deep breath . “Brother Liu, those who understand the times are the wisest . In the end, today’s events are our fault, so it is reasonable for us to compensate fellow daoist Qin . ” These words were to give Liu Zhi a way out as well as to vaguely indicate his own stance . Jiang Li was so strong, so what good was it to tear apart all pretenses of civility? Moreover, doing so would mean offending Immortal Eclipse Valley . In short, if Liu Zhi refused, he wouldn’t help at all .

This was reality . To be able to judge the current situation and adapt to it was the most basic skill of any cultivator . If they couldn’t do this, there wouldn’t even be ashes left of them .

Old Freak Cheng stayed silent, not speaking . But, that silence was enough to indicate his stance .

Qin Yu looked on with praise . Indeed it was as they said; old ginger was spicier than young ginger . Once Jiang Li took action he was able to suppress three great Nascent Souls . As a late Nascent Soul and a sword cultivator too…hehe, just thinking about it was a headache .

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed . “Fellow daoist Liu, have you thought about it yet? If you don’t hurry up a bit, then I have no idea whether or not I’ll want something more . ” His eyes casually swept over Old Freak Cheng and Poison God, causing the two of them to stiffen .

Liu Zhi was enraged . He had wandered the world for so many years, but he had never been so humiliated; he had never been so bullied! However, just as the fires of his anger rose, he could see a smirk on Qin Yu’s lips . His heart skipped a beat and he had a bad premonition . This brat, he wanted to deliberately enrage him and then take advantage of Jiang Li to completely eliminate him and prevent all future troubles!

What ruthless thoughts!

Liu Zhi’s thoughts raced . After several tense moments, he clenched his teeth, “Fine! Since fellow daoist Qin insists, then I will agree . Here are the two Earth Python Beads, take good care of them!”

He flipped his palm and took them out . With a flick of his sleeves, he erased his mark from them . A flash of blood red light appeared, and soon after Liu Zhi’s face paled . His body shivered, indicating that he was withstanding a terrifying pain .

Jiang Li’s eyes shined .

Those two Earth Python Beads were actually blood refined objects! In other words, Liu Zhi had decided to turn them into his life’s magic weapons . As a sword cultivator, his sea was located within his dantian, constantly tempered with his Nascent Soul strength . So, he naturally knew how important a life magic tool was to a cultivator; it was no less than a part of their body . Qin Yu taking those Earth Python Beads was similar to cutting off one of his arms or legs, but the result was even more serious .

Even so, Liu Zhi had unexpectedly agreed . It could be seen how strong his willpower was . But at the same time, his hatred towards Qin Yu would grow even greater!

At this moment, Jiang Li even had the impulsion to attack now and immediately kill off Liu Zhi, preventing any future troubles . His eyes turned, falling on Qin Yu .

Qin Yu seemed to sense this sudden rise in killing intent . He thought and shook his head, “I have already accepted the Earth Python Beads, so let’s end things here today . ”

As he spoke, he lifted his hand and received the two Earth Python Beads .

Liu Zhi turned and left . Old Freak Cheng and Poison God followed behind without a word . In the blink of an eye, three great Nascent Souls vanished without a trace . They had come with overwhelming momentum, but when they left they seemed a bit too distressed .

Daoist Wang shook his head . “You cut the grass but not the roots . There will be no end of troubles in your future . ”

Qin Yu smirked . “You say that quite easily, but are you willing to go all-out?”

Jiang Li restrained his sword intent . “Qin Yu’s decision was not wrong . It’s already good that we were able to obtain the Earth Python Beads . If Liu Zhi and the other two really fought with everything they had, we would have had to pay a price . ”

He paused for a moment and then looked over . “Besides, even if we let them leave, Qin Yu didn’t seem to be afraid of them at all . The next time we meet, even if all three of them join forces they still might not be his match . ”

Daoist Wang thought about how after not seeing each other for a few years, the junior of the past now possessed such formidable strength . The speed of his improvement really left one speechless . Thinking about it some more, how many years had he used to reach Golden Core? And how many years had he been stranded at the bottleneck? More and more he thought that people comparing themselves to others was enough to cause one to go insane with irritation .

Qin Yu’s lips curled up . “That’s right, they have no idea who this young master is!”

Daoist Wang couldn’t stand it any longer . He clenched his teeth and roared, “Stop with the nonsense . Do you know what sort of trouble we’ve caused in order to help you today? You had better guarantee that what you said is true . ”

Qin Yu played with the two Earth Python Beads in his hand . He smiled, “Just wait and see . ”

Three days later, Qin Yu emerged from his cultivating room . Jiang Li had been personally standing guarding outside . He stood up and hurriedly paced over . “How was it?”

Qin Yu lifted his hand to reveal a brown-colored magic sword the size of his knuckle . It was bright and sparkling with a jade-like luster . He helplessly smiled . “I nearly fell for the trap . ”

After Liu Zhi refined the two Earth Python Beads into powerful magic tools, he actually didn’t erase the Earth Python souls . He had refined them within in order to enhance the power of the magic tools . Before erasing his spirit mark, he issued two final orders to the two Earth Python souls: go into hiding, and when Qin Yu tries to refine you, create as destructive a backlash as you can .

The two Earth Python souls followed these orders . When Qin Yu reached a critical moment in the refinement process, they had attacked . If it wasn’t for how strong his soul was, then perhaps they would have really succeeded . In the end, Qin Yu just had to spend a bit more time to destroy the two Earth Python souls and then refine them into a part of the magic swords . Through the twists and turns, this allowed the earth-attribute magic sword to reach perfection and increase its power to a new level .

Jiang Li’s gaze was icy cold . In his opinion, at this time Qin Yu had already lifted the flag for all future sword cultivators . As the person he placed the most hope in, he was naturally the most important too . It was good that nothing happened to Qin Yu, otherwise even if he had to search through the heavens and earth, he would find Liu Zhi and kill him!

“So, you have now gathered all Five Element Magic Swords?”

Qin Yu smiled . “That’s right . ”

Daoist Wang voiced up, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

An hour later, hundreds of miles away from Snowfall City, Qin Yu stood in a mountain valley . Jiang Li and Daoist Wang stood not too far away, watching him with an intense gaze .

Suddenly, Qin Yu lifted his hand and five rays of white, black, blue, red, and yellow surged out from his fingers . Following that, a heaven-shaking sword cry resounded in the air!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Five beams of light howled through the air, instantly sinking into a thick cliff wall . After several breaths of time, they flew back out and returned to Qin Yu’s body . With a loud rumble, an avalanche occurred . The thousand foot high cliff wall that was dozens of feet thick disintegrated in front of three pairs of watchful eyes .

Countless stones tumbled to the ground, shooting into the distance and creating a giant plume of dust and smoke!

Daoist Wang’s mouth fell open and shock filled his face .

Jiang Li reared his head back and laughed joyfully into the air . “Great, wonderful! My sword dao lineage has finally found a successor!”

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