Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Eternal Youth Pill

On the morrow, as Qin Yu opened the door, and saw the mesmerizing Zeng Mo’er, his face froze . Of course, he recovered very fast, and after greeting her, he turned to her companion cupping his hands, “And this fairy is?”

For reasons unknown, seeing him all gentlemanly, Zeng Mo’er’s heart filled with fury, and with an irritated voice, “What’s it to you! Sister Ning, be careful, some people have no shame!”

Qin Yu was helpless . Until now, they have only met three times, and didn’t exchange more than twenty phrases . How exactly is he shameless?

Ning Ling eyes flashed, and asked instead, “Have I seen you yesterday, fellow Daoist?”

Qin Yu’s back instantly broke in cold sweat, but his face had a blank look, “Really? I don’t seem to recall . ”

Ning Ling inspected his face for any signs, and then, with a light smile, “My name is Ning Ling . ”

Qin Yu with a nervous heart, greeted, “Qin Yu . ”

Zeng Mo’er grumbled, “Sister Ning, why tell him your name? didn’t I said you should be careful?”

Qin Yu coughed once, “Young miss Zeng, I don’t think I was ever disrespectful to you, and if you continue to always put me in a bad light, I will be force to… do the same . ”

Zeng Mo’er was startled, only then understood his meaning . With beautiful eyes turned big, “You dare!”

Ning Ling blocked her from continuing and lightly said . “Fellow Daoist Qin Yu, Mo’er brought me here so that I could request a pill from Grandmaster . ”

Then her hand flashed, and a jade box appeared .

Storage bag!

This girl’s status isn’t small .

Qin Yu felt cold inside, increasingly determined on his plan, and not letting her see any clues .

“Inside are three sets of ingredients for Eternal Youth Pill . I only have these few, and hope Grandmaster can refine the pill, so that I can gift it at a senior’s birthday . If by some chance senior would fail, then I won’t blame him . ”

Eternal Youth Pill can stop aging . If someone takes it, his appearance won’t change even after thirty years . It is very precious especially for female cultivators . It is a Foundation Establishment ranked pill, but its difficulty is actually close to a Golden Core ranked pill, with a high rate of failure!

Qin Yu knit his brows . He should decline, but looking in Ning Ling’s eyes as deep as lake, he couldn’t help but nod . After agreeing to return in two days, the two girls don’t linger for long and hand in hand swiftly left .

Seeing them in the distance, Qin Yu slapped his forehead an let out a bitter smile . ‘Beautiful as jade, although pleasing to the eye, yet disturbing the heart!’ Then admonished himself, ‘In the future, there won’t be a next time’, and went directly to refining pills .

Eternal Youth Pill . If not for Little Blue Lamp, Qin Yu might as well not even try, but even so, he can’t afford to be one bit careless . After all, the Grandmaster’s reputation has spread far and wide . Eternal Youth Pill might be difficult, but even playing, I will still manage to refine it!



Muffled noise, constantly comes out of the refining room . Even with Qin Yu’s expectations, Eternal Youth Pill’s difficulty exceeded his imagination .

Of the three sets, not one succeeded, and at night, used the Little Blue Lamp to recover the materials so that he can continue refining . Two days and two nights, Qin Yu tried no less than thirty times, and finally, on the second night he managed to refine one pill .

Of course, this pill doesn’t have even a third of the usual effect, and in other alchemist’s hand it would be considered a waste .

But there’s the Little Blue Lamp!

Not minding the quality of the pill in his hand, which is close to half a normal pill in size, Qin Yu post-haste, put it under Little Blue Lamp’s light . With a few hours left of the night, he hopes it will be enough .

Once done, exhaustion hit him like a tide, seeping into each fiber, and with each movement there were some cracking sounds coming out from his body . Forcing himself to sit cross-legged, Qin Yu took out one of Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Raising Pill and Body Moulding Pill, raised his head and swallowed them, closed his eyes afterwards .

Primal Soul Pill strengthens the consciousness, Spirit Raising Pill increases cultivation, and Body Molding Pill refines the body, all of which pills are Qi Refining ranked upgraded pills .

Taking three different pills at once, doesn’t he care about the effects?

What!? Are you saying that taking them will cause harm? Let’s put it another way… those that have pills, are this reckless!

The rash Qin Yu was woken up only by the knock on the door when the sun started rising . Shaking his head to remove the daze he was in, Qin Yu opens the door .

It’s Zeng Mo’er, no surprise there . This girl is aware that ‘Grandmaster’ won’t lower himself to grace her with his presence, and in turn becomes cheekier . And before Ning Ling could open her mouth, she starts complaining, “Time’s up . Where’s the Eternal Youth Pill? With Grandmaster’s reputation, don’t say there are no results!”

Qin Yu completely ignores her, and nods towards Ning Ling, “Please wait, I’ll go fetch it . ”

As he went inside, he left the door open, with Zeng Mo’er in front stomping her feet in anger, but not daring to enter . Although acting up, ignoring Grandmaster’s intentions, is another thing altogether . She is even certain that Qin Yu let the door open to trap her . What a wretched guy!

“Still not coming? What’s taking so long to find a pill?” Zeng Mo’er gnashed her teeth .

Ning Ling’s brows were also creased slightly .

After a while, Qin Yu appeared in their view, and cut off Zeng Mo’er before she could complain, “Young ladies, please follow me inside . ”

Ning Ling was a bit astounded, taking a look inside the courtyard .

Qin Yu nodded, “Grandmaster’s request . ”

Stopping Zeng Mo’er’s ridicule, Ning Ling pulled her hand and went inside . The courtyard was somewhat messy, and from the leaves on the floor it is obvious that the people living here haven’t cleaned in a long time .

Qin Yu closed the door, then, “It’s a bit of a mess, young ladies must think it’s disgraceful . ” And took out a jade bottle from his chest .

Not even receiving guests, Ning Ling frowns lightly, and Zeng Mo’er’s expression seems to say that she found his true nature .

Qin Yu shook his head laughing, and carefully laid the bottle on the stone table in front of him, stepping back afterwards, “Lady Ning Ling, please . ”

Ning Ling hesitating, took the bottle, and let out a cry when she opened it, looking at the small azure pill resting peacefully on her palm . Its size, only half of a normal pill, but no one was minding this, and just stared unwaveringly at its surface .

The rich medicine fragrance was floating about, and after a long time, the silence was broken by a trembling voice, “Sister Ning Ling… this… this is…”

Zeng Mo’er was stammering, her small red face filled with shock .

Ning Ling with a deep breath, “Fellow Daoist Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu was filled with admiration, “Perfect Eternal Youth Pill! There is no need for lady Ning Ling to ask, since even I don’t know the reason, but it is Grandmaster’s intention . However, I hope young miss Ning won’t reveal this and keep it a secret . ”

Ning Ling turned towards the deeper part of the courtyard and bowed, “This truly is an Eternal Youth Pill, after taking it one’s appearance won’t change . Ning Ling expresses her deepest gratitude, Grandmaster . ”

Receiving it, Ning Ling turns her hand and out of the storage bag takes out a jade pendant, approximately a finger in size and clear as a crystal, with its surface shining .

“Eternal Youth Pill’s value is unimaginable, junior wants to express her gratitude with this Concealing Pendant . Even though it doesn’t compare, please, Grandmaster accept it . ”

Qin Yu took the pendant in a flash, and as the information enters his mind, he shows no intention of declining―Concealing Pendant, after binding, it can hide someone’s cultivation, even from Golden Core experts .

This, he needs this pendant badly .

Without batting an eyelid, Qin Yu turned and bowed, “Grandmaster, youngster is fond of this pendant, is it possible to accept it?”

Silence .

Qin Yu is exalted, “Understood . Many thanks young miss Ning!”

Ning Ling gave him a look and nodded, “It is I who should express my thanks, fellow Daoist Qin Yu . My heart wouldn’t be appeased if I were to take the pill without giving anything in exchange . ” She cupped her hands, “I won’t disturb you any longer, junior will be taking her leave . ”

Zeng Mo’er was clearly startled, and swiftly followed behind .

Qin Yu sent them off, and in haste return to the refining room, frowning . He is also puzzled, in less than half a night Little Blue Lamp upgraded the Eternal Youth Pill to perfect quality .

He hopes this event won’t cause any waves . Although perfect Eternal Youth Pill is incredible, it shouldn’t be above Grandmaster’s capabilities . So long there won’t be any more perfect quality pills appearing, his secret will remain hidden .

Now, it might be calm and peaceful, but one single event can cause ripples and attract unwanted attention .

Vigilant .

Must be very vigilant!

In a silent carriage .

Ning Ling is lost in thought, while Zeng Mo’er was hesitating .

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and said softly, “Sister Ning, are you familiar with this Grandmaster?”

Ning Ling thinking, “He must have his reasons . ”

Zeng Mo’er lightly nodded, ‘Patriarch already mentioned, Ning Ling’s status isn’t small at all . She must have an incredible background, and today’s event confirms it . ’ She then gathered her courage, “Sister Ning, if I were to ask Grandmaster for a pill, will he accept?”

Ning Ling, after a silent moment, “Mo’er, since Grandmaster found out my origins, he is definitely a powerful figure . Having this kind of request, he won’t bear any resentment, or feel any kind of disrespect . You understand my meaning?”

Zeng Mo’er’s lovely face was slightly white, with forced a smile, “Rest assured sister Ning, little sister knows your sincerity, but still wants to try . ”

She leaned back and closed her eyes, speaking no more .

Ning Ling inwardly sighed . She knows why Zeng Mo’er wants to ask for a pill, but receiving the Eternal Youth Pill, is already a big favor . Definitely not worthy of just a meager magic item, so she doesn’t mention it .

Hopefully, Grandmaster is merciful .

Patriarch Zeng Chenming once again comes to visit, with an even greater convoy, presenting all kinds of gifts, forming a small hill .

Once he heard the purpose of the visit, Qin Yu’s face changed . Glaring at Zeng Mo’er, in a deep voice said, “Senior Zeng, what is the meaning of this? Are you trying to force Grandmaster to refine pills for the Zeng clan?”

Zeng Chenming sighed, “Young friend misunderstood, Zeng clan has no intention to disrespect Grandmaster . If Grandmaster would help in an embarrassing matter, this old man will be immensely grateful!”

Qin Yu absolutely refused, “The Eternal Youth Pill for young miss Ning, tired Grandmaster greatly . Senior Zeng must understand, Grandmaster isn’t able to help right now . Please take back your gifts . ”

Zeng Chenming’s heart trembled, he was speculating that Grandmaster wanted to take the final step to reach Nascent Soul . And Qin Yu confirmed it by declining pill requests .

His face darkened, and seems to have aged a few years, “It is this old man that was hasty, goodbye . ”

“Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er cried bitterly, then turned around kneeling on the ground, “Grandmaster, I beg you to save my uncle . He will die, he will truly die!”

Among crying, Qin Yu can more or less understand, why Zeng Mo’er displays this kind of behavior . Zeng Zhongxiu, with his heavenly, talent reached 10th layer of Qi Refining at the age of sixteen, and with his ability in Alchemy, shocking everyone .

This kind of genius, for a clan, would have a limitless future . But with an arrogant attitude, he wanted to break through to Foundation Establishment alone, only to have Zeng Mo’er barge in at a critical moment . He not only failed, but also suffered from deviation . After that, his cultivation was stagnant, forced to lay ill in bed . Even with Zeng clan’s connections, there was still no choice but to waste his life away, and await death in despair .

Zeng Mo’er beautiful tear-stained face, bowed, “Brother Qin Yu, Mo’er is young and careless, offending you many times . Don’t take it to heart and help me beg for Grandmaster’s for a perfect Foundation Establishment Pill . No matter what conditions, Mo’er will fulfill them . ”

Zeng Chenming closed his eyes in pain, and when he opened them, they were much clearer, “Mo’er, enough!” Cupped his hands towards the courtyard, “Let Grandmaster see such disgrace from an insolent girl . This old man will be taking her and leave . ”

Zeng Mo’er woodenly get up, the people behind them seems to have lost their soul, without any expression on their faces .

Qin Yu coughed once, “Eh, so you need a Foundation Establishment Pill…”

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