Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Beneath the skirt

Head shopkeeper hurriedly said, “Young miss, the Grandmaster in this place has a youngster at Foundation Establishment for a servant . You mustn’t be rash . ”

Zeng Mo’er frowned, the coldness in her eyes long gone, and with one last look at the door, she left .

Head shopkeeper felt humiliated, with young miss magnanimous heart, how can she get angry this easily . He was afraid she will do something unwise, so he spoke out .

In the meantime, Zeng Mo’er arrived at the last carriage and in a tender voice: “Grandfather, Little Mo’er is bullied, you have to get justice for me!”

Head shopkeeper’s mouth was agape, and in a rush, he kneels in front of the carriage along with the servants, “Greetings Patriarch!”

A gentle voice came from inside, “You cheeky brat, you were clearly the rude one . No wonder he slammed the door in your face . ”

The carriage door opened by itself . Inside, on a yellow praying mat, an old man in black robe was sitting upright with his hair bound in a purple crown . His appearance seems simple and ordinary, with a faint smile on his face . Yet just sitting there with no sign of movement, there is now an odd pressure enveloping the street .

Golden Core!

Zeng Chenming cupped his hands, and in a flat tone let his voice travel far, “Fellow Daoist, is it possible to meet this old man?”

Quickly, the door once again opens, the previous youngster comes out once again, and looks at the carriage with respect, “I am Qin Yu, greetings Senior . ”

Zeng Chenming’s brows tighten, the air becoming stagnant .

The revering Qin Yu, with a bitter smile, “Senior Zeng, please don’t make it difficult for this youngster . Grandmaster isn’t here and there is nothing I can do . ” After a pause, he probed, “You can come in, I won’t be able to stop you anyway, and I’m sure Grandmaster won’t mind . ”

Zeng Chenming stared at the door, and after a silent moment, shook his head, “No need, since fellow Daoist is focused on refining pills, this old man won’t disturb you . But because of your exchange rate of three sets of ingredients for one pill, your’re making it difficult for my Treasure Pill Pavilion . ”

Qin Yu respectfully said, “Grandmaster said, that after today it will change to five for one, and that we will be staying here for two months at most . ”

Zeng Chenming with a smile, “Then let this old man be the first to do business with fellow Daoist . ” He waved his hand and a wooden chest appeared, “Here are three hundred sets of ingredients for Primal Soul Pill and will come in seven days to collect them . What do you say?”

“Five days are enough”, then Qin Yu took out a storage bag and put the chest inside .

Zeng Chenming’s pupils slightly contracted, becoming even more friendly, “Then Mo’er will come to collect the pills in five days’ time . Farewell, young friend . ”

Qin Yu watched the Zeng clan convoy leaving, then went inside and closed the door . On his way inside the house, he was slightly pale while taking long breaths .

Inside, there is a stone filled with cracks laying quietly on a table . Cang Mang’s golden core, the one that just now gave Zeng Chenming a scare .

After today’s excitement, there shouldn’t be anyone who will dare to cause trouble .

Qin Yu was smiling, ‘The time to harvest has come!’

In the carriage .

Zeng Chenming, with eyes closed, suddenly said, “From now on, no one is allowed to offend that courtyard . ” Then, “If there’s a chance, try to make friends with that Qin Yu . ”

Zeng Mo’er frowned, “Grandmaster is worthy of our Zeng clan’s respect . And that youngster is definitely no good . What’s the point of getting friendly with him?”

Zeng Chenming opened his eyes, smiling at her, “Ah, you, such petty thoughts . Not willing to back down at all . ” He shook his head, and sighed, “Ah, half step Nascent Soul . Such a Grandmaster in Alchemy, came here in hiding to focus on Alchemy . Maybe to condense his energy and make the final leap for the Nascent Soul stage . With a person of such strength, his disciple’s talent how can it be ordinary? Truth be told, old man has been considering to get you two together . ”

“Ah, golden string storage bag . Although not high grade, but very rare and a lot better then your old man’s . ”

Nascent Soul…

In Southern Nation’s territory, at most five people have this kind of power . Thinking about that unremarkable courtyard, hiding such a dragon, Zeng Mo’er couldn’t help being socked . But hearing the end, she recovered instantly, and her charming face pouted cutely said, “Grandfather, I will always accompany you and never marry . If you talk about this again, Mo’er will get angry!”

Zeng Chenming let out a helpless sigh, and with a wide smile, “Alright, alright, grandfather won’t say . My Mo’er is so outstanding and great; can take her time choosing . ”

Zeng Chenming, is just as he is known for, a man of his word . The matter of a grandmaster in the path of Alchemy coming to Dongliu City will become known to everyone in just as short as a day . The remote courtyard in an instant became one of the three sacred ground, besides Zeng clan and Kong clan, with countless cultivators coming with reverence .

About the courtyard exchange rate, a lot of cultivators that sold ingredients will be gritting their teeth in anger . And as for Cao Hua who wanted to become rich, only to be beaten like a pig, is another story .

No one is concerned about such minor details .

Qin Yu was very busy, even with his uncommon cauldron it will still be very difficult to use all three hundred sets of ingredients in five days . But luckily, he can make pills non-stop . With the Little Blue Lamp, he only needs to make the pills and the lamp will improve their quality .

Of course, only normal quality . The perfect ones he keeps them, for now . Now that things are settled, the Dongliu City’s other clan, the Kong clan, also sent someone to greet, without causing any incidents .

With no sleep or rest, after five days Zeng Mo’er came for the sixty Primal Soul Pills .

The puzzled Qin Yu scowled, not understanding why this lass is angry with him, giving him a death stare before leaving . At least he doesn’t act against her, also holding no interest towards Zeng Mo’er . Then simply turned around and closed the door behind him, making the countless respectful gazes return to normal .

The sixty pills were the last test; and now that it went without problems, there won’t be any future inconveniences . After announcing a temporary break in refining pills, Qin Yu returns to cultivating with pills . The reason he risked coming here, is for improving his cultivation . His skill in alchemy although important, he can’t put the cart in front of the horse .

Advancing in Foundation Establishment stage is clearly harder . If Qi Refining would be compared with a pond, Foundation Establishment would be similar to a lake . Filling a pond is simple, but to fill a lake is ten times harder .

Taking pills like food, not stopping be it day or night, after half a month, Qin Yu only reached the second layer . The plan was to continue cultivating, since he had enough pills on hand and didn’t need to continue concocting .

But the constant visitors, forced him out of his hiding, and deal with waves of young talents coming over .

The one called a young talent, of course isn’t an ordinary youngster . Not only a senior disciple of a sect, but also with some renown . His cultivation would definitely be no less than Foundation Establishment or he would be too embarrassed to show his face with a meager Qi Refining stage .

Since they’re young talents, of course they’re also a rowdy bunch . To cultivate, to fawn at their master, and to occasionally meet with female disciples under a starry sky . With all of them so busy, there must be a real reason for gathering in Dongliu City .

As a ‘Grandmaster’s disciple’, Qin Yu mustn’t get angry and instead find out the reason .

Recently there have been demonic cultivators causing havoc in Southern Nation, with a considerable number of disciples perishing, and even more missing . The disciples from each sect gathered together to talk about forming a demon hunting team, and block the demonic cultivators from destroying the Southern Nation .

He also heard, that Sacred Mountain Sect’s Head Disciple Han Dong and the rising star Wei Wei both lost their lives at the hands of these demonic cultivators . After their death that night, he was full of resentment but hat to reign it in, as he is also one of the reasons they died .

After numerous pills refined, and the interruption from cultivation, Qin Yu simply took a chair and sat outside the courtyard, denying anyone who came to request a pill .

But quickly he came to regret it .

As a Grandmaster of Alchemy’s disciple, he gathers many flies, that kept on buzzing, and some even using obnoxious flattery, causing him to stay for just an hour before made to retreat inside . When he got up to leave, the guests kept saluting in hope of following him in, and behind them he heard a cry of surprise .

A cloud was approaching from the horizon, with a female on it .

If Zeng Mo’er was beautiful as a whole, stirring the heart, then this female, from top to bottom, with each of her feature outstanding . Making everyone not believing what they saw, that the world could give birth to such a perfect figure . As if overlooking the world, with a calm expression, she released a natural grace that would be difficult to even think of disrespecting her .

Qin Yu’s hear shook, a thread of numb and unknown feeling rose from his heart, but forced it down . Because the next moment, his eyes opened wide, and with great alarm lowered his head quickly and left .

Ning Ling brows creased slightly . The cloud below her is a transforming magic item . The energy she provided was sluggish for a moment but soon recovered its speed, so the cloud didn’t dissipate completely and see beneath her skirt . Yet, with no reason, just then she felt something odd . . .

Eyes turned sharp in an instant, and released a cold stare as she is sweeping the crowd . But couldn’t continue for long as people came flying toward her .

Head Disciple of Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect said frostily, “Junior sister Ning, who hurt you? I will go and seek justice for you!”

Ning Ling and a few others exchanged greetings, and on an indifferent note, “Little sister chanced upon Little Master, and exchanged a few moves, truly worthy of being a young talent with such a great strength . If fellow Daoist by some chance meets him, should take caution . ”

Several young talents immediately became furious .

“Demonic cultivator Little Master Liang Taizu! Once I finish assembling the demon destroying team, we’ll see if he dares to run wild, when he meets with me!”

“Exactly! Qixing City lost four disciples from meeting with a sudden attack . Fortunately, junior sister Ning is unhurt . ”

“Come, lets join together and finish assembling the team so we can go hunt this murderer!”

Some started talking about their bravery, crowding around Ning Ling, but immediately, her noble character reached its peak, charming countless people, and making them feel ashamed .

Ning Ling nodded, her eyes looking around, and noticed that youngster’s trace disappeared, then calmly followed the others inside Dongliu City .

Closing the door, Qin Yu took in long breaths, even though he didn’t do anything wrong, why did he feel guilty? It wasn’t on purpose! With such a good pair of eyes, how come he didn’t see it before!

When the cloud lapsed, it was enough to conceal it, but not enough to hide it for Qin Yu’s prying eyes . The undergarments beneath the skirt was destroyed, and spots of mottled blood were scattered like plum blossoms, as if to reflect the white skin inside, incredibly breathtaking .

Qin Yu shock his head forcefully, but couldn’t help always thinking about that view, now imprinted in his mind, unable to forget . ‘Ai, doesn’t matter if I can’t forget it, we won’t meet again so soon anyway . But it was such a wonderful accident . Maybe when it gets really boring, I could… bad, bad thought!’

Qin Yu slapped himself, to get his mind out of the gutter . He still has a long way to go, and doesn’t dare to have any distracting thoughts . As he enters the house, he plans not to come out to soon .

Yet when something occurs, even if you want to avoid it, you will have no choice but to embrace it .

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