Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Demonic cultivator

Zeng Mo’er went rigid, then turned around in a rush, and stared at him with a pleading gaze .

Qin Yu took out a pill bottle, and let a pill fall in his palm, “Is this enough?”

Zeng Chenming’s face full of creases trembled . Anyone could see he was moved, “Enough! Enough!”

Of course it’s enough . This is what Qin Yu was left with after breaking through, four perfect Foundation Establishment pills .

“My talent was lacking, and only with the Foundation Establishment Pills bestowed by Grandmaster could I break through . Since Zeng clan is in need of it, there is no harm in letting you have one . ”

“From today, young friend is our esteemed guest!” Zeng Chenming solemnly said .

Zeng Mo’er with trembling hand, took the perfect quality Foundation Establishment Pill with utmost care, and bowed deeply .

After leaving the gifts behind, Zeng clan left .

As Qin Yu was about to close the door, a beautiful figure standing on the side of the road caught his attention, and hesitatingly greeted, “Is there something, young miss Ning?”

Ning Ling indifferently said, “Mo’er already said that she will accept any condition for that pill . I understand her well, and once she said something, she meant it . Fellow Daoist Qin Yu lost a golden opportunity . ”

Qin Yu forced a smile, “Young miss Ning, don’t tease me . I couldn’t accept, with Patriarch Zeng present . I am satisfied with just some favors . ”

Ning Ling watched him with her deep eyes, as if they were a cave that could swallow everything, making Qin Yu heart frantic, his face almost crumbling; then she suddenly said, “Little sister has a Concealing Art, nothing profound, but complements the Concealing Pendant . If used together, even a Nascent Soul will find it hard to detect anything . ”

Capable of hiding from a Nascent Soul, this Art, isn’t as simple as she is letting out .

Seeing the small pendant resting on his chest, with fine lines on it giving off a different type of beauty, in Qin Yu’s subconscious once again appears that first view, the motley spots of blood beneath the skirt, causing his heart to warm up and his eyes growing hotter .

“This… many thanks young miss Ning . ”

Careful not to touch her, he took the jade slip, while thinking about the girl’s private matter . Receiving this Art today, caused him to feel some guilt and unconsciously asked, “Young miss Ning, how is your wound?”

Ning Ling smiled lightly, “The wound isn’t infected, and moving less will…” Her voice abruptly stops and raised her head, and as expected, narrowed her eyes, letting a cold glint come out of their depths .

“Fellow Daoist Qin Yu how did you know, that I was hurt?”

Qin Yu’s forehead starts sweating, quickly saying, “Smell, smell! I am very sensitive to the smell of blood . Even with young miss Ning taking care of the wound I could still sense it . *Cough**cough*, it’s getting late and I need to help Grandmaster refine pills, goodbye young miss Ning . ” Turn and left, although with a straight back, it still gave of the feeling of leaving in a panic .

Ning Ling bit her lip, seeing him not even turning his head when closing the door, her face was raging from embarrassment, but let out a light sigh in the end . Qin Yu saw this clearly, ‘will she press on and ask if I saw under her dress?’

What Mo’er said was right, this guy truly is wretched!

Stamping her foot, exposing a rarely seen bashfulness, Ning Ling turned around and left .

After disappearing, her skirt floating around, shadows appeared outside the courtyard, looking at each other, each immediately recognized the admiration in the others heart .

As expected of Grandmaster’s disciple . Even his relations with girls is outstanding, capable of stirring up a Heaven child’s heart . Truly amazing!

Shaking their heads, several people left, worship painted on their faces . Pretty soon, all of Dongliu City will know about Grandmaster’s disciple and fairy Ning Ling, causing countless of young talents’ eyes to turn red . If it were not for Grandmasters frightening reputation, this courtyard would be leveled a long time ago by those rage filled youngsters .

That being the case, after receiving the pill and advancing to Foundation Establishment, the hopeless Zeng Zhongxiu came to pay his respects . And the reasonable and amiable Qin Yu, had to come out and greet him .

“I will never forget Brother Qin’s kindness . Someday I will definitely make it up to you!” Zeng Zhongxiu’s middle aged look, with grizzled hair, doesn’t lack in manners . After going through great changes, he became even more carefree . If he were talking with a girl instead, she would be completely smitten by his appearance .

But he is not gentle at all, with every movement showing his determination, and this respectful attitude at this moment, reveals his sincerity .

Qin Yu not daring to ignore this, gave a proper greeting, “Brother Zeng exaggerates, Zeng clan received the pill through an exchange, I can’t take the credit . ”

Zeng Zhonxiu laughed, not speaking about this matter again, but from his expression it is clear he will remember this kindness . He lifted his head and looking towards the far end of the courtyard, sighing, “I truly envy brother Qin, able of walking the path of alchemy with Grandmaster . I can only hope to have such an opportunity in the future . ”

Not knowing how to reply, Qin Yu understands, that he is a person dedicated to Alchemy . But the crucial part is, that the ‘Grandmaster of alchemy’ doesn’t exists, and even with Zeng Zhongxiu’s sincere respects, there is no one to receive them .

Seeing Qin Yu silent, Zeng Zhongxiu thinks he is making things hard on him, “Brother Qin, there is no need to think about it, I am just deeply moved . In this vast world, although I missed Grandmaster, there will be countless other opportunities . I already made arrangements, and today I will be going towards Ancient Immortal Valley to join a sect specialized in alchemy . If brother Qin will make his way there, we should take the opportunity and meet . ”

Once he finished, he lets out a hearty laugh and walk out the door, the sunlight falling on his back, makes him seem even more carefree .

Qin Yu sends him off, smiling, ‘people are this mysterious, becoming close from just one meeting’ .

Zeng Zhongxiu is a man of passion, ‘if its fate, we’ll meet again’ .

Half a day after Zeng Zhongxiu left, Zeng Mo’er appeared . Qin Yu was being courteous towards her and felt somewhat out of sorts . Especially those pure eyes, occasionally stealing glances at him, making his heartbeat speed up .

“Big brother Qin, did uncle come to say goodbye? Did you know he is all better now? I am verry happy, my only regret is being rude, and offending big brother . Hope you won’t take it to heart . ” Zeng Mo’er stopped, then with a flushed expression, “Perfect Foundation Establishment Pill is priceless, and the items Zeng clan sent are ordinary, not worthy of this pill . If big brother Qin Yu has any requests, little sister, as a representative of Zeng clan will definitely fulfill them without any objections . ”

This isn’t right! Instead of representing Zeng clan, you are actually representing yourself .

Qin Yu felt his mouth dry, “Zeng clan’s gifts are already enough, and I already reached Foundation Establishment, so the pills have no use for me . Young miss Zeng, there’s no need to trouble yourself . ”

A flash of disappointment passed through her eyes, but very fast they became even brighter, ‘big brother Qin has such a noble character’ . After chatting for a bit, Qin Yu almost couldn’t take anymore of her burning gaze . Thankfully she was called by some clan members, since there was a guest passing by .

Zeng Mo’er felt reluctant to leave, with Qin Yu sending her off .

“Big brother Qin, how long will you be staying in Dongliu City?” Zeng Mo’er suddenly asked .

Qin Yu shook his head, “This is something Grandmaster decides, but as he already said, at most two months or maybe sooner . ”

It is that he must leave .

Recently, Grandmasters reputation is becoming more and more widespread, if he doesn’t leave, calamity will befall him sooner or later .

“Ah, you have to leave!” Zeng Mo’er felt anxious all of a sudden, but soon discovered there is no point in being anxious, and was depressed .

Qin Yu was calm, he can naturally sense the changes in the girl in front of him . But his current self is based on lies . Without Grandmaster, he would be only a lucky outer sect disciple in Sacred Mountain Sect, and must keep his distance or it will only hurt others and himself .

All of a sudden, Qin Yu’s heart trembled, his hairs were standing on end as two terrifying sounds appeared in an instant, very similar to explosions . Like a clap of thunder, the shockwave came, throwing rocks around, breaking the trees along the street in half, with the treetops turning into fragments, flying everywhere!

There was dust all around, and looking from above, Dongliu City’s two greatest and most luxurious manors, became ruins . In their middle is now a deep hole, with frightening cracks spreading outward .

A mournful sound arose, and Qin Yu holding Zeng Mo’er flew on the rooftop . The next moment a big rock rolled through the place they had just been in . Any slower and he would have been greatly injured, even with his Foundation Establishment cultivation .

Lifting his hand to wipe the sweat from his brows, Zeng Mo’er was struggling to stand, letting out a sorrowful cry, “My home, it’s my home!”

Qin Yu face changed, for many generations Zeng clan runs Dongliu City . And with a Golden Core expert who would dare attack?

The answer came very fast .


Black demonic energy rose towards the sky, thick like ink, and from it a green clothed devil was holding a corpse, his hand in its chest taking out a Golden Core still dripping with blood . Licking his lips, the green clothed devil let out a cruel laugh, opened his mouth and bit on its neck . In the next instant, the corpse was visibly becoming a dried husk .

Demonic cultivator… and the dead is Kong clan Patriarch!

Qin Yu head was buzzing, his expression uglier by the second . Southern Nation is in a remote location, not deemed important by demonic cultivators . Thus, even though for many years the cultivator sects were yelling out they’re going to eliminate demonic cultivators, there never was a real war among them .

Yet today, he has such luck to bump into them!

“Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er cried in alarm, almost fainted .

Qin Yu support her, and in a deep voice, “Senior Zeng is alright!” As he said this, from the middle of the Zeng clan’s residence, two figures flew out . An old man dressed in black robe let out a scream, his arm flying in the sky .

Zeng Chenming’s face was pale, holding a longsword in his hand, looking at his residence, immediately fuming with rage . Even with some clansmen spread outside the city, today could be said that Zeng clan was almost annihilated in one blow!

“Seven Murdering Demonic Sect, such arrogance, daring to ignore the agreement and invade the south . This old man will vow to fight you until the last breath!”

With a bellow, twelve rays of black surging energy burst out, sealing Dongliu City, making sure not to let anyone outside sense what happened inside .

A youngster came out of the black energy, incredibly handsome, his lips full and scarlet, with long black hair reaching his lower back . And if he were to change into woman clothing, his beauty could topple cities . His lips curled, showing a slight dimple, but his expression and warm smile contrasts completely, his pitch-black eyes, devoid of any warmth .

“Demonic cultivator Little Master!”

Liang Taizu cupped his hands, “What a character, Senior Zeng, actually tries to use this method to send a message, junior is so disappointed . The demonic sect’s people are few in number, and junior can only seal this place to prevent any news from leaking . So that we won’t be disturbed, I will have to disappoint senior . ”

His eyes swept around, causing everyone to panic, the corners of his mouth drawn back into an even wider smile, “Ning Ling, you have been chosen by this Master . No matter where you run you won’t escape from me, so be a good girl and return with me to Seven Murdering Demonic Sect as my Dao companion . ”

“If not…” Liang Taizu’s finger sweeps across, “These people will all die!”

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