Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 497 - Giving A Statement

Chapter 497 Giving A Statement

Presumably, if Song Yunxuan had wanted to catch Gu Changle and Shao Tianze tripping.

She would have wished the death of that injured nurse.

In that case, Gu Changle would get involved in a murder.

For anyone involved in a murder, no matter what happened to them in the future, it was easy to rake up their old grievances.

Moreover, as long as Song Yunxuan got the goods on her, she could make good use of it.

But now the situation turned out to be different. Song Yunxuan was concerned about the nurse’s safety.

Tan Yi found that Song Yunxuan didn’t obsess with achieving her goals unscrupulously.

At the very least, she still cared about others.

Tan Yi’s phone call stunned Song Yunxuan for a second.

After hearing Tan Yi out, Song Yunxuan asked him, “Why are you telling me about this all of a sudden?”

“Easy. I belong to Family Sophia.”

Song Yunxuan uttered with a smile, “Say hello to Sister Xia and George for me.”

“I will.”

Tan Yi promised and hung up the phone.

Yet Song Yunxuan looked at her mobile phone, meditating for a while.

Gu Changle had even mistaken the nurse for Song Yunjia and acted crazily about it.

It seemed that she was afraid that Song Yunjia would come back and take revenge on her.

She had already given a warning to the People’s Hospital, yet it was still surprising that the medicine they used was strong enough to derange Gu Changle’s mind.

She pursed her lips slightly, wondering if she needed to ask the doctor to stop the medicine for a while.

At this moment, the mobile phone in her hand rang again.

She held her mobile phone up and saw an unknown phone number on it. Hanging back for a second, she picked up the phone.

The voice that came through was familiar to her.

“Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan was surprised, “Chairman Guo?”

“You don’t have to call me that now.”

“Why is that?” She was astonished about why Guo Yuyue called her at this time.

Guo Yuyue answered with a smile, “I’ll leave Yuncheng tomorrow. I’m calling to say goodbye.”

Song Yunxuan raised her lips and said, “That is to say, you have received the money I sent?”

“I did.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I hope you enjoy life abroad.”


Guo Yuyue kept silent for a few seconds after that, and then she hung up.

Song Yunxuan didn’t take the phone away from her ear until Guo Yuyue hung up.

She understood the meaning of her silence in the last few seconds.

Guo Yuyue spent decades in Jiacheng and grew up with it.

Now she was going to leave her hometown and the company she had run and managed. It was not easy for her.

However, it wouldn’t make any difference.

If she hadn’t left Jiacheng as soon as possible, when Shao Tianze got to know that she transferred her shares to others, he would have let her suffer.

At that time, she would have been in endless trouble.

It was better to leave Yuncheng before getting into trouble.

In foreign countries, she could live any way she liked.

Besides, she could leave this place of sad memories and no longer plotted against each other in such a complicated environment.

Guo Yuyue looked at the mobile phone and drooped her eyes slightly.

Although her decision was conveyed to Song Yunxuan in advance, no one else knew her plan.

Song Yunxuan held her mobile phone, considering where Guo Yuyue might go. She sighed softly.

Hearing her sigh, Chu Mochen came in. He closed the door and asked her, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” She put the phone down.

Chu Mochen wasn’t satisfied with this answer.

His sight fell on the mobile phone in her hands, “Who gave you a call?”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and thought for a while before revealing the truth, “It was Guo Yuyue.”

“Did she call to say goodbye?”

Song Yunxuan was stunned and looked at him with a smile, “How do you know?”

“How can I not know?” Chu Mochen sat beside her bed, touching her forehead gently to see if she was feverish.

“Take it easy. I don’t have a fever.”

“The doctor asked me to pay attention to your temperature. I shall listen to his advice.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing, “I’m so touched by what you are doing.”

“Since you are touched, do I deserve a kiss from you?”

With that, they divagated from their primary subject.

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan did not refute.

She raised her head and pressed a kiss on his lip.

Chu Mochen felt her lips, and his mind became soberer instantly.

“Guo Yuyue was afraid that Shao Tianze would make trouble for her, so she chose to leave. What about Mei Qi?”

Chu Mochen mentioned Mei Qi, which amused Song Yunxuan, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I heard he went to Thailend.”

Song Yunxuan slightly pursed her lips. Although her lips were still smiling, her eyes were quite calm, “I heard that he had a date. It turns out that he is having fun in Thailend right now.”

She pretended not to know everything about Mei Qi.

Seeing her reaction, Chu Mochen did not continue to ask.

He uttered, “Take care of your health. Don’t make me worry.”

Song Yunxuan gazed at his serious face and nodded.

She would take good care of herself.

She had not witnessed the miserable end of Shao Tianze. How could she be sick before that?

She would stay healthy in Yuncheng and watch Shao Tianze losing everything.

Gu Changle was dragged to the Psychiatric Department by the nurse and was forced to take the examinations.

As soon as the inspection was finished, Gu Changle flew into a rage on the spot.

She turned to be extremely irritable. After pushing over an instrument in the monitoring room, the nurse notified the doctor in some distress.

To be put on that spot, the doctor called the dean.

The dean failed to confront Gu Changle, who was in a towering temper. He took the initiative to call Shao Tianze about her situation.

Shao Tianze was dealing with the police at that time.

He received the call from the dean and promised, “I’ll go and pick her up right away.”

The dean felt relieved and hung up the phone.

After the phone call, Shao Tianze said to the police officer, “Please wait for a while. I’ll bring Changle here and go back with you to make a statement.”

Although the dean agreed that Gu Changle’s mental diagnosis would be modified.

This wounding incident was not a joke. They still needed to give a statement.

In particular, it was better to go along with Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze came to the Psychiatric Department to pick Gu Changle up.

Seeing Shao Tianze coming into the Psychiatry Department, Gu Changle walked to him quickly, “Why are these people forcing me to do those useless examinations?”

Shao Tianze noticed that she had calmed down a lot. He asked her, “Do you remember you hurt that nurse?”

Gu Changle pursed her lips and kept science.

Shao Tianze knew from her reaction that she must have recalled everything.

“Changle, the police have come. We have to give a statement. Come along with me.”

Gu Changle pursed her lips. It was clear that she was worried about the nurse, “How is she now?”

“Don’t worry. She is out of danger. You’ll be fine. We’re just going to give a statement. Don’t worry too much.”

Gu Changle listened to Shao Tianze’s comfort and nodded gently.

At the same time, she was extremely upset about how she could be as mad as trying to kill a nurse in the hospital.

Yet when reminiscing the fact that she regarded the nurse as Song Yunjia, she felt a chill on her back.

She couldn’t help but ask Shao Tianze, “Tianze, should we visit Yunjia’s grave?”

He was surprised by her proposal, “Why do you suddenly bring that up?”

“It’s weird. I even didn’t have nightmares before, but now it’s like I was haunted all of a sudden. I even hurt someone in the hospital. There must be something behind it.”

She got the point there. Even Shao Tianze saw the possibility, “Rather than visit her grave, we’d better visit Thailend.”

“Why Thailend?”

“To break the spell.”

Gu Changle frowned, “Do you suggest that someone cast a spell on me?”

“I didn’t say that. It’s merely a guess.”

Gu Changle thought about the word “spell”, and she felt she might as well take it.

“Take me there soon.”

“I will.”

Shao Tianze gave her his word.

And Gu Changle wondered that if someone had cast her a spell, who would have been the most likely suspect?

She was so concentrated on this matter all the way to the police station that she didn’t answer questions very well while giving a statement.

However, she had Shao Tianze by her side.

As long as he was there for her, she didn’t feel afraid at all.

No matter what happened, he would always take good care of her.

It was late since they finished the statement at the police station.

Shao Tianze drove her back to the hospital. On the way, he mentioned Lu Yue and Guo Yuyue again.

Gu Changle made her comment, “Guo Yuyue, the old biddy, always goes against your will. It’s time for her to get out of the Shao’s.”

“Jiacheng can’t survive without her credit. It’s difficult to drive her out of Jiacheng and take her shares and power over.”

“But if she keeps standing in the way, Lu Yue will never have the chance to take her position. Instead of trusting this old biddy, I would rather believe in Lu Yue’s ability.”

Gu Changle expressed her opinions in one breath.

Shao Tianze listened to Gu Changle and did not answer it at once.

He just felt that Gu Changle’s point of view was not as reasonable as Gu Changge’s when she was alive.

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