Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 496 - Changle Committed Homicide

Chapter 496 Changle Committed Homicide

The scream in the ward startled the doctors and nurses in the corridor.

One of the doctors recognized that the nurse who was screaming was the one working with him. He frowned and rushed to put his shoulder against the door with fear.

“Open the door!”

The door was closed, and he didn’t succeed in his first attempt.

Seeing this, the nurses and doctors around him began to wonder what was going on.

“I heard Fan’s scream! Something must be wrong! Help me to break down the door!”

The doctor appeared quite anxious.

Hearing that, the doctors and the nurses around him rushed over.

One of the nurses turned the handle and found the door locked. Then she immediately rushed to the nurses’ station to look for the key.

The chaos attracted Tan Yi’s attention who just walked out of the operation room.

Tan Yi puckered up his brows and asked the people gathering outside the ward, “What’s going on?”

Hearing Tan Yi’s voice, one of the nurses immediately answered, “Director Tan, we heard Fan’s scream inside the ward. Something might be wrong!”

“So what are you waiting for?!”

Tan Yi’s voice suddenly became serious and cold.

Hearing Tan Yi’s cold voice, two of the young men doctors shoved the others away and rushed to put their shoulders against the door.

The nurse who went to look for the key hadn’t returned yet.

Though they were strong, they failed to break down the door in their first two attempts.

Tan Yi appeared more nervous. Seeing that they failed to break down the door, he rushed to join them.

After being banged about two or three times, the door was broken down with a bang.

As the door was suddenly broken down, the two doctors burst in because of inertia.

As soon as they burst in, they fell onto the ground as they were not able to keep their balance.

They both tried to get up from the floor.

However, no sooner had they touched the ground than they found that their hands were covered with warm liquid.

As they were doctors, they immediately sensed that it was blood.

They looked down their hands and saw that the nurse, Fan, kept twitching her arms and legs in the blood with her eyes open.

They two were scared out of their wits.

The nurses and patients who were gathering at the door were taken aback, too.

Some young nurses even screamed.

Tan Yi froze for a moment, and then he rushed in. He put his fingers under the nurse’s nose. Then he lifted the nurse out of the pool of blood and walked out, saying, “Call the police and prepare for surgery!”

The nurses came to their minds after hearing Tan Yi’s order.

Some of them were calling the police and some were doing preparation for the surgery.

No sooner had Shao Tianze reached the corridor outside the ward than he saw Tan Yi walked forward, carrying a nurse whose belly was stabbed with a piece of a vase.

Shao Tianze was also a doctor. Though he had gone into business, he knew that it was no trivial matter when seeing Tan Yi’s serious look.

“What happened?”

“You’d better go and check Miss Gu, Chairman Shao.”

“Miss Gu goes mad!”

“Miss Gu killed the nurse!”

The noisy voices of the nurses and patients came to Shao Tianze’s ears.

Hearing the words, Shao Tianze quickened his pace. In moments, he arrived at Gu Changle’s ward and rushed in.

Gu Changle’s hands were covered with blood, and she was frowning neurotically.

It seemed that she suddenly came around. Seeing that Shao Tianze was standing at the door, she stood up and rushed to him, exclaiming, “What should I do, Tianze? I killed someone. No, no, no, I killed a ghost! Song Yunjia, the bitch was here to kill me. I killed her! Did you see her body? Someone carried her out for rescue!”

Hearing Gu Changle sputtered, Shao Tianze frowned thoughtfully.

What was Gu Changle raving about? Was she insane, too?

Shao Tianze frowned, wondering.

However, years of working in the hospital made him sensitive to the smell of blood.

He slightly lifted his hand under his nose. Then he held Gu Changle and pushed her away from his arms, asking, “Come around now?”

“Song Yunjia is back!”

Her eyes were full of fear.

Hearing her words, Shao Tianze signed quietly.

How could Gu Changle’s mental state become so bad? Was she really insane?

He had mixed emotions. At the moment, the doctors who heard about it rushed to him.

Since it was quite serious, the dean of the People’s Hospital rushed here. Seeing Gu Changle was in Shao Tianze’s arms, the dean said awkwardly, “Tianze…”

Since Shao Tianze had worked in People’s Hospital for many years, the dean was used to greeting him by name.

Hearing it, Shao Tianze looked up. When he recognized that it was the dean, he said, “Changle is in poor condition. Please find a doctor for Changle.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, the dean was going to call Tan Yi.

However, the nurse beside the dean whispered to him one step ahead, “Doctor Tan carried the injured nurse for an operation.”

The dean opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

However, Shao Tianze took no notice of it. Moreover, he said, “Dean, you don’t need to call Director Tan. I want someone from the Psychiatry Department.”

Gu Changle was in Shao Tianze’s arms. Hearing this, she looked up at Shao Tianze in disapproval, questioning, “What do you mean? You think I’m nuts?”

“Calm down, Changle. I’m doing it for your own good.”

“For my own good? You do think I’m nuts, don’t you?! Tell you what, I’m not crazy. I’m fully conscious. What I saw is real! Song Yunjia did come back!”

Gu Changle wanted to keep explaining herself. However, Shao Tianze had already turned to look at the dean and lowered his voice, “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m on it. I’m on it.”

The dean hastily told the nearby nurses to call the doctors from the Psychiatry Department.

Shao Tianze pushed Gu Changle away from his arms, coaxing her, “Do the test first. Then let’s talk about what happened today.”

“No, I want to talk about it now. You listen to me…”


Shao Tianze called the dean.

Seeing that Shao Tianze pushed Gu Changle away from his arms, the dean hesitated.

However, when seeing Shao Tianze’s eyes, he called the nurses who rushed here, “Take Miss Gu to the Psychiatry Department to do a test.”

Hearing that, the nurses standing behind nodded and went to take Gu Changle’s arms.

Being pulled by the nurses, Gu Changle instantly flared up, scolding, “Get lost! How dare you! Get off me! Get off!”

Gu Changle struggled fiercely and wanted to shake them off.

However, as the dean told them to do so and Shao Tianze showed no inclination to stop them, they pulled her to the Psychiatry Department with greater vigor.

After the nurses pulled Gu Changle out of the ward.

Shao Tianze raised his hand and rubbed his brows. Then he said tiredly, “It’s a bit complicated. Let’s talk in your office.”

Now, Shao Tianze was not the doctor of the People’s Hospital but the chairman of the Shao enterprise.

Hearing that, the dean moved out of the way and motioned Shao Tianze to enter his office.

After arriving at the office, Shao Tianze began to rub his temples right after sitting down. Then he told the dean, “Changle is now in the state of mental instability. I believe what happened today was an accident. Please help Changle, dean.”

His words were a bit obscure.

But anyone with a discerning eye could understand the meaning.

It was obvious that Shao Tianze wanted the hospital to announce that they diagnosed Gu Changle as a mental disorder because only in this way could she be exempted.

The nurse who was hurt was in the casualty, and it was hard to say whether she could survive.

If she had failed to revive and died in the hospital, Shao Tianze would not have let Gu Changle be responsible for her death.

The dean understood what Shao Tianze meant. He said in embarrassment, “Chairman Shao, isn’t it a bit…”

The dean was trying to oppose the idea as he didn’t want to do it.

However, seeing that the dean was faltering, Shao Tianze pressed his lips and looked at him, “So, you don’t want to help me?”

The dean shook his head, replying, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you. It’s because the forensic experts will come to run a check on her. I’m afraid that my phony diagnosis will be exposed. If so…”

“No need to worry. I’ll get everything ready. Just go ahead and do it.”

Hearing Shao Tianze’s firm voice, the dean had to nod though he was reluctant to do so.

Since Shao Tianze ordered him to do so, he couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to.

In this case, he could only hope that nothing went wrong.

The best scenario was that the nurse survived.

The dean appeared frightened.

Meanwhile, Shao Tianze told the dean, “If the People’s Hospital doesn’t want to be infamous in Yuncheng, you’d better suppress the thing. Do you think so?”

The dean wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead, answering repeatedly, “Yes. Yes. Sure.”

The People’s Hospital had had lots of trouble these years.

First, Gu Changge died here. On the heels of it, Gu Changle might commit homicide.

It seemed that something always happened to the People’s Hospital every time Gu Changle was here.

The dean was at a loss, frowning.

And before long, Song Yunxuan got the news.

It was not that she got the message from a doctor or a nurse who was at the scene. She got the message from Tan Yi, who had just finished operating on the injured nurse.

“Gu Changle stabbed someone in the People’s Hospital.”

Song Yunxuan slightly frowned, “Walk me through it.”

“It seemed that Gu Changle went crazy because she mistook the nurse, who took care of her, for Song Yunjia and almost killed her with a broken vase.”

“How is the nurse doing now?”

Song Yunxuan was a bit worried.

Tan Yi was a bit stupefied on hearing her question. Then he replied, “She is now out of danger.”

“That’s great.”

Tan Yi was surprised that she cared about an outsider’s condition.

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