Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 495 - Mental Disorder

Chapter 495 Mental Disorder

Song Yunxuan didn’t talk with Guo Yuyue for too long.

After about twenty minutes, they left the restaurant one after the other.

On the way back to the hospital, Song Yunxuan flicked through the documents in her hands while rubbing her temples.

She had mixed emotions.

The Gu Family did have a great property. It had taken over a good many enterprises.

The Gu’s, which was renamed the Shao enterprise, was once run and developed by her father and her.

And Jiacheng, managed by Guo Yuyue, was one of the enterprises that were later swallowed up by Gu Changge.

She had a peculiar feeling after taking over Jiacheng and being its master again.

On the way back, she had been clenching the document and reading the file again and again with her hand propping her head.

Though she did it very slowly, Mei Qi, who was driving, noticed it.

“Are you satisfied with the document, Manager Song?”

Song Yunxuan curled up her lips subconsciously, smiling, “Why not?”

It belonged to Gu Changge anyway.

It was just that it was snatched away by the heartless beast Shao Tianze.

But it didn’t matter. She would take back everything snatched away by Shao Tianze.

Even the skyscraper, which was the Shao enterprise’s property, would eventually belong to Gu Changge.

No, perhaps it should be said that it would belong to Song Yunxuan.

She couldn’t wait to see Shao Tianze end in calamity after his plan failed.

Thinking of this, her serious headache subsided a lot.

Seeing Song Yunxuan smiling from the rearview mirror, Mei Qi knew that Song Yunxuan must be happy now.

He could see that her target had always been the Shao enterprise.

She was willing to do anything that harmed the Shao enterprise.

And she did it with great pleasure.

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the hospital, Chu Mochen had already been there.

The nurse turned pale with fear as she knew that Chu Mochen found out she was cheating him.

No sooner had Song Yunxuan entered her ward than she saw the nurse clench her fingers as if she was waiting for Chu Mochen to direct his anger at her.

“What’s wrong?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s voice, Chu Mochen turned to look at her, and his eyes were full of worries, “Where have you been?”

Seeing the worry in his eyes, Song Yunxuan remained silent for a moment.

She felt that she had mixed emotions.

This man was worried about her safety.

She felt happy about it.

Unlike her heartless ex-husband Shao Tianze, who murdered her?

Thinking of Shao Tianze, she swallowed the weakness in her eyes.

Then she smiled and looked at Chu Mochen, replying, “I went out for some business just now.”

“Who allowed you to go out?”

Chu Mochen’s voice was cold.

Though he was worried about her, he was angry with her behavior.

“It was my own idea.”

Chu Mochen frowned and turned to look at the nurse beside him.

Seeing Chu Mochen’s gaze, the nurse wanted to apologize because she knew that Chu Mochen would blame her.

However, Song Yunxuan spoke before her, “The hospital is yours, and I’m your fiancee. If I insist on going out, no one can stop me including the dean. Is that right?”

Since a dean was not able to stop her, not to mention a nurse.

Chu Mochen understood what Song Yunxuan meant.

It was clear that she didn’t want Chu Mochen to blame the nurse.

Chu Mochen pressed his lips, replying, “Next time, tell me if you want to go out.”


Song Yunxuan nodded in agreement. Then she winked at the nurse to leave the ward now.

The nurse understood it and immediately rushed out of the ward.

Seeing that, Chu Mochen grabbed Song Yunxuan’s wrist, “I think I have to get you a new nurse.”

“This one is good.”

“Good? Helping you to deceive me?”

Chu Mochen was in a fit of anger.

Seeing that, Song Yunxuan felt a bit amused.

She couldn’t help chuckling.

Seeing that she was chuckling and recalling that she sneaked out of the hospital, Chu Mochen questioned unhappily, “Are you cheating on me?”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan burst into a laugh.

Then she waved the file in her hand and replied, “I went out for this.”

She lifted the file.

Seeing that there were no words on the file, Chu Mochen took it over skeptically.

Seeing that he took over the document and opened it, Song Yunxuan went to sit on the bed, waiting for him to finish reading.

Chu Mochen’s reading speed was actually very fast. He could race through it, so it didn’t take long before he finished.

However, the document was of great importance, making him surprised and skeptical.

And the suspicion made him read slower.

Seeing that he was frowning, Song Yunxuan said smilingly, “I need you to see if there is a sharp practice in it.”


Before Song Yunxuan spoke, he had gone through every single item of the agreement.

He did suspect that there was a sharp practice in the agreement. However, after finishing reading it, he found that it was an ordinary share-transfer agreement.

Chu Mochen folded the document and put it back into the file.

Then he sat next to Song Yunxuan, held the file, and asked her, “Guo Yuyue gave this to you in person?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “You bet.”

Chu Mochen lowered his head and returned the file to Song Yunxuan, “You win.”

Shao Tianze hadn’t realized that she got sixty percent of the shares of Jiacheng.

Such wealth made people jealous. However, it also made people marvel at her painstaking effort and thorough plan.

Song Yunxuan was definitely not an innocent little girl from Qingcheng Town.

Chu Mochen was frowning.

Seeing that he was frowning and thinking about something else, Song Yunxuan gently stroked the hair on his forehead, saying, “Why are you always frowning? You’ll have wrinkles if you always do it.”

“Clear it up for me.”

Chu Mochen held Song Yunxuan’s fingers and put them between his eyes.

Seeing that he fixed his eyes on her face, Song Yunxuan felt confused. But she still helped him to clear up his wrinkles with care.

“How is Guo Yuyue doing now?”

“Look great.”

“If Shao Tianze knows about it, he will show no leniency towards Guo Yuyue. And he will do everything in his power to obstruct your plan.”

“Have I ever been afraid of trouble?”

She asked him.

Words failed him.

Song Yunxuan was never a woman fearing trouble.

Besides, every single one who offended her paid the price.


Hearing that, Song Yunxuan gave a smile, replying, “No need to worry about me. If Shao Tianze wants to fight against me, I’ll satisfy him.”

Until death.

Though she said it in a gentle voice, her eyes were filled with viciousness.

She wanted to make Shao Tianze’s life miserable.

Gu Changle was not on the mend.

Shao Tianze took his responsibility to accompany Gu Changle in the hospital.

Gu Changle was happy and proud. But she felt strange that she dreamt about Song Yunjia several times after falling asleep.

She thought it was unlucky to dream about Song Yunjia.

So, she didn’t want to tell Shao Tianze about it.

Every time she woke up from her nightmare, she always cursed Song Yunjia in her heart. Song Yunjia had been defeated and lost her life. Why did she haunt her in her dreams?

Gu Changle had been in hospital for a week and felt bored in the ward.

She wanted to get out for some fresh air while Shao Tianze was not here.

However, she felt her brain was in buzz just after she put on her slippers.

And she could barely keep her balance.

Just at that moment, a nurse came in to check on her. Seeing that, the nurse hastily rushed over to help her up, asking, “Miss Gu! You OK?”

Because of the headache, Gu Changle closed her eyes. She gradually opened them while the nurse was asking her how she was doing.

However, she didn’t expect that the one who helped her up was not a nurse at all.

The one was Song Yunjia in a doctor’s overall.

“Song… Song Yunjia…”

Her lips trembled, and her blood froze right after she spilled out the name Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia looked at her worriedly and asked her with confusion in a doctor’s overall, “Miss Gu, what are you talking about?”

“You are Song Yunjia!” With this, Gu Changle suddenly thrust the nurse away.

The nurse didn’t expect that Gu Changle would suddenly thrust her away, so she staggered back a few paces.

“You bitch!” Gu Changle pointed at her, cursing. Her eyes were filled with fierceness, “You are dead! How dare you turn into a ghost to scare me! You think I’m afraid of ghosts?”

Gu Changle sneered, “I could easily kill Gu Changge, and she didn’t dare to haunt me. Who do you think you are? How dare you haunt me!”

Her voice couldn’t be clearer.

The nurse who was thrust away by her frowned and was scared by her being like this.

However, Gu Changle was not going to stop. Seeing that the nurse was too scared to move, she immediately lifted the vase on the bedside table.

“You think you are something, huh? Today I’ll kill you for good!”

Gu Changle lifted the vase and tossed it to the nurse.

Seeing that, the nurse screamed and rushed to the door with her hands covering her head.

The vase fell onto the wall next to the nurse.

Seeing that the vase didn’t knock Song Yunjia on the head and she was screaming with her hands covering her head, Gu Changle felt a bit proud, saying, “I thought you were cold-blooded enough to fear nothing after killing Gu Changge. But now look at you! Is that all you got?”

Seeing that Song Yunjia was crouching on the floor and was eager to open the door to get out, she smiled.

“You want to be a ghost again?”

She sneered, bent down, picked one piece of the broken vase, and pointed its sharp point at the nurse. Then she suddenly rushed towards the nurse, cursing, “Come for me? You shall die!”

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