Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 494 - The Deal of the Shares

Chapter 494 The Deal of the Shares

After staying in the hospital for four days, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help sneaking out.

She did it secretly, so Chu Mochen did not know.

Mei Qi followed her and saw that she sneaked out of the hospital wearing a white mask.

He felt worried, saying, “Manager Song, I suppose Childe Chu may be unhappy if he knows it.”

Speaking of age, Mei Qi was older than Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan.

He did not lack wealth, connections, or experience as he had flitted from one exotic location to another for so many years.

What he wanted right now was nothing but pleasure.

And it was pleasing to stay around Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was wearing a mask, and her fair skin appeared a bit shiny in the sunlight.

Mei Qi cast a glance at Song Yunxuan and felt that she was a beauty that was getting more and more beautiful.

It was true that the three daughters of the Song Family were all top beauties in Yuncheng, but the public was only familiar with Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunjia had been a goddess throughout her life. However, she wound up committing suicide, making her infamous.

And Song Yunying would not have been able to enjoy her life after marrying to the Xue Family without Song Yunxuan’s help.

So it appeared that Song Yunxuan was the only one that got a good life.

Song Yunxuan whipped into her car.

Mei Qi closed the door for her.

Mei Qi was the chauffeur. Song Yunxuan told him after he had got on the car, “I know Mochen will be unhappy if he knows that I sneaked out of the hospital. But haven’t you told the people in the hospital to behave themselves?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi couldn’t help smiling, “Manager Song, I’m not that powerful. The hospital belongs to Childe Chu. In that case, the people inside all work for him. Even if I want to order them to behave themselves, they won’t listen to me.”

Mei Qi’s wry smile made Song Yunxuan curl up her lips. She replied, “Since they won’t listen to you, forget about Childe Chu. Let’s go ahead with our business.”

She had deceived Du Qinger into returning from abroad.

Moreover, with the Chu’s’ help and the relevant clues, she had successfully put Du Qinger into prison.

It could be said that Guo Yuyue’s son, who was mown down, got revenge.

Though Du Qinger was not sentenced to death, the petulant young lady would wish she had been dead after going to jail.

Song Yunxuan had promised to Du Youyu that she would not let Du Qinger be bullied in prison.

However, she didn’t say that she would protect Du Qinger.

So, Du Qinger’s life in prison would be either in the hands of Guo Yuyue or the Du Family.

However, she needn’t worry about that now.

Now, what she needed to do was to get Guo Yuyue’s share that she promised to give her.

After arriving at the hospital where Guo Yuyue stayed, Song Yunxuan was told by a doctor that Guo Yuyue had left.

She frowned and pondered for a moment. Then the doctor asked her in a low voice, “Need me to call Chairman Guo?”

“Sorry to trouble you.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Song Yunxuan could guess that Guo Yuyue told something to the doctor before leaving the hospital.

Otherwise, the doctor would not offer to call Guo Yuyue for her.

Anyway, it would have been great if she had got in touch with Guo Yuyue.

The doctor was calling Guo Yuyue. In moments, the phone was connected.

The doctor handed the phone to Song Yunxuan, saying, “You are wanted on the line.”

Song Yunxuan expressed her gratitude, took the phone and put it on her ear. Then she heard Guo Yuyue’s voice.

“Are you available tonight, Manager Song?”


“How about meeting in the Mingzhu Sky Restaurant at eight o’clock?”

“I’ll be there.”

Guo Yuyue gave a smile, “OK.”

They were both clever and knew what this call was for.

So they could understand each other in a few words.

Song Yunxuan had got what she wanted.

After returning the phone to the doctor, Song Yunxuan prepared to leave.

Just at that moment, a nurse pushed the door open and entered, telling the doctor, “Chairman Shao is here.”

“I see. I’ll be right there.”

With this, the doctor turned to Song Yunxuan and excused himself, “Sorry, Miss Song. I have to go.”

“It’s OK. I’m leaving now.”

Song Yunxuan prepared to get out of the office with the doctor.

The doctor hesitated before opening the door, advising Song Yunxuan, “Or maybe you can stay here for a few more minutes, Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan smiled and replied in a gentle voice, “Why? Are you afraid that Shao Tianze may see me?”

The doctor frowned in embarrassment.

Of course he feared that Shao Tianze might see Song Yunxuan.

But he couldn’t point it out.

Seeing that the doctor felt embarrassed, Song Yunxuan didn’t press him. Instead, she agreed, “I’ll wait in your office for a while, and then I’ll leave from the back door of the hospital.”

She understood why the doctor wanted her to do so.

And she felt it was right for him to be worried.

Because if she had come across Shao Tianze, something would have been exposed and her plans would have been affected as well.

However, she could not stay in the hospital for too long because it was possible that Shao Tianze would come to the doctor’s office when they talked.

If Shao Tianze had seen her in the doctor’s office, things would have been more complicated.

She pressed her lips and waited patiently in the office for ten minutes.

Then she opened the door and left through the back door of the hospital.

Sure enough, Shao Tianze advised the doctor to talk things over in the office after Song Yunxuan left, “We can’t talk things over here. How about going to your office? Then you can show me Guo Yuyue’s medical record.”

The doctor felt a bit embarrassed. But he believed Song Yunxuan was clever enough to leave the office.

So he nodded, replying, “OK. Please.”

Shao Tianze didn’t notice the doctor’s hesitation.

Shao Tianze was now thinking about how to set up Guo Yuyue as he was displeased with her.

He wanted to take back Guo Yuyue’s share, but Guo Yuyue didn’t let him have his way.

Not only didn’t she give him her share but she also did not abandon the company affairs.

It made Shao Tianze upset.

He came to the hospital because he wanted to get some clues from Guo Yuyue’s medical record.

If he could let Guo Yuyue return to the hospital and stay here for a while, that would have been great.

Shao Tianze went to the doctor’s office with the doctor. Before opening the door, the doctor was panicked.

He feared that Song Yunxuan was in there.

Luckily, he caught a break.

After opening the door, he found that Song Yunxuan had already gone.

The doctor immediately felt relieved.

Otherwise, if he had let Shao Tianze and Song Yunxuan meet each other, it would have been terrible.

“Let me show you Chairman Guo’s medical record.”

The doctor entered to look for Guo Yuyue’s medical record.

In moments, he found it.

He handed it to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze took it, and he narrowed his eyes while flicking through the medical record and the checklist.

Song Yunxuan sneaked out from the hospital in the afternoon.

She let the bodyguards stay in the hospital, creating the illusion that she was in her ward.

And she told the nurses that took care of her to stay out of it.

Moreover, she promised that she would return before Chu Mochen found she was missing.

However, her original plan was to meet Guo Yuyue after sneaking out of the hospital.

But as she had made an appointment with Guo Yuyue, Chu Mochen might find that she was missing.

Because Chu Mochen would see her in the hospital in the evening.

Not to mention eight o’clock.

At about seven o’clock, a nurse in the hospital called Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, when will you be back?”

“Anything wrong? Has Mochen arrived?”

“Not yet. I’ve heard that Childe Chu has a meeting today and will return a bit later. But Miss Song, you should be back now. It’s already seven o’clock. I’ll be blamed if Childe Chu finds that you are not in the ward.”

The nurse was a bit worried.

Song Yunxuan smiled, replying, “Don’t worry. If anything goes wrong, I’ll take responsibility for it. Tell him that I go for a check if he arrives.”

“Mmm, all right…”

After telling her nurse what to do, Song Yunxuan hung up the phone.

She arrived at the Minzhu Sky Restaurant half an hour earlier and ordered a cup of coffee.

Coincidentally, Guo Yuyue also arrived half an hour earlier regardless of the appointed time.

It surprised Song Yunxuan.

In this case, she could return to the hospital earlier after finishing the business. And Chu Mochen would not know that she sneaked out of the hospital.

“Have you been feeling better, Chairman Guo?”

Hearing the question, Guo Yuyue gave a bitter smile, “Yeah. But I’ve heard that you have been feeling unwell lately.”

Song Yunxuan frowned, asking, “How do you know it?”

“You are Childe Chu’s fiancee and a celebrity in Yuncheng. Those who adore Childe Chu naturally keep a close eye on you.”

Song Yunxuan felt that the one who kept a close eye on her was not Chu Mochen’s fans.

The ones who had been watching her closely must be Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

With this, Guo Yuyue put the kraft paper bag she brought onto the desk and pushed it to Song Yunxuan, saying, “You only need to sign on it.”

Song Yunxuan took the kraft paper bag and drew out the document inside. After taking one glance at it, she signed her name in the right place.

Her quick move slightly stupefied Guo Yuyue. Guo Yuyue smiled, asking, “Why so fast? You don’t suspect the authenticity of the document?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t cast doubt on it, replying, “I don’t think you will play jokes on your son.”

She had done the things Guo Yuyue asked her to do.

So Guo Yuyue would not play dirty in this document.

Because Song Yunxuan was the one who brought the criminal who murdered his son to justice.

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