Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 493 - Xuanshui Dragon King

Chapter 493 Xuanshui Dragon King

Song Yunxuan sat on the bed for a while. The nurse came in and checked her temperature and blood pressure.

Song Yunxuan reached out her arm.

However, she did not notice when the nurse started the measurement and when she left.

What was in her mind was that Mei Qi went to Thailend.

She was wondering whether she should go to Thailend since Chu Mochen and Mei Qi had been there.

Song Yunxuan frowned with silence.

It wouldn’t take long from Yuncheng to Thailend by air.

Leaving in the morning, Mei Qi arrived at the White Dragon King temple at noon.

He needn’t meet White Dragon King. He just needed to find Xuanshui Dragon King.

He had been to many countries and once met many young generations of wealthy families.

However, the only one worth remembering or caring was Gu Changge, the eldest daughter of the Gu Family.

Mei Qi always thought that woman would have a great future and never stop at the age of her thirty.

She should have greater ambition and better development.

But she died without any foreboding.

Mei Qi pursed his lips. He walked towards the Xuanshui Dragon King’s residence following the map.

The local passerby had been familiar with outsiders. They were even more enthusiastic towards people like Mei Qi who could speak the local language fluently.

When Mei Qi was not familiar with the direction, he would stop and ask the local residents passing by.

After asking for the third time, he finally found Xuanshui Dragon King’s residence.

Xuanshui Dragon King was not as famous as his master White Dragon King. But he was White Dragon King’s student anyway. There were a lot of people coming to him.

As soon as Mei Qi entered the door, an Amarican followed and came in, speaking in the bad local language.

Xuanshui Dragon King was in the house. Outside was a pretty Thailend girl. She was telling the Amarican to keep the order of arrival.

However, the Amarican had deep pockets. He took out a stack of dollers.

The little girl frowned, showing her dissatisfaction with his conduct.

But Mei Qi smiled and made a gesture, signaling that the Amarican could go first and he was willing to wait outside.

The Amarican saw that. He swaggered forward and walked straight in without any appreciation.

Mei Qi saw the Amarican walking in. He couldn’t help laughing.

It did not matter to wait for a while since his question would make Xuanshui Dragon King struggle.

He waited outside for about half an hour before he saw the Amarican in a pale face left with an amulet in his hand.

He was not as arrogant as before.

The Thailend girl said to him gently, “Sir, it’s your turn.”

Hearing the invitation, Mei Qi got up and walked in.

It was wet and hot in Thailend. The room was decorated in a typical Southeast Asean style.

There was a curtain in front of Xuanshui Dragon King.

Mei Qi did not care about the appearance of the person opposite him. He was eager to know whether his suspect was true.

“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“I’m from Yuncheng.”

Hearing the place, Xuanshui Dragon King behind the curtain opened his eyes gradually.

“You probably know what I want here.”

As he expected, Xuanshui Dragon King pursed his lips slightly, “Mr. Mei, you can just say it.”

Mei Qi smiled, “Since you said so, I’m asking you directly. I am wondering why Song Yunxuan has a headache.”

Xuanshui Dragon King fell silent.

When the Chu Family came to him, Chu Mochen had told him not to reveal it.

Now someone came here, which made him distressed.

“As long as you can tell me…”

“Mr. Mei, what else can I help you except this?”

Xuanshui Dragon King’s words had politely and clearly expressed that she would not reveal any messages about Song Yunxuan.

Mei Qi was interrupted by him on the spot.

Mei Qi frowned. The smile on his face faded away.

“I won’t ask you anymore if you don’t want to say it.”

Xuanshui Dragon King was White Dragon King’s student, who had never let out the news.

As a student, Xuanshui Dragon King would follow his master. He would make his point and that was the end of it.

Mei Qi looked at Xuanshui Dragon King, “I have my final question.”

“Please go on.”

“Is her life in danger?”

Mei Qi’s question made Xuanshui Dragon King frown. He kept silent without any words.

Mei Qi was not anxious as he did not get an answer. He stood up and said, “Since you can’t tell me, I’ll leave.”

Xuanshui Dragon King let the Thailend girl send him out.

Before he left, Mei Qi turned around to see Xuanshui Dragon King.

Xuanshui Dragon King did not tell him anything specifically.

But he could see Xuanshui Dragon King’s expression clearly through the chink in the curtains.

As long as he could see his expression, it did not matter whether he could hear the answer.

Because he could get the answer from Xuanshui Dragon King’s expression.

Mei Qi turned his gaze back and left Xuanshui Dragon King’s house.

He did not get anything useful from this trip. However, it was enough for him to know Song Yunxuan’s situation.

When he asked whether Song Yunxuan was in jeopardy, Xuanshui Dragon King did not answer.

But he frowned.

In other words, Song Yunxuan was in jeopardy.

Mei Qi was confused about why Song Yunxuan’s life was in danger.

If someone had hated Song Yunxuan so much that they had her tame head, Chu Mochen would have solved it since he had invited the powerful person from Thailend to help her.

However, Song Yunxuan’s symptoms did not get improvement. It meant that Song Yunxuan did not get tame head.

So, what was the deadly point on Song Yunxuan?

Mei Qi was really puzzled.

Song Yunxuan had found Mei Qi’s trace in Thailend.

The secretary on the phone said, “Assistant Mei went straight to Xuanshui Dragon King’s house after he arrived in Thailend. He stayed there for about an hour before he left for the airport directly. He will probably come back tomorrow.”

“Don’t let others know that we checked his whereabouts, besides him.”

“Yes, Manager Song.”

Song Yunxuan did not hang up until she heard the answer.

Song Yunxuan rubbed her eyebrows.

Chu Mochen’s voice rose, “Does your head still hurt?”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s voice, Song Yunxuan raised her head and frowned, “Why are you coming and going like a shadow?”

Chu Mochen probably had known that she was tracking Mei Qi.

She had wanted to keep it a secret.

“Did you check Mei Qi’s track and want to hide it from me?”

Chu Mochen got the point.

Song Yunxuan frowned slightly, “You know too much.”

“I’m yours. Isn’t it normal to know more?”

Song Yunxuan rubbed her eyebrows with her fingers helplessly, “I have a terrible headache. Let the hospital prescribe me some painkillers.”

Her head was so painful that she could hardly think. It was hard for her to fall asleep when she closed her eyes and lay in bed.

Therefore, she just sat on the bed instead of lying down.

“It does harm to your health to have painkillers.”

“My body has turned into this. What else can it be?”

If her head had continued aching, Song Yunxuan would have been willing to have a craniotomy in the hospital to see what was in her head and what made her head hurt so seriously.

“I will have someone to prescribe.”

Chu Mochen turned around to go out.

Arriving at the doctor’s office, he asked coldly, “Why doesn’t she get better at all?”

Being asked like this, the doctor was awkward, “We have made all kinds of examinations. There is nothing wrong. The doctors in our department have already discussed it.”

“The result?”

“It confuses us.”

It meant that they had no results.

Seeing Chu Mochen frowning, the doctor was somewhat anxious, “Childe Chu, don’t worry. Since Miss Song’s physical indicators are normal, her symptoms won’t persist. We have invited a professor and his team from Qingda Medical School to diagnose for Miss Song. We will find the cause soon.”

“I want the solution and treatment plan to reduce Yunxuan’s headache instead of your faint attempt without any achievements after several diagnoses. Do you get it?”

Chu Mochen said this with anger.

It made all doctors present silent and anxious.

They kept silent without any words.

“Do whatever you can to reduce her pain first.”

“Yes, Childe Chu.”

It could not be concealed for a long time that Song Yunxuan got hospitalized for treatment. After all, the people in the Shao enterprise had been focusing on Song Yunxuan’s track.

Gu Changle was busy in malingering for more caring from Shao Tianze.

While Shao Tianze cared about her, he also began to worry about Jiacheng.

Shao Tianze had come to Guo Yuyue for many times. He hoped that Guo Yuyue could drop everything to Lu Yue. But he did not succeed.

Guo Yuyue was so stubborn that she returned to Jiacheng for work soon after she got better.

Moreover, Lu Yue, the one he fancied, was caught out by Guo Yuyue after she returned to Jiacheng.

Guo Yuyue always had no mercy for her competitors.

After she caught Lu Yue, she reported it to the headquarters without hesitation.

Shao Tianze had been pressing it without handling it. He just suspended Lu Yue from her duties.

Finally, it came to Gu Changle’s ears.

In order to accompany Gu Changle in the hospital, Shao Tianze took some documents of Shao enterprise to the ward.

Gu Changle saw the document that recorded Lu Yue’s corruption and bribery in Jiacheng.

Gu Changle pursed her lips. It was a great opportunity for her to make a name for herself in the Shao enterprise.

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