Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 492 - Went to Thailend

Chapter 492 Went to Thailend

Song Yunxuan had a terrible headache, so she didn’t know what Chu Mochen and the Xuanshui Dragon King talked about after leaving.

However, she knew her headaches were a little bit strange.

Mei Qi had been with Song Yunxuan in the hospital.

Seeing that Mei Qi didn’t want to leave, Song Yunxuan told him in a low voice, “There is nothing wrong with me. You should go back.”

“My boss is sick. Isn’t it normal for me to be by her side? Why are you rushing to drive me away?”

Mei Qi was determined not to leave.

After talking about Mr. Yao with Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan lay down to sleep.

Chu Mochen had not returned yet. Mei Qi was sensible. Seeing Song Yunxuan lie down, he turned and left the room.

He accompanied her outside the ward.

After lying down, Song Yunxuan tightened her brows, thinking that Mr. Yao carried a bizarre aura.

She considered for a while and felt a little bored. Then, she closed her eyes and stopped thinking about it.

After Mr. Yao and Chu Mochen left, Mei Qi immediately called his friend in Thailend and asked, “Have anyone from Yuncheng visited the White Dragon King Temple recently?”

His friend laughed, “Everyone in Southeast Asea knows the White Dragon King’s reputation. Many Aseans visit the temple every day. I am afraid it is not easy to find out which city they came from.”

“Please help me to find it out.”

“How about the pay?”

The person on the other end of the phone negotiated about the price with Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said, “I will remit the money to you later.”

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, the person became happy, “I will investigate immediately. Don’t worry. I will find out soon. Trust me.”

Mei Qi ignored the meaningless verbal promise. After hanging up the phone, Mei Qi contemplated for some time as he stared at Song Yunxuan’s ward door.

Both Song Yunxuan and Mei Qi were not stupid. They could see that Chu Mochen’s partner coming today was a little strange.

If Mr. Yao had been Chu Mochen’s business partner, he should have brought some gifts to visit Song Yunxuan.

However, Mr. Yao came with empty hands. Moreover, after entering the ward, he kept staring at Song Yunxuan.

Although he covered up well, people still could quickly see through him as long as they observed.

Mei Qi waited for his friend’s call outside the ward.

And in the ward, Song Yunxuan closed her eyes and felt that the small whirlpool in her brain began to spin even more intensely.

When her eyes were closed, she rolled over a few times. And finally, she couldn’t help but open her eyes.

She held her head, sat up from the bed, leaned on the headboard, and thought about the latest things, frowning.

She could no longer delay Guo Yuyue’s matter.

Song Yunxuan should have met Guo Yuyue and let her fulfill her promise at the night when Du Youyu and Song Yunxuan negotiated successfully. However, it was delayed because of a headache.

She didn’t feel a pain in her head now. She should go to Guo Yuyue as soon as possible to let Guo Yuyue fulfill her promise.

Otherwise, the situation might change. What Song Yunxuan had done before would become useless.

Thinking of it, Song Yunxuan couldn’t sit still in bed. She took the coat next to her and put it on. She was about to leave.

At this moment, Chu Mochen’s voice came from outside the door.

He seemed to be talking to someone.

“Why are you still here?”

“Manager Song is the controller of the Song enterprise and my boss. I am a little worried about her, so I guard outside the ward.”

It was Mei Qi’s voice.

Song Yunxuan could hear Mei Qi’s voice. Thinking of it, she took off her coat for the time being.

Chu Mochen would not allow her to leave the hospital while she was sick.

She should quietly stay in the hospital for some days, rather than leaving the hospital at this time. Then, it wouldn’t be too late to ask for the discharge.

As she was considering, she went to bed and lay down quietly.

She waited for Chu Mochen to push the door.

After speaking with Mei Qi, Chu Mochen opened the door.

Chu Mochen didn’t like Mei Qi staying with Song Yunxuan.

However, it was true that Song Yunxuan did very well with Mei Qi’s help.

Chu Mochen didn’t have a reason to drive Mei Qi away from Song Yunxuan and had to let him continue to stay with Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes and saw Chu Mochen coming in.

She saw Chu Mochen and smiled, “Why did you come back so soon?”

Seeing her sitting on the bed, Chu Mochen walked over and stuffed the cushions behind her, “How long did you think it would take me to bid farewell to my friend?”

“I thought it would be longer. After all, the elder does not seem to be an average person.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen stopped his fingers.

He knew that it was not easy to deceive Song Yunxuan.

“What’s the matter? Do you dislike Mr. Yao?”

“He came to visit and cared about me. How could I dislike him?”

She looked up at Chu Mochen, “I’m just a little bit curious.”

“What are you curious about?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, “He looks a bit strange, and he doesn’t look like a Yuncheng native. Where is he from? Why have I never seen him at any business party before?”

Chu Mochen remained silent for a while, not knowing how to talk about this affair.

Chu Mochen knew that Song Yunxuan had always hated theories of supernatural beings. However, he still did superstitious things.

He was for Song Yunxuan’s good.

He tightened his lips and said, “I met Mr. Yao when I was abroad. It’s normal that you didn’t know him.”

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, Song Yunxuan stopped asking.

She pursed her lips and said, “Since I don’t know him, I won’t ask anymore.”

Her smile was gentle.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen felt relieved in his heart.

He didn’t want Song Yunxuan to know about the Xuanshui Dragon King, let alone those things that the Xuanshui Dragon King said would become true.

Mei Qi stayed in the hospital till night. Chu Mochen came out of the ward with a cold attitude.

Seeing that Mei Qi was still there, Chu Mochen said, “You should go back to rest. I’ll take care of Yunxuan.”


This time, Mei Qi didn’t hesitate. He stood up straight and walked towards the elevator from the ward door.

Chu Mochen frowned lightly, not knowing Mei Qi’s feelings for Song Yunxuan.

He did not allow other men to covet his woman.

He even hated that other man being with Song Yunxuan all the time.

There was a reason why Mei Qi left directly.

There was a response to his previous phone call from his friend in Thailend.

Mei Qi couldn’t answer the phone in front of Chu Mochen.

Since Chu Mochen came out of the ward, Mei Qi acted accordingly and left the ward.

After leaving the hospital, Mei Qi called his friend in Thailend.

A clear voice came from the earpiece immediately, “I have investigated for you. There was a person from Yuncheng who had gone to the White Dragon King Temple to ask for help. You know that the White Dragon King is too old to move around, so…”

Mei Qi frowned and asked him, “So what?”

“So, the White Dragon King let his student, the Xuanshui Dragon King, go to Yuncheng.”

When Mei Qi heard this, he immediately understood.

Mr. Yao, who visited Song Yunxuan during the day, was not Chu Mochen’s business partner but the Xuanshui Dragon King coming a long way from Thailend.

This news also made Mei Qi understand Chu Mochen’s thoughts.

In the end, their thoughts were the same.

Before, Mei Qi had suspected that Song Yunxuan’s headache was queer.

And Chu Mochen invited the Xuanshui Dragon King.

Mei Qi believed his suspicion about Song Yunxuan was correct.

The person on the other end of the phone didn’t hear Mei Qi’s voice for a long time and felt uneasy, “Is this news useful to you?”

“Useful. Very useful.”

Mei Qi said drily.

The other end of the phone felt relieved after hearing Mei Qi’s words.

However, Mei Qi still wanted to go to Thailend in person.

After the Xuanshui Dragon King came to Yuncheng, he would not stay long and would return to Thailend soon.

Mei Qi couldn’t meet the Xuanshui Dragon King in Yuncheng to ask about Song Yunxuan’s situation. It was better for him to go to Thailend in person to ask about it.

Mei Qi made up his mind.

He wanted to go to Thailend as soon as possible.

Therefore, he booked an air ticket for the next morning.

Mei Qi didn’t ask Song Yunxuan for the permission to leave before his plane took off.

Receiving Mei Qi’s leave request, Song Yunxuan felt strange and couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you suddenly ask for leave? Is there anything important?”

Mei Qi said jokingly, “I have an appointment with a beautiful woman. I happen to be free today. Therefore, I want to go shopping and have dinner with her. After all, I am not young and should think about marriage.”

Song Yunxuan laughed because of Mei Qi’s answer, “I wish you success.”

Mei Qi was not young. If Mei Qi had been able to have a suitable woman to marry, Song Yunxuan would have sincerely wished him happiness.

However, she did not believe that Mei Qi asked for leave to date a woman.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunxuan stopped smiling and called her another secretary in the Song enterprise, “Do you know why Mei Qi asked for leave?”

“He said he had a crucial date today.”

“Track him.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, the secretary didn’t ask anything but nodded and said, “I’ll go and investigate right now, Manager Song.”

In the Song enterprise, in addition to Mei Qi’s working efficiency was exceptionally high, the other three secretaries were also efficient.

Within half an hour, the secretary called Song Yunxuan.

“Assistant Mei has gone abroad today.”

Song Yunxuan said coldly, “How come?”

“Assistant Mei has gone to Thailend.”

Hearing her secretary said Thailend, Song Yunxuan fell silent.

Song Yunxuan had a vague idea of Mr. Yao’s occupation.

However, even if Chu Mochen and Mei Qi had doubted her identity, how could they believe such an outrageous thing?

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