Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 498 - Resignation of Guo Yuyue

Chapter 498 Resignation of Guo Yuyue

“I’ll take you back to the hospital first.”

Shao Tianze speeded up the car.

Gu Changle observed that Shao Tianze accelerated the car instead of continuing this topic. She was a little upset and said, “Did I say anything wrong?”


“Have you decided how to get Guo Yuyue out of Jiacheng?”

“I’ll think about it. It’s a matter that takes time.”

“Right, take your time. When she causes great loss to the company, you will regret not taking the initiative early.”

Her voice kept ringing in Shao Tianze’s ears.

Shao Tianze pursed his lips. Although he knew that she had good intentions, he still had some aversion to talking about such things with her.

He slightly pursed his lips and reminded her, “I’ve got everything in the company under control. You don’t have to worry about it. You should pay more attention to your health.”

“It’s true, but I hope I can shoulder your burden and give you some ideas to help manage the company, just like what my sister did…”

As soon as she finished this last sentence, she knew that she made a mistake.

The atmosphere inside the car suddenly became oppressive because of this sentence.

“Tianze, I…”

“Don’t mention that name again.”

Shao Tianze warned Gu Changle.

Gu Changle felt that Shao Tianze was upset when she mentioned Gu Changge, so she nodded and apologized to him, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

She really didn’t mean it. She just wanted to be a successful woman as same as her sister.

Although she was jealous and hated Gu Changge from childhood, it was precisely the excellence of Gu Changge that made her jealous.

If Gu Changge had been an ordinary woman and a traditional housewife who cared for her husband and children, maybe Gu Changle would not have been so jealous of her.

She would not have been so jealous that she killed her.

She straightened her lips and didn’t mention that name again on the way back.

Shao Tianze tried his best to keep it a secret that Gu Changle almost killed a nurse.

However, it was divulged after one night.

It didn’t make headlines of Yuncheng’s business newspaper, but the online forums were full of posts about it.

It was a big headache for Shao’s PR team, too.

They reported it to Shao Tianze and asked for instructions.

After all, Gu Changle was Shao Tianze’s favorite. It was highly possible that he would demand that the Shao’s PR team eliminate those remarks by any means.

However, after the inquiry, Shao Tianze replied surprisingly calmly, “You don’t have to do anything about it.”

There was no need to pay attention to those gossips.

Because the more one tried to explain, the more people felt like he was belying the truth.

When it turned out to be that way, it would attract more and more attention, and Gu Changle wouldn’t get off this crime easily.

He knew how to deal with it well.

Seeing the headlines were not about the Shao family, Song Yunxuan put the newspaper aside while having breakfast.

Chu Mochen, who was having breakfast with her, noticed her lack of interest, “Are you disappointed that Shao family didn’t make headlines?”

“A little, but maybe it’s better.”


Chu Mochen was having food while chatting with her.

Song Yunxuan had no intention to hide. She said with a smile, “Now, Guo Yuyue’s resignation letter should be sent to Shao Tianze.”

She believed that Shao Tianze would be more surprised and upset about Guo Yuyue’s resignation than Gu Changle grabbing headlines in the business newspaper.

She was right.

Less than ten minutes after arriving at the company from the hospital, someone knocked on Shao Tianze’s door.

He gently answered the door, and the secretary quickly walked in.

Shao Tianze moved his eyes from the document in front of him. Perceiving some panic on the secretary’s look, he frowned, “What is it?”

The secretary put the resignation letter on his desk and reported, “Manager Guo of Jiacheng abruptly resigned.”

Shao Tianze thought he might mishear the secretary.

However, with his sight moving down, he saw the resignation letter on the desk and realized that he had heard nothing wrong.

Guo Yuyue resigned.

Yesterday, he racked his brain to think about how he could make Guo Yuyue hand the power over Lu Yue.

Yet Guo Yuyue herself resigned overnight.

What was going on?

He had a bad premonition in his heart, which drove him to put down his pen and open Guo Yuyue’s resignation letter at once.

There were only a few words in the letter. Shao Tianze looked at them one by one.

He found that Guo Yuyue did not indicate the reasons for his resignation.

It was merely official rhetoric.

That was it.

Looking at the resignation letter that was basically free of criticism, he frowned and slapped it on the table, “Find out where she is after she resigned.”

When the secretary received his instruction, she nodded and turned to go out.

After that, Shao Tianze called and urged Lu Yue, who was being suspended, to return on duty immediately. He directed her, “Find the contracts and agreements that Guo Yuyue had problems with before.”

Listening to Shao Tianze’s orders over there, Lu Yue was confused, “Chairman Shao, is anything wrong?”

“Guo Yuyue suddenly resigned this morning. I smell something fishy in it. Could you check her previous mistakes for me?”

Although Lu Yue still held many questions, Shao Tianze had said so.

She understood that it was not good timing to ask.

She responded, “I’ll do it right away, Chairman Shao.”

Lu Yue had already on it, but Shao Tianze still felt uneasy in his heart.

Guo Yuyue suddenly resigned without his permission.

If he couldn’t find her and confront her in person, he wouldn’t have stopped doubting that Guo Yuyue schemed against him.

He tapped on the desk with her fingers several times.

In a while, the phone on the desk rang.

Shao Tianze picked it up.

Lu Yue’s voice came through with embarrassment, “Chairman Shao, Guo Yuyue is no longer in Yuncheng.”

Shao Tianze frowned tightly, “What do you mean by she is no longer in Yuncheng?”

“When I checked the previous contracts and agreements, I sent someone to Manager Guo’s house, but the house has been sold and transferred to someone else a week ago.”

Shao Tianze’s eyes narrowed, “Did you find any problem with Jiacheng’s operating capital?”

If Guo Yuyue always had this plan and suddenly resigned, she might abscond with the company funds.

If it had been the case, he would have had many ways to extradite Guo Yuyue from abroad.

Hence, he feared that Guo Yuyue did not embezzle the company’s capital.

Lu Yue seemed to have thought of this. She lowered her voice a little, “Chairman Shao, I’ve checked it. When she left, she didn’t take a dime away.”

Listening to Lu Yue, Shao Tianze’s eyelids start to twitch violently.

His bad premonition was getting worse.

“Chairman Shao…”

Lu Yue was about to say something more.

Shao Tianze interrupted, “Put an end to your vacation. Jiacheng will be under your management for the time being. Don’t mess it up.”

It was a promotion.

Lu Yue heard Shao Tianze and replied happily, “Thanks for your trust. I will do my best. You can rest assured.”

After the call with Lu Yue, Shao Tianze straightened his lips and stared at Guo Yuyue’s resignation letter in front of the office desk.

What a surprise. He thought she was tough.

He didn’t expect her to leave like this.

But why he felt that Guo Yuyue’s resignation would do no good to him any way he sliced it.

He had been on edge all day.

When he went to the hospital in the evening, he paid a visit to the injured nurse’s family.

The family was all stunned by the check Shao Tianze wrote.

So that they couldn’t speak for a long time.

Seeing their pinned-open eyes on the check, Shao Tianze knew that Gu Changle was safe.

No one hated money.

Let alone it was more than twenty million.

That nurse was still alive. Even if she had died, twenty million was enough for the rest life of her parents.

In the ward, Gu Changle saw him come and asked about the nurse’s situation. She complained, “What if she demands accountability and justice?”

“She is out of danger. She won’t die. I’ve got a lawyer to negotiate with her family.”

“How much did you give them?”

Gu Changle asked Shao Tianze.

If he had bought them off, it would have been a large amount of money. Otherwise, they wouldn’t give up.

Shao Tianze held out his fingers and made a gesture.

Gu Changle saw him stretch out two fingers and frowned, “Two million?”

“What can two million do now?”

Two million could not even buy a piece of Gu Changle’s jewelry.

Gu Changle heard Shao Tianze. Her eyebrows wrinkled with some dissatisfaction, “Do you mean you gave them twenty million?”

Shao Tianze nodded.

Gu Changle thought that they took such a huge advantage of him, “Don’t you think that’s too much? She is not dead. Why do we have to give her that much money? It’s just a piece of broken porcelain. Her life is not worth twenty million.”

Gu Changle pouted and complained.

Shao Tianze consoled Gu Changle with a smile, “Although her life is not valuable, your life is precious to me. If I don’t give them satisfactory compensation, they will send you to prison. ”

Gu Changle pursed her lips due to Shao Tianze’s consideration.

Shao Tianze saw her smile, holding her in his arms and whispering by her ear, “I will never let you go to prison, and I won’t allow anything bad to happen to you.”

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