Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 467 - The Secretary Got Drunk

Chapter 467 The Secretary Got Drunk

When seeing Liang Ziting in person, she found that he looked more handsome than he did in the photo.

At least, Shao Xue felt less worried when meeting him in person.

The reason was not that Liang Ziting appeared interested in her.

Instead, as soon as Liang Ziting saw Shao Xue, he instantly looked at her with disdain as if he realized that she was his date.

If any other girl had seen Liang Ziting’s disdainful look, she would probably explode with anger.

But Shao Xue wouldn’t.

Because from the moment Shao Xue agreed to go to the date, she hadn’t expected too much of it.

She looked at Liang Ziting, slightly puckered up her brows, and then walked to him.

Seeing that she walked towards him, Liang Ziting asked her even without standing up, “So you are Shao Xue?”

“Yep.” When answering him, Shao Xue deliberately took a look out of the franch windows.

And just at that time, she saw that Rolls-Royce which sent her here.

Liang Ziting followed her eyes and also looked out of the franch windows.

When seeing that Rolls-Royce, he instantly understood what was going on.

He crossed his legs, asking her, “Are you driven to do this?”

“You may say so.” Shao Xue admitted.

This made Liang Ziting’s mood better. He looked at Shao Xue, asking, “You don’t really want to know me and marry me, do you?”

“I have no such plans now.” It was true that she didn’t plan to get married. How could she think about getting married before she got her revenge?

No matter how, she felt that now it was too early to think about getting married before Shao Tianze paid the price for her parents’ death.

“Good. You were driven to come here anyway, so we don’t have anything else to talk about.”

“So what now?” Shao Xue asked Liang Ziting.

Liang Ziting promptly got up from his seat, took the coat on the chair, and said, “I’ve got something else to do, so I got to leave. See you.”

About two minutes after Shao Xue entered the room and sat down, Liang Ziting prepared to leave.

Feeling that Liang Ziting’s sudden move was somewhat amusing, Shao Xue chuckled.

Hearing that, Liang Ziting halted. Then he frowned and turned to look at Shao Xue, asking, “What’s so funny?”

Hearing his question, Shao Xue didn’t intend to hide anything from him. She looked up directly at Liang Ziting’s face, saying, “You are obviously unwilling to go on a blind date, yet you still came. It proves that your family put much pressure on you.”

“So what?” Liang Ziting didn’t understand why this woman laughed.

Shao Xue continued, “Since you and I are both compelled to do it, then why not cooperate a bit more to put on a good show?”

Liang Ziting felt that Shao Xue’s offer was a mystery to him, and he didn’t fancy the idea at all.

He frowned and continued walking outside, saying, “I don’t want to cooperate with you. Find someone better qualified.”

Liang Ziting’s reply was quite cold.

Hearing this, Shao Xue replied quite calmly, “Do you think you won’t have to go on another blind date after this one is over?”

Shao Xue’s words made Li Ziting halt again.

He didn’t turn around. Instead, he frowned slightly and pondered.

Shao Xue was right. Even if the date had not been successful, he would have still gone on blind dates.

Though the Liang Family was wealthy, he was not born by his father’s wife.

His father’s legal wife gave birth to the first and third son. She had given up on the second son.

And his elder brother and younger brother wished that he could marry someone and move out of the Liang Family as soon as possible.

As a result, he would have continued going on blind dates if he couldn’t have found his match.

He thought that it was a waste of time for him to have blind dates with women he didn’t know constantly, and he felt quite upset about it.

Thinking of this, he actually began to wobble.

Shao Xue turned around and saw that he was facing her without moving.

Thus she smiled and invited him, “Anyway, it’s time for lunch. How about having lunch and getting to know each other before you leave?”

Hearing this, Liang Ziting frowned and turned to look at her.

Shao Xue wore a smile, “Think about it.”

Liang Ziting didn’t think for too long.

He turned around and sat opposite to Shao Xue.

After about several seconds.

Seeing that Liang Ziting returned and sat opposite to her, Shao Xue felt quite pleased.

She pushed the menu to Liang Ziting, saying, “You may order some food now.”

Seeing that she pushed the menu to him, Liang Ziting slightly pressed his lips and opened the menu with his slim fingers.

And then he looked carefully at the names of the dishes.

Meanwhile, Gu Changle, who was waiting for Shao Xue in the car outside, had been watching closely how the date was going near the franch windows through the car window.

She was quite displeased when she saw Liang Ziting prepared to leave with the coat in his hand.

However, she didn’t expect that Shao Xue was able to make him stay when he was going to leave.

Seeing that Liang Ziting sat opposite to Shao Xue again, Gu Changle nodded in satisfaction.

Then she took out her phone and called Shao Tianze.

After receiving the call, Shao Tianze asked Gu Changle, “Problem?”

“It seems that Shao Xue is getting along well with the second young master of the Liang Family. They two have already begun to order food in that restaurant.”

“That’s great.” Shao Tianze was obviously quite satisfied with it.

Hearing that it was a bit noisy on the other end, Gu Changle questioned Shao Tianze, frowning, “Why is it quite noisy there?”

Hearing that, Shao Tianze replied, “We’re having lunch, too. After lunch, I’ll go home.”

“Has the foreign merchants signed the contract?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry.”

Shao Tianze had already dealt with the business, and Gu Changle didn’t ask him when he would return after hearing it. She just reminded him, “Don’t drink too much.”

Shao Tianze nodded and said OK.

Hearing the foreign merchants’ voices over the lunch table, Gu Changle said, “Get back to your business. I’m waiting for you at home.”

Feeling that she was being nice, Shao Tianze specially said I love you.

Then he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Changle looked down at her phone. Her eyes were filled with gloom, and she seemed to be thinking about something.

Meanwhile, Shao Tianze, who was at the lunch table, took the glass of wine from Lily Yuan’s hand, smiled at the blonde foreign merchant, and drank it down in one draught without any thought.

Seeing Shao Tianze drank the wine in one gulp, Lily Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Yet Shao Tianze felt a bit drunk after drinking several glasses of wine in the middle of the lunch.

Lily Yuan, who was next to Shao Tianze, helped Shao Tianze maintain balance when seeing that he could barely stand and asked him with concern, “Chairman Shao, are you drunk?”

Shao Tianze shook his head, replying, “No, just a bit dizzy.”

“Do you need the chauffeur to take you back now?”

Lily Yuan was being quite conscientious.

When Shao Tianze was about to nod, the foreign merchant toasted him again.

Actually, Shao Tianze didn’t feel like drink anymore.

Yet he couldn’t refuse him, so he reached out to take the glass.

But out of his expectation, Lily Yuan acted faster this time.

She promptly reached out the take the glass and said, “Chairman Shao is not feeling well. Let me drink this glass of wine for Chairman Shao.”

Shao Tianze didn’t expect that Lily Yuan would drink for him, so he was slighted stunned.

Quicker than words can tell, Lily Yuan had drunk up the glass of wine.

The foreign merchant on the other end of the table seemed to appreciate her a lot and began to praise her for her capacity for liquor.

As Lily Yuan offered to drink for Shao Tianze, the foreign merchants turned their attention to her.

It seemed that they all sensed that Shao Tianze could drink no more.

So they all poured wine for Lily Yuan and made her drink it.

Though Lily Yuan appeared unwilling to do it, she still braced herself to drink up the wine after taking a look at Shao Tianze.

Seeing that Lily Yuan appeared a bit drunk, Shao Tianze wanted Lily Yuan to leave here to have a rest.

Yet out of his expectation, Lily Yuan insisted on staying.

When she had almost drunk up every glass of wine the foreign merchants poured her, Lily Yuan could barely stand straight.

And Gu Changle didn’t call him at this time. Shao Tianze sighed and helped Lily Yuan out of the chartered room.

When they got out of the chartered room, Shao Tianze prepared to call Lily Yuan’s colleague or family.

But when he took out Lily Yuan’s phone, he found that he didn’t know the password.

He intended to ask Lily Yuan. But after asking her several times, he didn’t get any reply.

It was no use continuing asking her.

Shao Tianze was somewhat vexed.

Just at that time, Lily Yuan suddenly bent over and retched, appearing that she was about to throw up.

Shao Tianze didn’t plan to think about calling anyone at the moment. He helped Lily Yuan up and got a room in the hotel next to the restaurant.

After putting Lily Yuan onto the bed, Shao Tianze let out a breath, stood straight, and prepared to call his man.

“Tell Lily Yuan’s family to pick her up in Beichen Hotel.”

Of course, the man quickly said OK and prepared to do as he was told. Yet when he called Shao Tianze back, he said in embarrassment, “Lily Yuan works alone in Yuncheng and lives in a single flat. She has no flatmates, and her family is not in Yuncheng.”

“No friends?”

“I can’t find any.”

Shao Tianze sighed, “Then just let her stay in the hotel for the night.”

With this, Shao Tianze prepared to leave.

However, Lily Yuan, who was lying on the bed, instantly reached out and grabbed Shao Tianze’s hand as if she felt that Shao Tianze intended to leave.

Shao Tianze puckered up his brows, and he did know that Lily Yuan was drunk.

When he turned to look at Lily Yuan, he found that Lily Yuan’s face flushed with lust and she was looking at him earnestly.

Shao Tianze felt that it was inappropriate for her to act like this, so he asked her, frowning, “You OK?”

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