Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 466 - Shao Xue Went to the Date

Chapter 466 Shao Xue Went to the Date

If there had been nothing important, family servants would have never talked to Shao Xue.

It was obvious that Miss Gu wanted to talk to Shao Xue.

The servants hurriedly replied, “Miss Gu wanted you to go downstairs to see some photos.”

Recalling the date Shao Tianze mentioned to her, Shao Xue nodded begrudgingly, “I see. I’ll be right there.”

The idea should have been brought up by Gu Changle.

If not, how could have Shao Tianze suddenly asked her to get a boyfriend?

She went downstairs helplessly. No matter what, she had to see what kind of people Gu Changle brought in.

No sooner had she gone downstairs than Gu Changle’s eyes fell upon her.

Shao Xue slightly puckered up her brows.

Yet Gu Changle just smiled briefly as she enjoyed seeing Shao Xue’s unhappiness.

As long as Shao Xue felt upset, she would be over the moon.

“These are the young masters of wealthy families hand-picked by your elder brother and me. They are really nice. Come and have a look.”

Gu Changle pushed the bunch of photos aside and motioned to Shao Xue to sit down and have a look at them.

Shao Xue sat down on the sofa, and Gu Changle asked a servant to serve Shao Xue a cup of flower tea.

And the servant did as she was told.

After glancing at the china cup in front of her, Shao Xue turned to look at the young men in the photos unhappily.

She leafed through the photos.

After looking at each photo, she put all the photos in order on the desk.

Gu Changle asked her smilingly, holding a cup of rose tea, “So? Anyone pleasing to the eye?”

Shao Xue slightly opened her mouth, “I feel that I don’t need a date now.”

Gu Changle could sense Shao Xue’s unwillingness.

But she would never allow Shao Xue to refuse a date like this.

Because she wanted Shao Xue to marry someone in the shortest time.

Shao Xue was not Shao Tianze’s younger sister. So who knew what would have happened in the future if she had continued living in the Shao Family?

Instead of waiting on tenterhooks, she felt that she had better take the initiative to find an excuse and drive Shao Xue out of the Shao Family.

“I did not set you up on the blind date alone. If you don’t like it, tell your elder brother about it.”

With this, she continued drinking her flower tea.

Shao Xue was really unwilling to go on the blind date, but neither did she want to call Shao Tianze.

The atmosphere immediately became quite awkward.

Seeing that Shao Xue showed no inclination to call Shao Tianze, Gu Changle gave her an oblique look. Then she took the wireless phone and called Shao Tianze’s office number.

Hearing that Shao Tianze answered the call, Gu Changle said worriedly, “Shao Xue said that she didn’t need dates, and she wouldn’t listen to me.”

Gu Changle took the initiative to tell Shao Tianze on Shao Xue.

And it made Shao Xue detest Gu Changle’s double-dealing even more.

Hearing this, Shao Tianze said, “Let me speak to her.”

“OK.” Gu Changle slightly raised her eyebrows, and her smile became creepier. Then she turned around and handed the phone to Shao Xue, “Talk to Tianze by yourself.”

Gu Changle handed the phone to Shao Xue. Shao Xue could not refuse, so she took a deep breath and took the phone.

Actually she could almost guess what Shao Tianze was going to say to her.

He would tell her nothing but some platitudes like she should get married as she was aging.

But the words were meaningless to her.

“Shao Xue, though I can’t bear to marry you off, you should really start a relationship as you are aging.”

“But brother, I don’t want to go on a blind date. It will be so embarrassing.”

She tried her best to persuade Shao Tianze.

Yet Shao Tianze giggled when hearing this, “Come on. Don’t think of it as a blind date. You can just browse the photos and choose someone you like. Then you meet him this noon. Just consider him as a new friend.”

“But I don’t need new friends.”

Shao Xue explained.

Hearing that Shao Xue refused repeatedly, Shao Tianze pondered for a moment. Then he asked Shao Xue, “Is it because you have a sweetheart that you refused repeatedly?”


Shao Tianze didn’t listen to her explanation at all. He just said, “If there is one, Changle and I will meet him. We won’t tear you apart.”

Shao Xue felt that she could not make herself clear.

So she simply explained, “I don’t have a sweetheart.”

“In that case, choose one to meet.”

In the final analysis, Shao Tianze wanted Shao Xue to go on a blind date.

Shao Xue felt that it was meaningless to argue any further, so she nodded, replying, “Fine. I’ll go.”

Hearing that Shao Xue agreed, Shao Tianze nodded, replying, “I’m happy that you’ve come around to the idea.”

Actually, no matter she had come around to the idea or not, she had to abide by the decision made by Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

While Shao Xue was on the phone, Gu Changle had half a cup of flower tea. Then she asked Shao Xue on seeing that she hung up the phone listlessly, “Did Tianze approve of your idea?”

“I’ll go on a blind date.”

Hearing Shao Xue’s words, Gu Changle chuckled, jeering, “As we are not related, I really don’t know you well. But your elder brother knows you best.”

With this, she pushed the photos to Shao Xue again, “Pick one.”

Shao Xue was in no mood to pick one at all.

Sensing the sarcasm in Gu Changle’s tone, she felt even more upset. Thus she pointed at the first one and said, “This one.”

“Oh. The young master Liang Ziting from the Liang Family.”

Gu Changle whipped out the photo of Liang Ziting and took a look at it. Then she nodded, smiling, “You have a good taste. It can be said that his family is the richest, and he is the smartest one among those young masters. It’s just that he is the second son, so he can’t inherit much of the family property.”

Gu Changle knew well about the young master called Liang Ziting.

Yet Shao Xue couldn’t care less about how rich his family was, what he had been through, or whether he was the first son.

Anyway, she picked one randomly. She only had to skimp the ridiculous date.

After making sure that Shao Xue took a fancy to Liang Ziting, Gu Changle called the Liang Family and asked the second young master out to have a meal together.

The other end was being polite and courteous on the phone. Hearing Gu Changle said that she wanted Liang Ziting to meet Shao Xue, they took the liberty to decide for their son.

Shao Xue was not interested in dates at all, and she naturally didn’t prepare to dress up before the date.

Seeing that she was setting out without make-up, Gu Changle stopped her disapprovingly, “Shao Xue, your elder brother is quite hopeful about the date. Now are you going to blow it?”

Gu Changle’s voice was cold.

And Shao Xue couldn’t help but talk back, “I’ve never thought of blowing it.”

“Then make yourself up before leaving. What will the Liang Family think of our Shao Family if you go on a date without make-up? Can’t our Shao Family afford make-ups?”

She had long known what kind of person Liang Ziting was though he was a young master from a rich family.

He always put quality before quantity while choosing women.

His seven girlfriends were either famous models or stars. And the worst one was a TV host.

Shao Xue’s family background was better than the seven ex-girlfriends because Shao Tianze was her elder brother. However, as for appearance, even Gu Changle could not be sure whether Liang Ziting would like Shao Xue.

Nevertheless, no matter he liked this type of girl or not, she still urged Shao Xue to make herself up.

Apart from facial attractiveness, make-up could always make a woman more elegant and gorgeous.

Shao Xue had a good set of features. If she had made herself up, it would have been possible for Liang Ziting to take a fancy to her.

Shao Xue was ordered to put on make-up in her room by Gu Changle.

She felt a bit unhappy.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she impatiently put on some light make-up. Then she prepared to set out again.

Though Gu Changle was not quite satisfied with the make-up, she still took her out considering that the clock is ticking.

Gu Changle racked her brains over the blind date.

Not only did she urge her to make herself up, she also took her to do her hair and picked a suit for her.

Looking at her new look in the mirror, Shao Xue didn’t appear happy at all. Instead, she appeared totally uninterested.

If any other girl had been treated this hospitably by Gu Changle, she would have surely thought that Gu Changle was being considerate to her.

However, as Shao Xue had been living in the Shao Family for this long and had already known much about Shao Tianze and Gu Changle, how could she not know the real reason that Gu Changle urged her to put on make-ups?

She just wanted Liang Ziting to have a crush on her at first sight.

Yet the pity was that Liang Ziting wouldn’t be interested in Shao Xue during the date no matter how much effort Gu Changle put on Shao Xue.

Gu Changle took her to get her hair done and let her change into a fashionable snow-white dress.

“Liang Ziting is waiting for you at a table by the window in this restaurant. I hope you can leave him a good impression.”

Hearing this, Shao Xue nodded. Then she got off the car after the chauffeur opened the door for her.

While she was getting off the car, she swept her eyes over the seats by the window.

The restaurant had four arched franch windows.

Shao Xue saw a few guys. But she was not sure whether her date was among these guys.

Gu Changle saw that Shao Xue kept silent and look at the franch windows after getting off the car.

She worked herself up, pressed a button to lower the window, and urged, “Shao Xue, what are you waiting for?”

Shao Xue remained silent.

Then Gu Changle urged again, “Come on, move. Don’t keep him waiting.”

Being hustled by Gu Changle, Shao Xue felt a bit annoyed.

After entering the restaurant, she sensed that someone was watching her.”

Therefore, she looked up at the person who was looking at her subconsciously.

Coincidentally, she met Liang Ziting’s eyes.

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