Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 465 - Changle Caught Them Pt. 2

Chapter 465 Changle Caught Them Pt. 2

The colleagues were quite interested in the gossips in the company.

Lily Yuan’s promotion had already drawn everyone’s attention.

And there was an increased upsurge of rumors as she worked with Shao Tianze in such a revealing dress every day.

Finally, the gossip came to Gu Changle’s ears.

On Saturday morning, Gu Changle asked Shao Xue in a low voice while Shao Tianze was still upstairs, “What do you think of the secretary around Tianze?”

Being asked, Shao Xue felt a bit confused, replying, “That’s my brother’s secretary. I merely talk to her.”

As Gu Changle asked this directly, it was obvious that the question was a trap.

If Shao Xue had said that she didn’t favor the secretary, Gu Changle would have asked her why.

And if she had equivocated, Gu Changle would have taken advantage of this opportunity and brought up the thing that Shao Tianze carried on with that secretary.

And when she settled accounts with Shao Tianze, she would tell him that she heard it from Shao Xue.

If Shao Xue had directly said that she suspected the secretary wanted to make a pass at Shao Tianze, she would have been a total fool.

In such a place like Shao Family, one could have got into trouble if he had misstated one word or talked a little bit more, let alone misstated a whole sentence.

She shook her head as if she didn’t know anything about it.

Seeing that she couldn’t find out what Shao Xue knew by this, Gu Changle felt somewhat disturbed. She cast a glance at Shao Xue and then waited for Shao Tianze to come down for breakfast.

In moments, Shao Tianze walked down from the second floor in a trim suit.

Gu Changle turned to look at Shao Tianze and so did Shao Xue.

And they both found that Shao Tianze appeared more handsome and mature than usual at first sight.

Maybe it was because of the suit, Shao Xue felt that women would lose their heads over Shao Tianze today.

Seeing that Shao Tianze was dressed in such a charming suit, Gu Changle slightly narrowed her eyes and gently frowned, “Tianze, isn’t today your day-off?”

“I need to go to the company to see a client.”

“But it’s Saturday!” Sensing that Shao Tianze couldn’t stay with her for now, Gu Changle felt somewhat aggrieved.

Shao Tianze knew that Gu Changle would feel unhappy because he broke the appointment. Thus he walked to the table, held the back of Gu Changle’s head, and gave her a gentle kiss.

Being kissed gently by Shao Tianze, Gu Changle slightly puckered up her brows, grumbling, “Are you leaving? When will you be back?”

She couldn’t bear to part with Shao Tianze.

Yet Shao Tianze just gave her a faint smile, placating her, “I’ll return as soon as I finish my lunch. Tell me where you want to go this afternoon, and I’ll take you there.”

Gu Changle was quite pleased with Shao Tianze’s promise.

However, she still appeared sullen, “Have breakfast with me first.”

“He’s a major client from Californ. I got to accompany them to have breakfast.”

“Won’t you have breakfast with me?”

“Come on. Today is an exception. It won’t happen again.”

Shao Tianze spoke to Gu Changle in such a doting tone, and it seemed that he was placating a child who liked to play the women.

Shao Xue was having breakfast and listening to their public display of affection.

And she couldn’t help sighing in her heart.

Shao Tianze now treated his ex-wife’s younger sister like this. Did he ever think of his ex-wife Gu Changge?

If he had, what would he have felt?

She was quite curious about it.

Shao Xue was having breakfast at the moment. After placating Gu Changle, Shao Tianze reminded Shao Xue when he saw her, “Hang out with someone you like. It’s quite important. Don’t you forget it.”

With this, he also reminded Gu Changle, “Do remember to remind Shao Xue of it.”

Gu Changle nodded, appearing a virtuous wife, promising, “Rest assured. I’ll remind her of it.”

Having said that, she didn’t keep her promise.

Immediately after Shao Tianze left, Gu Changle returned to her bedroom without even finishing her breakfast.

After breakfast, Shao Xue went to the kitchen, took an apple, and returned to her room.

And she slowed down when passing Gu Changle’s bedroom.

And then she couldn’t help putting her ear to the door.

As soon as she did it, the door was opened a crack.

Seeing the crack, Shao Xue realized that Gu Changle didn’t close the door.

She was a bit taken aback and intended to leave quietly.

However, before leaving, she heard Gu Changle’s words from inside, “Do behave yourself. If not, you will be in real trouble.”

The words were somewhat vicious.

Shao Xue was slightly stunned.

Then Gu Changle continued, “Once it’s done, you will get a high reward. You have my word. But you have to be sure that it’s a hundred percent foolproof.”

Shao Xue had no idea what promise the other end made to Gu Changle.

After hearing it, Gu Changle appeared quite satisfied, replying, “After this, I want you to leave Yuncheng for good.”

Shao Xue puckered up her brows harder and harder.

Though she didn’t hear the whole conversation, she could guess what Gu Changle was up to just by hearing what she said just now.

She must have been setting someone up.

But the question was, who was the victim and who was the puppet?

Shao Xue couldn’t figure it out and went blank for a moment.

Just at that time, Gu Changle noticed that the door was opened a crack after putting down the phone.

She frowned and then walked to the door after locking her phone.

Hearing Gu Changle’s footsteps, Shao Xue was stupefied and swiftly moved away from the door of Gu Changle’s room.

And then she promptly hid in the neighboring room.

The neighboring room was Shao Tianze’s study.

Though the door was unlocked, most of the confidential materials were stored in Shao Tianze’s computer, and they were encrypted.

If there had been no passwords, no one could have been able to get hold of the materials stored on the computer.

Shao Xue didn’t expect to see the encrypted materials in Shao Tianze’s computer.

She just wanted to hide in the study for the time being.

She only hoped that Gu Changle could not find her.

She hid behind the door of the study.

And then she listened to what was going on outside carefully.

She thought Gu Changle walked to the door because she suspected someone was eavesdropping at the door.

Yet Gu Changle returned to her bedroom and locked the door after glancing over the corridor.

Shao Xue felt relieved.

After calming down, she took a look at the study.

As the curtain was drawn, there was little sunshine in the room.

And just because of this, the light of the room was poor.

Shao Xue trod softly into the inside of the study.

She had never been into the study before and had always felt that the study was quite small.

Yet after entering it, she found that the study was not small at all.

There were three walls of books in the study.

And Englesh books took up a whole wall.

And the other two walls were filled with books from other countries.

But there were several albums arrayed on the upper shelf.

When Shao Xue looked up at them, she even found a bit of dust.

It appeared that they had been undisturbed for quite a long time.

But next to the several albums was another album. It seemed as if it was often taken down as it was as clean as a new pin.

Out of curiosity, she took down all the albums and prepared to have a look at them.

She first looked through the albums which were covered with dust.

After opening it, she found that there were photos of Gu Changle, Song Yunjia, and Gu Changge when they were still studying in university.

And as soon as she opened that clean album, she saw the photos of two kids.

Since the two kids were born, all kinds of photos have been collected into the album.

The more Shao Xue leafed through the album, the more she saw Gu Changge.

However, she hardly saw Gu Changge’s face in these photos.

Inside, she often saw her in profile.

In some photos, she could only see her back behind the sofa on which the kids were playing.

And in some photos, she found that Gu Changge just glanced back at the kids and Shao Tianze while they were taking selfies.

And in some photos, she saw that Gu Changle was handling files while the two kids were building blocks.

It seemed that the person who took the photos inadvertently got Gu Changge, who was busy with files, in.

It was just an ordinary album.

Yet it was filled with the happiness of a family of four.

However, anyone who was familiar with the Shao Family knew that happiness was just a hilarious illusion.

Since it was just an illusion, why was the album arrayed on the upper shelf and often cleaned?

The one who arrayed it there obviously didn’t want it to be found. And the thing that it was clean proved that the person often took it down to look through it.

And the owner of the study was Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze considered Gu Changle as the apple of his eye.

So why did he always take the album down to browse?

Was it because of the two kids?

Shao Xue felt a bit confused.

And just at the time when she was wondering why, a servant’s voice came from outside, “Miss Shao Xue?”

“Miss Shao Xue, where are you?”

The servant was looking for her outside.

Then she promptly shoved the album into the bookcase and then went to the door.

Then she slowly opened the door. After making sure that the servant had walked away, she hastily got out of the study.

No matter what, she could never let the servant know that she was in Shao Tianze’s study.

After getting out, she strode to her room.

Shortly after she went into her room, she heard that the servant pushed the door open.

Seeing that the servant who came in without knocking at the door, Shao Xue frowned, appearing unhappy.

The servant also knew that she was being impolite.

So she hastily explained, “Sorry, Miss Shao Xue. I didn’t expect that you were in the room.”

“Where else can I be?”

“When I came by just now, I found that there was no one inside. So…”

Of course, she was not in her room just now.

It was just that she couldn’t tell the servant about it.

She frowned, appearing somewhat impatient, “I was in the bathroom.”

Hearing this, the servant immediately continued apologizing, “My bad. My bad. I was so worried as I couldn’t find you anywhere, so I didn’t expect that you were in the bathroom.”

Shao Xue didn’t feel like continuing talking with the servant, so she just asked her, “What is it?”

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