Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 464 - Changle Caught Them Pt. 1

Chapter 464 Changle Caught Them Pt. 1

Shao Xue was not familiar with the Public Relations Department.

After all, Shao Xue had worked in the Shao enterprise below a week.

Moreover, she worked in the Personnel Department. She hardly had a chance to know the Public Relations Department.

Thinking of this, Shao Xue asked the director of the Personnel Department, “Has Lily worked in the Public Relations Department before?”

The director shook, “Lily has been working for the Personnel Department since she was in the Shao enterprise.”

Then, why did the director of the Public Relations Department write the recommendation letter for Lily Yuan?

It made Shao Xue felt weird.

But it seemed unavailing to continue to ask the director.

When the questions were almost done, Shao Xue appreciated the director with a smile, “Thank you, director, for telling me those things.”

“It doesn’t matter. You can ask me whatever you don’t understand.”

“I will. Thank you very much.”

After this call, Shao Xue knew how Lily Yuan became Shao Tianze’s secretary successfully.

People in the company had rumored that Shao Tianze called the director of the Personnel Department for a secretary.

Among them, many people went to the director to recommend themselves. A lot of people sent him gifts and red packets.

Lily Yuan herself was a member of the Personnel Department. After receiving the recommendation from the director of the Personnel Department, she went to the Public Relations Department for another recommendation.

Other peers were working hard on the director of the Personnel Department, while Lily Yuan developed a new way and got the support from two departments. Shao Tianze must choose Lily Yuan.

Shao Xue started to admire Lily Yuan. She also asked her colleagues about Lily Yuan’s work in the Shao enterprise when she was at work.

Lily Yuan had worked in a branch of the Shao enterprise before. She was promoted to the head office because of her outstanding performance.

Few could do better than her among the employees who entered the enterprise at the same time with her.

The director of the Personnel Department appreciated this helpful assistant very much.

It was because of this that Lily Yuan got the recommendation letter from the Personnel Department easily.

Shao Xue paid attention to Lily Yuan’s success in promotion. But the rumors started to spread in the company within a week.

The most vexed rumor for the director of the Personnel Department was that Lily Yuan was so malicious that she wanted to seduce Chairman Shao.

The rumor spread thick and fast.

Even though the people in the department wanted to hide it from Shao Xue, she still heard some messages from others.

Shao Xue felt weird. Therefore, she came to Shao Tianze’s office on Friday afternoon before the weekend.

It was a coincidence that Shao Xue happened to see Lily Yuan serving coffee for Shao Tianze.

She knocked on the door and came in the office. The sweet smile on Lily Yuan’s face changed immediately as she saw Shao Xue come in.

Some antipathy appeared in her eyes.

She seemed to detest Shao Xue because Shao Xue had bothered Shao Tianze and her being alone.

Shao Tianze saw Shao Xue come in. He smiled, “Why don’t you come to me until now?”

Shao Xue had worked in the Shao enterprise for over a week. Shao Tianze had thought that she would often come to him after entering the enterprise.

He did not expect that Shao Xue not only did not come to him, but also worked hard in the Personnel Department after entering the enterprise.

Shao Xue was not the same as other generations in the rich family who Shao Tianze was familiar with. She had worked steadfastly without complaints since she was offered the position.

Even the director of the Personnel Department had praised her in front of Shao Tianze for many times.

Shao Xue smiled, “Because the weekend is coming, I want to ask for leave from you.”

“Isn’t it a holiday? Why need you to ask for leave from me?”

“A private holiday. I want to go to Long Island for two days. Therefore, I can’t stay with you at home.”

“Although I don’t mind you going out, you should consider your future when you are free. Your sister Changle finds some selections for you. You can see some pictures after work tonight, and we can see someone tomorrow.”

Shao Tianze felt helpless when she heard Shao Tianze’s words.

Gu Changle had thought of Shao Xue’s marriage to get rid of her from the Shao Family.

However, would it really help that Shao Xue got married?

Shao Tianze, with a high reputation and status, was doomed to attract many beauties.

Such as Lily Yuan.

Seeing Shao Xue and Shao Tianze talking, although Lily Yuan did not want to leave, she said with a smile to impress Shao Tianze, “Chairman Shao, I’m getting some coffee for Shao Xue.”

Shao Tianze nodded.

Shao Xue stopped her, “Lily, thank you, but I’ll leave after talking this.”

“Then you talk first.”

Lily Yuan turned around to leave.

Shao Xue saw her in a miniskirt. It was Chanel’s latest workplace suit, and the skirt fitted her long legs perfectly.

Shao Xue’s eyes fell on Lily Yuan for several seconds.

However, Shao Tianze’s attention was never on Lily Yuan.

Looking at Shao Xue, Shao Tianze went on, “What time do you think is available for you? Lunch or dinner?”

Shao Xue curled her lips, “Brother, are you arranging a date for me?”

Shao Tianze smiled, “You are not a small girl anymore. It’s time for you to get married.”

“Brother, you are so anxious to marry me. Is it because I intrude on your life with Sister Changle?”

The relations between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had been known to all.

However, when Shao Xue mentioned their life and relation, Shao Tianze frowned slightly, “Don’t talk rot!”

Shao Xue pursed her lips. She still refused, “But I don’t want to have a date.”

“Be good. Changle and I, we are looking for the most outstanding man for you. You will like him after seeing him.”

Shao Xue had hardly ever acted in pettish to Shao Tianze. But when she was forced to have a date, she couldn’t help saying to Shao Tianze, “Is there anyone more outstanding than you?”

When Shao Xue said that, Lily Yuan happened to come in with the coffee.

Lily Yuan became stunned when she heard Shao Xue’s words.

But seeing Shao Tianze’s and Shao Xue’s eyes on her, Lily Yuan smiled and said, Shao Xue, you are right. Who can be more outstanding than Chairman Shao?”

There were some compliments in this word.

But there was also some sincerity in this word.

There were few people more outstanding than Shao Tianze, but not none.

The first person crossing Shao Xue’s mind was Chu Mochen beside Song Yunxuan, who was more outstanding than Shao Tianze.

Compared with Shao Tianze, Chu Mochen was even more excellent.

Lily Yuan also knew that Shao Tianze was convincing Shao Xue to have a date. Of course, she would not defend Shao Xue.

After the compliments, Lily Yuan persuaded Shao Xue, “Although Chairman Shao is excellent, he is your brother. It is not easy for you to find someone as outstanding as him.”

“But I don’t want to have a date.”

Shao Xue pursed her lips, with sadness and unwillingness.

Shao Tianze shook, “Some of them are really good. How do you know you don’t like them if you don’t meet them?”

“But I have booked the ticket to Long Island. It will take off at nine tomorrow morning.”

Shao Tianze replied easily, “You can book the ticket whenever you want. It needn’t be on weekends if you want to go to Long Island. When you have a boyfriend, I’ll give you leave, and you can go to Europa together.

Shao Xue still wanted to refuse it.

However, Shao Tianze stopped her before she talked.

Shao Xue had no way but shut up and nodded.

Shao Tianze saw Shao Xue nod. He said, “You go back to work first. I’ll go out with Lily.”

Shao Xue nodded. She left from Shao Tianze’s office.

Before she left, she saw Lily Yuan serving coffee for Shao Tianze.

When she bent down, the low-cut outfit was particularly showy. Her big boobs were about to go out of her clothes.

Shao Xue frowned. She closed the door and left.

Lily Yuan was unlikely to be a decent secretary.

Not only did Shao Xue think so, but also the people in other departments agreed.

At the moment when Shao Xue came back to the Personnel Department from Shao Tianze’s office, her colleague came to ask her, “Did you see Lily?”

“She is my brother’s secretary. Of course, I saw her.”

People guessed that Lily Yuan tried her best to stay with Shao Tianze after she became his secretary.

Hearing her words, the colleague couldn’t help saying, “Lily is so beautiful today. Chanel’s new dress with low-cut. Don’t you think it’s special?”

The colleague’s words were clear.

It meant that Lily Yuan was to seduce Shao Tianze with those coquettish clothes.

However, Shao Xue could not say it out loud.

Shao Xue pretended that she did not understand the colleague’s words. She just nodded, “She is really pretty.”

The colleague was somewhat disappointed.

The colleague had thought this gossip would have made Shao Xue’s dissatisfaction with Lily Yuan.

As a result, Shao Xue didn’t express her dissatisfaction with Lily Yuan at all.

Shao Xue replied to the colleague. Then she came back to her work in her office.

It was for sure that Lily Yuan wanted to seduce Shao Tianze. However, it was not Shao Xue who should stop her.

Gu Changle usually watched Shao Tianze so closely. Even if she had not worked with Shao Tianze in the Shao enterprise, she must have eyes in the Shao enterprise.

The things that Lily Yuan seduced Shao Tianze would be known to Gu Changle soon.

Then, Gu Changle would deal with Lily Yuan in person.

What did Shao Xue need to tell Gu Changle?

Shao Xue opened the files that needed to be processed in front of her. Then she browsed and organized line by line to make tables.

Colleagues in the Personnel Department were still whispering to each other.

“Do you think Lily Yuan wants to get more instead of just being a secretary?”

The colleague next to her said with jealousy, “Not only her wants to. Lily Yuan shouldn’t be too optimistic. I don’t think she has this luck.”

“Yes, she might go for wool and come back shorn. Although the one in the Shao Family is in the dark, she is really something.”

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