Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 468 - Got What She Wanted

Chapter 468 Got What She Wanted

Lily Yuan looked at Shao Tianze with a red face. Her consciousness was not clear.

She pulled her neckline hard as if she wanted to pull off her clothes.

Shao Tianze saw her action and thought that if people had seen they were in the same hotel room, it might have been the talk of the city.

He put his hands upon Lily Yuan’s fingers quickly, “What’s the matter with you?”

Lily Yuan’s fingers were pressed down, and her body felt too hot. She cried out, “I feel so hot, so hot…”

She was still tearing at her clothes as she was murmuring it was hot.

Seeing her acting like this, to leave or to stay, Shao Tianze was in a dilemma.

He frowned, picked her up, and went to the bathroom.

Lily Yuan was picked up by Shao Tianze and stuck to him like a plaster.

However, he didn’t mean to be so considerate. He put her into the bathtub and turned on the water in the shower, adjusted its temperature, and drenched her with cold water.

Originally, Lily Yuan felt it was too hot. Suddenly, dousing in the icy water, she shuddered.

However, being drenched with cold water, she did not sober up completely.

Instead, with more pitiful eyes, she begged him helplessly, “It’s so hot. Help me…”

Shao Tianze didn’t move.

While pouring cold water on her with the showerhead, he called his driver.

However, as soon as the call got through, Lily Yuan climbed out of the bathtub and held Shao Tianze’s waist. She begged him in a bewildered voice, “Help me. I feel so bad.”

There was a cry in her voice.

The driver over there heard Lily Yuan’s voice, stunned.

After that, he uttered, “What can I do for you, Chairman Shao?”

“Pick me up at the Beichen hotel.”


“The sooner, the better.”

Shao Tianze hung up the phone and looked down at Lily Yuan. There was already some disgust in his eyes.

But thinking that she did it for him, he didn’t push her away at once.

However, he was very curious. What happened to her as she was acting on a high?

If she had been drugged, it must have been given by those foreign merchants who had just filled her with wine.

However, if one of those merchants had been interested in her, it would have been impossible not to take her to the hotel after giving her medicine.

He doubted.

Yet Lily Yuan seemed to be unable to control herself. Her face rubbed gently on his waist.

Shao Tianze found her annoying, pinched her chin, and raised her face.

Lily Yuan’s chin was clamped by Shao Tianze. She stunned for a moment. With a haunted look, she smiled submissively.

Shao Tianze’s eyes narrowed.

When Lily Yuan thought he would have sex with her the next second, he pushed her away.

Lily Yuan fell back into the bathtub, and she became a little startled.

She looked at him again. Yet he was ready to leave the bathroom.

As soon as she saw him leaving the bathroom, she became anxious.

Climbing out of the bathtub with her hands and feet in wet clothes, she ran after him and hugged him from the back.

Hugged by her suddenly, the impatience in his eyes became even more obvious.

“Get off me.”

Shao Tianze’s voice was full of impatience.

Yet Lily Yuan held him in her arms, remaining unmoved. She had no intention to let him go.

Shao Tianze lost his temper and was about to get her fingers off.

However, at this very moment, someone knocked at the door suddenly.

Shao Tianze pushed her away, frowned.

He thought the driver had come to pick him up, so he opened the door.

Unexpectedly, when the door opened, Gu Changle rushed in from outside.

Shao Tianze was confused that Gu Changle showed up here without any notice.

“What brought you here?”

Gu Changle didn’t say a word and went directly to the bed. There was no one on the bed. She turned around and walked to the bathroom.

Shao Tianze saw her walking towards the bathroom. He went over quickly, trying to stop her.

Gu Changle was his woman. He knew Gu Changle’s temper.

If she had seen Lily Yuan in the bathroom, he must have been in trouble.

He took two steps, grabbed Gu Changle’s wrist, twisted his eyebrows, and said, “Wait a minute.”

Gu Changle was stopped by him but did not blame him right away. Instead, she looked at him sadly, “Are you afraid of what I’m going to see?”

“No way.”

“If not, let me go inside.”

Shao Tianze wanted to find an excuse to stop her from entering the bathroom.

However, at this time, Lily Yuan went out in a bath towel, and her hair was still wet. She pushed the door open, “Tianze…”

Lily Yuan hadn’t finished speaking because she saw Gu Changle standing right in front of her.

Gu Changle opened her mouth when she saw Lily Yuan. Her expression of surprise stayed on her face for a moment. Then, her eyes were wet.

She didn’t make a big noise with Shao Tianze. Instead, she threw Shao Tianze’s hand, turned around, and ran outside.

Seeing Gu Changle running out, he ran after her right away, ignoring Lily Yuan.

After both of them went out, Lily Yuan changed her dizzy appearance and leaned against the door frame of the bathroom.

Then she reached out to the driver who came with Gu Changle, “Where’s my check?”

The driver, who was in his middle age, had been bought by Gu Changle at a high price.

For Gu Changle, nothing couldn’t be bought with money.

If there was, pay double.

The driver took out the check Gu Changle gave him in advance and gave it to Lily Yuan.

After accepting the check, she couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction.

Seeing the smile on her face, the driver warned, “Miss Gu hope you watch your mouth.”

Lily Yuan pulled up the white bath towel around her chest and replied casually, “Don’t worry. I won’t say anything with this check.”

The money was enough for the rest of her life.

She set Shao Tianze up. He would surely fire her early tomorrow morning.

At that time, she would leave Yuncheng with this check.

As long as she left Yuncheng with money in hand, she could have everything she wanted.

This thought made her more cheerful.

Shao Tianze, who ran after Gu Changle, had no idea that he was set up by her.

After Gu Changle ran out of the hotel, her mood was very unstable.

She ran a red light when crossing the road. If the speed of passing vehicles hadn’t been slow, there might have been an accident.

After Gu Changle crossed the road, Shao Tianze was too worried to care. He could only follow her across the road.

After crossing the road, Gu Changle still ran forward as if she did not want to see him anymore. She did not look back once.

Shao Tianze finally caught up with her halfway down the street.

“Changle, it’s not what it looks like. Listen to me.”

“Stop! I won’t listen to anything you say.”

Shao Tianze grabbed her arms.

Gu Changle, however, struggled violently and was not willing to face him at all.

Shao Tianze had no way to pacify her. In a moment of desperation, he pushed her to the wall beside him and kissed her.

Gu Changle was still struggling. Suddenly being kissed by Shao Tianze, she stunned.

Her eyes were also wide open at him.

After Shao Tianze kissed her, she became quiet.

When Gu Changle was kissed by Shao Tianze, she felt that he was completely irresistible.

However, she knew clearly in her heart that there was only one chance.

She set him up with Lily Yuan. Before Shao Tianze could find anything weird came up, she had to fight for the opportunity to enter the Shao enterprise to work.

Otherwise, if she had wanted to enter the Shao enterprise in the future, it would not have been as easy as now.

Shao Tianze’s lips slowly left Gu Changle’s.

Gu Changle’s arms were still held by him, and her eyes had to look at him.

However, her eyes were filled with anger and grief that could not be diluted.

Gu Changle had a pair of beautiful eyes, and they were able to show rich feelings as if they could speak.

It was this pair of eyes that attracted Shao Tianze’s attention in the beginning.

Now, looking into her eyes, he felt that he failed her.

He apologized, “I’m sorry, Changle.”

“What’s the use of saying I’m sorry now? You and that woman…”

“I didn’t sleep with her.” Shao Tianze interrupted her.

Gu Changle’s tearful eyes were stubborn and angry, “I don’t buy it. If there was nothing between you two, why would she be in the same room with you? Why would she dress like that and appear in your bathroom?”

“This is all a big misunderstanding. I’ll ask her to explain it to you when she’s sober.”

“Explain it to me?” Gu Changle was being a little sarcastic, “If you are having an affair with her, she would say anything you want her to say.”

Shao Tianze was speechless.

Gu Changle dodged from his arms and turned to go.

Shao Tianze saw that she was going to leave and reached for her immediately, “Don’t run around.”

“I won’t, and I don’t want to be with you anymore. I wanted to be with you all my life. We’ve gone through so many things, but I didn’t expect that you could still be cheating on me.”

Gu Changle pried his finger off her wrist, “I’m going back and pack my things now.”

“Changle, I have explained to you. You have to believe me, OK?”

“I don’t believe in you. Why should I believe you? If you refuse to have me by your side, to work with you, how can I believe you? How can I trust those secretaries around you?”

Gu Changle was full of grievances and discontent.

Shao Tianze looked at her face with tears and finally opened his mouth, “I let you work in the Shao enterprise as my secretary.”

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