Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 459 - Changle Was Hospitalized

Chapter 459 Changle Was Hospitalized

The public opinion was marvelous.

Sometimes, it could be easily controlled. Sometimes, however, it was not easy to get rid of public attention or stop people’s gossip.

After Song Yunxuan was judged by people in Yuncheng, Shao Tianze also became the focus of the public sarcasm.

Song Yunxuan expressed her pity and grief to her eldest sister Song Yunjia’s passing away on Monday morning.

In the report, every single word cleverly implied the public to connect this accident with Shao Tianze of the Shao Family.

Under the leadership of Song Yunxuan was Fanxing Magazine, one of the important media.

With this little guidance, the focus of the public was easily transferred to Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan did not tell the direct relation between Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia’s death. She just needed to give some hints, which could attract people’s eyes to the past and rumors between Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia had passed away. Her funeral had also been over.

However, the impact of her death would not fade away in a short time.

Shao Tianze had read the analysis of Song Yunjia’s death from Yuncheng Morning Post for three days. He had already been extremely irritable.

Just at this time, Gu Changle went downstairs with her phone. She complained to him, “You see these media in Yuncheng. They did the idle reports, and we the Shao Family are involved in it.”

After saying this, she pushed her phone to Shao Tianze with anger.

Shao Tianze was having breakfast, although he was in a bad appetite.

After seeing the media reports on Gu Changle’s mobile phone, he lost his appetite even more.

Shao Tianze put away the sandwich in his hand and turned to leave.

Gu Changle saw him going out. She was a little worried and stopped him, “You haven’t finished your breakfast yet.”

“It’s time for work.”

“I send you out.” Gu Changle was attentive and considerate.

However, when he went out to get the car and drove away from the Shao Family, Shao Tianze’s face showed little change.

Shao Tianze was clear that Song Yunjia’s death was indeed related to the Shao Family.

If the public opinion had not been held back, it would have been worse.

But if it had been held back, it would have been more obvious.

Moreover, even though Shao Tianze got a public relations team to suppress the rumor, he might not win Song Yunxuan.

Ultimately, if he had wished to stop the public opinion, he must have found the one who started it.

He did not need to think but knew it was Song Yunxuan who made it.

Shao Tianze entered the Shao enterprise. The staff nodded at him.

The secretary came over and asked him gently, “Chairman Shao, Yuncheng Morning Post had an interview appointment with you before.”

“Call it off.” Without thinking of it, he asked the secretary to turn it off.

Besides asking Song Yunjia’s cause of death, what else could they interview him?

The secretary frowned. She was a little embarrassed, “But, I have said yes for you. Chairman Shao…”

Shao Tianze had been open to special interviews with all media. Therefore, the secretary made an unsolicited proposal to accept the interview for him.

The sudden rejection this time left the secretary somewhat unclear.

Hearing that the secretary had accepted it, Shao Tianze turned his gaze to the secretary with cold eyes, “Go to the personnel department and get a three-month salary. You are fired.”

He said it simply and clearly.

After Shao Tianze said this to her, he called the human resources department, “Find me a new secretary. Find one who will not make decisions for the boss.”

Shao Tianze was in such a terrible mood that the dismissed secretary almost didn’t have the courage to intercede. Therefore, she went to the personnel department to get a salary. Then she packed up to leave.

People in the personnel department also knew Shao Tianze in a bad mood from his cold tone and voice.

When the secretary named Chi Fang packed her things, some colleagues cared for her with sympathy.

Among them, the director of Public Relations came over and saw that she was packing her things. He couldn’t help asking, “Did you quit?”

Chi Fang happened to be familiar with the director of the Human Resources Department. Being asked, she just smiled bitterly and replied, “I did something wrong and was fired.”

Hearing this, the director of Public Relations pursed his lips slightly. Then he suddenly came up with an idea for Chi Fang, “It is not easy to find a job now. You might as well intercede with Chairman Shao for another chance.”

“You didn’t see what Chairman Shao looked like at that time. What I did this time was too undesirable for him. He won’t forgive me.”

Chi Fang packed up her few things. She was about to leave with her carton.

The director saw Chi Fang walking outside and holding the box. He stepped forward and sent her out, “I will send you downstairs.”

Chi Fang nodded and walked out with him. They entered the elevator, where no one was here.

The director of the Public Relations said to Chi Fang, “It is no use intercede with Chairman Shao. But you can try to convince that one beside him to keep your job.”

Chi Fang had been Shao Tianze’s secretary for two years. Now, being told that by the director, she knew who could help her.

“You mean Gu Changle?”

“Go and find Miss Gu. You can keep your job.”

Hearing the director’s word, Chi Fang thought it made sense. She nodded and thanked him, “Thank you for your advice. I will have a try.”

The director’s words gave Chi Fang hope to keep the job.

Chi Fang did not hesitate to go to Gu Changle in the Shao Family after she left the headquarter of the Shao enterprise.

Meanwhile, Gu Changle was considering how to enter the Shao enterprise. She did not expect that Chi Fang came to her.

Hearing Chi Fang’s words, Gu Changle’s eyes lighted up.

Chi Fang saw the light in Gu Changle’s eyes. She had thought that she could change the situation.

But she did not expect that Gu Changle answered immediately, “I can’t help you with this.”

Gu Changle’s direct refusal darkened Chi Fang’s eyes.

But after these words, Gu Changle said again, “Although I can’t help you with this, I can find a new job for you.”

Chi Fang heard Gu Changle’s words, and her eyes glistened with a new light immediately.

Gu Changle saw the light in Chi Fang’s eyes. She said with a smile, “You know what? I have a clothing brand company. It is an independent brand. If you want, you can continue working in my company.”

Hearing this, Chi Fang nodded immediately. She said to Gu Changle gratefully, “Thank you, Miss Gu. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

Gu Changle wore a kind face. After sending Chi Fang away with a smile, she removed the kind smile on his face, sneering, “This secretary left at the right time.”

She didn’t want this secretary to be Shao Tianze’s secretary in the Shao enterprise at all.

Shao Tianze fired Chi Fang so that the position of the chairman’s secretary would be vacated.

Gu Changle had been free at home. Now there was such a great opportunity. If she had asked Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze would have had no reason to reject her. Right?

Thinking of this, Gu Changle felt her future was bright.

Shao Tianze was in a bad mood. In the Shao enterprise, he had been like a block of ice exuding the coldness of winter all day.

After Shao Tianze returned home, he tried to reduce his coldness, but the effect was not obvious.

Gu Changle was having dinner with him. She added dishes for him and asked him, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Shao Tianze shook his head, “No.”

Gu Changle clamped the dish into his bowl and said gently, “Try this. This is what you like.”

Shao Tianze looked at the steamed fish in the bowl. He smiled lightly and thanked Gu Changle.

Gu Changle saw Shao Tianze in a better mood. She said, “Today, a girl called Chi Fang came to me.”

Gu Changle said the name Chi Fang, which attracted Shao Tianze eyes.

Seeing Shao Tianze watching her, Gu Changle smiled, “Chi Fang said that she was your secretary.”

Shao Tianze nodded. Wiping his mouth, he asked her, “Why did she come to you?”

Actually, without asking, he had known why Chi Fang came to Gu Changle.

Chi Fang had just been fired, but the salary of chairman’s secretary in the Shao enterprise was so high that she was reluctant to leave.

Chi Fang came to Gu Changle because she wanted to seek help from Gu Changle and let herself go back to her position.

Gu Changle did not keep Shao Tianze guessing. She said directly, “Isn’t it obvious? Chi Fang doesn’t want to leave the Shao enterprise. She expects me to intercede for her.”

Shao Tianze watched Gu Changle. He said, “Chi Fang has been my secretary for two years. I don’t want to fire her either, but she has been working absentmindedly recently. She made decisions before I knew it. I have reminded her of it many times, but she did not change her ways.”

These words were clear and plain, which meant that he was unwilling to forgive Chi Fang anyway.

Let alone let Chi Fang go back to her position.

Gu Changle heard his words. She looked pity, “I have promised her to keep this position for her. However, hearing your words, I don’t think it necessary for Chi Fang to be your secretary, either. No wonder you are in a bad mood with such a secretary by your side.”

Gu Changle saw that Shao Tianze had finished his meal. She got up from her seat. Then she took the soup spoon and filled Shao Tianze with a bowl of seafood soup, “After dinner, have a bowl of soup. I think this soup is not bad.”

Gu Changle got up to serve Shao Tianze with soup. Her slender fingers grabbed the soup spoon. Her gentle movements made Shao Tianze feel refreshed and happy.

However, she held the spoon with her fingers. The spoon of soup had not been poured into Shao Tianze’s bowl.

Her body shook, and all the soup in the spoon was spilled.

When Shao Tianze saw the soup spilled, he immediately asked her nervously, “What’s going on?”

Gu Changle shook her head lightly. She tried hard to stand up straight, but in the end she couldn’t stand it. As soon as she loosened the spoon in her hand, her body tilted.

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