Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 460 - Chairman's Secretary

Chapter 460 Chairman’s Secretary

Song Yunxuan knew that Gu Changle was hospitalized almost at the same night.

Song Yunxuan had just finished dinner and was about to go for a walk with Chu Mochen.

At that time, Shao Xue made a phone call and informed her that Gu Changle was admitted to the hospital.

She added that Shao Tianze specifically called her back from the branch to take care of Gu Changle.

This made Song Yunxuan think Gu Changle might be in a severe condition this time.

However, when Shao Xue, who rushed back overnight, met Gu Changle.

She found it was a total lie.

When she came back from the branch office, it was already three at night.

Gu Changle had woken up, and Shao Tianze was taking care of her.

Seeing them together, Shao Xue felt like a third wheel there.

She planed to leave after having a little chat with them.

Unexpectedly, when she was about to step out, Shao Tianze uttered, “Shao Xue, you don’t need to go back to the branch office.”

Shao Xue startled slightly and did not understand what he really meant.

Yet Gu Changle interrupted before Shao Xue could ask back.

“Thank you for coming back for me, Shao Xue. I’m all good now. You should go home and get some rest first.”

Gu Changle smiled kindly, and Shao Tianze nodded.

Shao Xue knew that it was just an excuse Gu Changle found to send her away and to speak with Shao Tianze privately.

Shao Tianze also knew that Gu Changle had something to say as she interrupted the conversation abruptly.

After Shao Xue left, he announced his decision first, “Now I have a secretary vacancy. I don’t trust others. I’d like Shao Xue to fill that position.”

Gu Changle was right about that he was meant to let Shao Xue be his secretary.

She objected immediately, “She’s the least suitable candidate for the position.”

She brought up the old story again, reminding him to guard against Shao Xue, “Tianze, I know you care about your sister, but you should always remember how her parents died.”

As expected, Shao Tianze turned cold when he reviewed the death of Shao Xue’s parents.

“I also want to believe in her, but… what if she finds out the truth? It might be a huge mistake. Besides, think about what we had done to Song Yunjia.”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips, remaining silent.

Gu Changle was aware of that he realized how dangerous it was. She started to persuade him, “Tianze, you know many people. It’s not hard to find yourself a good secretary. Why it has to be Shao Xue?”

Shao Tianze said nothing but started to screen out the perfect candidate in his mind.

Gu Changle was going to say more. However, Shao Tianze said, “Well, you are still sick. Go bed and get some sleep.”

“What about the secretary position?”

“I will be prudent. But I am not going to let her go back to the branch office. She shall stay in the head office.”

Although Gu Changle opposed this decision as well, she knew she had gone as far as she could when she persuaded him to cross Shao Xue out for the secretary position.

If she had insisted on not allowing Shao Xue to enter the head office, it would have shown that she was making it personal with Shao Xue.

She had to shut up and did as he said, closing her eyes.

Shao Tianze stayed by her side all night. She slept well that night.

She felt that Shao Tianze’s love for her had always been the same.

When she saw him dozing by her bed in the morning, she even felt a kind of complacency that could not be ignored.

Even if it was just a few days after Song Yunjia’s death, Shao Tianze did not have any mood swings.

From this point, it was enough to see what Song Yunjia really meant to him.

In truth, Song Yunjia was not that important in his heart.

Because he did not feel sorry for her even if she was dead.

His favorite and most valued woman was always her, Gu Changle.

Thinking of this, Gu Changle became quite cheerful.

She reached out and touched his cheek.

Shao Tianze was startled and woke up.

When he woke up, he saw Gu Changle’s fingers touching his face. He raised his hand gently, held her wrist, and asked her softly, “How do you feel today? Still feeling sick?”

Gu Changle shook her head, “I feel much better.”

They were about to make out a little bit in this quiet morning. Unexpectedly, someone knocked on the ward door suddenly.

Gu Changle was not happy about it, but she couldn’t show it. She reminded Shao Tianze, “It’s the doctor on his daily ward rounds.”

Shao Tianze nodded, “I’ll get it.”

He opened the door. He thought that he would see the doctor who was in charge of rounds.

But as he opened it, he only saw Shao Xue, who was standing outside the door.

Shao Xue was carrying the breakfast she had just bought, which was still warm, “Brother, is Sister Changle awake? Is she feeling better today? ”

She showed such concern about Gu Changle, but Gu Changle was not grateful at all, and still, in her heart, Gu Changle blamed her for coming at the wrong time.

Shao Tianze took the breakfast from her hand and invited her inside, “Come in, we’ll have breakfast together. Changle is much better today.”

As Shao Xue walked into the ward, Gu Changle put on a gentle smile quickly.

Although she was disgusted with Shao Xue in her heart, she had to do a play to cover up her dislike for Shao Xue in front of Shao Tianze.

If she had shown her hatred too much, it would have been easy to trigger Shao Tianze’s aversion to her.

She didn’t want Shao Tianze to have any bad feelings for her.

After Shao Xue entered the ward, she took out the breakfast and passed it to Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

Gu Changle took it over for the sake of courtesy, but she obviously had no appetite.

She had some reluctantly. Shao Xue did not stay in the ward for breakfast. After getting the breakfast ready, she had a little chat with Shao Tianze, and then she found an excuse to leave upon Gu Changle’s poke face.

“Have a rest at home today. I’ll assign you to work in the personnel department of the head office tomorrow.”

Shao Xue heard Shao Tianze. She nodded happily, “Thank you, brother.”

“I don’t feel comfortable letting you work too far away from home. Now that the personnel department has openings. I want to bring you back.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Shao Tianze heard Shao Xue’s reply and nodded, “Good. Have a good rest. Pull yourself together when you come to work tomorrow.”

Shao Xue nodded repeatedly, showing satisfaction with Shao Tianze’s arrangement.

Gu Changle looked at the brother and sister, feeling so annoyed in her heart.

Shao Xue was not Shao Tianze’s biological sister. Gu Changle was always worried that Shao Xue might hold feelings beyond brother and sister towards Shao Tianze.

She had already defeated Song Yunjia. If she had wanted to get rid of Shao Xue, she would have needed to stack the deck again.

Now that Shao Xue would work in the head office. Even if she wanted to put her fingers on Shao Xue, it was too risky to do it under Shao Tianze’s nose.

Gu Changle couldn’t bear taking such risk rashly. She planned to give the matter further thought after Shao Xue entered the Shao enterprise.

Shao Xue didn’t have time to meet Song Yunxuan on the night when she came back from the branch office. After settling down, she went to Song Yunxuan.

Shao Tianze was busy taking care of Gu Changle, having no time and mood to take care of her.

Shao Xue was rare to become free.

Seeing Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan smiled, “You look in a good mood. Any good news?”

Shao Xue smiled, “Speaking of this, there is indeed good news.”

“Have you been transferred back from the branch office?”

Song Yunxuan made a little effort and got it right, which amazed Shao Xue, “How do you know it?”

“If it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t have been joyful as such.”

Shao Xue curved his lips, “Anyway, it’s a good thing to work at the head office instead of the branch. I had thought I was exiled.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Shao Xue would not be exiled that easily from the Shao Family. After all, Shao Tianze was her brother. If he hadn’t assigned her a good position, people would have been talking.

It was great for Shao Xue to work in the head office. No matter what position she would fill, she would be able to have contact with Shao Tianze constantly.

As long as they kept in touch, it would be helpful to monitor Shao Tianze’s every move in the future.

After explaining that, Song Yunxuan started to drink tea with her eyes looking at the ground.

Shao Xue heard about the death of Song Yunxuan’s elder sister, Song Yunjia.

After drinking a sip of tea, she awkwardly switched the topic to Song Yunjia, “I have never thought that your elder sister would commit suicide on impulse.”

“She was just stupid.”

Song Yunxuan stayed calm.

Shao Xue sighed softly and tried to see things from the perspective of Song Yunjia, “She killed herself because of her deep love for Shao Tianze. After all, she had loved him for so many years, making it difficult for her to leave him.”

“I knew it. That’s why I showed her the evidence that Shao Tianze hurt her.” Song Yunxuan lowered her head, “but I didn’t expect that she could not bear it and chose to leave the world at the end.”

Song Yunxuan clenched her fingers.

Her eyes became cold. What if Song Yunjia had not committed suicide.

Shao Tianze would have run out of steam right now.

However, there was no such “what if” in this world. It was no use crying over spilled milk. Song Yunjia was dead. No one could change it.

Without this important witness, she would have needed to collect more direct and powerful evidence if she had wanted to take Shao Tianze down.

As for this most direct and powerful evidence, Shao Xue was highly possible to find them besides Song Yunxuan herself.

Shouldering a huge debt of blood, Song Yunxuan believed that Shao Xue would always stand by her side. Hand in hand, they would watch Shao Tianze cornered at the dead end of his life suffering in despair.

Shao Tianze had arranged for Shao Xue’s work.

Song Yunxuan hoped that Shao Xue could have a smooth journey in the head office of the Shao enterprise.

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