Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 458 - Public Opinions

Chapter 458 Public Opinions

Even though not everyone knew Song Yunjia’s funeral, at least half of Yuncheng knew that Song Yunjia’s funeral had already been held.

Song Yunxuan wore a black dress and threw a white rose to Song Yunjia when Song Yunjia was buried.

Song Yunying’s eyes were desolate. With a big belly, she almost couldn’t stand.

Ye Meiqi fainted from crying when her daughter was buried.

Mei Qi had always been by Song Yunxuan’s side, looking at Song Yunxuan’s expression.

Song Yunxuan was very calm. While watching Song Yunjia’s burial, Song Yunxuan just squinted her eyes.

By way of contrast, Song Yunjia was luckier than Gu Changge, who was buried at sea. At least, Song Yunjia had an urn to hold her ashes.

Except for the seawater and the scattered ashes, Gu Changge left nothing.

Song Yunjia should be content with her final result.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and watched Song Yunjia being buried, while the friends and relatives who came to express their condolences were all sad.

As Song Yunjia’s close friend and colleague, Shao Tianze did not leave ruthlessly and quickly like Gu Changle. He took his special car to leave after witnessing Song Yunjia’s burial.

Chu Mochen arrived a little late, but Yuncheng media would not pay attention to the Chu Family.

It was because even if someone had wanted to focus on the Chu Family, Song Yunxuan would not have allowed him to do that.

After returning home, Song Yunxuan booked a flight to Switzerland for Ye Meiqi.

Because of excessive sadness, Ye Meiqi had been in a coma from the afternoon of Song Yunjia’s burial to three o’clock the next morning.

And at three o’clock, she ran out of the room and drank at the bar in the house.

After she got drunk, she cried while holding Song Yan’s tablet.

Song Yunxuan didn’t sleep. And at midnight, she was called by a house servant.

The servant wore a worried expression.

Before the servant could say what had happened, Song Yunxuan heard a woman crying in the old house.

The cry was so sad that people who didn’t know the situation would think it was a ghost crying.

Ye Meiqi’s cry awakened the servants in light sleep. However, Ye Meiqi was the family’s Madame, so the servants dare not say anything. They had no choice but to come and ask Song Yunxuan for help.

Wearing pajamas and hearing the cry, Song Yunxuan asked casually, “Is my eldest sister back from the dead?”

The servant shook her head quickly and explained, “No, Miss Song.”

“What is this ghost cry?”

The servant explained, “Madame Ye was crying, holding old Master’s and Miss Yunjia’s tablets.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I see. You can go back and have a rest. I’ll take a look.”

After asking the servant to leave, Song Yunxuan returned to her room and found a shawl to put on. She was about to leave the room.

However, when she was only one step away from the bed, Chu Mochen stretched out his fingers and grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going?”

Looking down and seeing his fingers grasping her wrist, Song Yunxuan felt resigned, “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was asleep, but the sound from outside made me awake when you opened the door.”

“I’m going to have a look.” Song Yunxuan asked him, “Are you going to sleep or come with me?”

“I will go with you.”

Chu Mochen got up from the bed.

Song Yunxuan took his coat from the side to help him put it on.

Feeling Song Yunxuan put his coat on him, Chu Mochen couldn’t help but put his sight on Song Yunxuan.

Seen by Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan squinted her eyes, “What’s the matter?’


He said perfunctorily. However, in his heart, he was already shocked by Song Yunxuan’s inadvertent gentle behavior.

Song Yunxuan was very different from before. In the past, Song Yunxuan certainly wouldn’t take care of him so considerately, like a wife taking care of her husband.

However, at this moment, Song Yunxuan’s every move was gentle as if she had already been his legal wife.

Her former toughness and stubbornness had been softened little by little.

That made him both happy and worried.

Song Yunxuan took his hand and walked out.

Chu Mochen subconsciously wrapped Song Yunxuan’s fingers in his palm with his fingers.

The temperature of the two was transmitted to each other through the fingers.

When Song Yunxuan reached the room where Song Yan’s tablet was worshiped, she stopped.

Chu Mochen knew he should not come in. He spoke to her, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

Song Yunxuan raised her head and smiled lightly at him, “Let me console her.”

Since Yuncheng and Harbor City were cities facing each other across the sea, they shared many cultural heritages and customs.

Among these customs was the worship of ancestors by displaying their tablets. Conservative business families and famous historical families still followed this convention.

After Song Yan’s death, his tablet had been worshipped in the house.

Ye Meiqi was drunk. Sitting on the cushion on the floor and holding Song Yan’s tablet in one hand, she babbled accusingly, “In my life, I did not enjoy any happiness with you. You had affairs with other women outside, and these women gave birth to children. I don’t blame you for that. But why don’t you take good care of Yunjia?”

As she was talking, she couldn’t help but cry, “Yunjia has not married and had children. Why did she suddenly commit suicide?”

Song Yunxuan stood behind Ye Meiqi, but Ye Meiqi didn’t realize it and was still chattering to the tablet.

“Yunjia didn’t commit suicide. I don’t believe that my child would commit suicide without a word. Someone must have killed Yunjia. Tell me. You ask Yunjia. You ask her who killed her. I want to avenge my daughter. I will avenge my daughter anyway!”

Ye Meiqi muttered to herself in front of the tablet.

It seemed that the tablet could really tell her who killed Song Yunjia.

When Song Yunxuan stood behind Ye Meiqi and saw Ye Meiqi put her ear on the tablet, Song Yunxuan felt a little strange.

Although Song Yunjia killed Gu Changge, Song Yunjia’s mother had been living abroad and didn’t know the evil things Song Yunjia did.

Now, Song Yunjia was dead, but her mother was still alive. Whenever the mother thought of her daughter, the mother would be grief-stricken.

Ye Meiqi’s reaction was normal.

Song Yunxuan walked to Ye Meiqi, squatted gently beside her, and called her, “Mom?”

After Ye Meiqi was suddenly called, she turned her head blankly and saw Song Yunxuan looking at her face to face.

Ye Meiqi was stunned slightly. Maybe it was because of dizziness or maybe it was because she had hallucinations caused by too much alcohol, Ye Meiqi dropped the wooden tablet to the ground and stretched out her hands to hug Song Yunxuan.

And she cried and called Song Yunjia’s name while holding Song Yunxuan.

Hearing Ye Meiqi’s cries, Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes and patted Ye Meiqi’s back to comfort her.

“Mom, there, there. Don’t cry. It’s too late. You should go to sleep.”

“Yunjia, Yunjia, you are not dead, right?”

Ye Meiqi was emotional. Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, she let go of Song Yunxuan and touched Song Yunxuan’s cheek with both hands, carefully looking at Song Yunxuan’s facial features.

Song Yunxuan also looked at Ye Meiqi and explained softly, “Mom, I am Yunxuan.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s explanation, Ye Meiqi was at a loss in an instant, “Yunxuan? Aren’t you Yunjia? Where’s my Yunjia? Where is Yunjia?”

When Ye Meiqi realized she was not holding Song Yunjia, she looked around in a panic, wanting to find Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan wanted to continue explaining to Ye Meiqi and persuade Ye Meiqi to go back to her room to rest.

However, Ye Meiqi started to run around the room while holding Song Yan’s tablet.

Once Song Yunxuan tried to catch Ye Meiqi, Ye Meiqi started yelling.

Ye Meiqi’s actions seemed to indicate that she had gone crazy because of excessive sadness.

After seeing this scene outside the door, Chu Mochen walked in and knocked Ye Meiqi out with his hand without saying a word.

Song Yunxuan watched Ye Meiqi’s body fall softly.

She hurriedly reached out to hold Ye Meiqi and frowned at Chu Mochen, “How could you stun her?”

“At least she won’t behave irrationally for being drunk.”


“Nothing.” Seeing Song Yunxuan supporting Ye Meiqi with great effort, Chu Mochen reached out and picked Ye Meiqi up. Then, he lifted Ye Meiqi and walked upstairs, sending her back to the room, “If you let her go crazy for being drunk, you don’t know when she will end up crying.”

“Her daughter is dead. The elder mourns the young. It is normal for her to be sad.”

“But Song Yunjia committed suicide.”

“That’s an ostensible statement of the police.”

“As the head of the Song Family, you have agreed with this statement.”

“What can I do if I don’t agree?” Song Yunxuan laughed mockingly, “We don’t have any evidence in our hands.”

Chu Mochen also became silent.

Song Yunxuan followed Chu Mochen upstairs. After watching Chu Mochen put Ye Meiqi on the bed, she covered the quilt for Ye Meiqi. Then, they left the room.

Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan returned to the bedroom together. When they were lying on the bed, Chu Mochen asked her, “What are you going to do with Ye Meiqi?”

“Even though Ye Meiqi is not my biological mother, I will serve her when she gets old and give her a proper burial after her death.” Song Yunxuan pulled the quilt and looked at the ceiling, “I intend to send her back to Switzerland tomorrow. Although she is very mournful because of the loss of her daughter, she has to accept what she has to accept.”

Chu Mochen pulled her into his arms, “You have thought about things very clearly. What are you going to do with Shao Tianze?”

“We have regarded each other as incompatible enemies. Since the apparent peace has been torn apart, there will naturally be a fight against each other.”

“Is it too early to meet each other in battle now?”

Song Yunxuan thought about what Chu Mochen said for a while.

“It’s a little early.”

Song Yunxuan said.

Then, she opened her mouth again, “Well, I will play with him for more time.”

Because Song Yunjia suddenly committed suicide, the Song Family was pushed to the forefront of public opinion. Within two days after Song Yunjia’s death, various media dug deep into her death and found many doubts.

As the head of the Song Family, Song Yunxuan did not go into the cause of Song Yunjia’s death. Because of that, the gossip people in Yuncheng talked about and blamed Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan could not sit still in the face of public criticism. She typically wanted to explain it publicly.

A press conference seemed too pretentious. However, it was necessary to publish Song Yunxuan’s views in the newspaper.

Nevertheless, Song Yunxuan’s public announcement made Shao Tianze gradually become the target of public criticism.

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