Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 457 - Yunjia's Funeral Pt. 3

Chapter 457 Yunjia’s Funeral Pt. 3

Song Yunjia moved quickly.

After taking a deep look at him, she suddenly stood up and slammed into the hard wall beside him.

He was shocked, watching the blood on Song Yunjia’s head flow out quickly and the hole on the top of her head.

Subconsciously, he grabbed her collar in a hurry, trying to stop her.


She wouldn’t do anything ever since.

Because she was dead.

He put one finger under her nose for half a minute.

There was no breath.

Song Yunjia’s eyes were stained with blood from the top of her head.

Although she didn’t say any last word before she died, he could see how resentful this woman was towards him from her reluctant eyes.

How disappointed she was.

He straightened his lips, held Song Yunjia’s corpse, and let her blood flow over him. He was unable to tell what kind of feeling he had at this point.

He hoped she die because she could be buried along with his secret.

No one would ever know the truth of Gu Changge’s death, and no one would be able to testify it.

No one would ever dig it out.

However, he never thought that Song Yunjia would commit suicide for protecting his secrets.

He held Song Yunjia’s corpse at a loss. There were many things he wanted to say to her, but he couldn’t utter a word.

He pursed his lips, holding her body in a daze.

It was until he was awakened by the increasingly strong bloody smell that he put her down, erased the fingerprints and shoe prints, and left the alley in haste.

Song Yunjia didn’t say much to him.

But every word was deeply engraved in his mind.

He had known her for more than ten years.

They developed from classmates to colleagues, from colleagues to lovers.

Even though she had been fighting with Gu Changle both with open and secret means, they did the horrible things to her after she lost.

And they cornered her in the dead end.

Song Yunjia had a tendency to commit suicide after being raped, but she did not really give up her life.

It wasn’t until she learned that Shao Tianze was behind the scenes that she finally realized what a stupid joke she was.

Song Yunjia’s funeral was scheduled on Thursday.

It was the third day after she died.

The police confirmed it was suicide, easy to handle.

The funeral would be held in the old house of the Song Family.

One after another, the Song Family sent away the elder and the eldest lady in one year.

People in Yuncheng sighed for it.

The bad news spread to the other side of the ocean, Switserland. When Song Yunjia’s mother, Ye Meiqi, got the news, she returned homeland as quickly as possible.

She thought it was a prank until she saw Song Yunjia’s body in person.

When she saw her body, she almost fainted instantly.

Song Yunxuan saw Ye Meiqi being handed by the maids back to rest.

After that, she walked over and gently touched Song Yunjia’s coffin.

Inside the crystal coffin, Song Yunjia’s eyes had been closed by a professional beautician, and she had also been put on an exquisite makeup.

The business families in Yuncheng were somewhat superstitious.

As one of the young generation, Song Yunjia committed suicide in such an extreme way, which could be jinxed.

In order to clear the grievances up in the family, Song Yunxuan invited the mage to recite the sutras during the funeral.

Ye Meiqi woke up after a long time.

However, she didn’t stop crying.

Song Yunxuan went to see Ye Meiqi. Ye Meiqi held on to her tightly with both hands and questioned her, “Who killed Yunjia?! Who killed her?!”

Song Yunxuan said nothing.

Mei Qi, along with Song Yunxuan, saw Ye Meiqi getting so emotional and said, “The police believed that the lady committed suicide.”

“Impossible!” Ye Meiqi’s eyes were crazy. It was hard to believe that her daughter would kill herself just a few days after she left. “She is not such a cowardly person! She was killed. She was the victim!”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and looked at Ye Meiqi calmly, “Mom, calm down…”

“Find the murderer! You must help her find the murderer!”

Ye Meiqi wasn’t herself anymore. After losing her only daughter, Ye Meiqi felt there was no point living anymore.

The only thing burning fiercely in her chest was the endless hatred.

She didn’t believe Song Yunjia would commit suicide all of sudden.

“It is absolutely impossible for her to commit suicide so abruptly. Even if she had no job, she could still have had a carefree life. How could she possibly commit suicide like this?”

Song Yunxuan knew Ye Meiqi’s words made good sense.

However, Ye Meiqi didn’t know what happened to her daughter before her death.

Mei Qi looked at Ye Meiqi’s stubborn look and said, “Mrs. Song, Miss Yun Jia experienced a gang rape a few days before her death.”

Ye Meiqi’s eyes were full of tears.

Yet hearing Mei Qi’s words, she stopped crying suddenly.

She just turned her head to Mei Qi with a blank face, and her lips trembled slightly, “What did you just say?”

Mei Qi was about to repeat.

Song Yunxuan gave him a dark look, and he had to shut up.

Seeing Mei Qi shutting up, Ye Meiqi switched her sight to Song Yunxuan. With her eyes wide open, she asked her, “Yunxuan, tell me everything.”

Song Yunxuan looked embarrassed, “Mom, speaking of this…”

“Tell me.”

Ye Meiqi’s voice became severe as if she had to know the ins and outs of that tragic affair.

Seeing Ye Meiqi’s determination, Song Yunxuan sighed lightly and told Ye Meiqi about the previous incident.

After hearing the whole story, Ye Meiqi raised her hand and held her head, tears flowing out uncontrollably.

“How could that happen? Who hurt Yunjia?”

Ye Meiqi had been talking to herself all the time.

Seeing her acting like this, Song Yunxuan didn’t talk about the business between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

It was of no use to tell her.

Song Yunjia died in no time, and no clues left.

Even if she wanted to find out what led Song Yunjia to death, it would be very hard.

Next, she only hoped that Shao Tianze would loosen up a little when she held the funeral for Song Yunjia.

Although Shao Xue had gone to the branch of the Shao enterprise, she was still part of the Shao Family.

With Shao Xue’s loyalty, she could rest assured for the time being because Shao Xue would send back more news.

Ye Meiqi was in very bad condition. Song Yunxuan called the family doctor over and let her rest.

People who mourn Song Yunjia came and went all the time.

Song Yunjia’s former classmates came, so did her colleagues when she was employed in the hospital.

Song Yunxuan didn’t expect that there would be so many people attending Song Yunjia’s funeral.

However, the Song Family’s current status and strength were gradually increasing in Yuncheng. Coupled with the assistance of Chu Mochen, many companies were willing to socialize and establish a good relationship with them.

Therefore, even if Song Yunjia didn’t know them, some people still came to the funeral to get in good with her family.

Song Yunxuan knew that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle would come.

But she didn’t expect that they did not come together.

Gu Changle came first, followed by Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle’s ill-health was well known in Yuncheng.

After she mourned Song Yunjia at the funeral, she found an excuse to leave.

Her acting skills were superb. When attending the funeral, she did not show any joy at Song Yunjia’s death.

It was just when she turned around, Mei Qi saw a faint smile emerging on her face in profile.

Gu Changle felt extremely delighted in her heart.

After getting rid of Song Yunjia, she had no obstacle on the way ahead.

Even if she had other obstacles, they would not be as difficult as Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze arrived until Gu Changle left.

Some guests attending the funeral were doctors from the People’s Hospital. They used to be colleagues with Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze, so when Shao Tianze came over, several people greeted him.

Song Yunxuan bowed to every guest who came to the funeral in courtesy.

Yet when Shao Tianze arrived, Song Yunxuan’s back was straight like green bamboo. She didn’t mean to bow to Shao Tianze at all.

Many journalists had been waiting at the funeral of the Song Family. Noticing Song Yunxuan’s abnormality, they wrote it into their manuscript.

Shao Tianze didn’t care that Song Yunxuan showed no respect to him. He walked over and bowed to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan went to take the incense from Shao Tianze’s hand without looking at him. She said in a low voice, ” Chairman Shao, I didn’t expect you to see my elder sister for the last time.”

“Yunjia was my friend. I have known her for more than ten years. Now that she had encountered something like this, I must come here to say goodbye.”

Song Yunxuan inserted Shao Tianze’s incense into the incense burner, gently smiled, and said in a mock tone, “As you come here, you’re not scared, are you?”

“Yunjia is my friend. Even if she passes away, I won’t be afraid of her.”

“Then don’t scream when you have nightmares at night, Chairman Shao.”

After Song Yunxuan was done, she turned back to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze’s gaze was also fixed on her, “Although you are her sister, I bet she will visit you in your dreams, too.”

They mocked each other sarcastically.

Shao Tianze knew Song Yunxuan was suspecting him.

He also reminded Song Yunxuan that he was not the only one to blame. After all, when Song Yunjia was alive, Song Yunxuan did not show any kindness to Song Yunjia, either.

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