Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 450 - Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 5

Chapter 450 Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 5

Song Yunjia turned as pale as death.

Yet Song Yunxuan was delighted to witness her shock and fear.

“Sister, you and Shao Tianze have known each other for so many years. You should be able to see him through on that matter.”

Song Yunxuan said so. When Song Yunjia heard her, she moved her gaze to Song Yunxuan’s face with difficulty.

Song Yunxuan saw her lips slight trembling.

There was cynicism, more or less, in her heart, along with a little sympathy.

Song Yunjia well deserved what happened to her. If she hadn’t helped Shao Tianze in the beginning, she would not have been possible to get here today.

Song Yunxuan looked at the materials that had fallen to the ground. She walked over and picked up one of them.

It happened to be the one that had the information of that ugly and nasty suspect.

She pursed her lips slightly and sighed, “They prefer ugly and nasty person, do they?”

Ugly and nasty person…

On hearing of this word, Song Yunjia felt as if she had returned to that night when she was gang-raped.

The painful memory triggered her headache. She sank her head into her hands.

Song Yunxuan picked up all the materials at her own pace. She arranged them in order and put them back in the bag, “In addition to this, there is a video I want you to see.”

Just then, she took out her mobile phone and placed it in front of Song Yunjia.

She pressed the play button on the mobile phone, and the video Shao Xue copied from Gu Changle’s computer began to play on the screen.

A man’s familiar moans came out. It made Song Yunjia tremble.

Song Yunjia looked stiffly at Song Yunxuan’s phone.

The video playing on the phone was exactly what she wanted to escape most in her life but she failed to.

She opened her eyes wide and watched the scene on the phone.

Then she reached out her hands to grab the phone and was about to throw it away.

However, at the very moment when she got the phone and was about to throw it underground, Song Yunxuan raised her hand and grasped Song Yunjia’s wrist.

Song Yunjia hung down her head, and the hair on her forehead fell, covering her eyes and half of her face.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

Song Yunxuan took her mobile phone out of Song Yunjia’s hand, “Sister, don’t be so rush throwing my mobile phone away. There is another audio that you will be interested in.”

Song Yunxuan went to the audio menu.

She was ready to play the audio that was separated from the video obtained by Tan Yi.

Song Yunjia didn’t want to listen. She covered her ears with her hands tightly.

Song Yunxuan saw her covering her ears, and she did not pull her hands away to make her listen.

Instead, she directly played the security footages from Tan Yi’s office and placed it right in front of Song Yunjia.

Then she made Song Yunjia watch.

Song Yunjia watched the video on the phone. Her eyes widened, and her fingers no longer covering her ears.

Her hands slowly dropped from her ears.

Then she heard the dialogue in the video.

“Miss Gu, what do you want me to do with such a generous deposit?”

“It’s simple. I just want you to help me take care of my good sister.”

“Do you mean Song Yunjia?”

“Doctors are responsible for taking care of patients. Even if you don’t say anything, I will take good care of Miss Song.”

“The care I’m talking about is not the kind of care you think.”

“What kind of care are you talking about?”

“I want you to give her medicine to make her deranged and become a lunatic!”

“Miss Gu, does Mr. Shao know what you want to do?”

“Of course Tianze knows. And Tianze asked me to do this.”

The voice caused a violent tremble of Song Yunjia’s body, and then Song Yunxuan saw her holding the phone by herself.

This time Song Yunxuan didn’t worry that Song Yunjia would drop the phone when she was holding it.

She uttered, “Sister, do you think Gu Changle was telling the truth?”

“No! No!” Song Yunjia retorted sharply, turning her head to Song Yunxuan, “It is absolutely impossible for Tianze to hurt me!”

“Did he want to hurt you? You know best in your heart. You just don’t want to admit it.”

“I believe in Tianze. He will never hurt me. I don’t believe any word from Gu Changle!”

Song Yunxuan turned to Song Yunjia. The only sympathy she felt for her disappeared.

Such blind love and the protection of obsession were pretty toughing.

However, it was a big mistake for Song Yunjia to fall in love with such a person.

Shao Tianze had never planned to let her go.

“Maybe you don’t believe what Gu Changle said, but how do you explain the car accident near the airport this morning?”

Song Yunjia began to stare at Song Yunxuan.

She held the phone even tighter.

She wanted to prove that Shao Tianze was clear, but what Song Yunxuan said made good sense.

Gu Changle could lie.

However, the car accident in the morning couldn’t lie.

It was Shao Tianze who let those three people die on the road.

She felt it terrifying and afraid.

It turned out that when she was protecting him inadvertently, he was planning on how to kill her.

He failed to eliminate her.

So he sent people to rape her.

She sensed it was a little ridiculous, and she felt her heart was stabbed in sharp pain.

“Sister, think about it carefully. You can find out the truth on your own.”

Song Yunjia looked at the phone blankly.

It seemed that what appeared on this phone was her lifesaver.

“Do you want to ask him why he did this to you?”

Song Yunjia whispered, “Why?”

Why did he do this to her?

She had been so sweet to him. Everything she did was for his good. Everything she did was to help and protect him.

Even if Gu Changle drove a wedge between them, he wouldn’t have gone far to hurt her like this.

Song Yunjia let go of the phone and raised her head slightly. Her eyes were filled with disappointment that could not be concealed, “Why did you do this to me? I did so much for you. Why did you hurt me like this…”

She murmured with trembling lips.

As if she was trying to question someone.

Song Yunxuan frowned slightly when she saw her talking to herself, “Sister…”

“You lied to me…” Song Yunjia believed in the bottom of her heart that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle designed all of it.

However, she couldn’t help but try to prove his innocence because the love for him was still hidden in her heart.

She loved him.

She didn’t want to believe that he had done this to her.


“You liar! I don’t believe it!”

Song Yunxuan had just called her names, yet Song Yunjia screamed at her hysterically.

Perhaps it was because Song Yunjia’s reaction was too intense, and Chu Mochen hadn’t left outside the ward.

Therefore, the moment Song Yunjia screamed Chu Mochen broke in.

The sound of busting the door did not seem to alarm Song Yunjia. She was immersed in anger at the moment.

She didn’t even throw a look at the person storming inside, but stared at Song Yunxuan steadily, “You lied to me… These videos and audios are all fake, right?”

“If you don’t believe it, you can confront Tan Yi on your own.”

Tan Yi was currently Gu Changle’s family doctor.

Gu Changle should treat Tan Yi well. Even if she said such things, Tan Yi should help her conceal it.

Therefore, part of Song Yunjia still clung to the unreal possibility.

She believed that Gu Changle was lying, and Tan Yi was also on Gu Changle’s side.

She would never believe that Shao Tianze would be so unrelenting to her.

“Sister, you may not believe Tan Yi. How about we ask Shao Xue?”

Song Yunjia was taken aback for a moment.

Song Yunxuan continued, “You knew Shao Xue before. You believe her, right?”

Song Yunjia believed in Shao Xue.

Because she once teamed up with Shao Xue to attack Gu Changle.

However, unfortunately, they did not fulfill their wishes.

On the contrary, she went for wool and came home shorn. Her plan to hurt Gu Changle was known by Shao Tianze.

“Sister, do you want to confront Shao Xue?”

“No, no, get away from me! Get out!”

She didn’t want this confrontation because she had a strong hunch that as long as she saw Shao Xue, everything she believed would become a stupid joke.

She had loved Shao Tianze for many years.

However, she did not expect that he could be so cruel to her.

She sat on the hospital bed, pointed at the door, and shouted at Song Yunxuan to let her get out.

Chu Mochen, who was standing at the door, had already raised his eyebrows, showing extreme displeasure.

“If you insist on protecting Shao Tianze, there’s nothing I can do. But I still hope that you can see what the person you love really is.”

“Do not bother. Get out of here!”

Her words made Chu Mochen’s brows even tighten.

Chu Mochen would make anyone who insulted and threatened Song Yunxuan pay for what they had done.

However, when it came to Song Yunjia, there was no meaning to threaten her.

Because Song Yunjia was now at the end of her rope.

Even she still subconsciously wanted to clear Shao Tianze’s name.

It wouldn’t make much difference.

She knew Shao Tianze well.

She knew what happened to her was indeed Shao Tianze’s style, and he must have promoted it.

Because he would be happy to do such a thing.

He probably did it.

The look on Song Yunjia’s face was not good.

Song Yunxuan didn’t continue irritating her in the ward.

She raised her hand gently and took Chu Mochen’s hand, taking him to the walk outside of the ward.

When they stepped out of the ward, Chu Mochen asked Song Yunxuan, “What happened just now?”

“When my sister knew the truth, she was a little bit angry.”

Chu Mochen saw what Song Yunjia was like just now. Compared with what she was before, flushed with success, he said coldly, “Isn’t she the one who has it all coming to herself today?”

Song Yunxuan heard him. She raised her eyes, looked at him, and replied, “She is.”

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