Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 449 - Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 4

Chapter 449 Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 4

Song Yunjia was now emotionally unstable. None of the doctors and the nurses in the hospital were willing to take care of Song Yunjia.

However, they dared not cold-shoulder Song Yunjia though they disliked her as the Song Family was quite distinguished.

When Song Yunxuan came to see Song Yunjia, she found that Song Yunjia was well taken care of.

When she asked the nurse’s aide who had been taking care of her, her answer showed that she had been meticulously looking after Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song has a poor appetite, and she eats less lately.”

Song Yunxuan cast a glance at Song Yunjia in the ward and dismissed the nurse’s aide without saying anything else.

Song Yunjia didn’t want Song Yunxuan to come to see her, so she wore a dirty look every time Song Yunxuan appeared in her ward. And it went without saying that she hated Song Yunxuan’s guts.

Yet Song Yunxuan took no notice of it.

The look of a loser could not bother her.

Quite the opposite, she enjoyed it.

“You come here almost every day. Don’t you have anything else to do?”

“You’ve rallied enough. I wonder what you are going to do after leaving hospital.”

She was seated on the sofa in the ward.

Chu Mochen did not follow her in.

Instead, he was calling someone outside the ward.

Before entering the ward, Song Yunxuan was wondering how to stop Chu Mochen from following her in.

Yet out of her expectation, the Chu’s called Chu Mochen, making her feel that the call was really timely.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan came alone, Song Yunjia sneered, “What I will do after leaving hospital is none of your business.”

“Of course it’s my business. I don’t want you to die for no reason. If so, the Song Family will feel quite stressed.”

“Song Yunxuan, you are cursing me!” Song Yunjia glowered at Song Yunxuan, shouting. And her voice rose involuntarily, which was quite sharp.

Perhaps Song Yunjia’s sharp voice attracted Chu Mochen’s attention.

Chu Mochen gently pushed the ward door open with the phone in his hand. He peeked through the crack.

Seeing Chu Mochen at the door, Song Yunjia suddenly went blank.

She could scold Song Yunxuan recklessly.

However, when facing Chu Mochen, his look could send chills up her back.

Song Yunxuan also noticed that Song Yunjia looked to the door.

She followed Song Yunjia’s gaze, and then she saw Chu Mochen who appeared at the door.

Chu Mochen took his eyes off Song Yunjia to look at Song Yunxuan, during which the coldness in his eyes changed into tenderness.

“I’ll be outside.” He took the initiative to speak to her.

He meant to cow Song Yunjia into submission through his words.

She nodded, “Okay. I’ll call you if I need to.”

After that, Chu Mochen walked away from the ward door. However, the crack of the door still remained.

Song Yunjia wanted to explode with rage, but she dared not do it considering Chu Mochen was right outside the ward. Thus she could only gnash her teeth and asked Song Yunxuan, “What on earth do you want from me?”

“I want you to spill out something useful.”

She wanted to know the whole process of Gu Changge’s being murdered from Song Yunjia.

Yet Song Yunjia was immovable, unwilling to tell her anything about it.

“Eldest sister, what’s the use of protecting Shao Tianze like this?”

Recalling that she had once admitted Gu Changge’s death had something to do with her, Song Yunjia simply said this time, “I’m the one who killed Gu Changge. If you want to bring the murderer who killed Gu Changge to justice, just call the police and let them arrest me.”

“You’re not the only suspect.”

Song Yunxuan knew that what they would be talking about next should be secret, so she went to close the ward door gently.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan closed the door, Song Yunjia became flustered.

Somehow she felt that Song Yunxuan was like a haunting ghost.

Just on the night before yesterday, she dreamed about Song Yunxuan.

In her dream, Song Yunxuan appeared in front of her bed at night.

Then, just like a molting monster, she stripped Song Yunxuan’s skin off her body and turned into Gu Changge.

After the dream, her heart was beating wildly, and she instantly jumped up from the bed, screaming.

The scream shocked half of the hospital, making the patients in the inpatient department wake up. The security guards of the hospital thought it was a homicide and rushed to batter at her door.

After successfully opening the door, they found that she was safe and sound, and the reason she screamed was that she had a nightmare.

They all complained of her screaming in the middle of the night.

She didn’t do it on purpose. She just felt it was horrible.

That dream was so real that it made her blood freeze.

When she saw Song Yunxuan closed the door, she immediately recalled the nightmare she had that night.

Then her hands began to sweat, “What… what are you going to do?”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan slightly turned her head and looked at Song Yunjia, murmuring, “What do you think I’m going to do, eldest sister?”

Song Yunjia stared at her warily.

Seeing the vigilance and panic in Song Yunjia’s eyes, Song Yunxuan pondered for a moment and asked, “I heard from the dean that you screamed yesterday night, and it made everyone in the building unable to sleep. Sister, what nightmare did you have on earth?”

Undoubtedly, Song Yunjia didn’t want to tell her anything about it.

Song Yunxuan did not press her. Instead, she went to sit on the sofa in the ward and began to guess, “You did not dream of Gu Changge, did you?”

Song Yunjia’s heart skipped a beat, and she stared at Song Yunxuan.

Feeling that her gaze was sharper than before, Song Yunxuan gave a smile, saying, “You were really dreaming of Gu Changge.”


Song Yunjia couldn’t help scolding Song Yunxuan.

Yet Song Yunxuan disregarded it, “Sister, since you have dreamt about her, you might as well admit it. What’s the big deal?”

With this, she added, “Anyway, you are not the only suspect. It seems that the one who ripped Gu Changge’s heart out was Shao Tianze, right?”

Song Yunjia could just about remain calm on hearing the first part of her words.

Yet the latter part of her words completely terrified Song Yunjia.

She goggled and scowled at Song Yunxuan, not knowing why she knew this much.

Song Yunxuan knew her words could arouse Song Yunjia’s attention, so she smiled briefly, asking rhetorically, “You must be dying to know why I am so clear about it, huh?”

Seeing the creepy smile on Song Yunxuan’s face, she had already begun to shiver as if she had seen a ghost.

Why did Song Yunxuan know this well about the reason for Gu Changge’s death?

Weren’t the ones who knew best about the murder were only her and Shao Tianze?

She and Shao Tianze took part in all Gu Changge’s operations.

Besides, Shao Tianze did rip Gu Changge’s heart out by himself.

All the doctors and nurses who participated in the operation at that time knew that he was trying to kill a person in that operation.

After the operation, they all agreed to keep silent about Gu Changge’s operation.

So, how did Song Yunxuan know about that?

More importantly, she knew the whole story.

She felt that it was so creepy at the thought of it.

“Why… why do you know so clearly about it?”

Song Yunxuan gave a smile, “Because someone told me about it.”


Because she was Gu Changge.

Even if she had forgotten everything, she would still have remembered the operation that ended her life.

Now that she came back for revenge, so wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for her to say the details of Gu Changge’s murder?

The only difficulty was to let Song Yunjia say it herself and be a useful witness in court.

Song Yunjia felt that Song Yunxuan’s words were a bit gloomy.

After the confusion, she tried hard to calm herself down. But no matter how hard she tried, she felt that she couldn’t face Song Yunxuan.

“What do you want me to say? You want me to slander Shao Tianze?” Song Yunjia sneered, “You should know that one will be sentenced for defamation, especially if the other party’s conviction for murder is voided.”

“Slander?” Song Yunxuan asked in reply, “No one knows better than you that this is true.”

“No, Tianze has nothing to do with Gu Changge’s death.”

“But you performed Gu Changge’s operations together with him, including the operation in which Gu Changge died.”

Song Yunjia was pressed by Song Yunxuan bit by bit, and finally she flared up, “You are just trying to bring down the Shao enterprise! Tell you what, I’ll not help you to testify against Tianze. I will never hurt him!”

She was so determined that Song Yunxuan felt it quite amusing, saying, “Leave aside whether you will hurt him or not, let’s talk about whether he will hurt you. Tell me why the accident this morning burnt all the three people to ashes?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Song Yunjia pressed her lips and became silent.

Judging from how she reacted, Song Yunjia must have read the morning news report about that accident.

Seeing that she became silent, Song Yunxuan reached out to put the printed materials in the bag onto Song Yunjia’s hospital bed, saying. “There are specific information and photos of the three dead suspects. I think you should be quite familiar with what they looked like.”

She motioned to Song Yunjia to read the materials.

Song Yunjia took her eyes off Song Yunxuan to look at the materials on her hospital bed.

Her fingers trembled slightly.

Song Yunxuan stayed calm, waiting for Song Yunjia to read the materials after she came around.

Song Yunjia stared at the material bag. After such a while, she raised her hand and unfolded it.

Then she drew the materials from it.

Song Yunxuan watched her reading the materials next to her.

And she saw every single change of her expressions clearly.

As expected, just after one moment, Song Yunjia’s fingers trembled, and she could not hold the materials anymore. Then her fingers loosened, and the pile of materials fell from the hospital bed and scattered on the floor.

On the materials were photos of the three dead suspects.

Photos from all angles.

At first sight of the materials, Song Yunjia concluded that the three people who were burnt to death in the car accident this morning were the three suspects who raped her.

She didn’t feel like going on reading other parts of the materials except for the photos.

Because she was beginning to feel horrible in her heart.

The three men, who had already booked tickets to go abroad, were involved in such a traffic accident and died as wreckage blazed on their way to the airport.

Everything happened too dramatically.

It was so dramatic that it could arouse people’s suspicion.

And it could chill the people who were familiar with Shao Tianze to the bone.

She was so familiar with Shao Tianze that she knew that he would show no mercy to anyone who had something on him and might spill it out.

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