Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 448 - Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 3

Chapter 448 Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 3

Gu Changge’s marrying had always been a knot in Chu Mochen’s heart.

Even though it had been many years, he still thought of Gu Changge occasionally.

In his teens, he had already had a crush on Gu Changge.

And he thought that the two families could become in-laws as they were of the same class.

Yet out of his expectation, Gu Cheng refused him bluntly.

As Gu Changge’s father, Gu Cheng didn’t want a daughter whose life goal was just to get married and maintain the family when she grew up.

What he needed was a strong-arm legend who could manage the Gu Family well.

And Gu Changge didn’t let Gu Cheng down. During the time she was in charge of the Gu’s, she almost let the whole business circle in Yuncheng know that the Gu’s was dominant in the business field.

However, all these were not enough to keep Gu Changge alive.

Gu Changge did a marvelous job, and she was excellent.

It was just that beauties always had a poor fate.

Before she could enjoy her life, she died.

When Chu Mochen returned many years later, what he heard was Gu Changge’s death.

And what he saw was that the Gu’s, which was once owned by Gu Changge, had changed hands.

He gently held Song Yunxuan, who was lying in his arms, and took her to the bedroom.

After being put on the bed, Song Yunxuan turned over and fell asleep, holding a pillow, as she was exhausted after the sex.

Chu Mochen lay beside her, looking at her quietly.

Though he couldn’t say that she looked somewhat similar to Gu Changge when studying her facial features, he felt that he was being watched by Gu Changge every time Song Yunxuan looked at him.

Even though Gu Changge was dead, he still had this strange feeling.

As long as he was with Song Yunxuan, he felt that Gu Changge had always been around.

He gently bent over to kiss Song Yunxuan’s earlobe.

Song Yunxuan moved a bit, maneuvered her body into a more comfortable position, and was soon sound asleep again.

And Chu Mochen looked at her quietly.

In his whole life, he had only lost her heart to one woman, who was Gu Changge.

However, Gu Changge married somebody else. Thus he and she were doomed to be strangers.

But when Song Yunxuan showed up, she drew all of his attention and let him feel that she was another form of Gu Changge.

As long as he could get her, strand her and keep her around him, his life would be complete.

Now he owned her, but he had no idea when she would suddenly part from him.

So he felt he must stop at nothing to keep her.

He must keep her stay with him by fair means or foul.

Song Yunxuan had a sleepless night, and she did not sleep well.

However, when she woke up again, she found that she was not alone.

Chu Mochen was sleeping next to her.

Seeing that she woke up, Chu Mochen moved closer to her and gently kissed her lips.

A thin and soft kiss could always make people lose themselves quickly. However, considering Chu Mochen’s abnormal behaviors in these two days,

Song Yunxuan pushed him away when he was kissing her gently.

She was really afraid that Chu Mochen would have sex with her after kissing her gently.

Because sex now was too much for her.

She still had a lot of things to do.

She had just woken up, and there was even a thin layer of mist in her eyes.

While being watched by Chu Mochen like this, she blinked, saying, “I still have something important to deal with.”

“You are going to find the suspects for Song Yunjia?”

“Yes.” she nodded, preparing to get up.

However, no sooner had she got up from the bed than she was pulled back to Chu Mochen’s arms. “A car burst into flames near the airport today, and three people were incinerated, one of which was a nasty man.”

He knew about it quite well.

This made Song Yunxuan look down a bit.

He continued asking her, “The three people who were incinerated are the suspects you are looking for, right?”

Song Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips, “Yes.”

“But the dead can’t talk, so how can you convince Song Yunjia?”

“Though Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had almost disposed of all the evidence mercilessly, Tan Yi still has the video.”

Chu Mochen nodded, “That’s right. This is a valuable chip.”

After nodding in agreement, Chu Mochen continued, “What if Song Yunjia doesn’t believe it?”

“Facts are facts. How can she not believe it?”

Chu Mochen pecked on her shoulder, explaining, “Love is blind. Just like you pretended to be pregnant, it was quite easy for me to unmask it, yet I have always believed in you.”

Song Yunxuan was a bit speechless.

Though the man did not blow up when he found out that she did not pregnant, he didn’t forget to remind her that she had made such a big mistake.

“I admit that it was wrong for me to pretend to be pregnant.” Song Yunxuan took the initiative to admit her mistake.

And it obviously made Chu Mochen much happier, saying, “I didn’t expect that you would admit it.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, remaining silent.

Chu Mochen murmured in her ear, “It is easy to let you be real pregnant. As long as we have sex a few more times, you will eventually get pregnant.”

Song Yunxuan blushed on hearing his suggestive remarks.

Yet Chu Mochen felt it was pretty normal for him to say these. After holding her a bit more tightly in his arms, he said, “Your eldest sister has a morbid fascination with Shao Tianze. If there’s no hard evidence, she will not believe anything you say to her.”

“Tan Yi’s video is the hard evidence.”

“But Gu Changle only said that Shao Tianze agreed to this. After watching the video, Song Yunjia may conclude that Gu Changle was lying because she doesn’t want to face it.”

Song Yunxuan thought of it, so she remained silent for a moment.

Chu Mochen asked her again, “Have you figured out how to convince Song Yunjia?”

“I have Shao Xue.”

Yes. She had Shao Xue.

Though Shao Xue had always been a dispensable role in the Shao Family, no one could ignore her as she had always played an extremely important role at the critical moment.

Song Yunxuan slightly pressed her lips and kept calm, replying, “Though Song Yunjia doesn’t want to admit Shao Tianze’s crime, how can she not know what kind of person Shao Tianze is after having been together with him for these many years?”

“When are you going to see Song Yunjia?”


“Today?” Chu Mochen smiled, “Don’t you think it’s too early?”

“No. If Song Yunjia pays attention to the news, she should know about the car accident in which three people were incinerated.”

Chu Mochen gave a gentle smile, “You are really good at calculating.”

Though Chu Mochen wanted to hold her in his arms for a little bit longer, he knew it was necessary to go to the hospital to see Song Yunjia.

Reluctantly, he let go of Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan got up from his arms. After getting dressed, she prepared to ask Mei Qi to go to the hospital to see Song Yunjia with her.

However, when she was about to call Mei Qi, Chu Mochen reached out and stopped her from calling Mei Qi. He even felt a bit aggrieved, “Why do you bring Mei Qi everywhere you go?”

“He’s my assistant, and I feel more relieved while he is around.”

“A male secretary?”

Judging from his tone, Song Yunxuan realized that the man got jealous. Then she shook her head helplessly and intended to take the mobile phone from his hand.

Out of her expectation, Chu Mochen held it more tightly. When she took back her phone, he took advantage of the opportunity and pulled her back to his arms.

Song Yunxuan looked up from his arms and said, “Stop it. I have some work to do.”

“You have to be with me when you have work to do.”

Song Yunxuan frowned, “When did you become a man who likes quibbling?”

“I’m not quibbling. I’m just being jealous, got it?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Yep. So come with me.”

Since he was jealous when she was with another man, she might as well bring him along and let him stay with her all the time.

Anyway, when he was around her, she also felt more relieved.

After packing up everything necessary, Song Yunxuan went to the hospital with Chu Mochen.

Along the way, Song Yunxuan looked out of the window in the car.

Chu Mochen turned to see her once in a while.

Noticing that, Song Yunxuan asked him in puzzlement, “Why do you keep glancing at me?”

“Don’t you feel even a bit scared when you do something like this?”

Song Yunxuan was slightly stunned and asked him with a smile, replying, “What’s there to be scared of?”

“I’ve already known that you want to topple the Shao enterprise, and I believe that Shao Tianze has also noticed it. Aren’t you afraid that Shao Tianze will make a move on you?”

“I know you will protect me.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, smiling.

This sudden reply made Chu Mochen ponder for a while.

He wondered when this little lady learned to say such sweet words.

His gaze rested on Song Yunxuan’s face for a moment.

Song Yunxuan smiled and reminded him, “You’d better focus on driving.”

Being reminded like this, Chu Mochen turned his gaze back and looked straight.

Anyway, he felt that Song Yunxuan had changed.

She changed gradually.

She was not as tough as before, but as soft as a girl.

And he liked what she was now, and he enjoyed it immensely.

After Chu Mochen had turned his gaze back, the look in Song Yunxuan’s eyes softened a lot.

She also felt that she was changing bit by bit.

Changing from Gu Changge to Song Yunxuan.

All these experiences in the Song Family and the difficulties in the Harbor City had been reminding her how difficult it was to fight against Shao Tianze.

However, she did not succumb when confronting such a formidable opponent.

And she never despised her own power.

And she never ignored the assistance Chu Mochen offered her.

She knew that Chu Mochen was worried about her when he sent for Mr. Mogu to tell her about her fortune.

Nevertheless, worries could not stop her from carrying out her plan.

Because the meaning of her rebirth was sending Shao Tianze to hell in person.

If she had worried about too much because of valuing her life too much, what would have been the point of the rebirth?”

She blazed her way forward without a stop.

None of the onlookers could understand why she was this persistent.

But she knew that only if she kept moving forward would her second life be meaningful.

She was willing to be a bit gentle when facing Chu Mochen.

No matter whether the man loved her because of having a feeling for Gu Changge or her, he had always been with her and accompanying her.

Unlike the merciless and disgusting man Shao Tianze who Song Yunjia had been infatuated with.

If Song Yunjia had known that her infatuation with Shao Tianze made him feel that she was valueless, what would she have felt?

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