Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 447 - Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 2

Chapter 447 Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 2

“Shao Tianze.” Song Yunxuan gritted her teeth and said this name out word by word.

She had thought that her plan was perfect and the evidence was sufficient.

She had thought that she had been blessed this time.

However, she didn’t find it until now. It was so ridiculous.

The god seemed to play a joke on her when she almost succeeded.

Those three suspects, who were almost caught, die in flames because of a strange car accident.

She had nothing to say to Mei Qi. Instead, she closed her lips tightly to express her extreme displeasure.

Mei Qi seemed to feel something wrong. He fell into silence for a moment. Then he asked Song Yunxuan with worry, “Manager Song, are you okay?”

Song Yunxuan grasped her phone with one hand and held the wheel with another hand. Her eyes in anger gradually became clear. Her heart full of rage and displeasure calmed down.


She was just going to deal with it.

Shao Tianze was capable and cruel.

Song Yunxuan still could get something.

At least, she had the video from Tan Yi. That video was a fillip. Even though those three suspects could not finger Shao Tianze, that video was reliable enough to destroy Song Yunjia’s unconditional trust to Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan had said she had nothing, but Mei Qi did not believe it. Mei Qi asked, “Manager Song, where are you now?”

“Let’s meet at the scene of the car accident.”

Mei Qi nodded, “Manager Song, take care.”

Song Yunxuan replied before she hung up.

She had been feeling uncomfortable, but she could do nothing.

The only thing she could pin up hope now was that the fire would not burn all three people to death.

However, it was obviously unrealistic.

She saw the fire rising from a distance of three or four meters when she arrived within a hundred meters of the accident scene.

The ambulances and fire trucks followed one after another. But it cost fifteen minutes to put out the fire.

It took fifteen minutes to put out such a small-scale fire accident, which could prove how serious the burning fire was.

She pursed her lips and looked at the fire scene that was extinguished by the strong water jet. The surrounding police were evacuating the crowd of onlookers. They pulled up a cordon to prevent other people from damaging the accident scene.

Song Yunxuan watched it in the distance. Mei Qi walked towards her quickly after finding her.

“Manager Song?”

Mei Qi was still worried about her.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were fixed on the fire scene. After a while, she saw the firefighters pulled three bodies from the fire without any expression.

“I was too optimistic.”

She said to herself.

Mei Qi understood her meaning since he knew her well, “Manager Song, you were optimistic. No one could survive this fire. Next, we can only expect the police to solve the case soon.”

Mei Qi also felt that the clue he had gotten was suddenly broken.

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan turned around and walked to her car. “Since Shao Tianze can do it clean, how will he leave any clues?”

Mei Qi fell into silence.

Song Yunxuan sneered, “I just feel sad for those three idiots. They even believe Shao Tianze would let them go.”

Shao Tianze was suspicious. He dealt with trouble with efficiency.

Especially, he had talented acting skills.

Even though they had been a couple, Gu Changge had been cheated for more than ten years, let alone those he had just met for a few days.

Those idiots had been jerked around before their death.

Song Yunxuan got in her car, but she saw Mei Qi standing out of the car.

Song Yunxuan lowered the window. She looked at Mei Qi, “That’s it here. You go back to the Song enterprise first.”

Mei Qi nodded.

Song Yunxuan drove the car and left. However, on her way home, Song Yunxuan found Mei Qi following her from the rearview mirror.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrow. She was a little confused.

She soon understood why Mei Qi followed her.

As she expected, Mei Qi left as soon as she arrived home.

After she arrived home, she changed her shoes in the hallway and saw a tall figure in the living room.

Just once glance of this figure, Song Yunxuan could recognize him.

“You got up so early. I thought you went to the company. Why did you come back so soon?”

Song Yunxuan changed the slippers. She asked him and got water in the kitchen.

The servant got the car key from Song Yunxuan and put it away.

Song Yunxuan did not notice Chu Mochen’s eyes when she went to the kitchen.

Therefore, she neglected Chu Mochen’s sight on her belly.

Chu Mochen started to think that Song Yunxuan didn’t get pregnant.

Song Yunxuan got the water and took a sip.

The man behind her got close to her with power and warmth.

Song Yunxuan felt his arms on her waist. She put down the glass and stopped him from touching her belly with one hand.

Chu Mochen knew her actions. He said nothing but put his chin onto her neck. Then he blew slightly to her skin.

Song Yunxuan frowned slightly. She had felt irresistible ambiguous from his movements.

She turned around and looked at Chu Mochen’s eyes. “What happened to you?”

“I want you.”

Chu Mochen said it directly.

Song Yunxuan did not want him. She sighed with tiredness. Then she turned away from his arms, “Today, I have important things.”

“What’s more important than me?”

Chu Mochen’s change made Song Yunxuan silent for a while.

Chu Mochen saw her in silence. He raised his hand to rub her small chin. Then he kissed her on lips.

The kiss deepened. His fiery lips wanted to conquer her mouth.

However, Song Yunxuan put her hands against his chest and pushed him away.

Song Yunxuan frowned. She was puzzled, “You look different today.”


Song Yunxuan felt that he was too enthusiastic, which seemed to be a dangerous message.

She walked away from his arms and then walked out of the kitchen. “We just did it last night. You should take care. I’m still…”

Song Yunxuan was to say that she was still pregnant.

However, she did not finish.

Chu Mochen had already walked faster than her, reaching out and closing the glass door of the kitchen.

Song Yunxuan saw him closing the door. She frowned with displeasure. Then she turned around to ask him, “What are you doing now?”

“I have told you I want you.”

Not only did he close the door, but also he locked it.

Song Yunxuan saw him lock the door. The anger rose from her heart, “I don’t want to do it.”

Song Yunxuan frowned on Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen didn’t care about her verbal resistance at all, reaching out and pressing her against the glass door.

The two figures entangled in this way shocked the servant who came from the living room.

But seeing Chu Mochen’s cold face through the glass door, the servant eagerly left.

Song Yunxuan felt that the strong desire for control that Chu Mochen had not had for a long time broke out again. She twisted her eyebrows to reject his fiery kiss.

As she turned her head and refused to kiss, Chu Mochen didn’t feel annoyed. He directly kissed her neck with his lips.

Chu Mochen’s thin flaps of lips wandered down against the delicate skin of her neck.

Song Yunxuan’s body shuddered so hard that she could not hold on to herself.

She felt the clothes on her shoulder was put off by him.

Song Yunxuan showed frightened, “Are you crazy?”

Chu Mochen lowered his head and kissed her, without any response.

Song Yunxuan knew clearly where they were, “The servants will see what we are doing now.”

“Be good and silent. They won’t notice.”

“Chu Mochen, are you horny?”

Song Yunxuan was very embarrassed.

However, Chu Mochen answered seriously, “Yes, I’ve always been horny since I saw you.”


Song Yunxuan still wanted to say something.

However, Chu Mochen had put his hand on her waist.

He gently rubbed her, and Song Yunxuan felt limp.

Chu Mochen made her soft in his arms. He picked her up and put her on the cabinet next to them.

The things on the cabinet had already been put away by Chu Mochen.

The spices and ingredients for lunch that fell on the floor made the noise.

Song Yunxuan pushed him away, “I’m pregnant.”

Unfortunately, it would have been fine if she had not said that. After saying that, Chu Mochen put his lips on Song Yunxuan’s ear.

Her earlobe was held by his lips and tongue.

His voice came into her ear, “You are not pregnant.”

Song Yunxuan was slightly stunned.

Chu Mochen left her body a little bit and then watched her reaction.

As he expected, he saw anxiety in her eyes.

“You are not pregnant. You have been lying to me.”

Song Yunxuan felt she could not resist him more.

The guilt in her heart had doubled.

She gave up resistance completely.

Chu Mochen didn’t blame her. He pressed his lips to her shoulders. While kissing her, he said, “But it doesn’t matter. Even if you are not pregnant, I will still marry you.”


“Well, don’t say no. You can change nothing even you say no. Why don’t you save your energy?”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and said nothing.

But when Chu Mochen was kissing her, he couldn’t help but say, “Do you pretend to be pregnant to keep me?”

Song Yunxuan did not answer him with mixed expressions.

Chu Mochen did not get an answer. He didn’t care but focused on kissing her. “No matter what purpose you lie to me for, I can forget it. But…”

Chu Mochen hesitated slightly.

Song Yunxuan frowned tightly. There were little clothes on her.

But at this moment, Chu Mochen’s words came to her ears with a domineering and strong desire for control.

“You and I are going to have a baby.”

He could forgive her no matter what purpose she cheated for.

Because he would definitely make her pregnant for Chu Family.

To keep a woman around, pregnancy was not the best way but the most efficient way.

Who could guarantee if this woman would make changes for the child after giving birth?

However powerful a woman was, she would have to compromise and give in eventually because of her children.

It was like Gu Changge married Shao Tianze because of getting pregnant before marriage.

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