Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 446 - Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 1

Chapter 446 Blind Love, Wrong Person Pt. 1

Song Yunxuan looked at the screen in the computer surveillance video and shook her head with a smile.

Even she thought this thing went on so dramatically.

“I thought it would be Shao Xue who got the evidence first. I didn’t expect that Tan Yi made it.”

She and George had the online video, talking in the villa across the border.

“So, is this useful for you, Miss Song?”

George talked with Song Yunxuan in poor English.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Yes. Thank you, Mr. George.”

George was not modest, “You should. Otherwise, Tan Yi would not help you.”

Song Yunxuan raised her lips, “Is Sister Xia Okay?”

“She is fine.”

Then George turned the camera and took Lu Xia.

“My dear, say hello to Miss Song.”

George talked to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia just glanced at George. Then she grasped the phone from George and talked to Song Yunxuan directly, “How are you there?”

“Thanks to Mr. George, it goes well.”

Lu Xia’s attitude towards George had changed slightly.

Although she was still not friendly to George, she didn’t show tiredness or hatred towards him.

Song Yunxuan saw this and felt relieved a little.

It was good news as long as they developed a better relationship.

Lu Xia would open her heart to George after more contact.

And Song Yunxuan could protect Gu Yi and Miaomiao with Lu Xia’s assistance.

She could also achieve her goal sooner.

She pursed her lips and looked at Lu Xia.

Lu Xia talked about the recent situation of Yuncheng. She still wanted to get the true information of the Lu Family.

Song Yunxuan looked at George who was at the edge of the video. She did not give Lu Xia much information of the Lu Family.

Because it all depended on George whether Song Yunxuan could tell or not.

George would not have hidden anything from Lu Xia if he had acquainted Lu Xia with the situation of the Lu Family.

If George had not wished Lu Xia to know about it, Song Yunxuan would have been between the bark and the tree once she told Lu Xia.

Song Yunxuan would not make such mistakes.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and smiled, “It’s all fine. Don’t worry about the Lu Family.”

Lu Xia doubted it slightly.

She was to ask Song Yunxuan more.

However, George came to her side and held her shoulder. He slightly kissed her ear, “My dear, don’t worry. I’ll take care of the Lu Family.”

“I hope you can give it back to me.” Lu Xia looked at George seriously.

George saw Lu Xia taking it seriously. He couldn’t help smiling.

Then, he kissed Lu Xia’s lips suddenly.

Lu Xia pressed her fingers against his shoulder, hoping to get away from the kiss.

However, George was very experienced. He held her hand with ease and grasped the phone from her. Throwing the phone away, he pushed her on the sofa.

The phone was turned over.

Song Yunxuan heard the sound. She knew what would happen next.

She slightly raised her eyebrows and just turned off the video.

Chu Mochen walked towards her. Seeing her end the video, he felt weird, “So soon?”

“Yeah, you know them. Doing some stuff.”

Song Yunxuan put the phone on the table and was going to the study room.

Chu Mochen reached out his hand and hooked her fingers, “Since they are doing stuff, why don’t we do some stuff, too?”

Chu Mochen hugged her from her back. His lips kissed on her ear slightly.

Song Yunxuan felt the heat of his lips and felt a little distressed, “It’s not dark yet.”

“Does it matter? I want you now.”

“My body is not available.”

“There is something else we can do.”

He breathed heavily.

Song Yunxuan was to run away from his arms.

However, Chu Mochen kissed her neck slightly and then carried her in his arms.

“Chu Mochen…”

She wanted to refuse him.

While she called his name, she saw enthusiasm and hot in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan fell into a dilemma.

Being put on the bed, Song Yunxuan wanted to turn over.

Chu Mochen had already covered her. He kissed her ear slightly and whispered, “When is the baby born? I can’t wait anymore.”

“Another four months.”

“Your belly…”

His finger touched her belly.

Song Yunxuan grasped his wrist immediately, “Don’t touch it. I feel uncomfortable.”

“Your belly is so flat. It seems that the child has not grown.”

Chu Mochen looked at her.

Song Yunxuan felt anxious.

If they had seen each other naked later, Chu Mochen would have seen her flat belly. He must have felt that he had been fooled.

It was normal for Chu Mochen to be angry with Song Yunxuan then.

“Probably, the baby doesn’t want to grow up.”

Chu Mochen did not respond to her but obsessively kissed her on the shoulder and enjoyed the pleasure of the kiss.

“Are you really pregnant?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Yes.”

“You don’t pretend to be pregnant to avoid me, do you?”

“Of course not.”

“Then, I will be gentle today. Is that okay?”

Song Yunxuan’s fingers were led by Chu Mochen. Her face flushed. She felt indescribably shy.

She wanted to withdraw her hand.

However, Chu Mochen caught her more tightly.

Song Yunxuan could not pull her hand back, and she had to turn her gaze away. However, her cheeks became as red as blood because of shyness.

Although Song Yunxuan had married in her last life, she had never been keen on sex, let alone with different positions.

Now, Chu Mochen flirted with her so obviously that she was totally turned on and felt awkward.

“Your face is so red.”

Chu Mochen’s tongue gently kissed the corner of her lips.

Song Yunxuan curled her head. She frowned and said unhappily, “Don’t do that. Let go of me.”

“Now you have dealt with the trouble. Shouldn’t we have a relax?”

“But you…” She was still shy.

“Well. It doesn’t matter.”

He slightly kissed Song Yunxuan on her lips, making her fall into silence immediately.

Song Yunxuan slightly pursed her lips, without struggling.

As Chu Mochen kissed her more and more deeply, Song Yunxuan became dizzy.

She looked at Chu Mochen with blurred eyes.

Chu Mochen raised his lips slightly. His handsome appearance made Song Yunxuan focus on him.

She looked at Chu Mochen as if all messy things in her head had faded away.

She didn’t think anything.

Unconsciously, she just hid her secret of no pregnancy.

It was a long night.

Chu Mochen had left when Song Yunxuan woke up.

Song Yunxuan turned over. Thinking of the last night, those romantic pictures crossed her mind.

She pursed her lips slightly.

The phone on the bedside table rang suddenly.

She reached out to take the phone, seeing a stranger number.

Song Yunxuan hesitated for a while before she answered the phone.

Shao Xue’s voice came from the phone, “I’ll go to the H City today.”

“So soon.”

Song Yunxuan felt a little upset.

But Shao Xue was happy, “I have found the contact of those three men.”

Shao Xue mentioned three men.

What crossed Song Yunxuan’s mind first were those who had ruined Song Yunjia.

“Where are they?”

“I have sent you an e-mail attached with their information. I found it from Gu Changle’s computer. To prevent them from betraying her, Gu Changle gave them passports to go abroad, which seems to be today’s flight.”

Shao Xue’s news caught Song Yunxuan more attention than anything else.

“Do you know which country they are going to?”

“I have no idea.” Shao Xue pursed her lips.

Song Yunxuan felt it enough to know that. She whispered to Shao Xue, “You needn’t worry about anything next. Just do your own things. I’ll find someone to stop them.”

Song Yunxuan had got Tan Yi’s assistance from George.

With the video in Tan Yi’s office and the witness, Song Yunxuan could almost kill two birds with one stone.

It would let Song Yunjia give up shielding Shao Tianze and expose the truth that Shao Tianze killed Gu Changge to the whole Yuncheng.

Song Yunxuan had the whole plan in her mind. But now, her priority was to find those three people who hurt Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan called Mei Qi immediately.

Mei Qi answered the phone, and he knew there was something. He asked Song Yunxuan, “Manager Song, what happened?”

“I need you to stop three men at the airport.”

Song Yunxuan spoke to Mei Qi on the phone and sent Shao Xue’s information to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi received the information. He answered her at once, “I’ll go right now.”

If those three people had been stopped, at least Shao Tianze would have been hit heavily.

Then, Song Yunjia’s testimony would follow.

Song Yunjia, who had once rushed into danger and killed Gu Changge with Shao Tianze, now could bring him into hell.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and thought. After Mei Qi hung up, she washed quickly and got dressed. Then she went out.

Not only did Mei Qi need to stop those three people, but also she needed to see them.

Song Yunxuan drove there personally.

On her way to Yuncheng International Airport, Song Yunxuan had been considering what to do next.

It had almost been a year since Gu Changge passed away.

Song Yunxuan had been seeking for Shao Tianze’s flaws during this time.

And now, it was only one step away from overthrowing Shao Tianze.

She was very excited.

However, she just arrived at the airport.

She saw a police car flashing warning lights and swiftly speeding toward the airport.

Following the police car were ambulances and fire engines.

Song Yunxuan saw those cars passing by. She slightly stopped. Then the phone in the car rang.

Song Yunxuan stared at the scene in front of her. She caught the phone. A bad feeling rose from her heart.

As she guessed, she answered the phone, and the news Mei Qi told her made her feel tricky, “Those three men had a car accident.”

“Are they alive?”

“The car suddenly spontaneously ignited. We can’t tell whether they are alive now. The fire has not yet been extinguished.”

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