Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 451 - Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 1

Chapter 451 Yunjia Passed Away Pt. 1

Song Yunjia was at a loss after seeing the video evidence and materials Song Yunxuan provided.

She felt sad.

After Song Yunxuan left the ward for a long time, Song Yunjia slightly raised her eyes to look at the ceiling and lay down.

Her eyes stared at the ceiling without blinking.

She was like a puppet without a soul.

She had never expected that Shao Tianze used his scheming and methods to her.

It was ridiculous.

If Gu Changge had known that, she would have been satisfied and pleased.

It was because the three people, who killed her, split into two parties and fought against each other.

Song Yunjia pursed her lips and gazed at the ceiling.

A doctor came to check Song Yunjia after Song Yunxuan left.

Seeing Song Yunjia lying on the bed, the doctor called her in a low voice.

However, the doctor got Song Yunjia’s vicious sight and an abusive curse, “Get out! Get out!”

Being scolded by Song Yunjia, the doctor was stunned. Immediately afterward, Song Yunjia threw the pillow from the bed onto the doctor’s face.

Then, Song Yunjia even threw the cups and tableware on the cabinet next to her.

To ensure his safety, the doctor had to withdraw from the ward temporarily.

However, Song Yunjia didn’t stop throwing things to the door after seeing the doctor get out of the room.

She felt sorrowful while she was throwing things.

Tears uncontrollably flowed out of her eyes.

She didn’t know why Shao Tianze did that.

Why did Shao Tianze harm her when everything was fine?

Did he forget the things that she had done for him with risking danger?

Her eyes were anguished.

More tears were uncontrollably streaming from her eyes.

She knew nothing about Shao Tianze’s character.

However, she wanted Shao Tianze to give her an explanation in person.

She threw out everything she could get around without mercy.

Hearing Song Yunjia throwing things, the doctors and nurses didn’t want to enter her ward.

After throwing things away, Song Yunjia seemed to understand something suddenly. She got off the bed and walked outside the ward.

At that time, the ward was in a mess. The doctors and nurses were afraid of being accidentally injured by her, a lunatic, and reluctant to approach.

Therefore, in a short time, no one found that Song Yunjia had left the hospital.

Two hours later, when a doctor was going to give Song Yunjia a drip, he suddenly found that Song Yunjia was gone.

He realized it was critical and immediately ordered someone to inform Song Yunxuan.

At that time, Song Yunxuan was in a meeting in the Song enterprise, and Chu Mochen had returned to the Song Family.

After receiving the call, Song Yunxuan had no time to inform Chu Mochen and took Mei Qi directly to the hospital.

The doctor in the hospital was in a sweat. After noticing Song Yunxuan’s frown, the doctor quickly said, “Miss Song, don’t worry. We will surely find the patient safe and sound.”

“I hope you can hurry up.”

“You can rest assured, Miss Song. We have checked the monitoring recording and known the route of the patient leaving the hospital. We will be able to find the patient soon.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t trust the doctor’s words.

And the doctor realized it.

So, the doctor rapidly asked the dean to meet Song Yunxuan.

After seeing Song Yunxuan, the dean kept apologizing, “Miss Song, I’m so sorry. The patient is lost because our hospital didn’t take good care of her. We will get the patient back as soon as possible.”

The dean’s guarantee was almost the same as the doctor’s guarantee.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t want a guarantee but a result. A good result.

“Please go and find my eldest sister immediately.”

Song Yunxuan’s displeased expression scared the dean.

Song Yunxuan was in charge of the Song Family, but the hospital didn’t respect her because she was young.

They believed Song Yunxuan could stand on a sound footing in Yuncheng like a duck to water because she depended on the Chu Family, her reliable support.

The dean and the doctor saw Song Yunxuan in person. Seeing the frowning Song Yunxuan, they realized that the young girl was not as fragile and incapable as they thought.

Standing beside Song Yunxuan, Mei Qi could also see that Song Yunxuan was displeased.

The dean rapidly sent people to look for Song Yunjia. And Song Yunxuan informed Chu Mochen after considering. She hoped that Chu Mochen could also help find Song Yunjia.

Knowing that Song Yunjia had been lost from the hospital, Song Yunying hurried to the hospital.

Seeing Song Yunying with a pregnant belly, Song Yunjia felt it was inappropriate, “Sister, you are pregnant now. Shouldn’t you stay in the Xue Family and nourish the fetus?”

“I heard that our eldest sister was lost. I am anxious. So, I come to see how it goes.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t want Song Yunying to run around before giving birth.

The child in her stomach was not Xue Tao’s biological son at all.

Even if it had been Xue Tao’s child, he, as a husband who had no affection for her, would have hoped that she had a miscarriage and then drove her out of the Xue Family.

Song Yunxuan would not allow Xue Tao to do it.

It was because if Song Yunying had mastered the Xue Family in the future, the Song enterprise would have got help.

Song Yunxuan wouldn’t care how much benefit the Xue Family could give her after Song Yunying took control. It would be nice as long as the Xue Family wouldn’t be a stumbling block for the Song enterprise.

Song Yunxuan didn’t like her to come to the hospital, and Song Yunying had to say, “Yunxuan, don’t worry. Xue Tao doesn’t dare to do anything to me.”

“When he does something to you, it will be too late for you to repent.”

Song Yunying turned into an unhappy expression.

Song Yunxuan explained to her, “He doesn’t like the baby in your stomach and wishes you to have a miscarriage. When you are nourishing the fetus in the Xue Family, he doesn’t dare to do anything to you because the Song Family and the Chu Family won’t forgive him if the baby is gone. We will surely think that the Xue Family is responsible for your miscarriage.”

Song Yunying thought Song Yunxuan was right.

Seeing Song Yunying didn’t refute, Song Yunxuan continued, “However, recently you are about to give birth. If your child is born prematurely or die because you are running around casually, it will have nothing to do with the Xue Family. Even if Mochen and I want to punish the Xue Family, there will be no reason.”

Song Yunxuan thought carefully and thoroughly.

And Song Yunying realized that she was unsafe before delivery.

Seeing Song Yunying frown, Song Yunxuan turned to order Mei Qi, “Please send my second sister back. I am in the hospital waiting for them to find Song Yunjia back.”

Mei Qi nodded and turned to Song Yunying, “Please.”

Song Yunying had to rely on Song Yunxuan for everything now, and Song Yunxuan had let Mei Qi send her back.

Song Yunying naturally wouldn’t continue to stay here.

She had to follow Mei Qi and leave the hospital.

And after Song Yunying left, Song Yunxuan looked out the window and lost her mind. She was wondering where Song Yunjia went now.

Was Song Yunjia going to meet Shao Tianze?

Song Yunxuan felt that, according to Song Yunjia’s character, she probably went to Shao Tianze.

Even if she had been abandoned, she would have had to ask the man to give her a reason.

Not to mention that Shao Tianze had done unscrupulous harm to her.

Song Yunxuan recalled that when she just had come to the Song Family, she didn’t understand why Song Yunjia stubbornly and blindly loved Shao Tianze.

Now, after more than half a year, she understood Song Yunjia’s love for Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia regarded Shao Tianze as her world. When she discovered that Shao Tianze wanted to murder her, she must feel that the whole world had abandoned herself.

She even felt that the sky collapsed in an instant.

She sympathized with Song Yunjia but only was sorry for Song Yunjia’s stupidity.

However, it was all right. Song Yunjia’s stupid was beneficial to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan felt happy and satisfied after her successful revenge because of Song Yunjia’s obsession with Shao Tianze.

They had cared only for themselves and hadn’t considered Gu Changge’s thoughts and feelings at that time.

Now, Song Yunxuan had no reason to care about their sorrow and sadness.

Every dog had its day. They should suffer retribution for what they had done and what they had owed when the time came.

And Song Yunxuan was waiting to collect their debt.

When Song Yunxuan was waiting in the hospital, Mei Qi called her after sending Song Yunying back home.

Song Yunxuan didn’t get Song Yunjia’s information from the hospital.

While driving, Mei Qi asked her on the phone, “Should we check the Shao Family?”

“I also think we should visit the Shao Family.”

“But, Manager Song…” Mei Qi hesitated for a while as if he had a huge concern, “If you go to the Shao Family to look for Song Yunjia, it means that you fight the Shao Family head-on.”

“What’s the matter? Anyway, Shao Tianze has been guarding me all the time. Now, fighting him head-on is just breaking the window paper, the meaningless cover.”

“But, are you sure you want to do this, Manager Song?”

Mei Qi still wanted Song Yunxuan to think twice before going to Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan explained, “If I hadn’t seen Gu Yi and Miaomiao, I might have hesitated. However, now Gu Yi and Miaomiao are safe in Hoccaido.”

“Even if you see that the two kids are safe, they still under Shao Tianze’s control.”

After Mei Qi said that sentence, Song Yunxuan went silent as expected and did not speak immediately.

Indeed, what worried her most was Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

However, at this time, she had to go to Song Yunjia.

She knew the urgency of different cases.

Shao Tianze’s top priority was to turn Song Yunjia into a psychopath to make her testimony ineffective.

At this time, Shao Tianze did not have the energy to consider her relationship with the two children.


“Shao Tianze doesn’t know that my goal is those two children. Now he won’t use them as a bargaining chip. Therefore, now I am going to the Shao Family to see if my stupid eldest sister is there.”

Song Yunxuan had decided by herself.

Mei Qi knew that he couldn’t persuade her anymore, so he said to Song Yunxuan, “I’ll go with you.”

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