Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 440 - Made Her Drunk

Chapter 440 Made Her Drunk

The family servants didn’t notice that Shao Xue had come out of the room.

They were all busy cleaning up the living room while gossiping about Gu Changle.

Shao Xue gave a little cough.

And it instantly attracted the attention of all these servants in the living room.

The servants did not expect that Shao Xue suddenly appeared, and they all got flustered.

And one of them even explained hastily, “We… we didn’t mean to gossip about Miss Gu…”

Shao Xue swept her eyes over the servant who was speaking, remaining silent.

Her silence flustered the servants.

Fortunately, Shao Xue did not make a fuss about the trifle with the servants.

She just walked around the living room and went upstairs without saying a word after finding the book she left here in the morning.

Only after seeing her go upstairs did the servants feel relieved.

“Miss Gu has always been picking on Miss Shao Xue at home. Miss Shao Xue would not mention what happened today to Miss Gu.”

The servant whispered.

However, all the other servants were quick-witted and stopped gossiping about Gu Changle anymore.

After returning to her room, Shao Xue put the book in her hand onto the desk.

And then she started to play on her mobile phone.

Actually, she was going to call Song Yunxuan.

However, in such a circumstance, she should be careful with everything.

Judging from the thing that Shao Tianze assigned her to the branch instead of the head office, there was no doubt that Shao Tianze had been guarding against her.

Maybe there were even some bugs and monitors in the room.

Now she was at home, so she had better not call Song Yunxuan.

After making the decision, she lay down to sleep.

She didn’t sleep well last night, so she went back to sleep after breakfast.

It was already two o’clock in the afternoon when she woke up again.

She even skipped lunch.

A servant gently knocked on the door outside.

After a short pause, Shao Xue asked, “Yes?”

The servant outside the door replied to her, “Miss Shao, there is a call for you.”

After pondering for a while, Shao Xue still could not think of a person who would call her at home.

She raised to open the door.

The servant held a wireless phone in her hand.

Shao Xue took it, and the voice instantly came from the other end, “Shao Xue, this is Xiao Hong.”

“Editor Xiao?” Shao Xue was slightly stunned.

Hearing how Shao Xue called the other end when answering the phone, the servant kept that in mind.

Shao Xue felt that she might have a lot to speak with Xiao Hong, so she signed the servant to leave.

Then she went back to the room and closed the door.

As soon as the servant went downstairs, Gu Changle asked her, “Who called Shao Xue?”

The servant replied, “Miss Shao called her Editor Xiao.”

As Gu Changle had once investigated the Fanxing Magazine, she knew who called Shao Xue hearing the name Editor Xiao, “It turns out that the call was from the chief editor Xiao Hong of the Fanxing Magazine.”

Gu Changle could not care less about it and went on walking to her bedroom.

Anyway, she didn’t have to pay much attention to Xiao Hong’s call.

The communication devices at home had all been bugged.

Since Xiao Hong called Shao Xue at home, it was impossible for her to hide what they talked about.

If she had wanted to know what Xiao Hong said to Shao Xue on the phone, she could have easily got it from the monitoring device.

Gu Changle went back to her room to rest.

Meanwhile, Shao Xue was still on the phone with Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong spoke in a gentle voice, “Everyone was so surprised as you quitted this rashly. They didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to you. Now they are all clamoring to hold a farewell party for you.”

Shao Xue smiled, “I did quit, but are you saying that they want to hold a farewell party for me?”

“You may think of it this way. But you must show up tonight.”

Xiao Hong told her to keep the appointment.

Shao Xue asked her hesitantly, “Will Yunxuan be there?”

“I didn’t inform Song Yunxuan about it, so she won’t come. Forget about her. You be sure to come.”

Xiao Hong reminded her repeatedly, and Shao Xue could not turn her down, so she nodded and agreed.

Meanwhile, Gu Changle knew what Shao Xue and Xiao Hong were talking about on the computer monitor. She was uninterested in it.

Since Song Yunxuan would not come, what’s the significance of their dinner party?

She couldn’t care less about it. After turning off the computer, she went to bed.

And she didn’t wake up until five o’clock in the afternoon.

As soon as she got up and opened the door, she heard some family servants saying to Shao Xue, “Miss Shao, take care.”

“Miss Shao, return early.”

The family servants treated Shao Xue quite well.

Every time she left, they would say something to her and exhort her to be careful on the way.

Gu Changle thought back and found that the family servants seldom did this to her.

Thinking of this, Gu Changle felt that Shao Xue was a bit more annoying.

She returned to her bedroom and called Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was working in the afternoon. No sooner had he signed a contract than he saw Gu Changle’s name appeared on his mobile phone.

Then he reached out to pick up the phone and answered it. But before he asked her what happened, Gu Changle said one step ahead, “Shao Xue went out to have a dinner party with the colleague of the Fanxing Magazine. Would you like to take a look?”

“It’s just a dinner party for colleagues. There’s nothing to see.” Shao Tianze didn’t want to be a stalker to supervise his younger sister’s every move in person.

After getting Shao Tianze’s reply, Gu Changle’s voice became light.

“Since she has such a good relationship with her colleagues, why did she suddenly resign? I really don’t get it.”

Gu Changle had a problem with Shao Xue, which was found out by Shao Tianze a long time ago.

It was just that he didn’t tell Gu Changle when he knew it.

Now hearing Gu Changle spoke in such a voice dripping with sarcasm, Shao Tianze had to advise her, “Don’t overthink it.”

“I’m not overthinking it. You must guard against her.”

“She can’t set the cat among the pigeons.”

Shao Tianze barely guarded against Shao Xue.

Yet Gu Changle insisted on making Shao Tianze vigilant for Shao Xue.

She reminded Shao Tianze, “Gu Changge also felt that we wouldn’t do anything, but later she died.”

Gu Changle mentioned Gu Changge again, making Shao Tianze’s breath pause for a second.

Gu Changle realized that she said something inappropriate in haste, but she was not going to apologize.

Shao Tianze slightly pressed his lips, and then he replied, “I’ll pick up Shao Xue by myself.”

Gu Changle didn’t expect Shao Tianze to pick up Shao Xue by himself.

She frowned, “Let the chauffeur pick her up, and…”

Gu Changle paused subtly.

And it successfully drew Shao Tianze’s attention.

Shao Tianze puckered up his brows, “And what?”

Gu Changle continued with a smile, “It’s said that in wine there is truth. Don’t you want to know what your younger sister thinks of you?”

Shao Tianze appeared a bit unhappy, “Shao Xue cannot hold her liquor. Don’t trap her.”

“How is this a trap? I just want you to know what she is thinking.”

“No matter what she thinks, there is no need to sound out her feelings for me.”

“You don’t want to do it because she is your younger sister, but I am different. I don’t consider her my younger sister, so it’s OK for me to do it.”

Gu Changle insisted on doing it in this way.

After this, she hung up the phone.

Then she called someone else. After the phone went through, she said, “Make sure she is drunk when she returns.”

“Do you want us to make her drunk, Miss Gu?”

Gu Changle was satisfied, replying, “Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“I’ll do what you told me as much as I can.”

Hearing such a reply, Gu Changle got displeased, “As much as you can? I mean it must be done!”

Her words were full of impatience.

The other end had accepted her reward, and he naturally had to be obedient.

After all, the reason that he was being subservient was that he had accepted a buttload of reward.

Otherwise, he would never succumb to Gu Changle or do anything she told him to do.

After giving her his word, the other end hung up the phone after Gu Changle.

As soon as the phone was hung up, a colleague came out from one of the bathroom stalls, washed his hands, and told him, “Come back after washing your hands. Shao Xue will leave Yuncheng tomorrow. Let’s toast her as much as we can.”

The man nodded, “Sure.”

In fact, no one would expect that the Shao Family would buy off several people in the Fanxing Magazine.

And they prepared to plant some people in the Fanxing Magazine right after Shao Xue entered it.

It was just that the Fanxing Magazine had never had large-scale recruitment.

Recently, there was recruitment, which finally allowed them to plant some people there.

These people paid much attention to what Song Yunxuan did every day.

And their second target was Shao Xue.

They thought that these two people might communicate quite frequently.

Yet after entering the magazine, they didn’t feel their relationship was good.

And these people all began to get bored in the Fanxing Magazine.

Besides, Song Yunxuan recently transferred a large part of the newly recruited employees to the branch offices. And the only male employee left in the head office was the one who spoke with Gu Changle on the phone.

No one could stop a man from toasting a woman.

Once a person heckled and another echoed, things would be out of control.

Seeing that a male colleague was toasting Shao Xue, she felt like stopping him.

But she did not make it as imagined.

At the end of the party, not only did she fail to stop the man from toasting Shao Xue, she herself was even plied with several drinks.

Xiao Hong was coughing while the people who toasted got more and more excited.

Later, Xiao Hong saw that Shao Xue could barely hold her balance.

She rushed over angrily, “That’s enough. Cut it out. Shao Xue has to go home tonight and you are making such a mess.”

The male employee who heckled refuted, “If we don’t toast Shao Xue now, we will have no chance to toast her after she resigns from the magazine.”

With that, he lifted the goblet and tried to toast Shao Xue again.

And Shao Xue flushed as she had drunk a lot.

She waved repeatedly, showing that she didn’t want to drink anymore.

However, the male colleague took no notice of her words and lifted the goblet to Shao Xue’s mouth.

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