Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 441 - Poured Her a Drink

Chapter 441 Poured Her a Drink

Xiao Hong could not bear it anymore and reached out to push the goblet away.

And the liquor instantly spilled from the goblet.

“That’s enough! If you want to drink, drink by yourself! Shao Xue has drunk quite a lot. That’s all for today. I’ll take her back.”

Xiao Hong flared up.

And the atmosphere immediately became quite awkward.

Those who heckled and urged Shao Xue to drink all froze.

Xiao Hong helped Shao Xue out.

As Xiao Hong drove here, it was convenient for her to take Shao Xue back. Several colleagues came to say that they wanted to take Shao Xue back, but she declined all their offers.

Xiao Hong helped Shao Xue to the back seat of the car. Worrying that she might vomit as she was drunk, she slipped a paper bag into Shao Xue’s hand and told her, “If you want to vomit, vomit into this bag.”

Shao Xue nodded painfully, seemed that Xiao Hong’s words had registered in her brain.

Seeing how Shao Xue looked right now, Xiao Hong knew that the dinner party today was unsatisfactory.

She just wanted to let Shao Xue come to say goodbye to her colleagues in the magazine.

However, who would expect that there were two or three colleagues constantly urged her to drink. Besides, they poured her a drink and got her drunk.

If Yunxuan had known about it, she would have never allowed her to invite Shao Xue to join the party.

While Xiao Hong was driving, she looked back at Shao Xue to see how she was doing once in a while.

Seeing that she didn’t vomit though she felt uncomfortable, Xiao Hong felt a bit relieved.

If she had drunk too much, she would have surely vomited all over her car at this time.

But she didn’t vomit, which was quite surprising.

Xiao Hong pressed the accelerator hard, hoping to take Shao Xue back as soon as possible.

Seeing the villa of the Shao Family, Xiao Hong finally let out a sigh of relief.

Before her car reached the gate of the villa, someone had already opened the gate.

The servant walked forward when seeing that it was a strange car.

Xiao Hong stopped the car and got off, explaining, “I’m Shao Xue’s colleague. Shao Xue drank too much during the dinner party and I brought her back.”

“Oh, Shao Xue’s colleague?” Hearing a servant saying there was a strange car driving in, Gu Changle walked out from the villa.

When she got out, she saw Xiao Hong got out of the car and thanked her with a smile, “Thank you for bringing Shao Xue back. She said that she would attend a dinner party, but I didn’t expect that she would get drunk.”

She sighed a few times. After that, she told the two servants around her, “Help Shao Xue out now, or she may vomit in her colleague’s car. Hurry!”

Hearing this, the servants walked forward to help Shao Xue out.

Shao Xue felt quite uncomfortable as she was drunk.

After being helped out of the car, she retched twice as if she was about to vomit.

The servants were taken aback and both prepared to retreat.

But anyhow, she was one of the masters of the family, so they could not back down. Thinking of this, they both moved forward to help Shao Xue up.

Gu Changle had already dispatched someone to get Shao Xue drunk. Before Shao Xue came back, she had been worried about whether he could succeed.

Now she felt relieved when seeing Shao Xue came back drunkenly.

Gu Changle went over to see how Shao Xue was doing and called her, “Shao Xue, why did you drink this much?”

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Shao Xue looked up at Gu Changle faintly and then said to her drunkenly, “I’m not drunk… I… I can drink more… I can drink more…”

Hearing Shao Xue’s words, Xiao Hong felt somewhat ashamed, “Sorry, I didn’t take good care of her and let her drink too much.”

Gu Changle said kindly, “It doesn’t matter. It’s Shao Xue’s fault, not yours. Maybe it was because she was too happy or too upset. Nevertheless, I can’t blame others for this.”

Seeing that the servants helped Shao Xue into the villa, Xiao Hong felt like taking care of her more.

Yet Gu Changle swiftly stepped forward to block her when Xiao Hong was about to follow the servants, asking, “Editor Xiao, would you like a cup of tea?”

Gu Changle wore a smile, and it seemed that she wanted to invite her for a cup of tea.

However, her gesture suggested that she didn’t welcome Xiao Hong.

Not only did she not welcome her, but she also seemed to want to drive Xiao Hong away immediately.

Xiao Hong was also good at gauging people’s minds. Seeing Gu Changle’s gesture, Xiao Hong hesitated for a moment, but she still chose to leave, saying, “It’s too late, and I have to go home now. Please take good care of Shao Xue, Miss Gu.”

“OK. Since you said it was late, I won’t urge you to stay. Drive safely, Editor Xiao.”

Gu Changle hurried to see Xiao Hong out.

Xiao Hong felt a bit strange, yet she still got on her car after nodding to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle watched Xiao Hong drive off.

And then she entered the villa to see Shao Xue.

The family servants were just about to help Shao Xue upstairs.

Seeing this, Gu Changle immediately stopped them for helping Shao Xue upstairs.

“She hasn’t sobered up. Why do you help her upstairs? What if she vomits halfway?”

A servant whispered, “Someone has gone to the kitchen to make some sober-up tea.”

“Let her rest in the living room for a while. Leave her here.”

Though Gu Changle’s order was not reasonable, the family servants did not dare to question her. They immediately helped Shao Xue on the sofa in the living room.

After sitting on the sofa, Shao Xue could not sit straight and promptly lay on the armrest of the sofa.

Seeing her like this, Gu Changle was sure that she was extraordinarily drunk.

Gu Changle walked over to Shao Xue and gently pushed her shoulder, “Shao Xue, why did you drunk this much?”

She asked gently.

Shao Xue opened her eyes and looked at her faintly, saying, “Ha… happy.”

Hearing her answer, Gu Changle knew that she could continue asking her more questions.

So she continued, “No matter how happy you are, you can’t drink this much. Is there anything troubling you?”

Shao Xue waved her hand, “No… no. How could… how could I have trouble? Give me more… I… I can drink…”

Shao Xue reached out her hand to ask for some liquor.

The servants around them all waited to see how Gu Changle would deal with her.

Seeing Shao Xue reached out her hand, Gu Changle turned to tell the servants, “Go pour a glass for her.”

One of the servants immediately poured Shao Xue a glass of water and was going to present it to Shao Xue.

Yet before she put it into Shao Xue’s hand, Gu Changle cast a stern glance at her, reproaching, “I meant liquor!”

What information could she have got if Shao Xue had sobered up after drinking the water?

She wanted Shao Xue to continue drinking.

The more she drank, the drunker she would get. And the drunker she got, the truer the things she spilled out would be.

The servant didn’t expect that Gu Changle wanted her to pour Shao Xue some alcohol, and she went blank for a moment.

But she soon took it in and quickly poured Shao Xue a glass of liquor.

Gu Changle handed the liquor to Shao Xue.

Shao Xue snatched the cup and gulped the liquor.

But she had drunk too much, so more than half of the liquor flowed down the corner of her mouth to her neck while she was drinking.

Gu Changle looked at her indifferently.

And she turned to the servant and said, “Give her more.”

Though the servant felt that she should not give any more liquor to Shao Xue in her heart, she dared not disobey Gu Changle’s order.

She had to pour Shao Xue another glass of liquor.

Shao Xue raised her hand, and Gu Changle promptly put the glass into Shao Xue’s hand.

Gu Changle just looked at Shao Xue drinking like this without persuading her to stop at all.

The servant next to them couldn’t bear it and whispered to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, if letting Miss Shao continue drinking like this, will she…”

“Do you think you have the right to cut in?”

Gu Changle was quite impatient and turned to glance at the servant who spoke.

Nevertheless, now seeing Shao Xue like this, Gu Changle felt that she could drink no more.

She raised and ordered the servants to help Shao Xue back to her room.

“Tianze’s coming back soon. Take her to her room now.”

Anyway, Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister. The thing that she plied her with liquor had made Shao Tianze unpleasant. If Shao Tianze had seen her continue urging Shao Xue to drink, she would have been in real trouble.

She impatiently told the servants to help Shao Xue back to her room, planning to continue asking her after she returned to her room.

However, no sooner had Shao Xue been helped up by the servants than she vomited on the floor as if she could not bear the churning stomach.

Shao Xue had been lying on the sofa in the living and drank some more liquor after returning home, so she vomited as she felt uncomfortable in the stomach when being helped up by the servants.

And the servants failed to stop her as it happened too quickly.

All of them watched her spit out all the liquor and food on the sofa.

The pungent smell of the vomit rose to the air instantly.

And Gu Changle’s face immediately clouded.

“Get her back to her room now!”

The servant did not dare to slack off, and they immediately helped Shao Xue upstairs.

But Shao Xue didn’t stop vomiting.

While she was helped upstairs, she was retching, seemed that she might vomit at any time.

Gu Changle puckered up her brows and took a look at the vomit on the ground with disgust, “Clean it up now!”

The servants hurried to get the tools to clean the floor.

Just at the moment, Shao Tianze’s voice came from the door of the living room, “Anything wrong?”

“You said you would pick up Shao Xue, but she returned one step ahead and was drunk like this. Look at the filth she vomited on the sofa…”

Gu Changle pointed to the filth Shao Xue vomited on the sofa, feeling that she might have thrown up too if she had taken one more look.

Yet Shao Tianze didn’t care whether Gu Changle was going to throw up or not. Instead, his eyes fell upon the two glasses on the table of the living room.

He walked over, frowning. Meanwhile, the pungent smell of the vomit continually wafted into his nose.

He raised his hand to cover his mouth and nose. Then he picked up one of the glasses and asked Gu Changle, “Did you let her drink more after she returned?”

Gu Changle was caught, and she hastily put the blame on the servants.

“Shao Xue is also one of the madams in this family. When she said she wanted to drink more, the servants also heard it. Can’t believe these stupid servants poured her so much wine.”

Gu Changle put all the blame on the servants.

Though the servants were wronged, none of them dared to refute.

Shao Tianze just took a meaningful look at her without holding her responsible for this. Instead, he walked straight to the second floor, “I’m going to check on Shao Xue.”

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