Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 439 - Entered the Shao Enterprise

Chapter 439 Entered the Shao Enterprise

Shao Tianze appeared a bit surprised.

Gu Changle nodded with a casual air, “Yeah. I saw her resignation letter yesterday morning and she handed it in yesterday afternoon. Besides, she got off work earlier than usual.”

“Why did she quit this rashly?”

He knew that Shao Xue worked in Song Yunxuan’s magazine.

Now that Shao Xue suddenly resigned, he naturally thought that the relationship between Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan worsened.

And Gu Changle also felt this way, “The fact that Song Yunxuan can achieve this much today proves that she is really something. She is so good at acting. Even though Song Yunjia has been humiliated like this, she still pretends to be grieved though she is over the moon.”

Shao Tianze agreed with what Gu Changle said.

Seeing that he didn’t refute, Gu Changle continued, “If Song Yunjia doesn’t consider Song Yunxuan as the prime mover, she will suspect me. Besides, Shao Xue is in the Shao Family, and she is your younger sister, so Song Yunxuan fired her as she wanted to keep her at a distance since she is from the Shao Family that hurt her eldest sister.”

Shao Tianze appreciated Song Yunxuan more on hearing the analysis on the matter. But he also began guarding against the young woman more.

“Song Yunxuan is indeed something, but it’s wrong for her to drag Shao Xue into this. Shao Xue has always been loving this job.”

“So, as Shao Xue resigned now, we’d better let her work for another magazine.”

“I’m gonna ask her which magazine she wants to work for.”

Shao Tianze rose and was about to leave.

Yet Gu Changle reached out and stopped him, “She doesn’t want to work for any magazines. She wants to work in the Shao enterprise.”

“It’s good for her to come and work for me.”

Gu Change wanted Shao Tianze to refuse when she said that, yet out of her expectation, Shao Tianze readily accepted it.

She pressed her lips and appeared quite unhappy, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for Shao Xue to work in the Shao enterprise.”

“She’s my younger sister, so it’s perfectly normal for her to work in the Shao enterprise.”

“It’s because she’s your younger sister that I think it’s inappropriate. She’s not your biological sister. Did you forget that her parents were…”

Gu Changle was gonna spill out the next word.

Yet Shao Tianze cast a stern glance at her, making her shut up.

But the thing that Gu Changle mentioned was exactly what Shao Tianze had been worried about.

Shao Xue was the daughter of his adopted parents, and he killed her parents through some despicable tricks. No matter what, he was Shao Xue’s enemy.

Now Shao Xue was around him. Though she had never mentioned her parents’ death to Shao Tianze, yet she would have hated his guts if he had let her know the truth.

Seeing Shao Tianze’s reaction, Gu Changle realized that he had been worried about it. Thus she softened her voice and said to him, “Shao Xue is just the daughter of your adopted parents. As her elder brother, you have already been nice enough since you have been taking care of her all these years.”

“If she wants to work in the Shao enterprise, I can’t find a reason to refuse her. I am her brother. I can’t just turn my back on her for no reason.”

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Changle while speaking.

Hearing this, Gu Changle got annoyed, “Are you really gonna let her work by your side?”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips, remaining silent.

It was fine for Shao Xue to work for him.

He was quite sure that Shao Xue would never find out that he was the person who killed her parents.

But Gu Changle did not think it was a good move, “Tianze, you should know that you and Shao Xue have no blood relationship. If she knows something and betrays you, it will be too late for us to regret.”

Gu Changle did her best to convince Tianze not to make Shao Xue work for the Shao enterprise.

Shao Tianze understood what she meant. After pondering for a while, he nodded, “I’ll let her work in a branch.”

Gu Changle did not object to Shao Tianze’s plan this time.

Anyway, it was a good decision.

As an elder brother, Shao Tianze could not shut the door on his sister.

And letting her work for a branch instead of working by his side in the head office was the best choice.

Gu Changle nodded in agreement and did not continue fussing about it as she believed that there would be lots of chances to drive Shao Xue away from the Shao enterprise in the future.

Shao Tianze went downstairs for breakfast and noticed that Shao Xue was about to leave as she had finished her breakfast, so he stopped her, “Changle told me that you resigned.”

Hearing the question, Shao Xue nodded in frustration.

“Why did you quit this suddenly? Didn’t you like working in the Fanxing Magazine and get on well with Song Yunxuan? Why did you just quit?”

Shao Xue felt a bit embarrassed, “I had too much work to do recently, and I felt a bit uncomfortable at that time, so I quitted.”

Shao Tianze, who was such a smart person, certainly knew that it was not the real reason that she quitted.

And he did not need to ask her the real reason why she quitted.

It went without saying that Song Yunxuan put pressure on Shao Xue because she had scruples towards Shao Xue considering what happened to Song Yunjia.

Otherwise, Shao Xue would not resign this suddenly.

Shao Tianze sorted this out and began to treat her nicely as an elder brother, “I’ve heard from Changle that you want to work in the Shao enterprise.”

Shao Xue slightly pressed her lips. She did not expect that Gu Changle told Shao Tianze about it.

Hearing what Shao Tianze said, she thought Shao Tianze had probably approved of her working in the Shao enterprise.

She nodded, “If it’s too troublesome, I will find another job.”

“How can it be troublesome? It’s your elder bother’s company. If you really want to work here, come at any time.”

She didn’t expect that Shao Tianze accepted it readily.

She pressed her lips, looking at Shao Tianze and expressing her gratitude, “Thank you, brother.”

Shao Tianze smiled, “No need to say thank you. It’s just that…”

He deliberately paused, and Shao Xue knew that he would say something loaded with meaning. So she slightly looked askance at him, waiting for Shao Tianze to continue.

Shao Tianze hesitated for a moment. Then he said, “It’s just that you’ve just been recruited. It may lead to gossip if I promptly assign you to an important position in the company. So I’ll assign you to work in a branch if you want.”

Shao Xue knew that Shao Tianze would not let her work in the Shao enterprise this easily after talking it over with Gu Changle.

Sure enough, Gu Changle suggested to him that he should assign her to a branch instead of assigning her to an important position.

Speaking of this, the branch was too far away from the head office.

If she could not have been around Shao Tianze, it would have been impossible for her to collect much evidence.

She felt unhappy, but she could not show her displeasure over it.

She nodded gratefully and expressed her gratitude to Shao Tianze, “It’ll be great as long as you give me a job. I know nothing about the Shao enterprise, so you don’t need to assign me to an important position in the company. Just let me work as a clerk.”

Having said that, she knew that Shao Tianze would not assign her to an inconsequential position. Otherwise, it would be a shame for Chairman Shao.

For him, it would be such a humiliating thing.

“Don’t hurry to work tomorrow. Have a rest at home for a few days. If you feel bored, you can go shopping with Changle and buy something. When your mood becomes better, tell me and I’ll drive you to the branch in person.”

“Where is the branch?”

“In the H city.”

She was obviously kicked upstairs.

She seemed to lose more than she gained after the resignation. Not only did she fail to enter the head office of the Shao enterprise.

She was exiled to the H city where the branch was located.

She began to regret her move this time.

But as she had come this far and could not turn back, so she accepted it happily.

Shao Tianze even took out a golden card from his wallet and said gently, “You can buy anything you want with it. I want you to be happy.”

“Thank you, brother.” She took the golden card and nodded to express her gratitude.

Shao Tianze nodded in reply.

Shao Xue was a lady of few words. After expressing her gratitude, she went upstairs.

After a while, Gu Changle came down for breakfast.

Seeing that there was nobody but Shao Tianze sitting at the table, she asked, “Done?”


Gu Changle sat down to have breakfast and cared about Shao Tianze a lot more. She took the initiative to serve Shao Tianze some food.

Seeing that she served him some food, Shao Tianze looked up slightly.

And he met Gu Changle’s eyes.

Gu Changle looked at him smilingly, saying, “Hurry. Don’t you have to go to work?”

“Yeah.” Shao Tianze began to have his meal.

After pondering for a while, Gu Changle asked tentatively, “Tianze, is there a lot to deal with in the Shao enterprise?”

“Not too much. I’ve been a little busy recently, so I always return late after social intercourses.” Shao Tianze thought that Gu Changle wanted to ask him about the thing that he returned late, so he said that he had been busy lately.

However, he didn’t expect that Gu Changle said, “If you are busy, can I go to the Shao enterprise to help?”

Shao Tianze paused slightly for a moment, but he immediately recalled Gu Changge in his mind.

Gu Changge was a strong woman in business. She had been in the business world for many years, and seldom did she show her tenderness.

Yet he only wanted his ideal wife to learn to arrange flowers and study tea ceremony. Moreover, he wanted her to give him a child and look after him.

As for the social intercourses and business, he thought it was something that men should undertake.

He had his own plans.

So he refused Gu Changle’s offer without reserve.

“You are in poor health, so it’s not suitable for you to go to work in the Shao enterprise. Just stay at home to recuperate.”

Shao Tianze refused Gu Changle gently.

Realizing that he refused her because he was being considerate for her, Gu Changle felt it was not good to make a fuss on the spot.

She had to nod. She suppressed her anger and decided to mention the thing that she wanted to work in the Shao enterprise again when there was a chance.

However, the news that she told Shao Tianze she wanted to work in the Shao enterprise came to Shao Xue’s ears.

Soon after breakfast, Shao Tianze went to the Shao enterprise and Gu Changle went out to the hospital for examination.

And the family servants began to gossip about Gu Changle.

“Miss Changle wants to follow the example of Miss Changge. It’s OK for her to keep Mr. Shao in line at home. Now she even wants to supervise Mr. Shao in the Shao enterprise.”

“It’s quite natural as so many people want to be Mr. Shao’s wife. Considering her own experience, it’s perfectly logical and reasonable for her to supervise Mr. Shao in the Shao enterprise.”

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