Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 438 - Shao Xue Resigned

Chapter 438 Shao Xue Resigned

Shao Xue failed to get any useful information from Gu Changle.

Nevertheless, she saw a video stored in Gu Changle’s laptop.

She told Song Yunxuan about it.

Song Yunxuan was slightly stunned, “You mean video evidence?”

Shao Xue nodded and told Song Yunxuxan, who came to attend the meeting in the Fanxing Magazine, about what she saw last night.

“Last night, I saw that Gu Changle repeatedly played the video of Song Yunjia’s victimization on the laptop, making me feel a little bit…”

She thought that the video was quite disgusting.

However, the victim in the video was Song Yunxuan’s eldest sister. No matter what, she had to weigh every word carefully while expressing herself.

Song Yunxuan did not ask further. She just said, “Since there is a video and it has been sent to Gu Changle, it proves that Gu Changle has been in contact with the people who hurt my eldest sister. If you can get the contact information of those people, things will become much easier.”

“I’ll try my best to help you with it, Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan curled up her lips, saying, “I can only count on you this time.”

“Your eldest sister is also a victim. I just don’t want Shao Tianze and Gu Changle to do such evil things anymore.”

She always thought of her parents when seeing Gu Changle and Shao Tianze led such a carefree life.

Her parents adopted Shao Tianze and didn’t expect him to repay them.

However, Shao Tianze killed them to cover up his humble birth.

How could she have reconciled if she had not sent him, such an ungrateful man, to prison?

Shao Xue gnashed her teeth secretly.

Song Yunxuan advised her, “Gu Changle and Shao Tianze are both paranoid. Though you are living well in the Shao Family, you work in the Fanxing Magazine, which is my industry now. So they are wary of you.”

In fact, not only were they wary of her.

They hid everything from Shao Xue.

Both Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had committed murder, so it was natural for them to think much and take precautions in time.

She didn’t want Shao Xue to make a big move now.

“Can I resign from the Fanxing Magazine?”

Shao Xue suddenly asked Song Yunxuan.

Hearing her question, Song Yunxuan said noncommittally, “Though they will feel that our relationship becomes bad if you resign, yet they may not tell you everything.”

“But Yunxuan, I think this is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we can have something on Shao Tianze and Gu Changle, I can return home to pray at my parents’ tombs.”

“Are you sure that you want to resign?” Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows, asking her.

Shao Xue hesitated a bit, yet she still nodded when thinking of her parents. She answered firmly, “Yes, I’m sure.”

Shao Xue could sense that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and so could Song Yunxuan.

Therefore, she weighed it when Shao Xue offered to resign.

Shao Xue’s resignation could make Gu Changle and Shao Tianze think that their relationship was no longer good.

But it was hard to tell how much Shao Tianze and Gu Changle would let down their guard.

After offering to resign, Shao Xue acted quickly and printed out the resignation letter in less than one day.

When she was going to hand in the resignation letter the next day, she deliberately let it fall off her bag.

Meanwhile, Gu Changle was eating at the table. Seeing the resignation letter falling off from Shao Xue’s bag, Gu Changle immediately recognized that it was a resignation letter, and she felt quite confused, “What? You want to resign?”

Shao Xue’s face clouded, seemed that she was vexed.

She nodded. Then she sat down in front of the table and started to have breakfast.

Shao Tianze left early. Every time after quarreling with Gu Changle, he always left early and returned late.

So Shao Xue didn’t see Shao Tianze at the breakfast table.

However, Gu Changle became very concerned about her, asking, “Why do you want to resign as you’ve been doing a good job?”

Shao Xue gave a wry smile, replying in a tired voice, “The more capable you are, the more work you will have to do. Besides, there is no pay raise. If I change the job, it should be much better than now.”

While she was eating breakfast, she was grumbling.

Gu Changle nodded, “It’s better for you to change a job. I’ve hardly seen you work overtime, yet I find that you’ve been losing weight. So it’s quite easy to tell how much workload you had every day.”

Shao Xue struck while the iron was hot. She asked Gu Changle, “Sister Changle, can I work in the Shao enterprise after resignation?”

Gu Changle was having soup, yet she paused when hearing this. Then she gave a polite smile, “As for this, you’d better consult your brother.”

And she added, “After all, your brother is now in charge of the Shao enterprise, not me.”

Shao Xue smiled on hearing this, “Then I’ll ask him when he returns.”

The reason that she asked Gu Changle this was just that she wanted to sound out Gu Changle’s opinion on this.

If Gu Changle had readily agreed, she would have probably not stopped Shao Xue from hopping to the Shao enterprise.

But if Gu Changle had tried to make excuses repeatedly or said something such as she was not in charge, Shao Xue would have been able to conclude that Gu Changle would stand in her way.

Even if Shao Xue had mentioned the thing that she would hop to the Shao enterprise to Shao Tianze, Gu Changle would have surely put obstacles on her way.

Shao Xue had already known what was in Gu Changle’s mind. So after handing in the resignation letter, she returned home, waiting for Shao Tianze to come back from work.

Shao Tianze returned a little late, seemed that he had been invited to dinner.

When he returned, Gu Changle could smell the booze from him.

If it had been in the past, it would have been impossible for Gu Changle to wait for Shao Tianze in the living room.

But today was different. Gu Changle was waiting in the living room.

Seeing that Shao Tianze was drunk, she immediately rushed over and held him up, complaining, “Why did you drink this much today?”

Shao Tianze drank too much and staggered along the way, yet he was quite conscious.

After being held by Gu Changle, he explained, “I’ve been invited to dinner tonight, so I drank a little bit more.”

Gu Changle did not buy it. Glancing at him, she questioned, “A little bit more? You can barely hold your balance.”

She spoke to Shao Tianze gently, and Shao Tianze certainly would not ignore her.

Shao Tianze would not forget about it no matter how drunk he was.

Gu Changle helped Shao Tianze upstairs.

While Shao Tianze was going upstairs, he noticed Shao Xue sitting on the sofa of the living room, feeling a bit strange, “Why do you stay up this late?”

Being asked, Shao Xue immediately answered, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

It was rare for Shao Xue to wait for him to return.

Because he spent most of his time with Gu Changle, so the person opened the door for him had always been Gu Changle every time he returned from social activities.

It was rare for Shao Xue to stay up this late to wait for him. If she had waited for him, she would have had something to tell him.

He was clear about it, so he asked her, “Is there something you want to see me for?”

Hearing his question, Shao Xue was about to answer.

Yet Gu Changle reacted quickly and cut in before Shao Xue began to speak, “Shao Xue, if you have anything to discuss with your brother, wait until he sobers. Why not let him have some rest now?”

In such a circumstance, Shao Xue would have been inconsiderate if she had not allowed Shao Tianze to rest.

She nodded, replying, “Have some rest, brother. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.”

Shao Tianze could understand why Gu Changle cut in.

After all, Shao Tianze valued Gu Changle more than his sister in his heart.

So when Gu Changle said that he should have some rest now, he did not refuse. Then he nodded and was helped by Gu Changle into his room for some rest.

After helping him into the room, Gu Changle took the initiative to run a bath for him.

When Shao Tianze entered the bathroom, Gu Changle took the initiative to undress him.

It was just that when she was doing this, her fingers touched some of his private parts.

Her fingertips glided over Shao Tianze’s chest a few times. Although she did not do it deliberately, yet Shao Tianze, who was drunk, was still turned on.

Shao Tianze slipped his arm around her slender waist and kissed her lips without letting her completely undress herself.

His breath and warmth wrapped her dominantly.

The powerful embrace made Gu Changle feel excited all over, and her fingers had become more reckless.

And Shao Tianze fancied her coquetry.

Then the two people cuddled and kissed each other. Warmth and sexual desire passed between their lips and tongues.

After rolling into the bathroom, they were still in high spirits.

So the bath gradually lengthened.

Shao Xue had been sitting in the living room for quite a long time.

The servants all fell asleep one after another.

At midnight, she finally turned off the light of the living room and turned in.

At that time, Shao Tianze and Gu Changle had just finished their sex, and Gu Changle had already fallen asleep as she was exhausted.

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Changle’s face soberly after it.

Hearing the footsteps outside the door, he realized that it was Shao Xue who went back to her room to sleep.

Shao Xue had worked in the magazine for over half a year, and she used to turn in every night on time. It was rare for her to stay up this late.

But today she returned to her room this late, which was quite unusual. It made Shao Tianze feel there was something wrong.

So when he woke up the next morning, he intended to ask what troubled Shao Xue after getting washed.

But before he left the bedroom, Gu Changle had already hugged him, mewling.

“Stay a little longer!”

He liked her being like this, but he had gotten used to his normal routine as he took care of the Shao enterprise.

He had barely slept later because of women.

He raised his hand to rub Gu Changle’s hair, comforting her, “Have some more sleep if you still feel sleepy. I have to go downstairs for breakfast and then I gotta go to work.”

“It’s still early. Stay a little longer with me.” Gu Changle held his waist.

Feeling that she wouldn’t let him go, Shao Tianze reached out to remove her hands from his waist.

Then he coaxed her, “There, there. Shao Xue was in a bad mood last night. Now I’m going to have my breakfast and ask her what’s bothering her by the way.”

The reason that Gu Changle didn’t want Shao Tianze to leave was that she didn’t want Shao Tianze to manage Shao Xue’s affairs.

Now hearing Shao Tianze say it, she became much unhappier. Thus she said coldly, “What trouble can she have? She is just thinking about changing a job.”

“She wants to jump ship?” Shao Tianze got serious and turned to ask Gu Changle, “Did she resign from the magazine?”

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