Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 427 - Woke Up

Chapter 427 Woke Up

Song Yunxuan would not tell her second elder sister what was in her mind.

Song Yunjia’s situation was not good, and she might die at any time.

As for the time, it was for Shao Tianze to decide as her life was totally in Shao Tianze’s hands.

Song Yunxuan sipped her tea.

There was nothing else for her to deal with as it was a weekend afternoon, so she appeared much more relaxed in the flower hall.

Song Yunying knew that her younger sister was not a simple-minded person.

So after hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, she had been wondering how to make Song Yunxuan tell her what she meant.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips, remaining silent. After being silent for such a while, Song Yunying could not help asking, “Yunxuan, what did you mean by saying that?”

“Don’t you understand what I meant, second elder sister?”

Song Yunxuan looked askance at Song Yunying.

After a year and a birthday, the innocence that had once been on Song Yunxuan’s face gradually disappeared.

And it was displaced by sophistication which Song Yunying could not even guess at all.

Seeing that her second elder sister just pressed her lips without talking, Song Yunxuan nodded, saying, “Stop acting dumb, my second elder sister.”

Song Yunying knew that her younger sister was such an eccentric, so she would not say anything when being satirized. She explained immediately, “Yunxuan, what are you talking about? After you helped me fix the bastard Xue Tao, hadn’t I told you everything I knew? Why are you still suspecting me?”

Song Yunying was quite bossy in the Song Family in the early years and acted just like a princess. But after Song Yan died, Song Yunying quickly figured out what her position was and what she should do in the future in the shortest time.

She didn’t fight against Song Yunxuan till the end just like Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang did. Instead, she acted artfully like a weathercock and slowly began to side with Song Yunxuan.

And it proved that she made the right choice because Song Yunxuan had the last laugh and took over the whole Song Family.

Only Song Yunxuan could keep her precarious position in the Xue Family.

Seeing that Song Yunying explained so anxiously, Song Yunxuan asked, “You got on well with the Gu Family, right?”

The mere mention of the Gu Family made Song Yunying a bit scared, seemed that she was reluctant to talk about things in the Gu Family.

Song Yunxuan looked at her, asking, “What? You don’t know what happened to the eldest sister, second elder sister?”

Song Yunying was not a fool. She knew that Song Yunxuan would like to ask the things between Song Yunjia and the Gu Family this time, so she answered, “The eldest sister did get on well the Gu Family very well before. But you don’t know the inside story as you came to the family too late.”

Hearing Song Yunying mentioning the inside story, Song Yunxuan got engaged subconsciously.

“What inside story?” She was quite interested.

She knew well about what the inside story between Song Yunjia and the Gu Family was.

However, she was curious about how much outsiders knew about it.

Song Yunying came straight to the point as if she knew that Song Yunxuan was not interested in meaningless crap.

“It seemed that the eldest sister tried to maintain the friendship with Gu Changge in those years, yet it was just a cloak to cover up the fact that she liked Shao Tianze. Besides….”

“What is it?” Song Yunxuan asked closely.

Being pressed, Song Yunying replied in embarrassment, “The eldest sister had always been hating Gu Changge, which was the person she hated most.”

At this point, if Song Yunxuan had not kept asking, Song Yunying would have felt bored.

“Was Gu Changge murdered by the eldest sister?”

Song Yunxuan asked the question so easily. But it was like a time bomb for Song Yunying, so Song Yunying instantly got fidgeted when hearing it.

Song Yunying frowned and said, “Yunxuan, although the eldest sister really hated Gu Changge, yet I don’t think she would murder her as the whole Yuncheng knew what kind of person and how valuable she was. Thus she would not beard the lion in his den.”

Song Yunying still had some trust in her eldest sister at this time.

Yet Song Yunxuan just shook her head smilingly when sensing that Song Yunying still trusted the eldest sister, “She even left her father in the lurch and watched him die, so why would it be impossible for her to kill the one she envied?”

The words silenced Song Yunying.

Song Yunxuan gently raised her hand to rub her temple, continuing, “Tell the eldest sister to think things out. Give her some advice and don’t let her die with the secrets. The more secrets she spills out, the longer she may live.”

Song Yunxuan’s words have a double meaning and Song Yunying could not fully understand them. Nevertheless, she still told Song Yunjia all that Song Yunxuan said.

Song Yunjia didn’t have a job and she didn’t have much savings. After she had been released from the lockup, she had been staying at home consuming all that was left.

Because of the things between Shao Tianze and her, she always stayed at home for several days without going out.

After getting married, Song Yunying realized the importance of family unity, so she came to see Song Yunjia from time to time.

Since the first time she saw Song Yunjia ordered takeout for her regular meals at home, Song Yunying had been bringing some vegetables and fruits to Song Yunjia subconsciously when paying her a visit.

That day, after finishing talking with Song Yunxuan in the Song Family, Song Yunying bought something from the supermarket to see Song Yunjia.

After opening the door listlessly for her, Song Yunjia shuffled back to the living room and slumped down on the sofa.

No sooner had Song Yunying entered than she smelt a pungent odor of smoke.

When seeing Song Yunjia skillfully shaking the ash of a cigarette into an ashtray, Song Yunjia rushed over to stop her, “Eldest sister, how can you smoke!?”

Song Yunying reached out to grab the cigarette end between Song Yunjia’s fingers.

Yet Song Yunjia dodged it, not letting Song Yunying take her cigarette.

Song Yunying berated in anger and grief as she failed to grab the cigarette from Song Yunjia’s hand, “Eldest sister, even though your relationship between Shao Tianze is now on the line and he has run out on you, yet you can’t be this decadent all day!”

Song Yunjia turned a deaf ear to Song Yunying’s words.

Song Yunying was now pregnant, yet she still went to see her eldest sister and specially bought a lot of things from the supermarket for her.

But now when she entered, she saw that her eldest sister, who used to be aggressive and arrogant, killed time by smoking decadently at home.

She flung the reusable bag in her hand down on the ground and reached out again to grab the cigarette in Song Yunjia’s hand.

This time, she successfully snatched the cigarette from Song Yunjia’s hand.

Seeing that her hand was empty, Song Yunjia turned to look at Song Yunying impatiently, “Mind your own business. Give me my cigarette.”

She reached out for the cigarette in Song Yunying’s hand.

Yet Song Yunying pressed the cigarette in her hand into the ashtray. Then she raised her hand to pull Song Yunjia to the bathroom, “Eldest sister, you can’t be like this. Take a shower in the bathroom and let me take you out for a meal.”

Song Yunjia became unwilling to go out after being released from the lockup. And she had been staying at home all day since then.

Now Song Yunying said that she wanted her to take a shower and go out.

Her first reaction was to shake off Song Yunying’s hands.

When Song Yunjia shook off Song Yunying’s hands, Song Yunying became more anxious and could not help shouting at Song Yunjia, “Eldest sister, you want to ruin your life just because of a man?”

“You know nothing!” Song Yunjia was unwilling to show weakness.

She held Song Yunying cheap, so she could talk back to her when being berated by Song Yunying.

They quarreled fiercely with each other.

The atmosphere suddenly became very awkward.

In the air lay the smell of smoke which could be ignited with a single spark.

Song Yunying did not show her weakness, either.

Song Yunjia did not want her younger sister to berate her anymore, so she reached out to point at the door, ordering, “Get out!”

Song Yunying did not expect that she would be treated like this during her visit, so she frowned and still wanted to offer her advice, “Eldest sister, you still can’t wake up at this moment? Shao Tianze values Gu Changle more than you. He could run out on you for Gu Changle instead of running out on Gu Changle for you. So what do you love about such a man?”

Song Yunying’s words made Song Yunjia’s look even colder, “Get out! Are you deaf? Do I have to call the security to drive you out?”

Song Yunying still didn’t want to leave, and she insisted on staying here to talk to Song Yunjia, “Eldest sister, you should forget Shao Tianze and enjoy your present life. You and Shao Tianze have no future. Why do you want to waste your time and life for such a man?”

Song Yunying tried hard to persuade Song Yunjia to break up with Shao Tianze.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Song Yunjia still turned a deaf ear to it. All she was thinking about was Shao Tianze, and it was impossible for her to fall in love with anyone else except Shao Tianze.

Song Yunying was chattering here to offer Song Yunjia advice.

Seeing that she refused to leave and kept on talking, Song Yunjia realized that she didn’t want to leave. Therefore, she called the security of the community.

After receiving the call, some security guards of the community immediately rushed over.

They came so quickly as if Song Yunjia was their key person to protect.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the security to dispatch security guards here this quickly.

Song Yunying did not expect that her eldest sister would really call the security.

Seeing that the security guards came up to persuade her to leave, she suddenly got angry and reproached Song Yunjia, “Eldest sister, under such circumstance, I can’t believe you still think of Shao Tianze because of the illusion in your mind! If you go on like this, you will be killed by Shao Tianze sooner or later!”

Yet Song Yunjia turned a deaf ear to it. She just raised her hand to light another cigarette, put it between her lips and took two puffs.

As the room became smokier, Song Yunying could not help coughing.

And at this time, the security guards tried to pull her out, “Miss, our proprietor called to complain that you were trespassing. You’d better go out with us now.”

“Let go of me!” Song Yunying struggled.

Yet the security guards took no notice of it and pulled her out. Meanwhile, another security guard advised, “Such heavy smoke is not good for pregnant women. You’d better get out quickly.”

Song Yunying was unwilling to leave. When she was pulled out of the door, she still shouted at Song Yunjia, “If you still do not realize your mistake, you will be killed by Shao Tianze sooner or later!”

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