Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 426 - Hid Killing into Heart

Chapter 426 Hid Killing into Heart

Song Yunying, as Song Yunjia’s younger sister, had done all she could for Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia became like this now. No friends would be willing to be close to her.

Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan were her sisters.

However, when Song Yunjia was set free, it was only Song Yunying who came to visit her.

Song Yunxuan did not see her at all.

Song Yunjia became more irritable while she thought of it. She held her head with her hand.

Seeing this, Song Yunying comforted her, “Sister, you’d better not stay in Yuncheng. How about going to Harbor City?”

“Why should I go to Harbor City? I can have a good life in Yuncheng.”

“Sister, trouble has found you. Gu Changle will never let you go.”

“Gu Changle? Can her arms reach abroad?”

Song Yunjia thought she could get out of detention house because of Shao Tianze’s help.

Since Shao Tianze had helped her, he would not let Gu Changle do as she wanted.

Song Yunjia kept hope for Shao Tianze. Therefore, she couldn’t conceal her fascination with Shao Tianze. “Even though I have done something serious, Tianze still has affection for me. He didn’t track me down. Even though I harmed Gu Changle, he didn’t send me into jail.”

Song Yunying saw her obsession. She couldn’t help frowning and sighing, “Sister, you have been with Shao Tianze for so many years. You should know him. You can’t be silly at this key point.”

Song Yunying used to be against to her sisters.

After she married the Xue Family and struggled for a time, Song Yunying realized that it was better to get some support from her own family.

Otherwise, it would have been difficult for her to stand steadily in her husband’s family.

Song Yunjia did not listen to Song Yunying’s words. She still kept full hope for Shao Tianze.

Song Yunying knew that Song Yunjia would not listen to her. She sighed and left.

After Song Yunxuan heard Song Yunying’s meeting with Song Yunjia, she called Song Yunying and asked what Song Yunjia said.

She asked about her eldest sister’s situation.

Song Yunying concluded, “Sister still doesn’t give up Shao Tianze. She is kind of crazy.”

Song Yunxuan hung up. She thought for a while and lowered her eyes before she called Shao Xue.

Shao Xue answered the phone and asked, “Yunxuan, what happened?”

Song Yunxuan said, “You should keep an eye on Shao Tianze these days. I guess he may kill Song Yunjia.”

Shao Xue was startled by her words. After a long time, she asked, “Kill her?”

“I think so. According to Shao Tianze’s character, he never allows himself to be caught out.”

“For what?”

“He killed Gu Changge.”

Song Yunxuan said it directly.

Shao Xue was surprised and opened her mouth.

Shao Xue was about to ask Song Yunxuan why she knew it. However, Song Yunxuan said before Shao Xue asked, “Don’t doubt me. You can see the relationship between Gu Changle and him, and think about your parents’ death. You know there is nothing he can’t do. Moreover, if Song Yunxuan doesn’t have Shao Tianze’s handle, how would Shao Tianze let Song Yunjia go instead of looking into her crime?”

Those words were reasonable, and Shao Xue could not refute it.

“Now, Gu Changle must be making a scene, right?”

Song Yunxuan asked.

Shao Xue pursed her lips and answered honestly, “Gu Changle has been quiet. She doesn’t make any trouble even she heard Song Yunjia was set free.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Well, I think I’m right.”

If Shao Tianze had not promised to get rid of Song Yunjia, how could Gu Changle have let Song Yunjia go easily?

Gu Changle had always been difficult.

She had always wished Song Yunjia to disappear from Shao Tianze and her.

Now she got a chance. She would try her best to persuade Shao Tianze to deal with Song Yunjia.

Shao Xue got some directions from Song Yunxuan. She began to notice Shao Tianze.

If Shao Tianze had had the idea of killing Song Yunjia, she would have had the chance to send Shao Tianze into prison and let him pay back.

After all, Shao Tianze must prepare a lot before he made a move. As long as Shao Xue could get those clues, she could expose Shao Tianze.

Thinking of this, Shao Xue felt a little nervous but also looked forward to it.

Shao Xue didn’t mean to watch Shao Tianze kill Song Yunxuan. Instead, she wanted to get Shao Tianze’s handle when he conducted the murder.

Song Yunxuan hung up the phone after she told Shao Xue about this.

Shao Xue was a clever girl, and she knew what she should do next.

Song Yunxuan did not worry about her.

She was worried whether she could take this advantage to let Song Yunjia quit Shao Tianze.

As long as Song Yunjia quitted Shao Tianze completely, Song Yunxuan would have the chance to get clues and testimonies of Shao Tianze’s killing from Song Yunjia.

It might be very difficult for Song Yunjia to expose Shao Tianze.

However, much effort would be saved as long as Song Yunjia was moved.

It could also save Song Yunxuan plenty of time. She didn’t have to revenge Shao Tianze anymore.

Song Yunying had been pregnant for seven months.

And it had been a long time since Song Yunxuan lied that she was pregnant.

Her belly should have been big now.

But Song Yunxuan was a liar.

How could a liar’s belly be big?

Mei Qi told her about this problem the day after Song Yunxuan returned the Song enterprise.

“Manager Song, I’ve heard that the Chu Family has been preparing Childe Chu’s wedding. Maybe I should say congratulations to you?”

Mei Qi asked so. Song Yunxuan smiled slightly, “Since when you care about my private life so much?”

Mei Qi felt a little wronged, “I did not mean to care for your private life. But it will be hard to handle it if you tell the truth that you’re not pregnant after the wedding.”

Mei Qi was right.

Song Yunxuan could not say that she was a liar after she married.

Otherwise, Chu Mochen’s parents would catch up with her.

Even though Chu Mochen loved her, he would be angry.

Mei Qi gave her advice, “You see. Normally, the belly will become big after four or five months’ pregnancy. Although your pregnancy is not for so long, your belly should have looked bigger, right?”

Song Yunxuan glanced at him, “What’s your advice?”

“It’s not advice. However, you should play a show and send it away.”

Mei Qi said it seriously.

Song Yunxuan knew Mei Qi was right.

She would have been exposed if she had not played a show soon.

“I have to do a show. But I don’t think it proper to do it now.”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips.

It was the critical point whether Song Yunjia could be convinced to expose Shao Tianze.

If Song Yunxuan had had to play the show, it would have pulled her away from pressing Song Yunjia.

It was a great chance to expose Shao Tianze. Song Yunxuan must convince Song Yunjia.

As long as Song Yunjia took out all evidence and publicized the fact that Shao Tianze killed his wife, the Gu’s enterprise would return instead of being in Shao Tianze’s hands.

At that time, even though Gu Changle took over the Gu Family, Song Yunxuan could beat Gu Changle easily.

After all, Gu Changle was not as tough and deceitful as Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan had been thinking of Song Yunjia.

However, Shao Tianze was not worried as Song Yunxuan expected.

Since Song Yunjia came out from the detention center, Shao Tianze had not come to see her even though Song Yunjia called him.

Shao Tianze did not answer her call.

Her younger sister, Song Yunying, was the only one around her. Therefore, Song Yunjia had no hesitation in telling Song Yunying all her present situation and trouble.

However, Song Yunjia had no idea that Song Yunying would tell Song Yunxuan everything when Song Yunxuan asked.

Song Yunxuan made an appointment with Song Yunying a week after Song Yunjia left the detention center.

Song Yunying knew the situation. She knew Song Yunxuan’s purpose when Song Yunxuan made an appointment with her.

Therefore, Song Yunying started to talk about Song Yunjia’s present situation when she met Song Yunxuan.

“Sister is upset these days. I visit her some times.”

Song Yunxuan invited Song Yunying to the Song Family for tea. She knew Song Yunying’s attitude towards her.

Song Yunxuan didn’t worry whether Song Yunying would lie to her.

After all, Song Yunying’s present position in the Xue Family depended on Song Yunxuan.

Last time, Song Yunxuan helped Song Yunying warn Xue Tao and his lover.

Song Yunying had got better life these days.

Song Yunying couldn’t forget Song Yunxuan’s assistance.

Song Yunxuan did not rush to ask Song Yunying.

Anyway, Song Yunying would gradually tell her in detail.

“Sister’s thoughts are annoying. I have tried to persuade her many times. She doesn’t listen to me.” Song Yunying was disappointed at Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips slightly, “What thoughts?”

“Things have turned out in this way. Sister still thinks of Shao Tianze. She even believes that Shao Tianze is a good man.”

Song Yunxuan was not surprised. She knew that Song Yunjia would immediately treat Shao Tianze as her saver after she was released.

However, it couldn’t be stopped.

After all, a woman in love had a negative IQ.

Song Yunxuan held the scented tea. She blew it slightly.

Song Yunying went on, “Yesterday, she told me that she would come to see Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes slightly. She sipped the tea and put it down, “Is she stupid or crazy?”

“Sister is so stubborn that she has been suffering losses. She has come to an end for fighting with Gu Changle. She still doesn’t give up.”

Song Yunying said so.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help sneering. She said meaningfully, “You’d better stop her. Otherwise, she won’t even know how she dies.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Song Yunying stunned for a while and asked, “Yunxuan, what do you mean?”

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